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GPS Liverpool - Day 2

By martinjsmith, posted September 02, 2017

LEVEL 18 - 5000/10000/1000

04:07: Cashers so far and remaining prizes:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,500 Andrew Haygarth
11th £1,500 Chris Beek
12th £1,200 Paul Maguire
13th £1,200 Nick Wilson
14th £1,200 MS
15th £1,200 Ben Dugdale
16th £1,000 Ray Dykes
17th £1,000 Cristian Popescu
18th £1,000 Huy Roberts
19th £800 Marcus Baptista
20th £800 Ste Seasman
21st £800 Harry Strong
22nd £800 Allan Peers
23rd £800 Matthew Murphy
24th £800 James Sassi
25th £800 Anonymous
26th £800 Chris Cunliffe

04:06: Here are the chip counts for tomorrow’s 2pm FT:

Ali Mallu 1,800,000
Roni Tal 824,000
Ryan Mandara 816,000
Jakariya Mustafa 563,000
Josh Bell 470,000
Peter Hynter 450,000
Robert Molyneux 364,000
Matthew Archer 200,000
George Kasparis 186,000

04:05: Holy smokes! “The Machine” Mallu opens for a rather large 185k with 85o and Andrew Haygarth (KK) moves all in for about 300k. Ali says “Let’s gamble” and calls! He flops a Gutshot, turns an Open-ender and RIVERS THE STRAIGHT to send Andrew Haygarth out in 10th for £1,500. Play has now stopped for tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow for the 9 handed Final Table from 2pm.

03:59: Another open-shove from Robert Molyneux receives a snap call All-in from Chris Beek next to act. Everyone else folds pretty quickly in shock. It’s one from the freezer with AK for Robert and AQ for Chris. Chris flops a Queen! On a King-high board… King on the Turn. Chips go to Rob. Chris out in 11th for £1,500!

03:56: George Kasparis with his new-found riches!

03:53: George Kasparis (AA) shoves all in for about 60k, Paul Maguire (77) reships for 200k and Ali Mallu (TT) calls. The Aces hold for George to treble but Paul is eliminated 12th for £1,200 as Ali takes the side pot.

03:51: Jaka takes another one from Roni, Jaka makes it “The usual” - Peter Hytner, 22k to go and Roni defends his BB. The 4s3dTh flop checks through and Roni bets 23k on the 5s Turn, Jaka calls. The River is the 3s and Roni checks to Jaka who bets 75k. Roni tanks and says he has a 4, “Have any spades?” asks Jaka. “Well he doesn’t have the four of Spades” laughs Peter Hytner. Roni folds and Jaka sweeps.

03:43: Ali still on fire. He calls a 30k raise from Paul Maguire pre-flop and another 40k on the Ts8d6s Flop. Turn was 9h. Paul check/folds to Ali’s 110k bet now, showing QQ. Ali shows 77 for a Gutshot Straight that just sailed in.

03:38: Ali makes up for this minor set-back by winning another pot bringing him up to 1.3Mill approx.

03:36: Ali Mallu opens to 325k (no typo) on Table 1 and gets a caller, George Kapsardis calls All-in for his last 33k and we see some cards. It’s AKs for Ali and Kings for George, dry board and it’s almost a triple-up for George.

03:30: Chris Beek opens the Button to 33k, Ryan Mandara 3bets from the SB to 90k. Chris decides to call. He has about 100k behind which Ryan easily covers. Flop 8d7h2c. Ryan shoves, Chris folds and shows Ad9d.

03:27: Roni Tal opens to 22k and Jaka Mustafa is the only caller. They check through the J82ddd flop and Roni checks the Qc Turn. Jaka bets 29k and wins it.

03:14: Cards are back and moving, 12 remain with one level left of Day 2!

03:05: Players on a short break. Here are the full counts with 12 left:

Table 1
George Kasparis 84k
Matthew Archer 390k
Josh Bell 450k
Paul Maguire 350k
Ali Mallu 1.07million
Andrew Haygarth 350k

Table 2
Peter Hynter 520k
Roni Tal 884k
Jakariya Mustafa 517k
Robert Molyneux 304k
Chris Beek 227k
Ryan Mandara 547k

LEVEL 17 - 4000/8000/1000

02:58: Last break of the evening in a minutes times. It’s a 15 minute break before tonight’s final level of play. Full chip counts to follow.

02:57: Ali Mallu picks off Nick Wilson’s Flop shove with 64. The Flop was JJ4. The 4 is good vs Nick’s AK and it holds. Looks like Ali limp/called pre-flop. Nick Wilson out in 13th for £1,200.

02:54: Jaka Mustafa misses the point. Jaka opens the Button and Chris Beek calls from the BB. The flop comes down Q94ccc and Chris check-raises to 60k. Jaka puts him to the test with a flop 3-bet to 243k, about Chris’ stack. Chris is in a bind and they begin to talk about what they have and no matter how Chris phrases it “I’ve haven’t hit that”, “I don’t have a draw”, “I don’t have a club” and even “I’m ahead of AQ with the Ace of Clubs” he has to tell Jaka that he has Kings. Eventually Chris goes with “I believe you” sighs and folds.

02:49: Ali Mallu calls a bet on the flop but decides to lead out 45k on 9h5s4c - 9s, Josh Bell the pre-flop aggressor raises him to 105k and he folds showing a 4.

02:43: MS tries a big over-shove bluff on the River with the board containing 5 Spades (AQ4-8-7). He moves in for about 370k. The pot looks maybe 120k. Roni Tal makes the big call with JJ (Jack of Spades) and it’s good! MS out in 14th for £1,200.

02:38: Josh Bell faces a decision for basically his tournament life. He opens UTG and Ali Mallu 3-bets to 133k in mid-position. It folds back around to Josh who spends several long minutes thinking about it before finally shoving with AQcc. Ali has 56cc and makes the call. The window is an Ace and it’s all fairly safe for Josh, Ali turning a gutshot but nothing else. Josh doubles up 180k.

02:33: Reminder of the cashers so far and remaining prizes:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,500
11th £1,500
12th £1,200
13th £1,200
14th £1,200
15th £1,200 Ben Dugdale
16th £1,000 Ray Dykes
17th £1,000 Cristian Popescu
18th £1,000 Huy Roberts
19th £800 Marcus Baptista
20th £800 Ste Seasman
21st £800 Harry Strong
22nd £800 Allan Peers
23rd £800 Matthew Murphy
24th £800 James Sassi
25th £800 Anonymous
26th £800 Chris Cunliffe

02:30: Jakariya Mustafa opens to 18k, called by Robert Molyneux then (out of a 159k stack) Chris Beek 3bets to 58k. Back to Jakariya and he tank/folds. Robert folds too. Chris shows The Bullets. Jakariya says he folded Jacks and that he’d have called if Chris just moved straight all in but the 3bet scared him.

02:24: An open from Roni Tal gets a call from Jaka Mustafa next to act and they go heads-up to a flop. It comes down JJ7 and Roni c-bets 17k, Jaka raises to 50k and after some quick chat “I don’t have a Jack” etc. etc. Roni calls. The Turn peels off an Ace and Jaka announces “Oh typical, you c-bet your Ace and then call with like AK and now you hit your Ace!” he checks-back and as the River Nine goes check-check Jaka has Threes and Roni Eights for the win.

02:20: An open to 26k from Ali Mallu sees Ben Dugdale call on the Button and Matthew Archer call in the BB. The flop comes down 8s2d6d and Ali bets out 202k…
Ben Dugdale shoves, Matthew folds and Ali snaps…
Nines for Ben but a bigger over-pair for Ali with Queens. No miracles this time and Ben out in 15th for £1,200.

02:16: Down to 15 now with average stack at 395,000. Still 1 hour 42 mins of play left tonight although if we get down to 9 we’ll stop and come back for the FT tomorrow.

02:14: Ray Dykes is all in pre-flop with AJ vs Roni Tal’s KK. The best hand holds again and Ray is out in 16th for £1,000.

01:12: Cristian Popescu is all in with AT vs AQ. No help and he’s out in 17th for £1,000.

02:11: Paul Maguire makes another huge shove pre-flop, this time it’s against Ali Mallu blind-on-blind. Ali looks down at AT and makes the call for 201k. Paul has A8 and is dominated and at risk. However, he spikes an Eight on the River to double-up!

02:07: MS opens to 20k blind-on-blind and after some consideration Huw Roberts makes the call. The flop comes down 662 and MS checks it to Huw who bets 40k for around about the pot, MS check-shoves and Huw goes into the tank. He nods to himself and calls off with Sevens. It’s good against AQ! A heart-wrenching Ace on the Turn and Huw is out in 18th for £1,000!

02:04: Latest seating with 18 left:

Table 1
George Kasparis
Matthew Archer
Josh Bell
Nick Wilson
Paul Maguire
Ali Mallu
Andrew Haygarth
Ryan Mandara
Ben Dugdale

Table 2
Peter Hynter
Ray Dykes
Roni Tal
Huy Roberts
Jakariya Mustafa
Robert Molyneux
Chris Beek
Cristian Popescu

02:02: Marcus Baptista has very few chips left and is in the BB for 8k. He shoves in when Ben Dugdale raises and Ben puts the rest in. It’s Ben’s K8 vs Marcus’ Q3. Some hope on the Flop but it’s extinguished by the end. Marcus out in 19th for £800.

LEVEL 16 - 3000/6000/1000

01:58: Ste Seasman falls into Paul Maguire’s trap as Paul completes blind-on-blind and Ste shoves. It’s an easy call for Paul with Aces but a less than easy hold as Ste flops a pair and turns an open-ender and flush-draw! He bricks nonetheless and is out in 20th for £800!

01:53: Ryan Mandara gives it up on the River, he’s fairly certain that Ben Dugdale is full of it but folds anyways. Ben betting 33k into 64k on the River of As3h2d - 7s - 4s.

01:49: MS opens to 14k UTG and Ray Dykes defends his BB. The flop comes down AhQc6s and Ray check-calls 18k. He’s left stumped however after MS shoves the 6h Turn for about 125k effective. He eventually lets it go.

01:45: Remember that we have the 1-day Liverpool Masters side event tomorrow (Sunday) at 5.30pm. It’s a £100+£10 buy-in with £10,000 guaranteed. Should be a good one.

01:40: On Table 1, Ste Seasman opens to 14k, called by Ryan Mandara then Matthew Archer 3bets to 50k from the SB. Ste shoves, Ryan folds and Matthew jumps out of his chair as he calls. Matthew has Aces and Ste Queens. The Aces hold and he doubles his 180k stack.

01:33: Ali Mallu at it again as he shoves about 400k over Jaka Mustafa’s 13k open.

01:32: Reminder of the cashers so far:

21st £800 Harry Strong
22nd £800 Allan Peers
23rd £800 Matthew Murphy
24th £800 James Sassi
25th £800 Anonymous
26th £800 Chris Cunliffe

01:31: Harry Strong out in 21st for £800. Looks like a bad beat as his AQ goes down to T9 all in pre-flop.

01:30: Jaka Mustafa’s open gets very little respect as George Kasparis and Peter Hynter both call. All three players fold though as Ali Mallu jams it in and Allan Peers calls off his stack. Allan makes a solid prediction “You’ve all folded my outs, that’s the problem, you lot had my outs”. Ali flips over 57s and Allan has AK. The board runs out 9T7 - J - J and Ali wins a huge chunk of chips. After the hand Allan’s prediction is correct with both Jaka and Peter folding KQ. Allan Peers 22nd for £800.

01:27: Matthew Murphy gets his shortie all in with A6 but runs into Robert Molyneux’s AK. No help forthcoming and Matthew is out in 23rd for £800.

01:25: James Sassi (QQ) and Ryan Mandara (AA) gets the money all in pre-flop. No drama as the Aces hold and James is out in 24th for £800.

01:23: Jakariya Mustafa gets a roughly 190k double up from Nick Wilson with AK vs AQ all in pre-flop.

01:20: Next Ali has to limp UTG and fold to George Kasparis’ SB shove. Ali shows deuces and a chatty confident George shows KQ.

01:16: This time Ali Mallu opens to 22k and gets a call from Josh Bell’s BB. The flop comes down T92rr and Ali shoves for about 200k effective when checked to. Josh tanks for several minutes before folding a Nine. Ali shows AQ.

01:14: Matthew Murphy raises, Chris Beek shoves for 108k, Matthew calls. Chris has a bad hand (hence the bandages, see below). He is however holding JJ (quite a good hand) vs AK. He holds to double. Matthew down to about 65k now.

01:10: Roni Tal gets a shove through, he 3-bet jams the SB over Ali Mallu’s CO open. The shove is about 200k and Roni shows AK as Ali folds.

01:07: Mr Anonymous is all in for his super short stack with JT pre-flop vs Q9. The Queen High holds all the way and Mr Anonymous is out in 25th for £800.

01:03: Chris Cunliffe is the first to cash, his last 36k goes in and it folds to Andrew Haygarth who tanks before calling for 30k more with KT. It’s a flip against 3s and Ten in the window. Chris is out in 26th for £800!

01:00: Back in action!

00:55: Here’s a reminder of the payouts:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,500
11th £1,500
12th £1,200
13th £1,200
14th £1,200
15th £1,200
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800
24th £800
25th £800
26th £800

00:50: Players on a break now. Back in 10 mins. Here are the full, approx, counts with 26 left.

Table 1
Chris Cunliffe 40k
Matthew Archer 200k
James Sassi 140k
Marcus Baptista 70k
Anonymous 33k
Ste Seasman 420k
Andrew Haygarth 150k
Ryan Mandara 500k
Ben Dugdale 225k

Table 2
Ray Dykes 140k
MS 470k
Harry Strong 50k
Huy Roberts 215k
Matthew Murphy 200k
Robert Molyneux 200k
Chris Beek 150k
Cristian Popescu 104k

Table 3
Josh Bell 220k
George Kasparis 145k
Peter Hynter 300k
Ali Mallu 350k
Allan Peers 145k
Roni Tal 155k
Paul Maguire 175k
Nick Wilson 590k
Jakariya Mustafa 250k

LEVEL 15 - 2500/5000/500

00:41: Last hand before the break and Paul Maguire open-shoves 170k from the CO and George Kasparis makes what looks like a tough fold. Paul shows Eights. We’re onto the break now. 15 minutes with full chip counts at the other end.

00:40: Ben Dugdale shoves in 73.5k from the CO and Matthew Archer wakes up with AJs, however he’s behind to AQs for Ben. It comes down AhTh2c - 2s and Matthew’s “I’ll take a King” goes unanswered, Queen on the River seals the deal. Double for Ben.

00:35: Nerchabouh Tachajian is our unlucky bubble-boy today. He stop-and-goes Sevens but MS has A8 on KK8 and makes the call. No Seven from Heaven and Nerchabouh is out guaranteeing everyone remaining £800!

00:32: Ryan Mandara puts heavy pressure on Ben Dugdale with a River shove on this 7s6d4h-Tc-3c board. Ben tank/folds saying he had a Set.

00:27: MS picks up a 100k pot from Ray Dykes as his Jacks hold on an Ace-high board.

00:23: Allan Peers opens to 12.5k and both Nick Wilson and Jaka Mustafa call but hopes of seeing a flop are dashed as George Kasparis shoves in 105k from the SB. All fold with varying degrees of speed.

00:20: Ali Mallu limps for 5k, Paul Maguire raises to 16k and Josh Bell calls from the SB. Back to Ali and he 3bets to 209k. Paul folds and Josh (with about 250k behind) tanks for a couple of minutes then folds as well, showing 99. Ali shows the Ace of Spades.

00:17: Paul Maguire (left) calls a 14k open from Ali Mallu but is forced out of the middle as Nick Wilson (right) 3-bets to 45k and Ali calls. The flop is 7c3h2c and it tank checks-through. The Turn is the Qd and Nick checks it to Ali who bets 81k and Nick quickly calls. The River checks through and Nick’s AQ is the winner.

00:14: Another potential Bubble Burster there with Chris Beek all in from the SB for 56k with AQ and called by Cristian Popescu with 88. Chris hits an Ace to double and keep us at 27.

00:08: Interesting hand on Table 3 as Jaka Mustafa opens to 9.5k +1 and only Paul Maguire calls from his BB. The flop 4c5cQh goes check-check and they make it to the Td Turn. Paul leads 16k but Jaka raises him to 40k and he carefully calls. The River is the 8d and Paul checks it to Jaka who asks me “What’s the best size for the blog?” I don’t tell him but the answer is All-in, the answer is always All-in. Jaka bets 60k and Paul tank-folds.

00:03: Seating arrangements for the Final 27 on the Bubble:

Table 1
Chris Cunliffe
Matthew Archer
James Sassi
Marcus Baptista
Ste Seasman
Andrew Haygarth
Ryan Mandara
Ben Dugdale

Table 2
Nerchabouh Tachajian
Ray Dykes
Harry Strong
Huy Roberts
Matthew Murphy
Robert Molyneux
Chris Beek
Cristian Popescu

Table 3
Josh Bell
George Kasparis
Peter Hynter
Ali Mallu
Allan Peers
Roni Tal
Paul Maguire
Nick Wilson
Jakariya Mustafa

00:01: Small pots for Jakariya Mustafa and Chris Beek on 2 of our tables and a medium-sized one for Ben Dugdale on the other one as Hand for Hand play on the Bubble continues.

23:57: Harry Strong gets in a tricky spot blind-on-blind. He calls an open from MS and sees an 8s5hJs flop and it checks through. The Turn is the Ac and MS bets 17k and Harry calls. Harry checks back the River and triumphantly flips ATs but it’s no good against MS’s AK. “I was ready to absolutely call off on the River!” he laughs as his hand goes into the muck.

23:52: Ryan Mandara gets it off of Matthew Archer on the Turn. Matthew calls the c-bet on the Button but folds to the Turn bet of 21.5k on 3c2sTd - 5d.

23:45: Robert Molyneux (A5) all in on the Flop for 77k vs Ray Dykes (K9). Ray calls with Top Pair and is ahead but Robert spikes the River to double and keep this Bubble going.

23:42: Clock showing our now 27 players remaining and the bubble in progress.

23:40: Harry Strong furiously checks back the River. He 3-bets MS’ CO open and they check it to the River. It runs out 883 - A - J and MS’ A7s wins against Tens. “You call a bet on the flop don’t you!?” he demands.

LEVEL 14 2000/4000/500

23:35: Big stacks duelling it out as Josh Bell 3-bets Nick Wilson’s open. Nick calls and Josh c-bets 32k into 60k on Ac7c4h. Nick raises to 80k and Josh tanks and agonised folds Kings. Nick shows the As.

23:32: Huw Roberts folds as Chris Beek 3-bets his 9.5k open to 45.5k with 50k behind.

23:30: Lee Banks out in 28th next hand. Breaking to 3 tables now. On the Bubble too; exciting stuff!

23:29: George Kasparis gets that second double! He is in with QQ vs Lee Banks’ JJ pre-flop. The Ladies hold and Lee is left with a measly 2k.

23:28: George Kasparis all in for his last 30k or so with 99 vs Nick Wilson K4 Button Steal/Call Off. George holds and doubles. He could do with another one soon though.

23:25: On Table 3 I think Ray Dykes opens to 22k and is called by Allan Peers in the BB (might have been a limp/call from Ray and raise from Allan instead though). Flop Ts9d7d. Allan leads for 26k, Ray calls. Turn 6c. Allan checks and now Ray shoves for about 150k. Allan feels the pain as he folds. Ray lets him see the Ad7s for 2nd Pair.

23:22: MS checks back and gives up on the River of 6cTdJc - Qc - 5h. Matthew Murphy has defended his BB pre-flop and calls a 14k bet on the Turn. MS wins though with A9-high against Matt’s Ac7d-high.

23:18: Ali Mallu continues to put on the pressure. He calls Jakariya Mustafa’s 10k UTG open in position and Nick Wilson comes along from the big-blind. Nick gets out of the way as Ali bets 11.5k when checked to on 7s5h4s, Jakariya calls. The Turn is the Qs and Jakariya check-calls 15k. Ali calls when Jakariya leads 30k on the Kh River and Ali’s QdJs are good against Jakariya’s A6hh.

23:14: Ali Mallu doubles up Roni Tal. All in on the Flop with JJ (Roni) against Ali’s open ended staight draw which didn’t get there. Roni has about 270k now, Ali 400k.

23:12: Paul Ward gets all in with 44 vs Ste Seasman’s AQ. They both hit Flushes but Ste’s is best and Paul is out. 28 remain.

23:10: Former chip leader Chris Cunliffe was down to about 90k but has just doubled up through Andrew Haygarth, getting there with AJ vs QQ.

23:07: “You’ve played the bubble before!” Jakariya Mustafa’s commentary as Ali Mallu shoves his half-million plus stack in over 3 limps and all fold.

23:01: Jakariya Mustafa opens to 9k UTG but tanks and folds as Josh Bell 3-bets to 25.5k +1.

22:57: Ray Dykes limp-calls Matthew Archer’s 13k open out of position. However, he gives it up on the 337 flop as Matthew c-bets for 15.5k.

22:55: We have a 10k open from Ali Mallu, called by Nick Wilson in position and Josh Bell in the SB. Flop QdTh2d. Checked to Nick and he fires 16k. Josh calls but now Ali brings down the hammer with a modest raise to 302k. Nick folds and Josh goes into the tank. Josh has about 115k behind which Ali easily covers. Josh is feeling the pressure but does call in the end. He has AdJd for the Nut Flush Draw and Gutshot. Ali tables AsQs for Top Pair which is currently ahead. Turn 6s. River 3d. Josh doubles and Ali no longer the chip leader.

22:53: For Steven King the flop is a horror-story and the Turn is a gruesome end as his short-stack goes in with Sixes. MS re-shoves for about 160k with AKdd. The flop has two diamonds and the Turn is an Ace. Steven doesn’t River 666 and goes out to leave us with 29.

22:52: John Williams is out. Down to 30.

22:48: Cristian Popescu gets it done with a c-bet. Harold Strong flats his 9k open in position and they go heads-up to a flop but on Q42hhh 15k from Cristian gets a fold.

22:44: John Williams raises it up to 10k and he’s called by Ste Seasman from the BB. Flop KcTs4s. Both check. Turn Kh. Ste bets 13k, John calls. John only has about 40k behind now which Ste covers. River Qd. Check/Check. John shows 33 but Ste takes it with KJ for Trips.

22:41: Diamonds keep it quiet. Paul Ward completes blind-on-blind and James Sassi checks. The flop comes down AJTddd and both players check. Paul bets the 8s Turn and James calls. The River is the 7h and Paul checks and James bets 13k. Paul calls with J8 for two-pair but James has AT for better two-pair.

22:35: Back in action again now. The dinner break is over.

22:00: Players on dinner break. Coming back to Level 14 when we restart. Here are the full, approx, counts for all remaining participants:

Table 1
Chris Cunliffe 87k
Paul Ward 90k
James Sassi 125k
Marcus Baptista 75k
Ste Seasman 203k
Andrew Haygarth 230k
Ryan Mandara 340k
John Williams 75k

Table 2
Steven King 42k
MS 170k
Harry Strong 210k
Huy Roberts 198k
Matthew Murphy 160k
Robert Molyneux 230k
Chris Beek 150k
Cristian Popescu 70k

Table 3
Josh Bell 140k
George Kasparis 45k
Ali Mallu 540k
Anon 85k
Roni Tal 140k
Lee Banks 95k
Nick Wilson 500k
Jakariya Mustafa 210k

Table 4
Paul Maguire 275k
Allan Peers 215k
Peter Hynter 235k
Ray Dykes 225k
Matthew Archer 270k
Nerchabouh Tachajian 80k
Ben Dugdale 107k

LEVEL 13 - 1500/3000/400

21:47: Dinner Break for 45 mins now. Will get the full chip counts for the remaining field soon.

21:42: A huge cooler on Table 4 as Tai Hoong slowplays Aces. Nick Wilson opens the CO to 6.5k and Tai 3-bets to 15.5k from the SB. Nick then 4-bets to 35k and Tai calls. The J75 flop goes check-check and Tai checks the 6 Turn to Nick. Tai bets 27.5k and calls off when Nick shoves. Tai has Aces but Nick has Fives for a flopped set and pulls in the huge pot. Down to 31 players now heading into the 45 minute dinner break.

21:37: Chris Grierson out now too.

21:35: Colin Porter gets his last 40k in with TT vs AK and went down to a Full House.

21:32: Matthew Murphy all in pre-flop for 86k with AK vs MS’ Jacks. Matthew spikes an Ace to double up.

21:30: Ray Dykes opens and gets little respect with 3 calls from Josh Bell, Paul Maguire and Colin Porter. The Flop comes down 9s5sTd and Ray checks it to Josh who bets 17,600 and only Ray calls. The Turn is the As and checks through, the River is the 8s and Ray bets 35k. Josh goes deep into an agonised tank and eventually, eventually calls. Ray has AcQs and Josh’s Tens with the Ten of Spades is no good.

21:28: Warren Aspey gets his last 35k or so in with AdKd pre-flop vs Chris Beek’s 88. Chris flops a Set and rivers a House to send Warren to the rail.

21:23: Looks like Ali Mallu now the chip leader with 475k. We’ll get the full counts from the whole field at the dinner break which starts in 25 mins.

21:21: We’ve lost Richard Jennings. Down to 35.

21:20: Warren Aspey makes the fold, he bets 25k on the Turn of Kc9hAh - Ad and tank-folds when Robert Molyneux check-shoves about 110k with 34k in the middle. Robert getting his chips in faster then Warren. Warren left with about 35k.

21:15: Big pot for Ali Mallu. Just arrived on the River (KcQc2s-Ah-5h) to see him get a 60,500 call from Chris Grierson. Ali showed JT for the Nuts. Chris down to about 65k now.

21:11: “Dirty River.” A huge pot goes down between Allan Peers and Matthew Archer. Allan opens +1 and Matthew 3-bets to 15,700 in position and Allan calls. The flop is Td8h3s and Matthew bets 19,500 and Allan makes the call after a little deliberation. The Turn is the Jd and Matthew checks it back this time. The River comes down the Qc and Allan checks it over to Matthew one last time. Matthew starts counting out chips one purple at a time before settling on 45,500.

After a minute or so Allan calls with a turned set of Jacks, unfortunately for him Matthew has rivered Broadway with AK. The massive pot is shipped to Matthew “Dirty river” is Allan’s only comment.

21:01: Double up for Roni Tal with QQ vs Nick Wilson’s KK. Not sure when the money went in but Roni spiked a Queen ftw. Think he had about 80k before the hand.

20:59: Richard Connolly is out as his Eights get turned by AK, all-in pre-flop. Down to 36 players over 4 tables.

20:58: Gots ta win those flips. Keith Cheung flops the best of it, all-in pre with J9 vs Sevens. He flops a Jack and a flush draw but a Seven on the River gives Allan Peers the check-mark and Keith the exit.

20:54: We’re down to 38 players now as John Turner busts, reminder that there are 26 places paid today, which means there is just over a table to go until the bubble.

LEVEL 12 - 1200/2400/300

20:51: Martin McGeough’s earlier double does him no good as Ali Mallu comes back for his chips. Down to 39 as the clock ticks over into Level 13.

20:51: The Mustafa vs Maguire war on Table 3 continues. The latest battle sees them get 110k each all in on the Turn on board As7d5c-9d. Jakariya Mustafa (Ad8d) for Top Pair and Flush Draw vs Paul Maguire’s AhTd for Top Pair that is ahead at the moment. The Ac River sees Paul get a huge double up.

20:50: A double for Nerchabouh Tachajian as he and Ben Dugdale get all the chips in before the flop, Nerchabouh has the best of it with AK against Ben’s AQs. Ben flops chopportunities on 432 but Nerchabouh fades it and gets a double for 57k.

20:45: Martin Mcgeough gets a double from Ali Mallu his 28.4k and A7s finds an Ace against Sevens.

20:41: Ryan Mandara up to 310k after a monster hand on Table 1! It looks like it goes in on the flop but actually it’s pre-flop as John Hall opens to 10k, Ryan 3-bets to 29k and John 4-bet shoves for 110k with AQcc he runs straight into Aces though.

He flops well with Ah8c5c but bricks out and is out to bring us to 40 players.

20:37: Warren Aspey opens to 5.5k but folds when the player known as MS 3bets to around 23k from the SB. Warren says to MS that he thinks the bet was pretty big. MS replies that it had to be that big because of the hand he had. Warren says that he has to show it now after saying that. He doesn’t show it.

20:32: Ben Dugdale opens to 6k from the CO and only Allan Peers calls in the SB. The flop is Qs8h4c and Ben c-bets for 6,700 and gets a call. The Turn is the 6s and Ben fires 11.5k and gets a call. Allan leads 17k on the Qd River and Ben tank folds “I didn’t actually have any of that, was just considering raising you!” laughs Ben as he folds.

20:29: Jakariya Mustafa and Paul Maguire at it again on Table 3. Paul limps for 2.4k and calls when Jakariya makes it 9k to go in position. Flop KsJd2c. Paul check/calls 8k. Turn 4d. Check/Check. River 5h. Check/Check. Jakariya shows 66 but they’re no good against Paul’s J9.

20:25: Lee French and Kenneth Roberts also make their exits. We’re left with just 41 players now.

20:22: Must be nice. James Walsh shoves for his last ~25k and Paul Neilson re-shoves for about 55k. Josh Bell looks down at Kings in the SB and makes a very quick call! James has AQss and Paul has Fours. “No Four please” says Josh as he works out ways to lose this 140k pot.

The flop is 9s8c2s and it looks good for James but 2c - 3c see Josh hold to pull in massive amounts of chips and bust both players.

20:18: John Roberts is pretty happy when his open to 6.5k gets two calls and he c-bets for 11k on Kd8s4d and Andrew Haygarth calls from the BB. The Turn is the 3d and this barrel is 35k from John. Bang. Bang. Andrew check-shoves and John snaps. Andrew flips over AdKh and John has Aces!

“Guess I need a diamond then!” says Andrew but it’s the dirty way as he spikes the Kc to make trips and bust John.

20:16: Didn’t catch the lead-up on this one but on the Th5c4c-Ts-Td board Jakariya Mustafa bets 20k, Paul Maguire raises to 50k then Jakariya makes it 80k. Paul opts for a fold.

20:10: The look on Daniel Kavangah’s face says it all as he shoves the CO and receives a quick re-shove from James Sassi. He’s right with his KT in bad shape against James’ AK. He turns a gutshot on AT7 - J but whiffs and busts to bring us to 45 players over 5 tables.

20:07: Shortie Adam Tsang tries a steal pre-flop with 52o but runs into AQ and is now heading for the exit.

20:06: Big all in and call on the River here between Nick Wilson and Mr Anonymous. It’s a chop though.

20:05: Colin Porter calls a 15k 3-bet in position from Jakariya Mustafa after opening to 5.5k pre-flop. The flop comes down Ac6s7d and Colin gives it up after Jakariya c-bets 10k. Colin doesn’t seem overly happy about it though.

20:03: Lee Banks piles on the pressure, 3-betting to 29k pre-flop, John Hall the last one to fold with a laugh.

20:01: After a 2.4k limp from John Williams, Daniel Kavanagh makes it 7k to go. Steven Seasman calls from the BB and John comes along too. 3 way to the Flop which arrives as Qd7h5h. All of them check. Turn 7s. Now Steven leads for 8.6k. John folds, Daniel calls. River Ks. Steven bets again, 13.3k. Daniel calls. Steven has AK which is good vs Daniel’s KJ.

19:51: Huw Roberts 8k lead out on 665 is enough to take the pot after Kenneth Roberts opens the button to 5k and both Huw and Andrew Haygarth in the blinds defend.

19:48: Spun back up with 47 players competing for 26 prizes! Michael Simpson is out first hand back.

19:40: Players on a 15 minute break now. Here are the top stacks. We have 46 left. Payouts start at 26 so still a while to go before the money.

Nick Wilson 285k
Ali Mallu 240k
Peter Hytner 210k
Allan Peers 200k
Warren Aspey 200k
Jakariya Mustafa 185k
Ben Dugdale 180k
Ray Dykes 170k
Rori Tal 170k
John Hall 165k
Ryan Mandara 160k
Chris Grierson 160k

LEVEL 11 - 1000/2000/300

19:36: Paul Nielson is left with 57k as he doubles up Peter Hytner. Paul opens early to 4.5k and Peter quickly 3-bets to 10.5k. The flop is AsJd4d and Paul check-calls 21k from Peter. The Turn brings the 5s and Peter shoves for about 70k with about 65k in the middle. Paul makes the call but he’s got it wrong with J9 vs AK and Peter holds to double up.

19:35: The Poker Gods are cruel. Marcus Baptista is put in a tough spot as Chris Beek check-shoves over his 10k c-bet. Chris has shoved 43.4k on KsTc7c. Marcus makes the call with T9hh and is correct against QJ but a Jack on the River and Marcus loses a 100k pot and is left with about 40k.

19:33: Players on the first 15 minute break of the day, chip counts to follow.

19:31: Chris Cunliffe 3-bets to 20k pre out of the SB and John Williams is the only caller on the Button. With over 45k in the middle Chris c-bets for 16k and John calls on 6dKs6h, the Turn is the Js and Chris checks to John who bets 16k and Chris calls. The River is the 2h and checks through, John showing KThh for the winning hand.

19:26: Peter Hytner opens to 4.5k, called by Matthew Archer then Josh Bell 3bets to 22k. Both fold with Matthew thinking the longest before doing so.

19:24: Mark Bellis paints himself into a corner as he bets 11k on the Turn of Ah7sTc- Jd with about 14k in the middle. Paul Neilson puts a small pile of purples over the line and Mark has to make a decision for his tournament life. He eventually decides grudgingly that he doesn’t have enough to fold and calls off… drawing dead. Paul has AT vs Mark’s A4ss and Paul sweeps in the chips.

19:21: Double up for Peter Hytner (AdTd) through James Walsh (6d5d) all in on the Jd8d6c Flop. Peter hit a Ten on the Turn to take the lead.

19:15: Mor Kamber and Andy Hills both eliminated.

19:14: Lucky double for Keith Cheung as he open-shoves all in for 31.5k with A4 and sucks out on AK.

19:11: Being part of the action doesn’t stop you from catching up on the action!

19:08: An unlucky 3-bet for Dave Dempsey. Allan Peers opens to 4,600 and Ali Mallu calls in the SB before Dave Dempsey makes it 16,600 from the BB. After a short think Dave calls and Ali folds. The flop comes down KcTh3s and Dave continues for 12k and Allan calls. Dave seems almost a little surprised by this and checks the 6s to Allan who bets 45k. After counting his stack and running the numbers Dave shoves for about 60k and Allan makes the quick call with Aces. Dave has KQhh and rivers the open-ended straight-flush draw a street too late and is out.

19:04: A great spot for Margaret Bird as she gets all in pre-flop for her around 30k stack with QQ vs Matthew Murphy’s JJ. Great flop too but the turn brings the Jack of Spades to send all her chippies in the wrong direction and she’s out. She loves the game so much that she jumps straight into this evening’s side event however. Commendable.

19:00: After a couple of early set-backs, Paul Maguire’s stack is moving in the right direction again. He reported that the picked up a decent pot with Aces recently.

18:57: Jakariya Mustafa opens it up to 4.3k UTG+1 and gets 3 callers. Flop AcJc3c. He is not deterred and bets 13k. Ray Dykes is having none of it and jams in for about 86k. Folded back to Jakariya and he tries to have a chat with Ray before folding and showing the Ace of Hearts. Ray (pictured below) says nothing and shows nothing.

18:54: Jakub Pajunk may have claimed first blood but he doesn’t get the last laugh. He’s out to bring us to 54 over 6 tables.

18:52: Another Roberts battle on Table 6, this time it’s John Roberts against Kenneth Roberts. Kenneth opens to 7k after John limps. John calls and checks 2s8c9h to Kenneth who checks back. The Turn is the 3s and John bets 12k and Kenneth tanks and tanks and calls. The River is the Kh and Kenneth checks it back with QT and loses to John’s Q9ss.

18:48: Endrit Geci busts, his stack goes in pre with A8 but even rivering a straight on 2sJd9h - Ad - Th does him no good against AK. Richard Burke also out and joins him on the rail.

18:46: A few hands later the same 2 players are involved again. Tai has raised it pre-flop to 4.5k and Nick has 3bet to 14.5k from the BB. Tai folds. Nick turns over the old Deuce/Three Suited.

18:42: Nick Wilson and Tai Hoang play a decent pot on Table 4. Looks like about 80k in the middle. Check/Check on the River though (9c7c7h-3h-2s) and Nick takes it with Aces in the hole.

18:41: Steven King continues to write his story as he gets a 3-bet shove through against Warren Aspey, it’s 24,100 more than the raise but Warren decides that he hasn’t played enough hands and he can’t make the call.

18:37: John Turner shoves the Turn-er. Ali Mallu opens to 5.5k and John Turner is the only caller on the Button. The flop comes down ThQs3c and checks through. The Turn brings the 9c and Ali bets out 16k into the 15k in the middle, John Turner shoves for about 35k and gets it through.

18:34: Nice payoff for Paul Maguire with a Straight vs AT Top Pair here.

18:33: Blinds up! Down to 57/64/237.

LEVEL 10 - 800/1600/200

18:27: All Three Barrels. Richard Jennings limps in pre-flop but quickly calls as Endrit Geci shoves for 3,300 and Paul Ward raises to 6k. The flop is 7d5d2c and Richard leads out 6k and Paul snap-calls, the Turn is the 6c and again bet of 10k and a snap-call. Finally the River is the Ah and Richard fires out the third barrel for 9k and Paul snaps him. Paul has Tens to win the side pot and Endrit quadruples with a turned set of sixes for the Main pot!

18:24: Karl Stokes all in with QQ on this Jack High Flop vs Mark Bellis with AJ Top Pair. Mark backdoors a Flush to send Karl home. The pot was already about 25k and the shove was a bit under 40k.

18:18: Adam Tsang gets a 3-bet ship through over Tai Hoong’s open.

18:17: A pot goes heads up between Keith Cheung and James Walsh, Keith opens to 3,500 and only James calls in position. Keith bets 7k on 9h7h5c and 10k on the 8d Turn and James calls both times. Keith checks the 7c to James who bets 15k, with about 45k in the middle, it’s a very small bet, especially as Keith only has ~35k behind. Keith makes the call and is shown 86ss for the flopped straight and it’s good. Keith down to about 20k.

18:16: Brian Twigg and Ed Ramshaw both eliminated.

18:15: Big pre-flop action on Table 3 as Jakariya Mustafa (QQ) and Paul Maguire (88) get it all in pre-flop. Jakariya had about 70k and gets a full double. Paul still has plenty behind.

18:09: Arriving to the action on the River Richard Jennings shoves 44k into about 64k on Js7h5h - 8h - 4h. Allan is about to be put on the clock and makes the call. He’s shown Queens with the Queen of Hearts. It’s good as he says he has AxJh. He’s left with just 30k afterwards.

18:06: Sore one for Stephen Rowley as he gets the last of his chips in pre-flop with AK vs Mr Anonymous’ A3 and goes down to Trips.

18:02: BvB on Table 3, Stephen Rowley shoves all in against Richard Burke who makes the call. Both are pretty short. Stephen has A3o and Richard QTo. Richard is standing up as the board runs out but is able to retake his seat as the River brings a lucky Queen for him to double his 19k stack. Stephen now left with 5 or 6k.

18:00: Nerchabouh Tachajian is all in after what looks like a raise and a call from other players. The first player folds and Nerchabouh, thinking the hand is over, says “I hate this hand” and almost turns it face up. The last player involved folds anyway and Nerchabouh shows AK.

17:59: A Roberts battle with Mallu in the middle. Limps from John Roberts and Huw Roberts on the button let Ali Mallu check his option and see a flop. It comes down Jd6c2d and checks through, the Turn brings the Th and John takes a stab for 3,300 and Huw folds. When it makes it back to Ali he quickly makes 10,200 to go and John calls. The River is the 8d and Ali bets 20,600 and takes the pot.

17:53: Karl Stoker staring down Josh Bell’s River bet, Josh betting 13,400 into the 20k+ in the middle the board is 89Thhh - Qc - 4d. Karl eventually makes the sigh-call with tens for flopped top set and Josh shows Jacks for the Turned straight.

17:51: Mor Kamber gets an open shove through, Tai Hoong reluctantly folding his BB.

17:49: We have what looks what a 5bet shove pre-flop for 122k from Chris Grierson in the SB vs Roni Tal on the Button. Roni has him covered and has a good think the decision but decides to fold, leaving his 21k in there.

17:47: Val Gray busts to Steven King, all-in pre-flop.

17:44: Dave Dempsey considers a John Turner 3-bet after he opens the button but he gives it up after some deliberation.

17:40: Mo Kamber moves all in for 23k over the top of Nick Wilson’s raise pre-flop. Nick folds.

17:38: Chun Hao Man is our first exit of the day, he shoves SB into BB or so he thinks, he hasn’t noticed a CO raise and Jakub Pajunk makes the call with AKs. Chun Hao’s QJ flops a sweat on AcTc3d but bricks out and he’s out.

17:37: As well as the blog we have a Live Stream running on Facebook if you want to check that out.

17:35: First hand on Table 4, Roni Tal opens to 3.5k and is 3bet to 8.5k by Chris Grierson to his immediately left. Roni calls to see the Flop. It is Js9s6s. Roni check/folds to Chris’ 10.5k c-bet though.

17:25: It’s the sound of Christmas in the room, as gleeful players unwrap their presents to themselves. Who’ll have unwrapped gold and who’s unwrapped coal!?

17:10: 20 minutes till we start here for Day 2.


GPS Main Liverpool Day 2 gets under way at 5.30pm this evening. Here are the final numbers:

Day 1A: 14/54
Day 1B: 17/73
Day 1C: 33/110
Total: 64/237

Seating Draw

Total Prize Pool: £100,000

The Day 2 Seat Draw will be done Saturday afternoon and posted shortly before the event begins.

Day 1A
Robert Molyneux 174,500
Huw Roberts 169,100
David Dempsey 131,000
John Hall 131,000
Daniel Kavanagh 124,200
Paul Neilson 103,200
MS 102,500
Martin McGeough 88,900
Harold Strong 77,100
Mark Bellis 72,600
John Turner 55,900
Adam Tsang 54,100
Jakub Pajunk 41,600
George Kasparis 33,700

Day 1B
Chris Cunliffe 232,900
Paul Maguire 210,100
Nick Wilson 206,200
Warren Aspey 177,300
Matthew Archer 143,200
John Williams 119,000
Ray Dykes 105,700
Allan Peers 96,700
Mr Anonymous 84,700
Richard Jennings 84,100
Colin Porter 80,700
James Walsh 75,900
Keith Cheung 69,200
Lee Banks 68,800
Margaret Bird 56,500
Kenneth Roberts 33,900
Andrew Haygarth 31,400

Day 1C
Daryl Unsworth 253,600
Roni Tal 207,000
Ali Mallu 200,000
Ben Dugdale 149,700
John Roberts 141,100
Richard Connolly 133,000
Chris Grierson 127,700
Paul Ward 112,600
Steven Seasman 105,100
Peter Hytner 100,500
Endrit Geci 93,000
Marcus Baptista 90,000
Ryan Mandara 89,800
Cristian Popescu 88,400
Brian Twigg 77,100
Mat Murphy 69,200
Lee French 69,000
Nerchabouh Tachajian 64,800
Karl Stoker 61,400
Jakariya Mustafa 64,100
Ed Ramshaw 55,100
Richard Burke 52,300
Andrew Hills 48,000
Josh Bell 47,900
Chris Beek 47,400
Tai Hoong 45,100
James Sassi 37,200
Michael Simpson 36,600
Steven King 32,800
Ste Ruwley 31,800
Mor Kamber 26,200
Chun Hao Man 20,000
Val Gray 17,500

Here are the Payouts:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,500
11th £1,500
12th £1,200
13th £1,200
14th £1,200
15th £1,200
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800
24th £800
25th £800
26th £800

Day 2 on Saturday 2nd starts at 5.30pm, plays another 9 levels, and finishes around 4am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 3rd from 2pm and plays till one player remains.

Here is the full Day 2 structure:

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #GPSLiverpool hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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