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GPS Edinburgh - Day 2

By martinjsmith, posted September 30, 2017

LEVEL 18 - 5000/10000/1000

00:45: Day 2 is now complete. We have 18 left. Here are the counts. 1pm start tomorrow.

Robin Richmond 1,086k
Tommy Le 831k
Radoslav Iliev 674k
Kris Linton 575k
Tony Galloway 545k
Neil Irving 402k
Gary Bertram 388k
John Stirling 382k
William McClure 366k
Stephen Ng 374k
Paul McTaggart 371k
Tiziano Floris 230k
Ross Clark 226k
Paul Green 220k
Phil Jenkins 197k
David Gillies 170k
James McNinch 146k
William Stirling 127k

00:35: Cammy Williamson all in with 55 vs Paul McT’s 88 and doesn’t improve. He’s out in 19th for £930.

00:30: Neil Irving opens the SB Blind-on-blind and calls as Robin Richmond 3-bets him. The flop comes down 942sss and Neil check-calls 100k. The Turn is the 7c and it checks through, the River is the 7h and Neil bets 133k, after a couple of minutes Robin calls and Jacks are good against 98s, Robin sweeps it in.

00:25: Just about to stop the clock and play the last few hands of the night. Still 19 left.

00:16: Gary Bertram finds a call for his shove, but with A8o he probably doesn’t want one. He doesn’t with Neil Irving holding Nines. Ross gives him a “Wu blessing” and run like Colin Wu he does as he flops an Ace and holds to double-up!

00:06: Anthony Crolla’s Jacks go down to Ross Clark’s A3 all in pre-flop. He was fairly short. Now out in 20th for £930.

00:03: A few hands later Rokas Asipauskas meets a sticky end as he shoves 130k on the Button and Robin Richmond finds a call in the BB with A8. It’s a flip with Rokas holding Sevens but an A8 flop and it’s curtains for Rokas. He’s out in 21st for £930!

23:58: Rokas Asipauskas calls 33k pre-flop from Neil Irving and 39k on the flop of Ac4d6h but gives up to 100k on the Tc Turn with 130k behind.

23:56: Ross Clark shoves blind-on-blind against Neil Irving and gets it through.

23:55: Lingxu Zhao out in 22nd for £930. His super short stack A8 all in pre-flop couldn’t hold vs JT.

23:53: Despite having to fade the world, Rado’s Deuces hold-up against Marius Varanavicuis’ A9, as Marius flops a gutshot, two overs and turns counterfeiting outs. Marius out in 23rd for £930!

23:50: Crowd favourite Louis Paxton “Edinburgh’s best cash player” is out in 24th for £930 as he open shoves 145k and Robin finds Queens and a call. Paxton’s Deuces don’t hit any miracle ducks and he’s out.

23:46: Ross Clark rips his remaining 78k and gets a quick min-click from Neil Irving, “That’s not goooood!” says Ross. Everyone else folds, Tony Crolla somewhat reluctantly and cards are over. Neil peels an Eight and Ross almost jumps out of his chair “I’m live! I’m live!”. Neil has Eights and Ross has A9s. Ross flops a Nine and holds to double. “Ah well there goes the million chip chance” bemoans Neil.

23:44: Big one on Table 3. Cammy Williamson (160k with AK), Tiziano Floris (180k with AK) and Paul McTaggart (QQ, both covered). An Ace hits and Pauls takes a big hit. The other 2 chop his money up.

23:40: Back in action. 1 hour left to play. Average Stack 303k.

23:30: Break time. Here are the full counts. We have just Level 18 left to play tonight so 1 more hour to go. Still 24 left.

Table 1
S1: -
S2: Gary Bertram 160k
S3: Ross Clark 80k
S4: Neil Irving 985k
S5: Louis Paxton 145k
S6: Rokas Asipauskas 230k
S7: Anthony Crolla 100k
S8: Robin Richmond 415k
S9: Paul Green 250k

Table 2
S1: Tony Galloway 370k
S2: Phil Jenkins 205k
S3: -
S4: William McClure 335k
S5: James McNinch 100k
S6: Tommy Le 850k
S7: Lingxu Zhao 125k
S8: David Gillies 160k
S9: John Stirling 370k

Table 3
S1: Cammy Williamson 160k
S2: Radoslav Iliev 565k
S3: Tiziano Floris 190k
S4: Marius Varanavicius 85k
S5: Paul McTaggart 370k
S6: Kris Linton 470k
S7: -
S8: Stephen Ng 275k
S9: William Stirling 170k

LEVEL 17 - 4000/8000/1000

23:23: Robin Richmond opens to 20k +2 on Table 1 but folds it when Paul Green 3-bets to 100k with another 100k behind next to act. Paul shows Kings.

23:21: Paul McTaggart opens +1 to 18k, Kris Linton flats and Tiziano Floris defends. A lead out of 29k on AdTc5d by Tiziano gets two folds though.

23:20: Last break of the night in a few mins. Here’s a reminder of the payouts so far. Full chip counts coming soon.

25 £930 David Weeks
26 £930 Stephen Groom
27 £930 Nita Valentin
28 £810 Mark Williamson
29 £810 Jordi Vizcaino
30 £810 Hassam Hassan
31 £810 Nick Crisp

23:15: David Weeks all in with 88 pre-flop for 90k or so vs Tiziano Floris’ 66. Brutal beat for Weeks as Tiziano flops a Set and rivers Quads for good measure. David Weeks out in 25th for £930.

23:13: Louis all in over the top of a raise from Kris. Kris thinking. Louis says “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine”. Kris folds. Louis lets him see Eights.

23:11: Phil Jenkins sighs and calls off his tournament life as he flops trips against Lingxu Zhao. Lingxu puts the effective in on the River but has AQ-high and Phil doubles.

23:08: On Table 1, Kris Linton wins a wee one vs Rokas. On Table 2, Marius gets a pre-flop shove through. In other news, David Weeks down to 80k.

23:07: Tony Galloway shoves over the top of Lingxu Zhao’s River bet and shiws A8-high on 3s9hJc - Jd - 2d as it gets through.

23:04: William McClure shoves 75k UTG and it’s met by a 115k re-shove from Tiziano Floris, everyone folds, Paul McTaggart very reluctantly and it’s flipped over. A7s for William and KJs for Tiziano. Paul sighs loudly. It runs out clean and A7-high takes it for William. Paul says after the hand that he folded ATss. Tiziano doubles up 24k the next hand.

22:02: Kris Linton piles on the pressure as he 3-bet shoves about 400k over Robin Richmond’s 17k open and Paul Green’s flat. They both quickly fold.

23:00: Stephen Groom is all in pre-flop with AT vs Paul McT’s KK. The big boys hold and Stephen is out in 26th for £930.

22:57: John Stirling plays a blinder in a 4-bet pot. By the time it’s back to him David Gillies’ 16k open has been 3-bet to 35k and cold-4-bet to 89k, he quickly folds. John Stirling calls Tony Galloway’s 4-bet and checks the 9d4s3s flop to Tony who checks back. The Turn is the Ts and John check-calls 85k. The River rolls off the 7s and John snap-ships. Tony spits many expletives before quickly folding. John flips over Sixes, no spade. “Nice hand big man, nice hand” Sighs Tony.

22:53: Big 220k double for Robin Richmond all in pre-flop with 88 vs Rokas’ AQ. Rokas down to about 170k now.

22:52: Cammy Williamson makes it 46k from his BB after Stephen Groom opens to 16k. Stephen pretty quickly gives it up!

22:50: Nita Valentin runs Kings into the Aces of Tony Galloway. Tony opens to 22k UTG and Nita shoves +2 for about 100k. It folds to Tony who obviously snaps and it runs out clean. He’s out in 27th for £930!

22:47: Payouts so far. Next out gets £930.

28 £810 Mark Williamson
29 £810 Jordi Vizcaino
30 £810 Hassam Hassan
31 £810 Nick Crisp

22:46: Down to 27 now over 3 tables:

Table 1
S1: Kris Linton
S2: Gary Bertram
S3: Ross Clark
S4: Neil Irving
S5: Louis Paxton
S6: Rokas Asipauskas
S7: Anthony Crolla
S8: Robin Richmond
S9: Paul Green

Table 2
S1: Tony Galloway
S2: Phil Jenkins
S3: Nita Valentin
S4: William McClure
S5: James McNinch
S6: Tommy Le
S7: Lingxu Zhao
S8: David Gillies
S9: John Stirling

Table 3
S1: Cammy Williamson
S2: Radoslav Iliev
S3: Tiziano Floris
S4: Marius Varanavicius
S5: Paul McTaggart
S6: Stephen Groom
S7: David Weeks
S8: Stephen Ng
S9: William Stirling

22:45: Mark Williamson is next out the door as he gets in AT against Tommy Le’s AQs, Tommy hits a Queen on the Turn just to be sure. He’s out in 28th for £810!

22:43: Gary Bertram all in for 90k with AK vs Rokas’ AT pre-flop. Gary doubles.

22:42: Short Stack Jordi Vizcaino all in with J4 vs Tommy Le’s Ks6s. Tommy makes a Flush and Jordi is out in 29th for £810.

22:40: Louis Paxton gets a roughly 160k shove through, Kris Linton seems pretty tortured on the BB.

22:37: Hassam Hassan is out in 30th place as his AK goes in against the Chip-leader Neil Irving’s JTs, a Jack-high flop is good enough.

22:34: Double for Marius Varanavicuis as blind-on-blind he gets in J6s against Rado Iliev’s Q4o, Marius flops a Six and Turns trips for the win.

22:32: Nick Crisp out quickly after the Bubble. All in with KJ vs Nita Valentin’s QQ and couldn’t improve. Nick out in 31st for £810.

22:31: Stephen Ng took a video on the Bubble! Watch it here.

22:30: Rado Iliev opens to 13k +2 and Andy Hills opts for all of the chips in the middle for about 150k. It folds around to Stephen Ng, who asks for a count! After a rough count of 150k, Stephen re-shoves for pretty similar. Rado folds pretty disgustedly and cards are quickly tabled as the Table is the last to play. Andy has Fours but is behind to Stephen Ng’s Kings! The flop draws gasps from the crowd with 7d3d6s, Andy flops a gutter and holds the only heart. He calls for a heart on the Turn but is not rewarded and bricks out both streets.


22:25: Update from Stephen Ng. View his video here.

22:24: A limp pot unfolds on Table 3 as William McClure and Cammy Williamson limp, Paul McTaggart and Stephen Groom checks his option. The flop is Js9s5d and it checks to Cammy who bets 11k out of a rather short-stack. Paul and Stephen call. The Turn is the Ks and it checks again to Cammy who bets 16k with about 50k behind. The River 8s goes check, snap-check-back and Cammy rolls over QTcc for straight, nae flush, it does still win.

22:23: Blinds up. Still 32 and playing H4H. No change. Updates from Andy Hills:

LEVEL 16 - 3000/6000/1000

22:16: We are still on the Bubble with 32 remaining. 6 mins left of this level then we go up to 4k/8k/1k. We end the day after Level 18 is done so about 2 hours of play left.

22:15: Tiziano Floris opens to 21k out of 90k and folds as Neil Irving makes it 52k. Neil shows red Kings.

22:14: Full House for Paul Green there but Kris Linton folds to his River Bet. He lets him see it anyway.

22:12: John Stirling makes a 75k call on the River vs Lingxu Zhao but it’s bad news as his Ten High Flush (Tens in the hole) is no good vs the Nut Flush (AK in the hole).

22:10: Tommy Le pulls in a big one. This time it’s Mark Williamson’s turn to defend Tommy’s open. Mark calls all three streets on Td8c3h - 9d - 6h as Tommy barrels off. Mark asks on the River if Tommy is tilted before calling. Tommy shows T8o for flopped two-pair and it’s good.

22:07: Neil Irving raises to 21k and Hassam Hassan jams for 71k. Neil isn’t keen and has a think. He says “You just don’t die, do you?” and puts the chips in. He has QhJh and is against Tens. The pair holds and Hassam doubles. Still on the Bubble here in Edinburgh.

22:02: John Stirling is “Too good!” - John Stirling, 2017. He bets the Turn of K86 - 5 after defending his BB and Tommy Le checking back the flop. Tommy calls and bets when John checks the 6 River. John snaps with 83o and it’s good against AJ.

21:59: Table 2 now playing a very long hand and the other 3 tables waiting.

21:56: Ross Clark plays it slow. Paul Green opens the CO to 17k and Ross defends his BB with about 85k behind. They check to the River on As9sKh - 9c - 6h and Ross bets 13k and gets a call. He shows AJhh and wins.

21:54: Question from James Gray…

21:53: How long is this Bubble going to last? Any predictions?

21:51: Louis Paxton takes a small one from Kris Linton on Table 1.

21:49: Jordi Vizcaino shoves 100k from the Button on Table 2 and Tommy Le tanks for a while but decides to give it up.

21:45: Blog comments from James Gray…

21:44: Rado Iliev and Paul McTaggart play out a huge clash in a crowded arena. Rado opens and Paul McTaggart 3-bets in position and Rado calls. Rado check calls 17k with about 80k in the middle on AQ3. The Turn is the 2d bringing in a diamond draw and Paul bets 37k and Rado check-raises to 86k. Paul calls after a few minutes and the River peels off an offsuit Ten. Rado bets 135k after about a minute and Paul goes long into a deep-deep tank… The crowd gathers interested in this gladiatorial clash and the short stacks bay for blood. None comes as Paul throws down his weapons and the pot goes to Rado.

21:43: Very long hand in progress on Table 3 there between Paul McTaggart and Radoslav Iliev. All other tables waiting on them. Details to follow soon.

21:35: Reminder of the payouts:

1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950
8 £2,910
9 £2,330
10 £2,030
11 £1,750
12 £1,750
13 £1,460
14 £1,460
15 £1,160
16 £1,160
17 £1,160
18 £1,160
19 £930
20 £930
21 £930
22 £930
23 £930
24 £930
25 £930
26 £930
27 £930
28 £810
29 £810
30 £810
31 £810

21:33: With 32 left we are now on the Bubble! Hand for Hand play in progress.

21:32: Usman Ulhaq bubbles the bubble as his last 4k goes in ante and SB. David Weeks limps the Button and William McClure checks the BB. Usman immediately calls for the Referee but none is provided. William and David very quickly check it to the river, where William’s A6 pips Usman’s J6 on KQ6 - 3 - T. Usman out in 33rd.

21:28: Usman Ulhaq in with TT vs Hassam Hassan’s AQ pre-flop. Both are fairly short. Hassan spikes Trips to double and Usan is left with just 4k, less than 1bb.

21:25: Aaron Spence down. After David Gillies shoves UTG for about 105k, Aaaron Spence calls off his remaining 90k. He’s in bad shape with AJ against AQ and a Queen on the Turn gives the check-mark and near double to David. With Aaron out in 34th.

21:23: Back in action and they’re not messing about now! Shortie Craig Smith gets AQ in vs Rokas’ AK and doesn’t improve. He’s out in 35th.

21:13: Full approx chip counts with 35 left. No one has busted for a while.

Table 1
S1: Kris Linton 390k
S2: Gary Bertram 170k
S3: Ross Clark 120k
S4: Craig Smith 70k
S5: Louis Paxton 270k
S6: Rokas Asipauskas
S7: Anthony Crolla 130k
S8: Robin Richmond 270k
S9: Paul Green 205k

Table 2
S1: Mark Williamson 180k
S2: Nick Crisp 65k
S3: Aaron Spence 90k
S4: -
S5: Jordi Vizcaino 110k
S6: Tommy Le 510k
S7: Lingxu Zhao 330k
S8: David Gillies 105k
S9: John Stirling 320k

Table 3
S1: Cammy Williamson 125k
S2: Radoslav Iliev 405k
S3: Andy Hills 190k
S4: Marius Varanavicius 90k
S5: Paul McTaggart 365k
S6: Stephen Groom 145k
S7: Phil Jenkins 180k
S8: Stephen Ng 230k
S9: William Stirling 145k

Table 4
S1: William McClure 200k
S2: Tiziano Floris 105k
S3: Neil Irving 635k
S4: James McNinch 135k
S5: Hassam Hassan 65k
S6: Tony Galloway 275k
S7: Nita Valentin 110k
S8: David Weeks 235k
S9: Usman Ulhaq 60k

LEVEL 15 - 2500/5000/500

21:10: Break time.

21:00: Paul Green opens to 12k then Ross Clark (fishy t-shirt) shoves for 102k from the BB. Back to Paul and he tanks for a few minutes. Ross says he’ll show if Paul folds and that “I’m not missing around with you here, 4 off the money”. Paul tanks for a bit more then folds. Ross shows Ah9h. Paul jumps out of his seat in disgust. He said he folded AsJs.

20:58: Jordi Vizcaino sees a rough run-out as he raises blind-on-blind and bets two streets into Tommy Le. Tommy calls twice and bets 33k into about 100k on 9h8h6c - 4d - 5c and after being put on the clock Jordi gives it up.

20:55: William Stirling rips it in Stephen Ng’s face. Stephen opens the CO, William calls on the button and Andy Hills defends. The flop comes Jd9d7h and Stephen c-bets 13k and William jams in the money for about 100k. Andy snap-folds and Ng folds at a more leisurely pace.

20:54: Break in 13 mins. Full chip counts coming then.

20:47: Former big stack Gary Bertram is now down to about 150k. He just folded to a river shove in a chunky pot vs Kris Linton. It was a good fold though, with Kris showing K3 for a flopped Full House.

20:45: Hassam Hassan gets his whole stack in pre-flop with Ace and runs into well… Aces held by Neil Irving. Hassam flops two spades for the freeroll but the Turn bricks and it gets chopped up.

20:42: Update from Barry Chalmers who busted a little while back.

20:40: The Boba Fett stare down. Paul McTaggart puts a pile of chips over the line on the River against William Stirling. The board reads AdJc8d - 8s - Tc and William eventually folds KJ, Paul doesn’t show, vengeance for the slowroll earlier?...

20:37: Cammy “I’m so unlucky” Williamson spikes a huge River as his Threes go in over Stephen Ng’s open with Queens. Three on the River and it’s a double-up for Cammy for 55k.

20:35: Here is our seating with 35 left over 4 tables. Still 4 to go to the money. We have a break in 30 mins and we’ll get the full chip counts then for y’all.

Table 1
S1: Kris Linton
S2: Gary Bertram
S3: Ross Clark
S4: Craig Smith
S5: Louis Paxton
S6: Rokas Asipauskas
S7: Anthony Crolla
S8: Robin Richmond
S9: Paul Green

Table 2
S1: Mark Williamson
S2: Nick Crisp
S3: Aaron Spence
S4: -
S5: Jordi Vizcaino
S6: Tommy Le
S7: Lingxu Zhao
S8: David Gillies
S9: John Stirling

Table 3
S1: Cammy Williamson
S2: Radoslav Iliev
S3: Andy Hills
S4: Marius Varanavicius
S5: Paul McTaggart
S6: Stephen Groom
S7: Phil Jenkins
S8: Stephen Ng
S9: William Stirling

Table 4
S1: William McClure
S2: Tiziano Floris
S3: Neil Irving
S4: James McNinch
S5: Hassam Hassan
S6: Tony Galloway
S7: Nita Valentin
S8: David Weeks
S9: Usman Ulhaq

20:28: Andy Hills fires all three barrels! Andy raises UTG to 11k and gets called by both blinds. Cammy Williamson in the SB and Rado Iliev in the BB. The flop comes down Ah6d5s and Rado check-calls 13.5k from Andy. Andy barrels the 9d Turn for 40k into 65k and Rado again calls. As the River falls the 6c Andy snap-shoves and Rado tanks for his tournament life…
Rado counts out his stack and thoroughly mulls it over and finally finds a call from some deep place. Rado has A4ss. Andy has KQ. Double for Rado!

20:23: Another short stack double up as Tony Crolla’s 76k goes in with Kings against Ross Clark’s Tens. Ross down to about 60k.

20:21: Double up for David Weeks with 99 vs AK all in pre-flop. Looks like he started the hand with about 85k.

20:20: A tasty 102k double for Mark Williamson as John Stirling opens UTG and he 3-bet ships over the top. John calls with AKdd and Turns two diamonds but Kings hold for Mark.

20:18: James McNinch gets a double up from Neil Irving as he 3-bet ships the CO for 80k. Neil calls with KQ and flops well on JTx but bricks out against AK.

10:17: Rado Iliev doubles up Phil Jenkins with AK vs QQ. Phil hit a Set.

20:16: The clock as we inch towards the bubble…

20:13: Garry Smith all in pre-flop with Td8d vs Jordi Vizcaino’s 66. the pair holds and Garry is also heading for the door. We now have 35.

20:12: Steve Kerr all in with K8 Top Pair on the Turn but is drawing dead vs Rado Iliev’s Nut Straight. Steve is out.

LEVEL 14 - 2000/4000/500

20:11: Hassam Hassan gets two quick streets of value out of Tony Galloway as Tony 3-bets him and checks back the flop. Hassam snaps out two quick small bets and Tony calls them both with AJ on J57hhh - 4 - 6 but Hasssam has Queens.

20:09: Paul Simmons runs into the Ng machine! Paul 3-bet ships ~25bbs over Stephen’s open, Stephen has Queens and makes the call. Paul has Tens and stands up “I thought you might fold AK or AQ for 25, hoped you didn’t have, well, Queens”. He turns a gutshot but bricks out and is out.

20:06: Ross Clark has stripped off his jumper and now has the perfect t-shirt for our comedy fishing rod prop…

20:05: Also double for Hassam Hassan on Table 4 with TT vs Tony Galloway’s AK all in pre-flop. Looks like he had 55k before the hand.

20:04: Double up for shortie Cammy Williamson on Table 5.

20:03: Jamie Anderson is out as he runs KJ in the CO into the BB of Steve Kerr who has AT and holds. Down to 38 and average 191,400.

20:00: Hassam Hassan gets a shove through UTG for 44k.

19:59: Chris Symeonides is out, he shoves ATs over Usman Ulhaq’s open, but Usman calls with Sixes and holds.

19:56: William Stirling gives Paul McTaggart a call on the River. Paul’s King-high no good as William very slowly rolls over A3 on 858 - 8 -J.

19:52: Grant Anderson was left short after that last pot and he’s now out. Down to 40. Payouts start at 31 remember so still quite a few to go till then.

19:51: Anthony Crolla shoves his last 33k or so all in with AcKc and is called by Robin Richmond with TT but Anthony hits a Flush to survive.

19:50: Aaron Spence (JJ) raises it to 8.5k UTG and gets a call from Grant Anderson (Th8h) in the BB. They get the money in the Ts5d4h flop and Aaron doubles up.

19:48: Louis Paxton doesn’t like the look of it. He opens and calls Robin Richmonds 25.5k 3-bet and they go heads-up to the flop. It comes down AsKdTd and Robin bets 35k when checked to. Louis is usually quite a quick player but he gives this a fair think before folding, looking thoughtfully at the board.

19:39: Barry “” Chalmers is out.

19:38: Andy Hills raises it up to 9k and is called by Cammy Williamson in the BB. He only has 40k behind. Flop KcKd4s and Cammy check/folds to Andy’s c-bet.

19:36: Under pressure! Nita Valentin raises and get calls from Paul McTaggart and William Stirling. The flop comes down As8d5c and checks through. The Turn is the 9s and Nita bets 11.5k and Paul raises to 27k. Only Nita calls to see the Ad River. Paul bets 45k and after a long, long thought process Nita folds showing Tens.

19:32: John Lennon is out! Just IMAGINE if he had won. He called a raise from Neil Irving with As2s and got it on with a Flush Draw on the Flop vs Neil’s Set of 7s so it wasn’t a bad beatle though.

19:28: Barry Chalmers takes a blow as he 3-bet shoves the SB with AKs but runs into David Weeks’ Kings and doesn’t get much of a sweat. David doubles up 79k and Barry is left with about 20k.

19:25: Speaking of Ross’ Ross Mcleod leaves us, he jams over Tommy Le’s button open but Tommy has Kings and snaps. Ross’ A3dd flops a 3 and a diamond on 443 but doesn’t any additional equity and quietly bricks out. After the hand Ross is informed that Lingxu had A3 and that John Stirling had A7 so he was pretty thin :-(

19:21: Grant Anderson makes it 8k UTG+1. Back to John Stirling in the SB and he 3bet shoves for a 129k. Grant tanks for a bit then makes the call, showing AQ. It’s bad news for him though as The Guvnor turns over Aces. He doubles up so right back in the game now.

19:20: We asked James McAulay, recently eliminated, who he thinks will take this thing down and he said “Gary Bertram cause he’s running like god”. He says he always likes John Stirling but he “doesn’t have the stack for it at the moment”.

19:14: Ross Clark is a little unorthodox… He open shoves the HJ for 80.5k and after a count and some thought Craig Smith calls next to act. Everyone else folds and Ross has 3d3s and Craig has AdKs. The flop comes down 9hQd8d which is pretty safe for Ross until the 9d rolls off on the Turn. Craig has any Ace, King, Queen, Eight or Diamond… Brick. Ross doubles.

19:10: Shortie Colin Wu all in with A9 vs Kris Linton’s AJ. No suckout and Wu is heading back to Dundee.

19:06: James McAulay leaves us as his Fours are cracked by Gary Bertram’s AK. James in customary fashion announces “Nice hand!” and then shouts “%$*&hole” as he walks off in standard Glasgow fashion, Gary laughs as he does so. His exit leaves us with 45 players over 5 tables.

19:00: Starting back in 5 mins. Now 46 remaining.

18:35: Here are the full, but approximate, chip counts:

Table 1
Kris Linton 115k
Ross Clark 85k
Craig Smith 265k
Louis Paxton 235k
Colin Wu 40k
Anthony Crolla 70k
Robin Richmond 195k
Paul Green 270k

Table 2
Mark Williamson 140k
Grant Anderson 250k
Aaron Spence 95k
Jordi Vizcaino 140k
Tommy Le 400k
Ross McLeod 50k
John Stirling 130k

Table 3
Nita Valentin 150k
Marius Varanavicius 50k
Paul McTaggart 245k
Stephen Groom 155k
Phil Jenkins 115k
Jamie Anderson 55k
William Stirling 125k

Table 4
William McClure 250k
Chris Symeonides 90k
Neil Irving 370k
Hassam Hassan 130k
Tony Galloway 265k
John Lennon 85k
David Weeks 105k
Usman Ulhaq 125k

Table 5
Nick Crisp 85k
Andy Hills 250k
Tiziano Floris 165k
Stephen Ng 205k
David Gillies 140k
Rokas Asipauskas 260k
Paul Simmons 75k
Cammy Williamson 215k

Table 6
Seat 1 Garry Smith
Steve Kerr 75k
Rado Iliev 165k
Barry Chalmers 90k
Gary B 235k
James McNinch 80k
James McAulay 40k
Lingxu Zhao 315k

18:21: Players on the 45 minute dinner break now. Chip counts coming soon.

LEVEL 13 - 1500/3000/400

18:19: Robin Richmond opens UTG… by the time it gets back to him 3 players have shoved. Andrew Abernathy shoves, Ross Clark re-shoves and Tony Crolla calls All-in for 7k. Robin thinks for a while and folds. Andrew has Tens, Ross has AK and Tony has KQ, the flop rolls off Queen-high to give Tony the quadruple and the Turn is a King to give Ross the side-pot and bust Andrew. It’s very unlucky for Andrew as Robin says that he folded AK!

18:16: Colin Wu raises with 9d4d and calls off after a tank when Anthony Crolla shoves 28k with KK. No drama and Anthoy doubles. Wu down to less than 40k now it looks like.

18:15: James McAulay pretty short with about 40k. He moves all in. All fold to Gary Bertram in the BB. He shows 92 and folds. James shows a single Nine and drags in the pot.

18:12: Liam Hooks is outta here, his all-in called twice by Tommy Le and Grant Anderson in the BB. Tommy bets the flop and Grant calls and then they check it down on 7s8h3h - 6s - 4s. Liam has KT, Grant has Nines and Tommy has Kings.

18:09: As the whole table shouts to “Just chop it up!” Paul Simmons finds a Queen on the River to double through Lingxu Zhao. It’s KQ for Paul in the CO against AK for Lingxu on the Button.

18:06: Tommy Le check-shoves the Turn against Aaron Spence and Aaron is in a difficult spot. After some thought on the matter he folds showing the Jh and saying the other was a diamond on TdQh5d - 9d. Tommy shows Fives.

18:05: Back soon. Gone fishin’.

17:59: Stuart “McSwally” McNally all in for about 40k with 55 vs Paul McTaggart’s KK. No help for him and he’s heading back to Glasgow.

17:57: Tommy Noble’s run comes to an end as he shoves Jacks into Aces. He turns a flush draw with black Jacks against Usman Ulhaq’s red Aces but he doesn’t get there and is narrowly covered.

17:53: Paul Singh (below) is super short and moves all in. Andy Hills in the SB is thinking it over. Paul says “It’s only about 12k”. Andy says it always makes him want to call when someone says that. He asks for a count. It’s 11.3k. He does indeed make the call. The BB looks interested for a few seconds but opts for a fold. Paul has Qs6s vs Andy’s KK. Andy failing to to tempt the BB into a move to steal the pot. The Kings hold and Paul is heading home.

17:49: William Stirling picks up a big one from Kingshuk Ghosh as William rivers a straight with Q9s on JTx - x - 8.

17:47: William McClure opens to 6.7k and Neil Irving, Tommy Noble and Tony Galloway call. It gets to Jack Allison in the SB who shoves for 25.9k! William flats, Neil folds and then Tommy and Tony both call. Neil obviously desperate to have his cards back and Tony almost fervently cashing in his one time…
The Jh9h8s flop checks through and the Turn rolls off the 7d. It checks to Tommy who bets 40k and Tony shoves, quickly called by Tommy! Tony has A7hh for bottom pair and the nut-flush draw, Jack has QJ for top-pair and a gutshot but his gutshot is thin as Tommy has Tens for the turned straight.
Tony pings the flush and scoops in a massive pot as his shove is counted to be just about 100k and Tommy with a lot less chips now…

17:45: Doonan is doon too! His AK all in pre-flop no good vs JJ. Stephen Ng takes his stack.

17:39: Jeff Kimber and Andy Thomson have been eliminated.

17:33: Down to 55 players now. After this level there will be a 45 minute dinner break.

17:31: Ashley Dakin is out as his last 30k goes in from the CO with A8s but runs into Paul McTaggart’s SB Tens and Tens hold.

17:27: Mark Logan turns a flush-draw and puts it in over Craig Smith’s bet but Craig has KQ on Q88 -6hh and calls and holds to eliminate him.

17:22: Josh Barnham reports to the rail.

17:20: The clock as the Level ticks over, Dinner break and chip counts after this one:

17:20: Here are most of the players with the biggest stacks at the moment:

Louis Paxton 295k

Paul Green 245k

William McClure (240k) & Neil Irving (360k)

Rokas Asipauskas 230k

Gary Bertram 340k

Lingxu Zhao 260k

Grant Anderson 270k

LEVEL 12 - 1200/2400/300

17:18: Denis Gervais leaves us, after finding nothing to do with his remaining 4bbs it goes in on his BB after Tommy Le opens the Button. He has a pretty 97s but is dominated by A9 and doesn’t find a sweat or double.

17:14: Colin catches! Colin Wu 3-bet shoves but it’s an easy call for Andrew Abernathy with Aces and Colin is at risk with Sevens. It’s difficult to hold against Colin though and he Turns a Seven to double-up and leave Andrew with about 35k. The entire bursts into laughter and chatter all based around the fact that Colin might be the luckiest player they’ve ever met, he makes a ridiculous number of Final Tables and that no matter how often he gets there or busts them, he’s also the nicest guy in the world and hard to stay mad at!

17:09: Not everything can go Grant Anderson’s way as he 3-bets Mark Williamson’s CO open but gives it up as Mark 4-bets. Grant folds AKs face-up as Mark makes it 46.5k with about 70k behind.

17:06: Here’s a reminder of our prizes for the tournament. Still 61/92/291 left. 31 paid.

1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950
8 £2,910
9 £2,330
10 £2,030
11 £1,750
12 £1,750
13 £1,460
14 £1,460
15 £1,160
16 £1,160
17 £1,160
18 £1,160
19 £930
20 £930
21 £930
22 £930
23 £930
24 £930
25 £930
26 £930
27 £930
28 £810
29 £810
30 £810
31 £810

17:05: Denis Gervais makes it 6k in the cut-off. Grant Anderson 3bets to 18k from the BB. Denis wants to see the flop. It comes down Jh8h3d. Grant bets 26k and Denis snap-shoves all in for 135k. Grant takes off his headphones and says he’s probably not folding. He doesn’t. He calls and shows KK. In great shape vs Denis’ KJ. No miracles and Grant doubles. He had 124k so Denis is down to only 11k now.

17:03: Grant Anderson raises to 5.5k UTG. No interst.

17:02: Still this Table 2 feature few hands, John Stirling gets a Walk.

17:01: Maj Iqbal is out, he shoves the CO with A7 but Tommy Noble has Jacks in the SB and holds.

16:58: Louis Paxton (centre) and Craig Smith (left) go to war! Craig bets 26k on the Turn of 3c5d9h - Jh and Louis raises in position to 60k. After major deliberation Craig calls. The River is the 2s and Louis counts out his stack and shoves for 106.6k! With about 175k in the middle it’s a massive pot and Craig folds the River for Louis to rake in the chips.

16:53: Spike! Nita Valentin gets in top-pair vs an overpair but makes trips on the River to survive and double.

16:50: John Stirling makes it 6.5k UTG. Everyone folds.

16:48: Liam Hooks raises the Buton to 5.5k next hand. Jordi Vizcaino 3bets to 12k from the SB. Liam makes the call. Flop Kc7s6h. Jordi continutes for 13k. Liam folds.

16:46: On Table 2, John Stirling opens to 7k. Liam Hooks shoves for 54k from the SB. John gives it up.

16:43: Mark Logan snap-folds as Robin Richmond open-shoves about 60k on the Qs4s8d flop with about 55k in the middle pre-flop!

16:39: Jack Allison check-raises against Neil Irving and gets it through. Neil bets 7.6k and Jack makes it 17k with about 20k behind. Neil folds and Jack pulls in the chips.

16:34: Cammy gets two streets. As Paul Singh opens UTG. Cammy Williamson 3-bets UTG+1 and Paul quickly calls. It rolls off 7s4c3c and Cammy continues for 12.5k and Paul calls. The Turn is the delightful 7c and Paul checks to Cammy and calls 15k. The River is the 8h and Cammy checks-back Queens for the win against Jacks.

16:30: Mark Logan opens to 16.5k. No callers. Shows Aces.

16:38: Update from Stephen Ng from a little while ago.

16:37: Peter Hoyer is out.

16:36: Ricky Yuill gets his 27k all in pre-flop with 88 vs Anthony Crolla’s KK. No bother for Tricky Ricky as he spikes an Eight to double. Anthony down to 16k or so now.

16:35: Andy Thomson gets a shove through. He shoves the SB as Stephen Groom opens the button. Stephen gets a rough count but gives it up as the purples are counted.

16:32: “Could you not just have like pocket Eights or something!?” Paul Simmons calls it off as Stuart McNally 3-bet shoves with AK. Paul has KQ and a King-high flop is no good for cracking KQ.

16:30: Craig Dawson gets his 40k or so all in in great shape with AA vs Mark Williamson’s QQ pre-flop but Mark rivers a fourth Diamond to make a Flush and send him home!

16:28: Phil Jenkins gets it in pre against William Stirling and gets a double as Jacks hold against AQs.

16:24: Colin Wu left with very little as Craig Smith takes a big pot off him button vs BB. Craig bets 27.5k on the River and Colin in the BB considers after thoroughly checking his stack and the pot. He makes the call and is shown trips by Craig with 87o on Td7d3h - 7s - 6h.

16:21: Cards back in the air now as we’re into Level 12!

16:20: Andy Hills update…

16:12: Top stacks a few notables at the break:

Neil Irving 390k
Gary Bertram 300k
Lingxu Zhao 242k
John Stirling 235k
Craig Smith 222k
Kris Linton 212k
Rokas Asipauskas 185k
Stephen Ng 182k
Paul McTaggart 180k
Louis Paxton 177k
Denis Gervais 170k
Barry Chalmers 165k
Mark Logan 165k
Tiziano Floris 160k
Paul Green 159k
Tom Noble 145k
Tony Galloway 140k

LEVEL 11 - 1000/2000/300

16:00: Players on a 15 minute break now. Chip counts coming soon!

15:59: That’s how you win tournaments! Michael Dyer check-raises Neil Irvings c-bet but is put into a tough spot as Neil shoves onto him. Michael has his tournament life on the line and makes the call with Deuces on 9h2d4d. Neil’s red Kings are in bad shape… until he hits Diamond. Diamond. It’s another mammoth pot that gets swept Neil’s way and Michael is out!

15:57: Andy MacKenzie sends good wishes from Las Vegas where he is at the moment playing another tournament.

15:54: Oh my Ghosh. Ashley Dakin came into today with 84,700 but he was down to about 26k. Not to worry as he’s just doubled up with JJ vs Kinshuk Ghosh’s TT all in pre-flop.

15:52: Craig Dawson is short but speculates that he’ll be at the final table. John Stirling says “The only way you’ll be at the final table is if you’re dealing it”!

15:51: Brian O’Connor runs a slightly worse top-pair into Paul Singh and is out. Brian has QT on T98 against Paul’s

15:50: Ashley Dakin loses a big one to Marius Varanavicuis as Marius bets 17k on the River of a Queen-high board and Ashley calls. Ashley left with about 26k.

15:47: Tom Gill came into today as the shortest stack with 12,800. He lasted longer than expected and just went out now with AJ vs KQ all in pre-flop. Down to about 69 now.

15:45: Neil Irving with his pretty impressive stack. We’ll find out at the break if he’s the chop leader or if someone else holds the crown.

15:42: 3-bet ship… on the Turn! Michael Dyer puts all of the biscuits in against Hassam Hassan on the Turn of Q89 - J. Hassam has check-raised the Turn and calls off. They both have a stright but Michael has flopped it with JT but Hassam has turned and can re-draw to a King for broadway. Nae upsets and they chop it up.

15:41: Stephen Groom doubles up through Tom Gill leaving Tom very short. Stephen’s Eights hold against Tom’s Sixes.

15:40: James Gray would clearly prefer a local winner…

15:38: Craig Dawson tries a 60k Nine High bluff shove on the River vs Denis Gervais but Denis has a Flush and snap-calls. Decent pot. Denis now has about 220k and Craig down to maybe 30k.

15:36: Louis Paxton (left) opens and Colin Wu (centre) flats but both give it up as Mark Logan (right) puts in a chunky 3-bet from the button.

15:35: Usman Ulhaq flips well as his AKs spikes twice to crack Jacks and earn himself a double-up from Stephen Groom.

15:32: What do you need when you have Louis Paxton and Craig Smith side by side? Well, moving Colin Wu in from another table to have position on both is worth a shot.

15:30: James McAulay open-limps the Button with 9h5h then calls off when Lonhai Wang (A8) shoves for about 17k. James hits Trips to send him packing. James said he “had a feeling” about the hand.

15:29: A massive pot for probably the chip-lead on Table 4 as Neil Irving gets full value from his set! He check-raises the Turn against Christopher Cooper and calls off with when Christopher shoves. It does seem to flash across his mind that it could be the horror show set-over-set but he’s far out in front against Aces for what looks like a 250k pot…

15:26: James McAulay always love to do some fishing, especially if it annoys Paddy Doonan or Gary Bertram at his table!

15:25: Nita Valentin gets a double as Aces hold against KJs, Nita with about 35k now.

15:23: Grant Anderson takes out Dean Whittaker with AK vs AQ all in pre-flop.

15:20: Dennis Shaw rooting for Stephen Ng to take it down.

15:18: Rokas is sure of himself. Stephen Ng opens the CO and Davey Gallagher calls on the button. Rokas makes it 15.5k in the SB and only Davey calls. The action is lightning fast on the 434rr flop as Rokas c-bets 11k, Davey snap-shoves and Rokas snap-calls. Davey has 56 and Rokas Asipasukas has Queens and holds for a big pot!

15:14: Let’s chop the world. David Weeks opens UTG to 4.5k and Neil Irving 3-bets to 17.5k. When it’s back to David he makes it 38k and Neil snap-shoves! David makes a quick call and they both table AKo. David flops the freeroll but doesn’t get there and they chop up a huge pot.

15:11: Bryan Lao all in and all out with AQ vs AK pre-flop.

15:10: Interesting one on Table 9. Ross Clark throws in 3.8k and is held to a 4k min-raise. Mark Logan (pictured below), in the BB, aggressively 3bets to 22k. He has about 100k behind maybe. Ross jumps out of his seat, literally, but makes the call. On the Ts7d4h flop Mark ships his 100k all in straight away. Ross, with a pretty similar stack, reluctantly folds.

15:08: Everybody loves a 4-bet pot. Michael Dyer opens in late position and receivces a 3-bet from Lingxu Zhao in the BB, Michael goes for the 4-bet and makes it 23.5k and Lingxu calls. They check to the River on AhQd7d - 2c - Jh. Gary bets just 16.5k on the River and sweeps it!

15:03: Chun Kit Lee opens early and gets three calls from Barry Chalmers CO, Gary Betram button and James McAulay BB. The flop is Ah5cTs and Chun bets 6.5k and only Gary calls. The Turn is the 2h and again 13k from Chun and a call from Gary. The River is the Jh and Chun checks it to Gary who bets 29.5k. Chun tanks and calls and is shown… 58hh for the backdoor flush!

15:00: Blinds up. Now into our second level of the day.

LEVEL 10 - 800/1600/200

14:59: Sayid Zaidi goes out soon after with AJ all in pre-flop vs Paul McTaggart’s Q9. We’re down to about 78/92/291 today so far.

14:56: Marius Varanavicuis opens and calls off as Sayid Zaidi shoves. Marius has AK but Sayid flops a Jack with AJ! King on the River sees Marius double and Sayid on life support!

14:52: James McAulay rips it in. He flats Gary Bertram’s open and Paddy Doonan makes it 12k behind him. It gets back around to Gary who calls. James shoves for 71k and gets it through “That’ll teach the both of you never to bluff me!” “I wasn’t bluffing, I just couldn’t call!” replies Gary laughing.

14:50: Greg McCreadie spun his 3k up to 18k but just ran 88 in KK and is out :-(

14:49: Blyth Paterson is out. His QJ all in on a Qc8d6d Flop vs AQ didn’t find any backdoor luck.

14:48: Peter Hoyer gets a double-up. Cammy Williamson opens the CO and calls-off as Peter shoves his BB. Peter is ahead with Eights and holds.

14:46: Robbie Bull is out! His KQ 2-pair all in on the KQT flop vs John Stirling’s J9 Straight doesn’t improve. John says he’s up to about 215k now.

14:45: Jamie Anderson runner-runners the nuts as his AKss hits running spades and he makes 10.2k on the river against Colin Wu.

14:44: Tony Galloway makes the call on the River, Paul Simmons putting a pile of purple chips in and Tony calling. Paul has A8s on TT5 - T - J and Tony makes the call with Threes!

14:42: Greg wins his all in with K8 vs 77 and is up to 11k now.

14:41: Greg McCreadie gets QQ in vs AA on another table and loses most of his chippies. He’s down to about 3k (2bb).

14:40: Jeff Kimber takes a short stack out with AA vs QQ all in pre-flop.

14:39: Not everything goes Lingxu Zhao’s way as he flops the straight against Kingshuk Ghosh but King rivers a boat to get a double up for 60k and 20k in the middle. Don’t feel too bad though Lingxu still has plenty of chips!

14:37: Kris Linton takes out Val Gray with JJ vs her TT. Craig Smith was in the pot too but folded to Kris’ Flop bet.

14:36: Paul Green finds a nice little spot as his open gets a flat call and then both James Kirkwood and Jaymie Kelshaw shove for less than 20k each. Paul makes the call after some deliberation and the passenger is off the train. Paul is in a fantastic spot with AThh against James’ Nines and Jaymie’s Eights. An Ace-high flop and running hearts see him thoroughly lock up the hand and eliminate both players!

14:34: Luke Yerby runs directly into Lingxu Zhao. Luke’s A9o goes in against Kings and as the flop comes off K44 Luke is drawing to some very spectacular equity. No Olivier Bisquet miracles…

14:32: Louis Paxton on a tour of the poker room as he’s now been moved to Table 9, on Craig Smith’s immediate left.

14:28: Emilian Cismas is out.

14:27: Louis Paxton has finally arrived. His original table has broken and he’s now sitting next to his old pal, Robbie Bull. A little bit awkward as Louis’ fake alter ego called out Robbie 2 hours ago before the tournament started! Both pictured below.

14:25: Jeff Kimber flips well on Table 5 as his open-shove gets a call from Davey Gallagher’s BB. Jeff’s AK catches an Ace on the flop against Davey’s Nines and Davey bricks the turned open-ender.

14:22: Hakan Duman shoves it in after an open and a flat but he senses it’s probably the end of the road as Maj Iqbal min-clicks the shove from the SB. Hakan has Sixes and Maj has Queens and Ladies hold up!

14:20: Start of the day Chip Leader, Stephen Ng:

14:19: Jonny Lemon aims for the triple up as Craig Smith and Kris Linton call his All-in. Kris gives it up though as Craig bets the Jack-high flop. Jonny is in trouble with Tens against Queens and doesn’t find the necessary Ten-ball! Down to 90 over 10 tables!

14:16: Tom Gill gets his first double of the day. He gets in AT against AQs held by Usman Ulhaq but Tom turns a Ten and dodges a Queen or Diamond.

14:14: Dean Whittaker gets an open ship through and shows AJo. Ashley Dakin seemed interested in a call but put it down.


14:10: Andy Hills is also in the field.

14:09: Usman Ulhaq catches a double-up as his Aces go in pre-flop and find a call from Andy Thomson’s KJs. Andy flops a flush-draw but bricks out as Usman makes a boat.

14:06: On Table 2, Ha Le raises UTG and calls off with 22 when David White shoves for his 14.6k short stack. No help for David and he is our first casualty of the day. 91 remain.

14:04: Tommy Noble straight in with a 4-bet, he opens UTG and Hakan Duman flats the CO, William McClure makes it 13,500 on the button and Tommy opts for 41k and takes it down as William shows Eights.

14:00: We are under way. There will be an FB Live stream running with an overhead shot of one of our tables today. No hole cards will be shown however and there is no full commentary for now; it’s just to let you get an idea of what’s going on. We’ll continue to cover loads of action here on the blog too of course.

13:52: If you are playing and use Twitter please, please, please give us an occasional update with #gpsedinburgh as they really help with a bit of colour on the blog. Many thanks.

13:50: A few tweets from our Day 2 players. is Barry Chalmers who has 110k.

13:45: Just 15 minutes till we restart here at GPS Edinburgh. It’s going to be a fun day!


GPS Edinburgh Day 2 gets under way at 2pm Saturday afternoon. Here are the final numbers:

Day 1A: 28/111
Day 1B: 53/156
Day 1C: 11/24
Total: 92/291

Seating Draw

Total Prize Pool: £116,400

Day 1A
Stephen Ng 216,400
Kris Linton 208,500
Lingxu Zhao 185,800
Paul Simmons 181,100
Louis Paxton 137,400
Craig Smith 130,300
Cammy Williamson 126,700
Brian O’Connor 126,100
Maj 119,000
Chun Kit Lee 118,800
Jordi Vizcaino 117,200
Tommy Noble 112,900
Davie Gallagher 108,700
Stuart McNally 92,500
Paddy Doonan 81,900
Paul Singh 80,100
Michael Jack Allison 73,800
Andy Hills 71,700
Christopher Symeonides 71,600
Tommy Le 69,400
Mark Williamson 58,200
Tony Crolla 58,000
Stephen Groom 54,900
Jamie Anderson 50,800
S Zaidi 46,600
Val Gray 29,800
Usman Ulhaq 26,700
Dean Whittaker 20,100

Day 1B
William McClure 165,300
Gary Bertram 163,300
Paul Green 151,800
Radoslav Iliev 150,100
Ricky Yuill 134,600
Rokas Asipauskas 131,300
Denis Gervais 123,000
Robin Richmond 110,700
William Stirling 110,300
Barry Chalmers 110,100
Michael Dyer 109,600
Josh Barnham 108,900
Craig Dawson 108,600
Liam Hooks 106,400
Andy Thomson 98,500
John Stirling 97,500
Peter Hoyer 96,700
Neil Irving 96,100
Phil Jenkins 90,800
Nicholas Crisp 89,300
Ashley Dakin 84,700
Kingshuk Ghosh 83,600
Ross Whitelaw 77,700
Christopher Cooper 75,900
David Weeks 74,500
Tony Galloway 72,300
Marc Sloan 66,200
Ross Clark 63,500
James McNinch 60,100
Bryan Lao 58,900
Grant Anderson 58,100
Robbie Bull 57,600
John Lennon 55,700
Aaron Spence 53,800
Mark Logan 52,200
Blyth Paterson 51,200
Steven Kerr 50,500
James McAulay 50,400
Roddy MacNeil 45,500
Nita Valentin 41,100
Hakan Duman 39,700
Jeff Kimber 38,500
Hassam Hassan 36,600
Ross McLeod 35,900
Marius Varanavicious 35,500
Emilian Cismas 35,200
Luke Yerby 32,100
Jaymie Kelshaw 25,800
Chris Craig 21,300
Richard Williams 18,500
James Kirkwood 16,000
David White 16,000
Tom Gill 12,800

Day 1C
Colin Wu 103,500
Andrew Abernathy 82,400
Tiziano Floris 70,600
Garry Smith 62,600
Sebastian Mikolazcyk 58,000
David Gillies 50,000
Conghai Wang 46,700
Greg McCreadie 43,300
Paul McTaggart 41,600
Garry Wilson 30,000
Jonathan Lemon 16,900

Here are the Payouts:

1 £30,300
2 £19,730
3 £12,800
4 £8,150
5 £6,400
6 £5,130
7 £3,950
8 £2,910
9 £2,330
10 £2,030
11 £1,750
12 £1,750
13 £1,460
14 £1,460
15 £1,160
16 £1,160
17 £1,160
18 £1,160
19 £930
20 £930
21 £930
22 £930
23 £930
24 £930
25 £930
26 £930
27 £930
28 £810
29 £810
30 £810
31 £810

Day 2 on Saturday starts at 2pm, plays another 9 levels, and finishes around 12.30am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday from 1pm and plays till one player remains.

Here is the full Day 2 structure:

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #gpsedinburgh hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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