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GPS Liverpool - Day 3

By martinjsmith, posted September 03, 2017


Champion Jakariya Mustafa

Final Payouts
1st £28,000 Jakariya Mustafa
2nd £18,000 Josh Bell
3rd £12,000 Robert Molyneux
4th £7,000 Ali Mallu
5th £5,400 Ryan Mandara
6th £4,400 Matthew Archer
7th £3,400 Peter Hytner
8th £2,600 Roni Tal
9th £2,000 George Kasparis
10th £1,500 Andrew Haygarth
11th £1,500 Chris Beek
12th £1,200 Paul Maguire
13th £1,200 Nick Wilson
14th £1,200 MS
15th £1,200 Ben Dugdale
16th £1,000 Ray Dykes
17th £1,000 Cristian Popescu
18th £1,000 Huy Roberts
19th £800 Marcus Baptista
20th £800 Ste Seasman
21st £800 Harry Strong
22nd £800 Allan Peers
23rd £800 Matthew Murphy
24th £800 James Sassi
25th £800 Anonymous
26th £800 Chris Cunliffe

Next Event
GPS Main Edinburgh 28th September to 1st October

LEVEL 26 - 30000/60000/10000

Hand #231: Jaka opens the button to 155k, gets 3-bet to 370k…
“How much have you got?” ...
“I’m all-in then” announces Jaka and Josh snaps.

It’s AThh for Josh and a pair of pretty ladies for Jaka!

9s5s4d - Jc - 3c.

Josh is our very worthy second place recipient and he claims £18,000 as his prize!!

Jaka Mustafa with the Welsh Dragon willing him on receives (the Iron Throne), £28,000 and a huge shiny trophy!!

Hand #230: Jaka gets walk.

Hand #229: Josh gets a walk whilst Jak tries to get his tiny Welsh flag as visible as possible.

Hand #228: Jaka gets a walk.

Hand #227: Jaka opens to 155k on the Button and Josh calls. The flop is Qc7cJd and Jaka bets 225k when checked to and takes it.

21:55: Jaka has the Welsh Dragon on his side:

Hand #226: Josh limps the Button, Jaka checks. Flop KhTs5d. Jaka checks, Josh bets 80k, Jack raises to 200k, Josh folds.

Hand #225: Jaka limps the Button. Josh makes it 185k. Jack mucks.

Hand #224: Walk for Jaka.

Hand #223: Jaka limps the button and Josh checks. The flop is Kc2h6s and checks through. The Turn is the 7h and Josh bets 80k and Jaka calls. The River is the Ks and Josh bets 230k and wins, K2 good for a boat and the winner at showdown.

Hand #222: As5s4h checks through in a limp pot, Josh on the Button. Josh bets 100k on the 2h and wins it.

Hand #221: Jaka gives Josh a Walk.

Hand #220: Josh limps the Button. Jaka makes it 160k. Josh calls. Flop Qh2c2s. Jaka bets 400k. Josh folds.

Hand #219: Jaka makes it 150k. Josh 3bets to 385k. Jaka mucks it.

Hand #218: Josh limps the button, Jaka makes it 210k and Josh calls. KdQc5c and Jaka bets 175k, Josh quickly calls. Deuce of spades rolls off and Jaka checks and Josh checks back. Jaka bets 350k on the 6c River! Josh gives it up!

Hand #217: Jaka makes it 150k. Called. Flop AhJc3h. Josh check/folds to 100k.

Hand #216: Heads up begins. Josh makes it 135k from the Button. Wins it. Shows QQ.

21:34: Congratulations to Jakariya Mustafa and Josh Bell! They are our Heads-up players and are duelling for the difference between £18,000 and £28,000 and the Gorgeous GPS Main Event trophy!

Hand #215: Rob shoves the Button and Jaka asks for the count, 615k and Jaka calls with Sixes. Rob has K9 and it runs out dry, sixes hold. Rob out in 3rd for £12,000!

Hand #214: Complete and check, Rob vs Jaka. Rob leads 60k on KcJc9h and Jaka raises to 150k. Rob calls and checks the 4h, Jaka checks back and Rob checks the Ad to Jaka who checks back with K3 and wins.

Hand #213: Rob gets a walk.

Hand #212: Jaka opens to 140k out of the SB, bets 140k again on T72hh and it’s his.

Hand #211: Jaka gets a walk.

21:24: Break cut-short, we’re back at it!

21:23: Payout reminder:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000 Ali Mallu
5th £5,400 Ryan Mandara
6th £4,400 Matthew Archer
7th £3,400 Peter Hytner
8th £2,600 Roni Tal
9th £2,000 George Kasparis

21:22: Chip Counts:

Jakariya Mustafa 2.58 million
Josh Bell 2.18 million
Robert Molyneux 850k

21:20: Players on a break. Still 3 handed.

LEVEL 25 - 25000/50000/5000

Hand #210: Josh limps the SB. Robert ships. No call. Josh showed K7 and Robert A9. Break time.

Hand #209: Walk for Josh.

Hand #208: Walk for Jakariya.

Hand #207: Josh raises to 125k from the SB and Rob folds.

Hand #206: Walk for Josh.

Hand #205: Walk for Jaka.

Hand #204: Josh limps the SB. Robert checks. Flop Jh9h7h. Checked by both. Turn Ts. Josh takes it with a bet.

Hand #203: As9sAh checks through in a family pot, 7s - Ad checking all the way down and QT wins for Josh at showdown.

Hand #202: Rob raises to 225k from the SB and shows AKcc when Jaka folds.

Hand #201: Jaka opens the Button to 125k and takes the chips.

Hand #200: Walk for Josh.

Hand #199: K96rr from a complete and check between Rob and Jaka. Rob bets 100k and Jaka calls. Runs out 7 - 2 and checks down. Jaka has Q7 and Rob has KT.

Hand #198: Josh limps the SB, Robert makes it 150k total. Josh calls. Flop 4s3s2c. Check/Check. Turn 9s. Check/Check. River 2s. Josh bets 200k. No call. He shows Ks9d anyway. Flush.

Hand #197: Walkies for Joshies.

21:05: Chip counts:
Jaka - 2.7Mill
Josh - 1.9Mill
Rob - 1.1Mill

Hand #196: Complete and check, Rob vs Jaka and checks to the river on T22 - 8 - 5. Jaka bets 50k on the River and wins.

Hand #195: Walk for Rob.

Hand #194: Jakariya makes it 125k from the SB. Josh folds.

Hand #193: Rob opens to 150 out of the SB and takes it there. Shows AJdd.

Hand #192: Jaka opens to 125k, Josh calls and Rob shoves 715k! Jaka and Josh both fold.

Hand #191: Jaka completes and Josh checks. The flop is QdTd5c and checks through. Jaka bets 60k on the 3h Turn and takes it.

Hand #190: Josh raises to 125k on the Button. Jakariya calls. Flop Qh6h7d. Jakariya check/calls 225k. Turn 9c. Jakariya check/folds for 450k now.

Hand #189: Walk for Robert.

Hand #188: Jaka opens to 125k and Josh calls on his BB. Jaka c-bets 150k on 994 and Josh calls. The Turn is a Ten and Jaka checks it to Josh. Josh bets and Jaka snap check-shoves. Josh snaps with 94 and it’s a double for him with Jaka holding Sevens. Josh shoves 650k on the Turn.

Hand #187: Jakariya raises to 125k on the Button. No callers.

Hand #186: Josh gets a walk.

Hand #185: Rob makes it 100k and Jaka calls. The flop is Q54, Rob bets 100k and Jaka calls. It checks on 4 - J. Jaka bets 100k on the River and takes it. “I considered bluffing but not worth it” says Rob after he mucks.

Hand #184: Jakariya raises the Button to 125k. Josh called. Flop AdKs7c. Check/Check. Turn 5h. Josh bets 150k. Takes it.

Hand #183: Jakariya makes it 125k from the SB. Josh folds.

Hand #182: Robert calls from the SB. Jakariya makes it 150k. Robert calls. Flop QsJsTc. Robert check/folds to a 400k bet.

Hand #181: Jaka opens to 125k and Rob shoves for 1.075Mill from the BB. Jaka folds and Rob shows Tens.

Hand #180: Jakariya picks up another pot against Josh BvB. Raised pre-flop and picked it up on the Flop with a bet.

Hand #179: Jaka gets a walk.

Hand #178: Complete from Josh and check from Rob. Rob bets an Ace-high flop and takes it.

20:40: Blinds up! Still 3 handed.

LEVEL 24 - 20000/40000/5000

Hand #177: Jakariya calls from the SB. Josh checks. Flop 7sAd4d. Jakariya bets 50k and takes it.

Hand #176: Walk for Jakariya.

20:36: Jaka Mustafa with his new-found riches and a decent size chip-lead.

Hand #175: Walk for Rob, who shows KQo

Hand #174: Walk for Josh, who shows Q5o.

Hand #173: Walk for Jakariya.

Hand #172: Jakariya vs Robert here. 100k called on the Flop. Jakariya shoves the Turn. Robert folds.

Hand #171: Jakariya vs Josh in the blinds. Jakariya makes it 100k. Josh folds.

Hand #170: 3 handed now. Josh raises the Button and Jakariya calls. Both check the Flop and Jakariya takes it with a Turn bet.

Hand #169: Ali opens the CO to 135k, Jaka and Josh call, so does Rob! Ali bets 770k on 9s5h3s, Jaka stands up, torn with indecision. Ali has about 300k behind ...Jaka calls.
Jaka doesn’t realise that Ali isn’t all-in but finishes it off as Ali checks in the dark and calls off.

Ali has Sevens and Ja5ka has J9hh and by the time the cards are over the board reads 9s5h3s - Qd, no miracle Seven and Ali is out in 4th for £7,000! Josh would have had the winner but folds KQss on the flop.

Hand #168: Complete from Jaka and check, blind-on-blind. The flop comes down AdKdAs and Jaka bets 60k and takes it.

Hand #167: Ali raises to 160k from the SB. Jakariya folds.

Hand #166: Jakariya makes it 100k. Ali calls. Flop Tc9s9d. Ali check/folds to a 150k bet. Jakariya shows KINGS.

Hand #165: Josh and Robert BvB. Josh bets the Ace High flop and takes it.

Hand #164: Ali opens to 155k on the Button and gets it through.

Hand #163: Rob limps the Button, Ali completes and Jaka checks. It comes down QcTh7s, checks through to the Td and Ali bets 40k and Rob calls. The River is the 6s and goes check-check. Ali shows 86 for the Rivered pair to get there against Rob’s A9.

20:12: Robert proposes an even 4-way chop. It would be £16,250 each. Nothing agreed however. Play on.

Hand #162: Jakariya limps UTG. Robert shoves for chunks from the SB. All fold. Shows AK.

Hand #161: Ali shoves all in UTG. It’s just over 1 million. No takers.

Hand #160: Ali opens to 360k and Jak quickly shoves, everyone folds and Alli snaps declaring “Ace-rag”. Ali has A7cc and Jak has Jacks! About as sweat free double as possible for Jak against Ali. Jaka doubles 790k.

Hand #159: Ali makes up the SB this time. Jakariya shoves. Ali folds.

Hand #158: Robert makes up the extra from the SB. Ali makes it about 400k. Robert does not call.

Hand #157: Rob gets a walk with AQs.

Hand #156: Ali opens to 500k and gets it through.

Hand #155: Robert shoves again, from the Button this time. It’s 770k. Ali calls! It’s AT vs KcQc. Robert hits an Ace and gets the big double up.

Hand #154: Rob completes and Ali checks to see AK8rr. Rob check-shoves over a 40k min bet and gets it through.

Hand #153: Ali limps for 40k UTG. Josh folds the SB. Robert shoves for 600k from the BB. Ali folds. Robert stands up and shows KINGS.

19:59: New clock, same story.

19:47: Counts and pictures of the stacks before they were coloured up at the break:

Alli Mallu - 2.65Mill

Jaka Mustafa - 830k

Josh Bell - 1.6Mill

Rob Molyneux - 605k

19:45: Short break. Back soon. Chip counts incoming.

LEVEL 23 - 15000/30000/4000

19:43: Players on a 15 minute break now.

Hand #152: Robert shoves all in. Folded to Josh in the BB. He also folds, showing 8d5d and saying “I wish I was Ali Mallu”.

Hand #151: Ali completes and Jaka checks. The flop comes down 987rr and Jaka bets 75k, Ali calls. Ten rolls off and checks through, Ad on the river, checks through. Jaka’s QT good at showdown.

Hand #150: Jakariya makes it 70k. Ali calls from the BB. Flop Qs7s7d. Check/Check. Turn Kd. Ali bets 110k. Called. River 8h. Ali bets 300k. Called by Jakariya. Ali has 74o for Trips and takes it down to Mallutown.

Hand #149: Complete and check blind-on-blind, Rob vs Josh. Josh bets on the Turn of A88 - 6 and wins it.

Hand #148: Ali raises the button to 135k. He takes it down.

19:33: We have a break in 7 mins. Chip counts coming then. Still 4 handed.

Hand #147: Ali vs Jakariya blind on blind a small one. Jakariya takes it down.

Hand #146: Robert gives Ali a Walk.

Hand #145: Ali opens to 125k in the CO. Jaka calls on the Button. Both the blinds fold. The flop is 942rr and Ali open shoves! Jaka folds and is shows the 9s.

Hand #144: Rob open jams about 600k and it folds to Josh, he looks down at 67hh and folds. Rob shows Eights.

Hand #143: Ali makes up the SB. Jakariya checks. Flop 8s7d5h. Ali checks, Jakariya bets 75k. Ali folds.

Hand #142: Robert makes up the SB but folds when Ali puts the heat on from the BB.

Hand #141: Josh makes up the SB. Robert checks. Checked by both on the Flop then Josh takes it with a Turn bet. He showed a Flush as well!

Hand #140: Ali opens the button to 90k and everything kind of explodes from there with Jaka quite quickly 3-betting to a massive 300k! Josh goes deep into the tank, about 6 minutes later…

He 4-bet shoves! Ali sigh folds and it’s back to Jaka, he gets a count and finds out the shove is for 769k and makes the call. Josh has Tens, Jaka has AQs.

Josh holds for a monster double. Ali folds KJ not realising how big the shove is and would have won…

19:19: Amazing rail here at the FT now:

Hand #139: Ali makes it 77k from the SB, Jakariya calls. Flop AsQs6d. Ali bets 75k, called. Turn 2d. Another 75k from Ali, another call. River Jd. Ali had bet 75k in the dark this time. Jakariya calls. Ali shows 77 but Jakariya wins with Q8.

Hand #138: Rob completes blind-on-blind and Ali checks. Rob check-calls 50k on K98dd. The Turn brings the 4d and Rob check-folds to a 75k bet from Ali.

Hand #137: Ali limps and Josh completes. They both quickly fold when Rob jams his BB though.

Hand #136: Jaka shoves blind-on-blind and gets it through.

Hand #135: Josh raises to 70k and is called by Jakariya in the BB. Flop Qd8h2c. Check/Check. Turn Ts. Jakariya bets 75k, Josh calls. River 8c. Jakariya checks and tells Josh that he’ll pay off a little bit. Josh bets 130k. Jakariya calls and wins with QhTh. Josh had 77.

Hand #134: Jakariya makes it 70k to go but folds when Ali 3bets to 245k.

Hand #133: Jaka opens the Button to 60k, Josh calls from the SB and Rob folds his BB. The flop is T76rr and Jaka bets 75k and Josh calls. The Turn is the As and checks through. On the 8c River Josh checks to Jaka who asks “How much to make you fold?” Josh doesn’t asnwer. Jaka bets 50k and gets a call but with 54s against JTs, Jaka has the best hand.

Hand #132: Ali opens to 107k on the Button and gets it through.

19:03: Here’s a reminder of the payouts:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400 Ryan Mandara
6th £4,400 Matthew Archer
7th £3,400 Peter Hytner
8th £2,600 Roni Tal
9th £2,000 George Kasparis

19:02: Blinds up! We are down to 40 minute levels now that we are 4 handed incidentally.

LEVEL 22 - 12000/24000/3000

Hand #131: Ali raises to 112k blind-on-blind and sweeps it in.

Hand #130: Jakariya makes it 60k from the Button. Ali calls from the BB. Flop 4s5dKc. Ali checks, Jakariya bets 75k. Now Ali makes it a moderate 850k. Jakariya has 589k total and calls! He has Aces and is in good shapre vs Ali’s KT. He holds for the big double. Ali still has about 2.2 million so no hankies required just yet.

Hand #129: Ali opens to 50k and gets it through showing KTo.

Hand #128: Ali opens to 49k on the Button and gets it through showing A9o.

Hand #127: Ali raises to 67k blind-on-blind and Jaka folds.

Hand #126: Ali gets a walk. Rob still cruising from his high after doubling.

Hand #125: Jakariya makes it 60k on the Button. Robert shoves from the BB for 418k. Jakariya calls! It’s his 99 vs Robert’s A2. The Ace spikes on the Flop for Robert to double up! Incredible scenes here at Genting in Liverpool. Robert said he only looked at one card. Presummably it was the Ace.

Hand #124: Ali opens the button to 85k and Josh calls. AdKs7h is the flop and Ali bets, well a lot, 707k to be precise. Josh folds showing Fives.

Hand #123: Josh opens to 50k, Ali after muuucchhh deliberation 3-bets to 183k total. Jaka considers, folds. Josh considers…
Josh folds.

Hand #122: Robert completes blind-on-blind and folds to the shove from Ali.

Hand #121: Ali makes it 61k UTG. Jakariya calls on the Button. Flop Js6h3d. Check/Check. Turn Qc. Ali check/calls 50k. River 8h. Check/Check. Jakariya wins with 7c6c for a Pair of Sixes.

Hand #120: Robert open-shoves UTG for about 450k. No callers.

Hand #119: Ali limps the SB, Jakariya checks. Flop TcTs7d. Check/Check. Turn 8d. Check/Check. River 9d. Check/Check. Jakariya wins with A4 for Ace High. Ali had 43.

18:40: Robert “Rubber toe” Molyneux

Josh Bell

Jakariya Mustafa

Ali Mallu

Hand #118: Complete and Ali checks. Flop check-check. Turn T88ss - 6 and Ali bets 37k and wins.

Hand #117: Ali opens to 100k, takes it down.

Hand #116: Ali makes it 58k on the Button. Josh takes a flop from the BB. It is 6d3s2s. Josh checks, Ali bets 104k. Josh calls. Turn Jc. Josh checks, Ali bets 104k again. Josh calls. River Ad. Check/Check. Josh shows A4 and it’s good. Ali tells him that it was the only card he could win with.

Hand #115: Ali raises from the SB to 124k. No call. Shows AJ.

Hand #114: Rob completes and Ali raises to 126k, shows A9ss when Rob folds.

Hand #113: Jaka opens to 60k on the button and takes it down.

Hand #112: Walkies, Josh showing 98s on his BB.

18:30: Chip Leader Ali looks like he has roughly 2.8 million now.

Hand #111: Ali makes up the SB. Jakariya checks. Flop 9c8s4s. Check/Check. Turn 3s. Check/Check. River Qs. Ali bets and takes it. Shows JdTs for a Flush.

Hand #110: Rob completes blind-on-blind and Ali checks. The flop is T97dd and Rob bets 25k, Ali folds showing the Ace of Diamonds and Rob shows the Ten of clubs and says afterwards it was T6 for the gutshot as well.

Hand #109: Ali makes it 53k UTG. Called by blinds Josh and Robert. Both fold on the 973 Flop when Ali c-bets 53k though.

Hand #108: Ali opens to 52k in the CO and Ryan’s 159k goes in on the Button. It folds back around and Ali makes the call. It’s Nines for Ryan and J9o for Ali. As it comes down T74 there’s a huge in-draw of breath from the rail. They know. Eight on the Turn. No chop on the River. Ali picks up the chips and Ryan is out in 5th for £5,400!

Hand #107: Ali opens to 58k on the Button and takes it. Ryan now on the button with about 160k.

Hand #106: Jakariya makes it 60k UTG. Ryan calls from the BB. Flop As6c3h. Check/Check. Turn 5d. Ryan check/folds for 50k.

Hand #105: Ryan shoves UTG for 190k. No call.

Hand #104: Jaka opens to 60k, Josh calls out of the SB and Rob folds the BB. The flop is Qh6s3c and checks through, Josh leads the 6c Turn for 75k and Jaka makes it 210k…
Josh folds and says that he has KQ.

Hand #103: Rob limps and Josh checks, it comes down JT5rr. Rob bets 40k and takes it.

Hand #102: Ali makes it 79k on the Button. No callers.

Hand #101: 50k from Jakariya UTG. Called by Ryan in the BB. Jakariya takes it with a 35k on the Ace High Flop.

Hand #100: Walk for Ali.

Hand #99: A hand that starts like any other, Ryan opens to 50k and Josh peels out of the SB, Rob folding his BB. The flop comes down 8d7s4d and Ryan c-bets for 48k and Josh check-raises to 108k. After a little time in the tank Ryan shoves and Josh snaps off. It’s top-set for Josh and the nut-flush draw for Ryan with A3dd. Ryan even turns a gut-shot on the 2s but bricks. It’s a monster 744k that goes in on the flop with Ryan left with about 280k.

Hand #98: Ali raises to 52k, gets it through and shows the Ace of Diamonds.

Hand #97: Josh makes it 60k UTG. Called by Jakariya in the BB. Flop 9s8c7c. Check/Check. Turn 6h. Jakariya check/calls 75k. River 9d. Jakariya check/folds for 125k, showing a Five for the low Straight.

18:00: Back in business. 5 handed. Blinds will decrease to 40 minute levels once we reach 4 handed play.

17:52: Chip counts 5 handed:

Ali Mallu 2,353,000
Ryan Mandara 1,084,000
Jakariya Mustafa 963,000
Josh Bell 665,000
Robert Molyneux 638,000

17:46: Break time.

LEVEL 21 - 10000/20000/3000

17:45: We have another 15 minute break now. Some players have to move their cars. Chip counts coming shortly. Still 5 handed.

Hand #96: Ali vs Ryan blind on blind, checked all the way to the end. Ryan takes it.

Hand #95: Ali defends his BB vs a Josh 50k Button open. Ali leads out 75k on 822 and gets it through.

Hand #94: Everything’s coming up Rob! He gets a walk.

Hand #93: Ali raises to 60k. No callers.

Hand #92: Ryan takes the next one vs Jakariya BvB. They both hit 2 Pair but the pot is fairly modest.

Hand #91: Open-shove from Matthew is met by a snap re-shove from Rob. Matthew has JTs and Rob has AQ. “I’m doing a Maggie Bird, putting me bag on!” says Matthew and it looks like it’s working as the flop comes down Ten-high. A Queen on the River and Rob barely covering dashes his hopes though and he’s out in 6th for £4,400!

Hand #90: Raise to 55k and take for Jaka, Ali shows a deuce as he folds his BB.

Hand #89: Jakariya raises to 45k. No interest.

Hand #88: Robert shoves for 300k+. Jakariya calls. AQ vs AQ though as we end in the expected chop.

Hand 87: Peter open-shoves again as he plans his mythical comeback but a snap from Ali doesn’t look good. Everyone else folds and Peter tables ATs and Ali has Jacks. Jacks hold on a Ten-high board and Peter is out in 7th for £3,400! Ali needles Peter one last time as he walks off, Peter just laughs.

Hand #86: Ali makes it 179k on the Button as only Ali can. All fold.

Hand #85: Peter shoves from the Button this time. No caller. HE SHOWS KINGS!

Hand #84: With a call heavily implied by Ali’s 100k chip in for his BB, it folds around to Peter. He shoves blind and Ali snaps blind. J2o for Peter and T4s for Ali. Peter Rivers three-pair but it’s still good against Ali. Ali whiffing a turned gut-shot.

17:24: We have an incredible rail here at the FT:

Hand #83: Ryan opens for 45k but folds when Matthew shoves for 255k.

Hand #82: Raise and take for Ryan Mandara over Rob’s BB.

Hand #81: Matthew ships from the SB. Josh folds the BB, showing A4.

Hand #80: Ali raises to 71k from the CO and it folds to Matthew’s (centre) BB. He checks his chip counts and repeatedly stacks them as if to shove and then putting them back. Ali sits with 2 blue 100k chips hovering over the line. Call heavily implied. Matthew folds and requests to see. Ali shows ATo for the millionth time.

Hand #79: Peter shoves all in for about 63k. No callers! He shoves Jc3c. Jakariya must have had a really bad hand in the BB.

Hand #78: Robert shoves all in for about 250k. No callers. Shows Queens again.

Hand #77: Ryan opens to 42k UTG and Ali defends his BB. The flop is the delightful J97ccc and both players check. The Turn is the Js and both players check. The River is an Ace and Ryan bets 25k and Ali snaps. Ryan shows AcQh and Ali shows a Nine.

Hand #76: Josh Bell moves all in from the Button. No callers.

Hand #75: Ali limps, so does Ryan and Rob checks. The flop comes down AT9rr and Ali bets 25k and both snap-fold. Matthew asks to see one “Hey, Ali, show one! Show one!”, “I’ll show you two!” says Ali as he flips pocket Tens!

Hand #74: Jakariya limps the Button for 20k but folds when Matthew ships from the SB for about 200k.

Hand #73: Josh opens UTG to 50k and finds no callers.

Hand #72: Ali opens to 1.1Million on the button and funnily enough, no takers. Jaka peels slowly after the first card is the Ace of Diamonds.

Hand #71: Jakariya makes it 48k UTG. No callers.

Hand #70: Rob limps the button but snap-folds as Ali shoves from the BB, Peter folding out of the middle.

Hand #69: Ali raises to 43k UTG. No takers.

Hand #68: Ali raises to 47k UTG+1. No takers.

Hand #67: Ali opens to 65k, Jak calls on the button and Josh calls from his BB. The flop is Jd8c7h and checks through. Jak bets 100k when checked to on 3d and only Ali calls. Ali gives it up when Jaka bets 250k on the 3h River.

Hand #66: Ryan limps the Button for 20k. The blinds come along. Flop QhQsJc. All check. Turn 3s. Matthew bets 26k, Ryan calls. Heads up. River 8s. Matthew check/calls 30k and gets to see Ryan’s JsTs Flush.

Hand #65: Ali opens the button to 62k and shows ATo when it goes through.

Hand #64: Jakariya opens to 45k UTG, called by Josh then Robert ships for 301k. Jakariya folds quickly and Josh folds slowly, taking a couple of minutes. They both show, AQ for Josh and KK for Robert.

Hand #63: Andddd we’re back. Rob open-shoves the Button and it gets through, Peter surprised at Ali’s fold.

16:46: The clock as cards are back in the air.

16:34: Chip counts 7 handed:

Peter Hytner 182,000
Ali Mallu 2,258,000
Ryan Mandara 932,000
Jakariya Mustafa 977,000
Matthew Archer 342,000
Josh Bell 955,000
Robert Molyneux 256,000

16:30: Players on a 15 minute break.

LEVEL 20 - 8000/16000/2000

Hand #62: Ryan raises to 33k and gets 3 callers. All fold to his 58k c-bet however. Players on break now.

Hand #61: Peter Hytner open-ships UTG and gets it through.

Hand #60: Jaka opens the button to 35k but folds to Matthew’s SB jam.

16:25: Break in 3 mins. Chip counts coming soon.

16:24: Blogger’s favourite (one of the bloggers, the other is not Scottish):

Hand #59: New development. Ryan limps the Button for 16k. Jakariya makes it up but both fold when Matthew ships from the BB for about 240k.

Hand #58: Another Ryan vs Jakariya blind on blind. Limped and checked to the River then Ryan takes it with a 19k bet.

Hand #57: Josh Bell opens to 35k pre and Ryan Mandara defends his BB. He continues for 35k on KhJsTc and Ryan calls. Ryan calls again on the 3h Turn for 75k. He’s stopped in his tracks however when the 9c rolls off on the River. There’s a Queen exposed as the first burn and Josh has bet 235k… Ryan folds after several long minutes.

Hand #56: Jakariya makes it 35k UTG+1. Ali calls from the BB. Flop Qh8d6d. As it comes down Jakariya gets a scarf and covers his face. Ali stands up and sits backwards in his chair to counter this. Check/Check. Turn 6s. Ali bets 86k. No call.

Hand #55: Jaka opens to 35k and Peter gives up his BB.

Hand #54: Josh completes blind-on-blind and Rob shoves his BB. Josh folds and Rob shows KJcc.

Hand #53: Ali limps for 16k. The blinds complete and check. Checked all the way through by all 3 players. Josh wins with T9 for a rivered pair.

Hand #52: Ali limps pre and Matthew sighs and checks his option. It comes down 986ddd and as Ali starts to count out chips Matthew says “Surely you don’t want it that much!?” but Ali shoves nonetheless. Matthew folds and Ali shows the Nine.

16:02: First break is coming up in 25 mins. We’ll get the full chip counts for you then. Ali still the boss with over 2 million at the moment.

16:01: Here’s a reminder of our cashers today and remaining prizes:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600 Roni Tal
9th £2,000 George Kasparis

Hand #51: Ali raises the Button to 37k. No callers.

Hand #50: Peter Hytner open-shoves the button and Ali and Ryan fold, only Ali thinking about it as Ryan shows 94o.

Hand #49: Peter limps his SB. Big mistake. Ali moves all in. He has Peter’s less than 200k well covered. Peter folds.

Hand #48: Raise-and-take-it for Jakariya. 35k does the job.

Hand #47: Jaka opens again, the CO for 35k and Rob sigh-defends his BB. The flop is 8s6h4h and checks through. Rob bets the 2h on the Turn and Jaka snap calls for 20k. The River 9c checks through, Rob declares a Deuce and Jaka flips over 54o for the winner. Rob berates himself after the hand “Played it terribly, had A2, just didn’t want to shove and get snapped off by a bigger Ace, rather shove 89”.

Hand #46: Jaka raises the button to 35k and Josh folds his BB.

Hand #45: Ali raises to 40k and gets calls from Jakariya (SB) and Matthew (BB). Flop QdJc2h. Checked to Ali and he bets 68k. Both fold. Ali shows the Jack of Spades.

Hand #44: Matthew opens to 36k UTG and Jaka folds 92o on the BB.

Hand #43: Jakariya raises to 35k and Peter shoves for 168k. Jakariya asks, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” but then folds.

Hand #42: Matthew shoves for about 140k and Ali calls. Ali is ahead with AJ vs K7. Matthew spikes a King to double. Ali can be beaten after all!

Hand #41: Jaka opens to 34k but isn’t particularly happy when Roni jams in 213k from the Button, he gets the count and has a deliberation before making the call. He has AJ vs Eights. The flop is safe for Roni on 5sTc4c and Jaka shouts for an “Ace on the River!”, a Jack on the Turn and Roni is left hurting, one card and two outs. “Ace on the River!” repeated by Jaka. Jack on the River, Roni out in 8th for £2,600!

Hand #40: Matthew shoves all in for 109k. No takers.

Hand #39: Ali raises to 36k. No one interested

Hand #38: Two in a row, tempted to use the same picture. Ryan opens the CO to 33k and gets it through.

Hand #37: Ryan opens to 33k on the Button and again Matthew dejectedly folds his BB after some deliberation.

15:30: Blinds up!

LEVEL 19 - 6000/12000/2000

Hand #36: Ryan vs Jakariya BvB. Ryan limps, Jakariya checks. Flop Qs5c4h. Check/Check. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 2s. Ryan check/calls 12k and wins it with 33 in the hole.

Hand #35: Roni open-shoves for about 200k. No takers.

Hand #34: It folds around to Peter Hytner in the SB and he opts to bet all of his 174k stack. Ali gets the count but makes the fold.

Hand #33: Jakariya opens to 27k and only Peter calls from the BB. Flop 5s4s2h. Peter leads for 42k but folds when Jakariya says “All in” the instant his chips hit the felt.

Hand #32: Ali limps +1, Josh joins him, Roni completes and Rob checks his option. The flop comes down 8s3c2c and Ali bets 18k. Only Josh calls and they check to the River on 8s3c2c - 4c - 9s where Josh’s T8s is good against Ali’s AsJc.

Hand #31: Ryan raises to 25k. No callers.

Hand #30: Ali raises to 31k. No callers.

Hand #29: Ali limps the CO, Jaka completes and Matthew checks. It comes down all in clubs KT3ccc and checks through. The Turn brings another club Qc and Jaka bets 29k and Ali calls. The River peels off the Ks and Jaka bets 75k. Ali tanks and folds.

Hand #28: Josh opens to 25k and gets calls from Ryan and Jakariya from both blinds. Flop Jc3s2h. All check. Turn 4c. Ryan leads for 35k. Jakariya folds, Josh calls. River Ks. Ryan bets 105k now and Josh snaps. It’s 44 (Set) for Ryan vs AK for Josh.

Hand #27: Complete from Ali and check from Ryan. The flop comes down 9h7s4h, Alie check-calls 13k from Ryan. The Turn brings the Qs and Ali check-calls 29k. The river rolls off the 4c and Ali check-calls a final 42k from Ryan. Ryan has 63 and Ali has Q7 for 3-pair and it’s good.

Hand #26: Jakariya says “Let’s try again” as he raises to 27k on Ali’s BB. Ali says “You have to try” then “My shop’s always open, 24/7” and everyone laughs. Ali is the only caller. He check/folds however on the KKQ Flop.

Hand #25: Ali (left) limps UTG, Jaka (right) opens to 41k LJ, Ali limp-shoves! “You love to call me, and to river me!” Ali says before he shoves. Jaka tank folds.

Hand #24: Ryan raises to 25k and Jakariya calls in position. Heads up. Flop AhTs6h. Check/Check. Turn Ad. Ryan check/calls 36k. River 7c. Ryan check/folds to 125k.

Hand #23: Limps from Rob UTG and Jaka in the CO are both limp-folds as Matthew Archer shoves 127k on the Button. Jaka gives it a consider but doesn’t find a call.

Hand #22: Ali opens to 29k and takes it down.

Hand #21: Jaka checks the clock and Matthew’s stack before jamming it in blind-on-blind. Matthew quickly folds.

14:55: Remember that we have the 1-day Liverpool Masters side event today at 5.30pm. It’s a £100+£10 buy-in with £10,000 guaranteed. Should be a good one.

Hand #20: Ryan limps the SB and Jakariya checks. Flop AcQd8h. Check/Check. Turn Ks. Ryan check/calls 12k. River 2s. Ryan check/calls 18k. Jakariya mucks immediately. Pot to Ryan without having to show.

Hand #19: Complete and check blind-on-blind Ali vs Ryan. Ali bets out 14k on a Jack-high board and gets a snap-fold. Ali shows the Jack.

Hand #18: Jakariya opens to 27k but folds when Robert shoves all in for about 400k. Robert shows a pair of pretty ladies, Queens!

Hand #17: Robert opens to 37k out of the SB, Peter raises to 115k out of the BB. Blind-on-blind fireworks. Robert shoves for 291k and Peter goes into the tank! Peter makes the fold and Robert says “Good fold, unless you were at it!”. “I had the big boys, cowboys!” says Robert afterwards.

Hand #16: Ali opens to 25k and calls when George Kasparis shoves all in for about 140k. It’s AQ vs 8d7d. Ali gets there again to knock George out in 9th place for £2,000.

Hand #15: Ryan opens to 25k and Jaka flats and they see the board heads-up. The whole board as they check it to the River on 2cKs8h - 9h - 7d. Jaka remarks on the Turn “Bet and you take it” and Ryan does that on the River, betting 30k and getting a fold.

Hand #14: Robert opens to 30k and gets calls from Ali, Jakariya in position and Josh (BB). Flop TdTc6d. Robert continues for 40k, Ali folds, Jakariya raises to 125k, Josh folds. Robert thinks it over then calls. Turn Jh. Check/Check. River 8c. Robert checks, Jakariya shoves all in. He has about 300k and Robert 250. Robert folds. He said he had AdKd and should have shoved on the Flop.

Hand #13: Ryan (left) opens to 25k in the CO and gets it through. Matthew Archer entirely unhappy about losing his BB in the process.

14:30: Here’s the FT pic from a little earlier. Roy standing in for the late Ali Mallu.

Hand #12: Robert limps for 12k and the blinds complete and check. All 3 players check all streets and Robert takes it with Ace High, A8 in the hole.

Hand #11: Ryan opens to 35k and takes it down.

14:28: Here’s the state of play as the clock ticks over:

LEVEL 18 - 5000/10000/1000

Hand #10: Jakariya opens for 22k UTG but folds when Ali puts in a substantial 3bet to 200k.

Hand #9: Ali gets a walk on his BB, Peter showing 32o and Ali showing AJo.

Hand #8: SB Robert completes and Peter checks. On the AA8 Flop Robert bets 15k and takes it down. He shows an Eight.

Hand #7: Ali and Jaka limp. Roni completes and Ryan checks. Ryan bets 20k on KKJss - J after the flop checks through and everyone folds.

Hand #6: Ali opens to 45k and everyone folds. He shows ATo.

Hand #5: Ali raises it to 25k and Josh calls from the BB. Flop Qc5c2d. Check/Check. Turn 8h. Josh check/calls 100k from Ali. River 2h. Check/Check. Josh shows QJ for Top Pair and it’s good.

14:16: Ali Mallu has made it and is now sat poised in Seat 2 to join in for Hand #5 onwards.

Hand #4: Josh opens to 25k UTG, Matthew folds his BB showing J6o and Josh shows Fives.

Hand #3: Josh Bell opens to 25k. No callers this time.

Hand #2: A pair of twos good at showdown as blind-on-blind Ryan Mandara completes and they check it to the River. Jaka makes thin value with a 10k River bet.

14:12: Table chat immediately turns to “If Ali was here, he’d have an Ace and he’d be pot-committed!”, Ali missing out on two busts early.

Hand #1: Josh opens to 25k Lo-Jack and Roni 3-bets to 70k HJ. Josh goes into the tank and comes out with a 4-bet to 225k. Roni sighs and shoves, snapped by Josh. Brrrr cold deck, Josh has Kings and Roni has Queens, no upsets and a 470k double for Josh!

13:59: Players unbagging their chips now. Running 5-10 mins late with the start. With Ali Mallu running late Queen Square Supervisor Roy Chiocci is standing in for Ali. Let’s hope that Ali has any chips left by the time he makes it here!

13:35: Not long till we start the FT. We are playing the last 20 mins or so of Level 18 as we got to 9 players just before it finished last night.


Our Final Table starts at 2pm

Live Stream
We’ll have a Live Stream running for the whole FT on our Facebook page at

Chip Counts
Ali Mallu 1,800,000
Roni Tal 824,000
Ryan Mandara 816,000
Jakariya Mustafa 563,000
Josh Bell 470,000
Peter Hytner 450,000
Robert Molyneux 364,000
Matthew Archer 200,000
George Kasparis 186,000


1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000


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