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Tournament FAQ’s

1.  What is the structure of the tournament?
You will find the level structures of all events during the Genting Poker Series here

2.  What do I need to register?
You will need a form of photographic identification e.g. a driving licence or passport, or be an existing member of a Genting Club or Casino and take your membership card with you.

3. Is there an age limit for the tournament?
Yes you have to be 18 years or over.  Our casinos operate a Challenge 25 Policy - if you are lucky enough to look under 25 years old, you will be asked to show ID…think yourself lucky!

4. Will there be late registration?
Yes.  All Main Events will feature late registration check out the individual tournament page for more details

5. Will there be a limit on tournament numbers?
No, there is no plan for a cap at this time.

6. Are the tournaments Re-entry?
Yes. GPS Main Event is Re-entry, and accepts buy ins until the end of level 8. Players are limited to 1 Entry plus 1 Re-entry, then a further 2 Re-entries per available Day 1 as well as 1 more re-entry before the end of level 9 on day 2. GPS Mini Events have 1 re-entry until the end of level 6.

7. Will there be a super satellite for me to “qualify for less”?
Yes. Each Leg will feature a Super Satellite Week before the event, plus there will be extra Satellites available in the weeks before the festival, in both the host casino and the nearby casinos.

8. How will I be paid if I cash in?
Cash or Cheque.  For large payouts we recommend a cheque.

9. If I cash in what currency will my payout be in?
UK Sterling.

10. Who is the Tournament Director?
James Simon is our TD.

11. Is there a dress code in the casino or tournament area?
Dress code is smart\casual please, no scruffy jeans or scruffy trainers, no shorts, no vests.  Baseball Caps and Hoodies are permitted in the poker room, but not in any other area of the casino.  (You may wear your hoody, just not with the hood up!)  For full details regarding acceptable sponsorship logo wear, click here

12. Will there be a dinner break?
Yes there will be a break, See the relevant tournament page on our here

GPS main page

13. Will I get fed even though I am not in the tournament anymore?
We are keeping the registration fees as low as we can, and therefore we are not providing a free dinner during the break.  There will be a very attractive food offer, and players will be able to pre-order a great value dinner.

14. Are beverages free during the tournament?
This would differ dependent on the venue.

15. Can my friend come and watch me play?
Yes, of course they can, we welcome them into our clubs, but certain areas will have restricted access. Please note, your friends, like you, will have to join the casino and must be over 18 years old.

16. What happens if I don’t turn up at the event or am late?
Players who have qualified or pre registered will need to register at the poker desk. Their chips will be put in play from the time they register at the event.

17. Will there be any side events?
Yes, simply check out the full details of each event on the GPS main page.

18. Will there be any cash games and sit and gos, if so when do they start?
Yes, there will be both available at the casino as well, and will be available on demand, subject to dealer availability.