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GPS Edinburgh - Day 3

By martinjsmith, posted September 30, 2017

LEVEL 24 - 120000/40000/5000

19:16: Our GPS Edinburgh Champion, Tony Galloway!

19:15: Final Payouts:

1 £23,410 Tony Galloway
2 £20,080 Robin Richmond
3 £13,930 William McClure
4 £13,560 Kris Linton
5 £6,400 Tommy Le
6 £5,130 Paul Green
7 £3,950 Radoslav Iliev
8 £2,910 Gary Bertram
9 £2,330 Paul McTaggart
10 £2,030 Stephen Ng
11 £1,750 Ross Clark
12 £1,750 Neil Irving
13 £1,460 John Stirling
14 £1,460 David Gillies
15 £1,160 William Stirling
16 £1,160 Phil Jenkins
17 £1,160 James McNinch
18 £1,160 Tiziano Floris
19 £930 Cammy Williamson
20 £930 Anthony Crolla
21 £930 Rokas Asipauskas
22 £930 Lingxu Zhao
23 £930 Marius Varanavicius
24 £930 Louis Paxton
25 £930 David Weeks
26 £930 Stephen Groom
27 £930 Nita Valentin
28 £810 Mark Williamson
29 £810 Jordi Vizcaino
30 £810 Hassam Hassan
31 £810 Nick Crisp

19:09: WE HAVE A WINNER!! After 3 Day 1s, Day 2 and 6 hours of Day 3, Tony Galloway topples Colin Gillon and is crowned GPS Main Event Edinburgh Champion 2017! He finishes first for £23,410, a rather large trophy and all of the glory!

19:07: Tony opens to 120k and Robin makes it 320k, Tony quickly calls. Q5Jddd and Robin bets 500k. Tony snap-shoves and Robin makes a quick call. Black Aces for Robin and T3dd for Tony. It’s always a sweat as the Turn Jh pairs the board, a Jack or an Ace for Robin’s tournament life. BRICK. Robin is covered and out. Congratulations are thoroughly in order however as Robin finishes second for £20,080!

19:03: Robin folds the Button.

19:02: Tony makes it 120k. Robin calls. Flop 6d5h4s. Robin check/calls 165k. Turn 9h. Robin check/folds to 480k.

19:01: 120k from Robin. Tony calls. Flop Kc9h6c. Check/Check. Turn 6d. Tony takes it with a bet.

19:00: Tony makes it 170k on the Button. Robin calls. Flop 6c5c4c. Check/Check. Turn 9d. Robin bets 200k. Tony calls. River Qc. Roben bets 500k. Tony passes.

18:58: Robin raises the button to 120k and Tony calls. J66 and Robin fires out 2 pinks for 200k and gets called. The Turn is a deuce and checks through. River 5 and Tony bets 450k. Robin calls and Tony announces Jack and flips J8, it’s good for the huge pot!

18:56: Tony limps the button and calls when Robin makes it 140k. QdTd6h Robin bets and wins.

18:54: Robin opens to 120k and Tony calls. 8h7h3s check-check. 3h check-check. Jh check-check and Tony’s J2 loses to Robin’s Kx2h.

18:53: Tony folds the Button.

18:52: Robin opens, Tony 3-bets to 340k and gets it through.

18:51: Tony opens the Button to 140k and gets called. A65ss check-check, 8 on the Turn and Tony’s 265k gets called. River Js and Tony fires 475k and Robin folds it.

18:50: Back in action heads up! Here are the counts:

Robin Richmond 4.055million
Tony Galloway 3.3million

18:47: Robin opens the Button to 105k and William ships it out the SB. Tony goes into the tank in the BB but gives it up. Robin snaps and he’s in great shape with AK against William’s AT. The flop comes down 542dd, William picks up a chopportunity and backdoor flush draw but bricks the lot and is out in 3rd for £13,930!

18:44: Feedback from James Gray on the week:

18:43: Tony raises to 110k. Takes it.

18:42: Tony 105k from the SB. Robin calls. Flop 765. Check/Check. Turn 5. Tony bets 155k. Robin raises to 355k. Tony gives it up.

18:40: Blinds up.

LEVEL 23 - 15000/30000/4000

18:39: William raises from the SB, Tony calls. Flop J92. Check/Check. Turn 8. William check/calls 115k. River 8. William check/calls 505k. Tony had 22 for a Full House! It’s good as you would expect.

18:37: Robin makes it 75k from the SB and William calls. The flop is T87, checks to the As and Robin bets 105k and gets a call. Action Nine on the River… or not, check-check and William’s A5 wins.

18:34: William calls and Tony checks blind-on-blind. They check it all the way down and Q2-high beats 72-high.

18:32: Complete and check between Robin and William checks to J94 - A. 40k from Robin is snappily called by William, 6 on the River and check-check. William snaps-over King-high, unfortunately his soul read is interrupted by Robin rivering a Six. Painful scenes.

18:31: 75k from William on Button. Nae callers.

18:30: 75k from Robin on the Button. Tony calls. Flop QhTc2s. Tony check/calls 105k. Turn 9d. Tony check/calls 150k. River Ad. Tony check/folds to a chunky 500k bet.

18:29: Robin raises the SB and William calls. 928cc and Robin fires 105k, a considered 325k raise from William. That takes it. Can anyone stop him!?

18:28: Raise and take for William. Man’s on a roll!

18:27: William raises to 75k on the Button. Called by Tony and Kris. Flop Kd4d3s. Kris shoves, William calls, Tony folds. It’s K8 vs K9 and Kris needs to spike an Eight to stay alive. He doesn’t manage it and is out in 4th. He takes home £13,560.

18:25: William raises to 115k from the SB and Tony shoves. Williams folds. Tony shows 77.

18:24: Tony opens to 80k UTG and Robin calls. Again William rips it from the BB and both fold. William shows an Ace.

18:22: William opens to 75k and gets call from Tony in position. 100k takes it on KQ7.

18:21: A85 again as Tony and Kris complete and check. 50k from Kris is good enough to take it this time though.

18:20: Tony gets a walk with Fours.

18:19: 80k from Tony again. No callers. Shows T7 suited.

18:18: Tony raises to 80k on the Button. Robin calls from the BB. Flop 9d6h5h. Robin check/folds for 155k from Tony.

18:17: A58 - T, Tony defends his BB against Robin and bets 125k on the Turn and gets a quick call. The River is a 6 and Tony snaps out 345k. Robin sighs and calls and is shown 56!

18:15: William bets the Turn on KT9 - 3 and Tony calls blind-on-blind

18:13: Robin raises to 70k from the SB. No call from William.

18:12: Tony makes it 90k. No action.

18:11: William makes it 75k on the Button. Kris calls from the BB. Flop Kd8h8s. Kris check/folds to 80k.

18:10: Robin opesn the button to 60k and both blinds call. William bets 125k on T96 - 4 and only Tony calls. River 7 and William bets 125k but folds to a raise to 600k from Tony. Tony shows 53.

18:08: Complete and check between Robin and William. KKK - 8 - 8 and they obviously chop it up.

18:07: 75k from William on the Button. Tony calls in the SB. Flop JcTd5c. Tony leads out and William folds.

18:06: 60k from Robin. Called by William in the SB and Tony in the BB. All check the Flop and Turn and River! William takes it with KT High!

18:05: Tony opens to 60k, Robin calls but both fold fairly quickly as William rips it out of the BB.

18:02: Robin and Kris complete and check blind-on-blind. Kris checks it to Robin A43sss but clicks his 50k bet to 100k. Robin calls and the both check the Td Turn. The River is a 5 and Kris bets 125k and gets a sigh-call from Robin. Robin’s 43 is good.

18:00: We have a deal! They have split up most of the prize pool but are saving £6,000 for the eventual winner. Here’s what they have each locked up already:

Robin Richmond £20,081
William McClure £13,930
Tony Galloway £17,405
Kris Linton £13,560

17:50: Players back. They’re discussing some kind of deal before we start back.

17:45: Chip counts at the break:

Robin Richmond 2.956m
William McClure 1.203m
Tony Galloway 2.036m
Kris Linton 1.132m

17:38: Players on a 15 minute break. Chip counts coming soon. Still 4 handed.

LEVEL 22 - 12000/24000/3000

17:36: Tony opens the CO to 61k, Robin 3-bets the SB to 175k, Tony calls. The flop rolls off Kh2d6d and Robin continues for 202k. Tony gives it up.

17:35: Complete and check between Robin and Kris. 30k on J96 - 6 wins it for Robin.

17:34: Complete and check between Tony and Kris. 94J - Q and Tony bets 45k and gets called. River Ten checks through and Tony wins with a Queen.

17:33: Stephen’s comments on his exit from earlier in the day:

17:32: William and Tony BvB checked all the way. William wins it with a Deuce, A2 in the hole.

17:31: 55k from Kris on the Button. William calls in the BB. Flop AsTc2c. Williams leads for 80k but folds when Kris min-raises to 160k. Kris shows Ad2d for 2-pair.

17:30: Complete, 60k, call between Kris and Robin. Kris calls 76k on the Turn and snap bets 150k on the River of J52d - Td - K. “Have you got KJ?” asks Robin. “I haven’t seen you shows a bluff in two days!” “I haven’t had to!” the Table laughs. “Will you show if I fold?” “Yeah I will”, Robin folds and Kris shows K9dd. he turned a flush-draw and rivers top-pair.

17:26: Tony makes it 55k from the SB and Kris calls. Board KQ7 - 6 - 8 and it checks to the River. Tony bets 100k and shows T9 when Kris folds.

17:24: William raises 60k on the Button and calls when Tommy shoves for a little under 400k. It’s AQ vs AJ and Tommy needs some help. Both hit the Flop with their kickers but William makes Trips on the Turn leaving Tommy dead. He’s out in 5th for £6,400.

17:22: Robin makes it 62k on the Button and Tommy calls to see AJ5. Robin c-bets 75k and Tommy calls to see another Ace on the Turn. Robin calls 65k from Tommy and the River rolls off a Queen and Tommy bets 100k. Raise to 300k and quick call from Tommy… Robin has KTo. Tommy is pretty devastated.

17:19: Limp in the SB from Robin. William makes it 75k more. Robin folds. William shows KTo.

17:18: Tommy chucks in 55k in the cut-off. No callers.

17:17: Raise-and-take-it for William.

17:16: Kris raises to 55k UTG and plays a medium pot vs Tony in the BB. Tony takes it with a river bet.

17:14: Tommy opens to 55k UTG and this time William defends. J54ss but 50k not enough this time. 4s on the Turn, 105k from Tommy. William calls. River Ad checked to Tommy. Tommy shoves about 350k and gets a quick fold.

17:13: Tommy opens CO to 55k and Robin defends. A54rr and Tommy c-bets 50k and takes it.

17:12: Next break in 20 mins. Full chip counts coming then. Still 5 handed. Average stack 1.5million.

17:10: Williams makes it 65k from the cut-off. No contest.

17:09: Kris makes it 55k UTG. Tony calls from the BB. Flop Qc6c2c. Check/Check. Turn 4c. Check/Check. River 8s. Tony takes it now with a 51k bet.

17:07: Robin raises to 62k from the Button. Gets it through.

17:06: Walk for William there.

17:05: Tony limps the Button for 24k. Kris completes and Robin makes it 67k from the BB. Tony calls and Kris does too. 3 ways to the Flop which is Ah5c3c. Kris checks, Robin bets 101k, Tony folds, Kris folds.

17:04: Tommy opens the button to 50k and gets a call. Flop 852cc and Kris check-raises Tommy’s 55k c-bet to 175k.

17:03: Complete and check between Tommy and Tony, Tommy bets 25k on 774 - 5 and gets called. Somehow the River again trips the board and both players have a 5 to chop it up.

17:01: Robin opens the button to 55k and William calls. Flop KcTd2d, Robin c-bets 82k and gets called. William leads the 9d for 134k. Robin folds showing the Ks.

17:00: Tony opens to 55k and takes it, people are not a fan of calling his raises!

16:58: Tommy raises to 51k in the cut-off. Tony raises to 132k on the Button. Tommy 4bets to 275k. Tony calls. Flop Ad7d4c. Tommy bets 175k, Tony calls. Turn Jd. Check/Check. River 5h. Tommy checks and Tony thinks for a while before firing a 275k bet. Tommy thinks for a while too. He has about 700k left now and Tony 500k on top of that. Tommy decides to fold. Tony shows his hand, Pocket 3s!

16:55: Tony makes it 55k from the SB. Kris folds his BB.

16:52: Kris limps UTG and Robin opens to 102k, Tony calls and Kris folds. T54ss and Robin checks it through, 3c on the Turn, Tony snap-calls 110k on the Turn. Jd on the River and it’s 200k from Robin. Tony tanks and tanks and calls. Robin has Threes for a turned Set! Kris says that he folded Fours as well for the almost set-over-set.

16:47: William makes it 67k blind-on-blind and Tommy calls. AQ3 and a 110k c-bet does it for William.

16:45: Kris makes it 75k from the cut-off. Paul shoves for 302k! Kris tank/calls. He has AJ and Paul TT. Kris hits an Ace to send Paul out in 6th place for £5,130.

16:43: Tommy opens to 50k +1 and gets it through.

16:41: Blind-on-blind and it’s complete and check to 953ddd - Q - K and Kris’s 73o is good as they check it down.

16:39: Paul makes it 60k. Robin 3bets to 145k in position. Paul calls it. Flop AcQs4d. Check/Check. Turn 5c. Paul bets 150k, Robin shoves. Paul has about 300k left which Robin covers by a mile. Paul snap folds and says “Nice check”. Robin shows an Ace. Kris said he folded AQ from the BB after the 3bet. Tony tells him he should have got it in.

16:37: William opens to 60k on the Button and Tony defends. The flop is JT8 and 100k from William is good enough.

16:37: Here’s William:

16:36: Here’s Robin:

16:35: Blinds up!

LEVEL 21 - 10000/20000/3000

16:34: 60k UTG from Tony, call from Kris, heads-up to the flop. 244, check-bet-call of 60k. Turn King, check-check, River Ace and Tony bets 120k. Kris lets him have it.

16:32: Robin limps the SB. William puts 75k on top. Robin folds.

16:31: Complete and check between Paul and Robin. Robin bets 25k on 678hh and gets a call. 2s on the Turn checks through to the 4d and Paul bets 55k. Robin calls. Robin rivers two-pair with 64 and Paul has the straight with K5.

16:29: Tony 3-bets to 125k on the Button and sweeps in William’s raise.

16:28: Paul opens to 55k UTG and Tommy 3-bets to 115k on the Button. Paul folds after a couple of minutes.

16:26: Reminder of the FT finishers and remaining prizes:

1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950 Radoslav Iliev
8 £2,910 Gary Bertram
9 £2,330 Paul McTaggart

16:25: Robin opens to 50k. Tony calls from the BB. Flop AsJd3c. Tony check/folds to a 60k bet.

16:24: Tony opens UTG and shows a deuce as it folds round.

16:22: Robin opens the button to 50k and Rado looks down at A7s, goes for it, all of the biscuits. Robin has ATdd and snaps it off. Two diamonds on the flop, diamond turn and Rado is out in 7th for £3,950!

16:21: Paul opens the button to 60k and gets it through.

16:20: William opens to 41k UTG. Robin defends and faces a 50k bet on Tc7c8s. Robin check-raises to 200k. William calls. 4s on the Turn, Robin shoves and after several minutes and William folds Jacks face-up.

16:16: Rado raises to 55k. Tony calls in position. Flop AhTc9c. Rado checks and Tony bets enough to set him all in. He has about 300k. Rado tanks for quite a while but ends up folding. Tony shows 87o for a Straight Draw.

16:14: Rado opens the CO to 50k and Kris defends with his newfound chips. Rado bets 52k on T52rr and Kris asks how much Rado has… 210k behind. “I feel like I’m ahead here” says Kris as he holds 3 pink chips in his hand. He gives it up and Rado sweeps it in.

16:12: Kris opens to 55k and 4bet shoves for about 450k when Tommy raises him. It’s Kris’ QQ vs Tommy’s AK. The ladies hold and Kris doubles.

16:09: William makes it 48k on the Button and Tommy defends, Q97 and Tommy check-calls 55k. The Turn is the 8 and William fires again for 80k and Tommy calls. The River is the Jd as the backdoor flush comes in. 200k from William and Tommy is pretty agonised. Tommy finally makes the call and has JTss and it’s good. William asks to see what Tommy has and is told he can’t.

16:04: Paul opens the CO to 55k and Rado peels out of the SB and they go Heads-up to the flop. It goes check-check on the AhQh2s flop and Rado leads the 7d Turn, Paul calls. The River is the 4h and checks through. Paul flips A3o and it’s good.

16:02: Tony raises to 47k. Gary shoves all in for about 250k. Tony calls! It’s AK vs AQ and Gary is in trouble. He doesn’t get any help at all and is out in 8th for £2,910.

16:01: William makes it 48k. No action.

15:58: Paul completes blind-on-blind. Gary checks after a pause. TsTd7h, Gary bets 25k and gets called. Qh gets checked to the Th. Gary bets and Paul snaps and everyone has a 7 for a boat.

15:54: Tommy raises the cut-off and Kris (shown below) shoves all in for 375k. Paul tank/folds. Back to Tommy and he folds too.

15:52: Rado makes it 52k in the cut-off. No callers.

15:49: Robin opens to 45k, William 3bets to 175k. Back to Robin and he folds after a wee think.

15:48: Robin opens the CO to 45k and Tommy defends. AsKsKh, that looks pretty, 55k c-bet gets a pretty snappy fold. Pretty understandably.

15:47: William makes it 75k blind-on-blind and Rado considers. Rado opts for the fold.

15:46: Tony opens +1 to 47k and takes it down pre-flop.

15:44: Gary shoves from the SB. Robin shows 42o and folds. Gary says “You’re 40%”.

15:43: William raises to 62k but folds when Tommy 3bets to 135k.

15:42: Tommy opens the CO to 42k and Tony calls on the Button. Heads-up flop Ac6c2d and it checks through to see an 8c. Check-check, River 4c and Tommy bets 90k. Tony snaps and Tommy flips Qc9s. Tony’s pretty unhappy having also rivered a reasonable club.

15:40: Clock 8 handed:

15:39: Tommy raises the Button to 42k. Tony calls in the SB. Flop 7h4h2h. Tony check/calls 25k. Turn Ad. Check/Check. River Kc. Tony check/calls 80k. Tommy has Jc6c for nothing and Tony wins with A8o.

15:37: Paul McT jams +2 and gets almost snap-called by Robin. It folds round and Paul sighs “It’s never good when they just call without asking how much it is.” Robin has Aces. Paul has KQdd. He flops a diamond but is just drawing to a gutshot chop by the Turn.

15:34: Tony opens to 60k UTG and gets it through.

15:31: Rado gets a walk first hand of FT.

15:30: FT now in progress!

15:10: Chip counts for the Final Table:

S1: Robin Richmond 1.01million
S2: William McClure 680k
S3: Radoslav Iliev 360k
S4: Tommy Le 2.035million
S5: Tony Galloway 1.58million
S6: Kris Linton 460k
S7: Paul Green 560k
S8: Paul McTaggart 230k
S9: Gary Bertram 315k

15:02: Break time. Back in 25 mins for the FT. Chip counts being done now.

LEVEL 20 - 8000/18000/2000

15:02: Tommy and Stephen get the money in pre-flop with KK and TT respectively. Tommy holds and Stephen is out in 10th for £2,030.

14:58: The action has slowed down a bit with Hand for Hand play on the FT Bubble. Tommy Le just raised and took one on Table 1 and Tony won a BvB pot against Robin on Table 2. Break time in 2 mins. Chip counts coming shortly.

14:54: Gary B shoves from the SB. Radoslava folds his BB.

14:53: Rado opens +1 and Robin defends but Robin is the only to bet as they check to the River on KsJcQd - 2d - 5s. Robin bets 30k and takes it.

14:50: Tony gets big value with his Nut Straight (KT) with a 250k roughly pot bet on the river vs Radoslav who called with KQ top-pair.

14:47: Tommy opens the CO to 33k but gives it up after Stephen shoves his BB for just over 450k. Tommy gets a count but decides it’s “Not worth the punt”.

14:43: Today’s exits:

11 £1,750 Ross Clark
12 £1,750 Neil Irving
13 £1,460 John Stirling
14 £1,460 David Gillies
15 £1,160 William Stirling
16 £1,160 Phil Jenkins
17 £1,160 James McNinch
18 £1,160 Tiziano Floris

14:42: Tony raises, Ross shoves and Tony calls. It’s Tony’s JJ vs Ross’ 88. Ross says “Let’s see some snowmen”. After the Turn Tony has a Set and Ross changes his line to “Let’s see a hockey stick”. The stick doesn’t come and he’s heading out in 11th place for £1,750. We are now Hand for Hand on the FT Bubble with 10 left.

14:41: Tommy gets a River barrel through. He opens the Button and Paul G defends. it comes down Qs3c9d and Paul calls a c-bet. The Turn is the Js and checks through. The River brings the Kc and Paul folds to a 105k bet from Tommy. “Pretty bad card for me!” remarks Paul.

14:38: Tony Galloway defends his BB against a 30k open from Robin +1 but gives it up as Robin fires 50k on 923cc.

14:35: Here is the latest seating with 11 left. Average is 661k. Will get full chip counts for everyone at the first break in 25 mins.

Table 1
Paul McTaggart
Tommy Le
William McClure
Paul Green
Stephen Ng

Table 2
Tony Galloway
Ross Clark
Robin Richmond
Gary Bertram
Radoslav Iliev
Kris Linton

14:34: Paul McT tries to bluff Paul G with 6 High but it didn’t work vs his 2-pair. McT down to about 200k now and Green up to mabye 700k.

14:33: Tommy Le in the lead now with maybe 1.3million.

14:32: Gary B makes a very unhappy River fold, he c-bets Qd7d3h against Tony Galloway, checks back the 3c and then faces a 46k River bet on the As. “How can you not be scared of that Ace!?” “I’m getting like three to one here” “Eurghhhh” he folds and I think I hear Tony saying after the hand that he had A3.

14:30: Let’s go to war! Again Tommy completes blind-on-blind and again Neil raises chunky to over 50k! This time though it’s a shove from Tommy and a quick call for Neil. Tommy has KQs and Nail has AJo and they both have pretty big, pretty similar stacks. The flop comes down 7h3s2s and it looks bad for Tommy, they both have backdoor flush-draws but Neil is ahead. The Turn gives Neil the flush-draw but also gives Tommy top-pair on the Ks! He holds and takes out Neil in 12th for £1,750!

14:23: Paul G raises the Button and Paul McT calls in the BB. Flop Qd6s3s. McT checks, Green bets 28k, McT raises to 87k, Green snap shoves, McT snap mucks. Pot to Paul Green.

14:22: Tony takes a small one on Table 2.

14:21: Raise-and-take-its for Paul McT on Table 1 and Kris on Table 2 there.

14:20: Another beefy blind-on-blind hand for Neil Irving. Now that he’s moved to Table 1 he’s up against Tommy, Tommy completes, Neil raises to 63k and Tommy calls. The flop comes down QsJh5s and Tommy check-folds to another 63k barrel. Looks like he considers a float and thinks better of it…

14:17: Robin fires twice, but Rado has the last barrel. Rado flats as Robin raises and they go heads-up to a flop. Robin betting 40k on 7s7d8s and 56k on the Td but folding as Rado bets 110k on the 2s River.

14:14: The Masters side event is running with 60 players already. Late reg 6.30pm. £100+£10 with £10,000 guaranteed.

14:11: Here are out bustouts so far today and remaining prizes:

1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950
8 £2,910
9 £2,330
10 £2,030
11 £1,750
12 £1,750
13 £1,460 John Stirling
14 £1,460 David Gillies
15 £1,160 William Stirling
16 £1,160 Phil Jenkins
17 £1,160 James McNinch
18 £1,160 Tiziano Floris

14:10: David G (66) shoves for about 120k, Tommy Le (QQ) shoves for more and John S (AcKc) in the BB calls off his short stack! It runs out clean for Tommy and he takes David (13th) and John (14th) out. Amazing stuff. Down to 12 players.

14:08: William S shoves 119k inn from the HJ but doesn’t look happy as Stephen calls from the SB. John has a grim decision with one of his fews BBs already in the pot but he decides to fold. Probably a good thing too as Stephen has Aces, William has A6dd and it’s all over by the Turn. William out in 15th for £1,160!

14:03: Blinds up! Average with 15 left is 485k.

LEVEL 19 - 6000/12000/2000

14:02: Ross shoves for 198k. Kris calls. It’s K9 vs AT. Ross hits 2-pair and doubles up! Dramatic scenes here at Genting Fountain Park Casino.

14:01: John S shoves again next hand. No takers.

14:00: Love is a rollercoaster. John gets his last 31k in and Paul McT clicks it, William McC gives up his BB reluctantly. John has Q8ss and Paul has K9hh. John out-flops him on 8d5h6h but he has a lot to fade against two overs, a gutter and a flush draw for Paul “Makes it interesting at least” remarks Paul. The Turn continues the theme as John turns two pair giving Paul the flush on the Qh. Qc River gives John the boat and a double-up!

13:59: Paul Green shoves 152k and John Stirling reshoves. No others interested. It’s Paul’s KhTh vs John’s AhTd. Paul in trouble but not for long as he flops a Flush! John has the redraw to the Nut Flush but missed and Paul doubles. John down to about 40k now.

13:58: John opens the Button and Paul McT calls from the SB, the flop comes down Qs8sTd and goes check-check. The Turn is the Ad and John bets 30k, Paul check-raises to 85k and John calls. The River pairs the board with the 8h and Paul fires out 135k. John calls and is shown the flopped straight with J9s against his rivered two-pair with A7.

13:55: Robin makes it 30k in the cut-off. No callers.

13:54: Robin makes it 30k on the Button. No callers.

13:53: Ross shoves from the SB. Robin folds.

13:50: Rado 3-bets Robin and they go heads-up to the flop as Robin calls. It comes down AKA and checks through. The Turn brings the Jh and an available backdoor flush draw and Rado bets 56k and quickly takes it.

13:46: On Table 1, John opens to 35k UTG. William McC 3bets to 120k on the Button and then Paul G goes into the tank. He ends up folding. John folds too, showing AJ. William shows AK and Paul said he had 99.

13:45: Ross shoves all in. Maybe about 150k. No takers.

13:44: Paul needs the second barrel. Paul McT raises the HJ and Tommy flats on the Button. Tommy calls one on the flop but folds to the second on the Kd9c6h - Td Turn.

13:41: Robin makes it 30k on the Button. Radoslav calls from the BB. Flop As9s3s. Radoslav check/folds to a bet, I think 37k.

13:40: Kris raises to 28k UTG+1. Gary B calls from the BB. Flop Kh2c2s. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Gary leads for 27k. Kris calls. River Qd. Check/Check. Gary wins it with QJ (lucky river). Kris showed 77.

13:39: Tony raises to 28k on the Button and Robin calls in the BB. Tony takes it with a 50k flop bet. It was KQJ.

13:38: John Stirling jams the River and Tommy Le gives it up, firing his cards towards the muck with unusual venom. John shows K9 for Kings-full out of the BB.

13:35: The stuff of nightmares. Phil Jenkins gets his whole stack in pre-flop with Aces, what more can you ask? He opens UTG and calls off as William McC 3-bet shoves the Button. Phil as we already know has Aces and it’s an arctic wind as William wakes up with Kings. King-high flop. Phil is covered. Dreams crushed. Phil out in 16th for £1,160!

13:32: James McNinch open-shoves 100k or so with A3 and Gary B reships for more. All others fold. James goes ahead on the Turn with 2-pair but the board pairs on the river for Gary to take him out in 17th for £1,160.

13:31: Neil raises to 27k. Radoslav calls from the BB. Flop 8h6d4s. Check/Check. Turn 6c. Radoslav bets 32k. Neil calls. River Ks. Check/Check. Neil wins with AdTd for Ace High. Radoslav said he had one below, A9.

13:30: Stephen cool as a cucumber as always. He opens UTG and calls as Tommy Le 3-bets the button. They check to the River on 2dQc7s - Qd - Kd and Stephen bets 84k. Tommy considers it for a while before giving up. Talk turns to would you have called a 4-bet, what if I’d lef flop, yadda yadda.

13:26: Tony opens for 30k in the cut-off. Gary B calls from the BB. Flop Kd9c3s. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Gary check/calls 35k. River 4h. Check/Check. Tony’s good with 77 in the hole.

13:25: Kris limps in mid-position and checks it all the way with Robin in the BB. Kris wins with 33 in the hole. No pair for Robin.

13:24: David (left) shoves the button and William S (right) considers but puts it down.

13:22: On Table 2, Ross gets a Walk. Ross says it was just as well ‘cause he was “going to ram it right in your face” to Tony. Everyone laughs.

13:21: On Table 2, Gary B tries a 26k open again. Neil calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop 7s4d2s. Gary bets 35k. Neil declines.

13:20: David Gillies open-shoves +1 and gets it through showing Jacks.

13:18: Blind-on-blind on Table 2, Kris Linton opens to 36k and 4-bet shoves as Neil Irving 3-bets to 87k. Neil gives it up after a reasonable thought saying he has AJo.

13:17: John opens UTG on Table 1 and gets calls from William McC on the Button and Paul G in the SB. The three way flop comes down 773 and John check-calls 40k from William McC. The Turn is a 7 and again John check-calls 40k, the River is a 5 and William checks back and shows Eights for the winner.

13:16: Down to 17 now. Average Stack 428k.

13:15: On Table 2, Gary B opens to 26k, Tiziano Floris jams a little over 200k from the SB then Kris Linton calls. Gary gets out of the way and we see Tiziano’s AsKs vs Kris’ KcQc. Battle of the suited cards! Kris gets lucky and spikes a Queen to win and send Tiziano out in 18th place for £1,160. Kris says he wouldn’t have called “if it wasn’t suited”.

13:11: On Table 2, Tony opens for 27k mid-position. Radoslav calls from the SB. Heads up. AdKh2s. Check/Check. Turn Kd. Radoslav check/calls 35k. River Ah. Check/Check. House over House! A4 for Radoslav and KJ for Tony.

13:10: On Table 2, Chip Leader Robin makes it 30k on the Button. No callers.

13:08: John opens on Table 1 and Paul McT calls, William S takes his chance and jams out of the SB. John gives it up after a little bit and so does Paul after a check of the count. William shows Tens.

13:04: Delayed c-bet good on both tables, David Gillies giving up his SB to Phil Jenkins and Robin Richmond giving up his BB to Neil Irving.

13:01: Ross Clark gets a walk first hand!

12:58: Just about to start. Here we go!

12:43: Who do you think will win today? Tweet us with #gpsedinburgh and we’ll add your picks to the blog.

12:37: David Gillies was delighted to ladder up a bit last night after Cammy busted though…

12:35: We start in 25 mins. Cammy Williamson busted in 19th late last night but he’s trying again in the Masters side event at 2pm. That’s £100+£10 with £10,000 guaranteed.


Our Final Day starts at 1pm

Live Stream
We’ll have a Live Stream (no hole cards) running for the whole final day on our Facebook page at

Chip Counts
Robin Richmond 1,086k
Tommy Le 831k
Radoslav Iliev 674k
Kris Linton 575k
Tony Galloway 545k
Neil Irving 402k
Gary Bertram 388k
John Stirling 382k
William McClure 366k
Stephen Ng 374k
Paul McTaggart 371k
Tiziano Floris 230k
Ross Clark 226k
Paul Green 220k
Phil Jenkins 197k
David Gillies 170k
James McNinch 146k
William Stirling 127k


1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950
8 £2,910
9 £2,330
10 £2,030
11 £1,750
12 £1,750
13 £1,460
14 £1,460
15 £1,160
16 £1,160
17 £1,160
18 £1,160
19 £930 Cammy Williamson
20 £930 Anthony Crolla
21 £930 Rokas Asipauskas
22 £930 Lingxu Zhao
23 £930 Marius Varanavicius
24 £930 Louis Paxton
25 £930 David Weeks
26 £930 Stephen Groom
27 £930 Nita Valentin
28 £810 Mark Williamson
29 £810 Jordi Vizcaino
30 £810 Hassam Hassan
31 £810 Nick Crisp


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