Leg 7 2014 - Edinburgh Wed 29 Oct 2014 to Sun 2 Nov 2014

29/10/2014 - 02/11/2014
Current Prize Pool:
Guaranteed Prize Pool:

2014 - RESULT

Prize Pool
Martin Smith
Genting Casino Fountain Park
124 Dundee Street
EH11 1AF
+44 (0) 131 228 4446

2014 Genting Poker Series - Edinburgh


Day Event No Event Guarantee Start Time Length Starting Chips Clock
Wed, 29th Oct #1 £40 + £4 Freezeout Satellite 10 Seats GTD 20:00 1 Day 3000 20mins
Wed, 29th Oct #2A £420 + £20 NLHE Main Event Day 1A Online £125,000 20:00 3 Days 25000 24mins
Thurs, 30th Oct #2B £400 + £40 NLHE Main Event Day 1B £125,000 13:00 3 Days 25000 60mins
Thurs, 30th Oct #3 £50 + £5 Side Event £3,000 19:00 1 Day 10000 30mins
Fri, 31st Oct #2C £400 + £40 NLHE Main Event Day 1C £125,000 13:00 3 Days 25000 60mins
Sat, 1st Nov #2 £400 + £40 NLHE Main Event Day 2 £125,000 13:00 3 Days
Sat, 1st Nov #4 £75 + £10 Side Event (NLHE) £5,000 14:00 1 Day 15000 45mins
Sun, 2nd Nov #2 £400 + £40 NLHE Main Event Final £125,000 13:00 3 Days
Sun, 2nd Nov #5 £30 + £5 Side Event (NLH) £2,500 17:00 1 Day 15000 25mins

GPS Golf Outing

Kings Acre Golf Club.
Wednesday 29th October.
£65 per person includes;
- Goody Bag.
- Breakfast Roll and a drink.
- Round Of Golf.
- 3 Course Meal at Genting Club Fountainpark, Fahrenheit Bar & Grill.
Prizes for Winners.
1st Prize - £440 GPS Main Event Seat.
2nd Prize - £100 Genting Points.
3rd Prize - £50 Genting Points.
4th Prize - £25 Genting Points.

Closest the pin x 6 - £25
Longest Drive x 2 - £25

Tournament will be based on Stableford competition further details to follow.

Click here for more details.

Online Day 1A

You can now play Day 1A of the Genting Poker Series Online. Save the cost of travel and hotel safe in the knowledge that if you make Day 2 you are so much closer to the money.

DayEvent NoEventBUY INGuaranteeStart TimeLate RegDaysChipsClock
29 Oct1Main Event Day 1A Online£420+£20£125,00021:0000:51325K24

Live Satellites

WhereDateTimeBuy InRebuy or Add On CostGTEValue
Genting Club Edinburgh 19-Oct6pm£40+£4Freezeout10 Seats£4,400
Genting Club Edinburgh 26-Oct6pm£40+£4Freezeout10 Seats£4,400
Genting Club Edinburgh 29-Oct8pm£40+£4Freezeout10 Seats£4,400
Genting Club Glasgow 4-Oct5pm£30+£3Freezeout2 Seats£880
Genting Club Glasgow 11-Oct5pm£30+£3Freezeout2 Seats£880
Genting Club Glasgow 18-Oct5pm£30+£3Freezeout2 Seats£880
Genting Club Glasgow 25-Oct5pm£30+£3Freezeout2 Seats£880
Genting Club Sheffield 25-Oct9pm£30+£1Rebuy + Addon3 Seats£1,320
Genting Club Newcastle 25-Oct8pm£20 + 1 X £10 AddonAddon3 Seats£1,320
Genting Club Stoke 23-Oct8:15pm£40 + £51 X £20 Reload3 Seats£2,250*

*Package from Stoke is worth £750 which includes £310 for travel and accommodation costs.

Online Satellites

Over £13,000 guaranteed in GPS seats!

Genting Poker is offering a massive 30 seats Guaranteed in the lead up to the GPS 2014 Leg 7 Edinburgh, so if you fancy playing one of the largest and best run tournaments in UK poker, this is a great chance to qualify!

Qualify from just 1p! Daily pennyroll tournaments run at 7:30pm and they are on right now! Each pennyroll tournament guarantees 3 X £11 GPS Tokens which can be used for the GPS MEGA Feeder tournaments

GPS Super Satellite Week Sunday 26th - Wednesday 29th October Tournaments can be found in the Genting Poker Series Lobby and are called “GPS MEGA” and allow 2 re-entries per player.

    Day Date Time Late Reg Buy In GTE Value Min Runners Chips Levels
    Sun 26-Oct 8pm 2 hrs £50+£5 5 Seats £2,200 10 10,000 12 Mins
    Mon 27-Oct 8pm 2 hrs £50+£5 10 Seats £4,400 20 10,000 12 Mins
    Tue 28-Oct 8pm 2 hrs £50+£5 10 Seats £4,400 20 10,000 12 Mins
    Wed 29-Oct 8pm 2 hrs £50+£5 5 Seats £2,200 10 10,000 12 Mins
    *Note – OR Buy In to the £50 + £5 GPS Seat Super Sat with 1,100 Points

    GPS MEGA Feeders

    Day Date Time Late Reg Buy In GTE Value Min Runners Chips Levels
    Sun 26-Oct 7pm 6 mins £10+£1 5 Seats £275 10 1,000 3 Mins
    Mon 27-Oct 7pm 6 mins £10+£1 10 Seats £550 20 1,000 3 Mins
    Tue 28-Oct 7pm 6 mins £10+£1 10 Seats £550 20 1,000 3 Mins
    Wed 29-Oct 7pm 6 mins £10+£1 5 Seats £275 10 1,000 3 Mins
    Please note that £11 Superfeeders run until end or 50 minutes, whichever comes first. Players are then preregistered for that nights £50+£5 Mega Sat.

    Travel and Accomodation

    MainEventTravel.com is the Official Travel Partner of the Genting Poker Series. They have negotiated a number of deals at hotels local to all our GPS tour stops and are the perfect one-stop shop for poker players. Not only that they can help players with plane, train and automobile advice and they have a Travel Store on site at all GPS events with special promotions, last longer competitions and full concierge services to our players.

    Information and packages for Genting Poker Series hotels can be found here or if you have any questions regarding staying at an event in the future then get in touch with them on 0845 094 1012 or use the online enquiry form here

    Other Information

    Day 1A takes place online at Gentingpoker.com and Dusktilldawnpoker.com, the starting stack and blind structure remains the same, the levels are reduced from 60 minutes to 24 minutes to reflect the increased quantity of hands dealt. It starts at 20:00 and runs for 10 levels. Please note that if you do qualify for Day 2 you will be expected to turn up at the hosting casino to continue to take part in the event
    Day 1A Online will only start if their is a minimum of 2 players registered at the start of the tournament. The online Day 1A will allow 1 x Re-entry.

    Main Event has Guaranteed Prize Pool of £125,000, and Guarantees first prize as £30,000

    Main Event is Re-entry, and accepts buy ins until the end of level 9. Players are limited to 5 x Re-entry (1 Entry plus 1 Re-entry, then a further 2 Re-entries per available Day 1 - a maximum of 6 entries).

    Event #3 and #4 are Re-entry and Late Entry and accept buy ins until the end of the first break. Players are limited to 1 x Re-entry.

    Stack Surrender - If when bagging up, you have starting stack or less you can choose to surrender your chips and re-enter the next day.

    Online qualifiers will not have their chips put into play until they arrive in the cardroom

    We reserve the right to change the structure or schedule.

    For the full set of Genting Poker Series Rules please click here

    Qualify for the GPS From Just 1p

    Here at Genting Poker we want to make sure every single person has the chance to qualify for our Flagship Genting Poker Series. Every night at 7.30pm we put on a penny roll to help players get on the ladder to winning a £440 Genting Poker Series Seat.