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FAQ - Genting Poker Online Closure

Why are you closing Genting Poker Online?
- Online poker is an extremely competitive market with tight margins and significant operating costs. In closing the online poker room, we will be able to focus exclusively on our online casino and sports products, in particular, our new Genting branded live online casino.

When are you closing Genting Poker Online?
- The online poker room will close on 31st March 2016. This is the point at which players will be unable to log into the online poker software. Players can log in to their account by visiting and entering their username and password. They can continue to play our online casino and sports betting products or withdraw any funds via the online cashier. All accounts will remain open and operational.

Are you closing the Poker Rooms in any of the Genting Casinos or Genting Clubs?
- None of our live Genting Poker Rooms will be affected by the closure of the online poker product. Business continues as normal and will remain so for all Live Genting Poker venues including the Genting Poker Series -

What happens to my money in my Online Poker Wallet?
- Your account will remain open and fully secure. Genting still offer a fantastic range of online casino games and sports betting opportunities.

How can I withdraw my money from my Online Poker Wallet?
- You can withdraw your funds as normal; the Online Poker Client Cashier will still be accessible until the 31st March, after the closure of Poker you can still access your account and withdraw via in the same way you can now.

What happens to my Online Poker Tokens, both Genting Poker Series and other Genting Poker Tokens?
- From the 21st March, after the Genting Poker Series in Westcliff (16th to 20th March 2016)  - Please contact the Genting Online Chat Team here:- Who will happily transfer any GPS tokens to any future leg of the Genting Poker Series or alternatively convert any of your Genting Poker tokens to cash for you to use on our fantastic range of other online products, or to simply withdraw.

If a customer has a poker token(s) in their account, what happens next?
- The customer cannot now register for any future event that their token(s) were intended for, as that tournament type has now been removed from the poker client (e.g. GPS satellites)
Unfortunately the token/s will not show anywhere in the My Account section for the customer to see.  However on the 21st March, should the customer which to know the status of his or her token(s) they can contact support here:-, Who will notify the customer and convert to cash for the customer to withdraw or play on the Casino/Sportsbook as they wish.
Any tokens or reward points can be exchanged for cash.  Please contact our customer service team from the 21st March to arrange this. You will have until the expiry date of the token or reward points to redeem these.

What happens to my online ipoints?
- Please contact the Genting Online Chat Team who will convert these points into cash. As per the Genting Alderney terms and conditions “Points will expire after a period of player inactivity of 3 months, inactivity is determined as no real money cash or real money tournament play within the last 3 calendar months.” As such all points will expire on the 30th June or 3 months from last activity date, whichever comes first. You can still use your ipoints to buy into tournaments up until the 31st March if you so wish.

Is the Genting Poker Series continuing?
- The Genting Poker Series will continue as normal. The Online Poker closure will not affect any live poker offering across the Genting estate in any way.

How do I qualify for the Genting Poker Series?
- You can continue to qualify for the Genting Poker Series via satellites, qualifiers and other live special events in participating Genting Live Card rooms.

Can I still play Casino and Sports Betting on
- You can still play all other products under the Genting Casino brand using your existing account / login details, as the online Casino and Sportsbook will not be affected by the closure of Genting Poker online.

What if I am already registered for a future Genting Poker Series Event?
- All future Genting Poker Series Online Holding Tanks will be removed on or before the 20th March 2016. At this point your Online Poker Token or cash buy in will be returned to your account. Please contact the Genting Online chat team who will happily transfer your tokens to any future leg of the Genting Poker Series or alternatively convert your tokens to cash for you to use on our fantastic range of other online products, or simply withdraw.
Please note that the Online Holding Tanks will continue to be operational for the Genting Poker Series Event in Westcliff (16th to 20th March 2016), in additional Day 1A (16th March 2016) for the Westcliff event will still be available to play exclusively on Genting Online Poker.

Will the poker software automatically be removed from my computer?
- You will need to remove the software from your computer. The software is not automatically removed after the 31st March.

Can I remove my balance in any Genting Casino?
- With the use of Genting Pay you can remove your online balance at Genting Stoke, Genting Edinburgh Fountain Park or Genting Reading. Please see

How can I buy into the Genting Poker Series Events?
- You can buy into any Genting Poker Series event at any Genting Club or Genting Casino in advance, including the venue holding the event.
Full list of Genting Clubs and Casinos can be found at

Will Day 1A Online still be available?
- The Genting Poker Series Online Day 1 will no longer be available after Leg 4 at Westcliff.

We apologies immensely for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your co-operation during this period and understand there may be further questions/queries surrounding your account.
Please feel free to contact our support team should you require any further assistance:-
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