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GPS Liverpool - Day 1C

By martinjsmith, posted September 01, 2017

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

04:32: Final 1C counts:

Daryl Unsworth 253,600
Rori Tal 207,000
Ali Mallu 200,000
Ben Dugdale 149,700
John Roberts 141,100
Richard Connolly 133,000
Chris Grierson 127,700
Paul Ward 112,600
Steven Seasman 105,100
Peter Hytner 100,500
Endrit Geci 93,000
Marcus Baptista 90,000
Ryan Mandara 89,800
Cristian Popescu 88,400
Brian Twigg 77,100
Mat Murphy 69,200
Lee French 69,000
Nerchabouh Tachajian 64,800
Karl Stoker 61,400
Jakariya Mustafa 64,100
Ed Ramshaw 55,100
Richard Burke 52,300
Andrew Hills 48,000
Josh Bell 47,900
Chris Beek 47,400
Tai Hoong 45,100
James Sassi 37,200
Michael Simpson 36,600
Steven King 32,800
Ste Ruwley 31,800
Mor Kamber 26,200
Chun Hao Man 20,000
Val Gray 17,500

04:07: Day 1C is now officially over! Players are bagging up now. Chip counts coming soon. Day 2 starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 5.30pm.

03:58: Matthew Murphy and James Hill get it in pre-flop and again it’s the classic flip with James holding AK and Matthew with Queens. This time it’s AK that misses and Matthew doubles with Queens. James is left with about 8k and busts shortly afterwards.

03:51: There are 17 mins left on the clock. We stop with 10 mins to go then draw for the final 3, 4 or 5 hands of play. Not long to go.

03:46: After a couple of 1.2k limpers, Josh Bell makes it 2.6k to go. He gets 2 callers, although one of the original limpers folds. Flop Qh8s6d. Checked to Josh and he continues for 7.6k. One opponent gets out of the way but Ed Ramshaw pumps it up to 20k. Josh thinks it over but eventually folds. Ed tells him it was a good fold as he had a Set but doesn’t show.

03:41: Daryl Unsworth gets aggressive as he check-raises the Turn against Chun Hao Man and John Roberts. The board reads AsTcQh - 6c and Chun has bet 4k and John has called, Daryl makes it 16k and only John calls. The River is the Ace of Hearts and Daryl launches out a massive 74k bet! John folds showing a Queen and Darly scoops it in.

03:34: Luke Bayliss takes a brutal one as his c-bet gets shipped over. Luke opens the CO and gets flats from the Button and Chris Grierson in the BB. It’s Chris who ships over his c-bet as the flop comes down 7c6c5h. Luke calls it off and is in bad shape with Aces against the 89 of Chris. Luke turns a club for a sweat but it bricks out and Luke hits the rail.

03:31: Viqar Akram loses a flip as the classic race goes in pre-flop with Richard Connolly holding AKss and Viqar with Queens. The flop is great for Richard on 7s6s6h and the Turn is even better with the 4s. Viqar fails to boat up and is out of here.

03:26: Rori Tal opens to 2.7k UTG on Table 1. Gets calls from both blinds. Flop Jc9c6c. All 3 check. Turn 6d. Wu Lui bets 5.6k, the guy in the middle folds and Rori calls. River 8s. Wu bets 16.1k. Rori has a think then shoves all in! He has about 130k which easily covers the roughly the bet plus the 50k Wu has behind. Wu doesn’t seem to love it but makes the call for his tournament life. The news is bad as Rori tables JJ for Top Full House. Wu Liu is eliminated.

03:23: 5 way limpfest on Table 3. Flop As9h9c. All check. Turn Ts. Paul Ward bets 3k, called in 1 spot by John Roberts. River 6h. Paul checks and John now bets 7k. Paul calls it but doesn’t like what he sees as John shows Qs9s for Trips.

03:20: Chris “Misfits” Gatley gets it in great shape as his stack goes in pre-flop with Tens against the Nines of Richard Burke. The flop comes down KdQs8h and Richards has just two two streets to hit his two outs. Richard hits both. Running Nines give Richard Quads and Chris the door.

03:12: Back from the break and 40 players remain but how many will make their way through to Day 2 of the GPS Main Event Liverpool!?

03:04: Players still on break. Level 9 starting in 5 mins.

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

03:02: Exits at the end of the Level 8 include John Stirling and Liam Hooks.

03:00: Top stacks at the last break. One more 1 hour level to go. 40/110 players remain.

Ben Dugdale 187k
Daryl Unsworth 165k
Ali Mallu 155k
Rori Tal 150k
John Roberts 120k
Jakariya Mustafa 112k
Chris Grierson 103k
Paul Ward 100k
Wu Lui 95k
Lee French 95k

02:55: Chris Grierson takes a big one off of Tai Hoong as he bets 27k on the River into about 46k on Js5s3d - 9h - 2h. There’s a lot of talk about hero-calls from Tai and discussion of missed draws that Chris could have but he eventually puts it down. Chris with a stage whisper “Phew!” as he folds.

02:49: Just as we head into the break Ded Kalaj leaves us. Looks like it’s down to 41 heading into the last level. Chip counts to follow the 15 minute final break.

02:48: Ian Ogily moves all in on a J98 Flop. Looks like about 28k and was over the top of a 3.5k bet. He gets it through then shows 88 for Bottom Set.

02:46: James Hill opens to 3k, Paul Ward 3-bets to 6.5k and John Roberts 4-bet shoves for about 70k, all pretty quickly. Two tank-folds and John scoops in the extra chips.

02:43: Limpfest on Table 2, 5 ways. All 5 of them check all 3 streets down and Ali Mallu takes it with a Straight amazingly. The river trap failed this time.

02:38: Two chip leads sat next to each other. Ben Dugdale on the left and Daryl Unsworth on the right. Both look to be well over 150k.

02:32: Ali Mallu sitting pretty, looks like about 150k:

02:26: After losing a flip with AK against Jacks, Neil Marshall busts his remaining 5,300 a couple of hands later.

02:23: At Midnight he was flipping for his last 10k, now Rori Tal is on about 165k and one of the biggest stacks in the room, impressive turnaround.

02:20: Payouts confirmed:

1st £28,000
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £7,000
5th £5,400
6th £4,400
7th £3,400
8th £2,600
9th £2,000
10th £1,500
11th £1,500
12th £1,200
13th £1,200
14th £1,200
15th £1,200
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800
24th £800
25th £800
26th £800

02:18: Sean Byrne and Craig Unsworth out and Chris Ambler ambles out too.

02:16: Josh Bell straight back into the mix, as Karl Stoker calls his River bet of 5,300 into 12.5k and is shown 57cc for the Turned straight on 2c4s6s - 8s - Qd.

02:15: For Val Gray 3-bet/c-bet is all it takes as she 3-bets the button to 5.5k and takes it down with a 7k bet on 8h3d2d.

02:13: Daryl Unsworth’s stack below. Looks like over 200k. Our chip leader so far from the first 2 Day 1s is Chris Cunliffe with 232,900.

02:08: A rush of exits. We’ve lost Rosemary Barry, Mark McMenamin, Mark Turberfield and Daniel Hodson.

02:06: Our final count here at GPS Liverpool is 237 entries. Our prize pool is £100,000 with a small overlay of £5,200. Day 1C is still in progress now and will finish about 4am. Day 2 starts Saturday at 5.30pm. We will have 31 through plus however many survive tonight.

02:04: Steven’s earlier shove does him no favours as he’s now out. Tarique’s fold doesn’t do him any good either as he joins him. Ryan Plant and Mark Physick also out.

02:01: A 2.7k open from Viqar Akram sees a call from Josh Bell, before Darren Brown shoves about 28k in over the top. Viqar tanks and folds but Josh calls it off for about 19k. Josh has Fives vs AJ and he flops a set to thoroughly lock up the hand. Darren busts his remaining 9k a few hands later.

01:53: Blinds up!

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

01:48: Daryl was keen to pose with his Yellow Card which he picked up earlier.

01:47: John Roberts opens to 2.2k on Table 3. Daryl Unsworth calls then Ryan Plant moves all in for 8.7k. John folds but Daryl makes the call. It’s Ryan’s AT vs Daryl’s K4. Ryan doubles.

01:46: Steven Fitzgerald gets a 7k shove through from the button. Tarigue Imran folds his BB in disgust.

01:42: Ste Ruwley opens to 3,100 after a limp from Craig Unsworth and Craig is the only caller. The flop comes down Ks8d3s and Craig leads out for 5k. Ste pretty quickly grabs his large chips and puts them in. It’s a raise to 46k but it’s Craig’s tournament life on the line. He declares that he has Tens and asks Ste if he has the King. After some very deliberate though from Craig he makes the fold and is shown Aces by Ste.

01:28: We’ve also lost Chris Dolan, Matthew Leech and Michael Sadler recently.

01:27: Endrit Geci doubles up with the old Ten/Deuce.

01:25: Online PokerStars satellite qualifer Adam Mays has been knocked out.

01:20: Decent pot for Ryan Mandara (plenty of purple 5ks in there). After Rivering Top Set he gets 13.8k of value from Daniel Hodson.

01:17: John Stirling (AA) and Anthony Waring (the other AA) get the chips all in pre-flop. Luck is on John’s side however as he rivers a Flush to take the lot. John had 36,700 and has doubled up. Anthony is left with 100 chips, a single ante :-(

01:06: On Table 4, we have an open to 1.8k and a call but then Cristian Popescu 3bets to 6.7k and everyone gets out of the way.

01:02: Short stack Fred Maher all in pre-flop with A7 vs A8. He’s dead to a chop on the Turn and at 0% on the River even though he improves by making 2 Pair.

00:54: Back in action. Ethan Brown and Callum Denny are out. No more re-entries now. When you’re out, you’re out.

00:45: Level 7 about to start. Will get the final numbers to you soon.

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

00:40: Top stacks at the break:

Paul Ward 125k
Marcus Baptista 120k
Daryl Unsworth 108k
Steven Seasman 105k
John Roberts 95k
Wu Liu 86k
Ryan Mandara 75k
Luke Bayliss 75k
Rori Tal 70k

00:38: Michael Sadler faces a touch decision last hand before the break. Ali Mallu jams 20,350 over the top of his 3,700 Turn bet. There’s about 11k in the middle and the board reads 8h9s4d - Tc and after a few pained minutes he folds Aces face up. Ali only showing the Qc.

00:35: Richard Connolly and Ian Ogilvy get mixed up blind-on-blind as Ian opens and Richard calls, the flop comes down 9h2c4h and Richard shoves over the top of Ian’s c-bet for about 18k into the 5k in the middle. Ian makes an easy call with top set but has a lot to fade against Richards A5hh and he doesn’t make it, as Richard rivers a flush. Ian left with about 10k.

00:33: It’s curtains for Ming Ju, Andre Eleikelia and Kathryn Farquhar. They each have just the next 15 minutes to decide to re-enter as we head to the last break during reg. We’ve had 107 entries today so we still have a £6,400 overlay up for grabs!

00:31: Josh Bell gets another double-up from Ali Mallu they get it in on the flop with Josh holding the nut-flush draw with A7hh and Ali with T2 for two pair on KhTh2c. It runs out Qs - 8h and Josh makes his flush and his double up to just over 20k. The Doyle Brunson no good for Ali Mallu.

00:27: Short Stack Gary Shaw is all in with A9 but can’t find a suckout vs AQ and heads for the door.

00:24: Chris King’s Tens run into the Kings of Ben Dugdale blind-on-blind, he flats Ben’s BB 3-bet and then ships a safe looking 8-high flop but to no avail.

00:20: Marcus Baptista takes 2 players out on Table 4 with Aces. He shouted me over from the other side of the room but I was a little late to catch a pic of the hands. His chip stack looks rather nice now though…

00:16: Both James Grays will be happy as Val Gray gets a double up, her KTs catching a King on the flop and dodging an Ace or Ten to double her 7.8k stack through Lee French.

00:12: Paul Smart, Andrei Dobre, Alan Holmes and Terrence Owens are all spin-outs in the last while.

00:10: Matthew Leech and John Roberts get all of the chips in! Flip for the world! Darren Brown (left) opens to 2k UTG and John Roberts (right) 3-bets him to 4.5k. The action folds to Matthew Leech in the SB and after he gets a rouch estimate of both the players involved stacks he shoves for over 50k! Darren makes a fairly quick fold and John makes a fairly quick call for his tournament life. It’s AK for Matthew, Queens for John and folded Jacks for Darren “Don’t put a Jack out there!” Mathew flops a gutter to the wheel but a third spade on the Turn leaves him drawing thin and he bricks the River. John has 41,425 and Matthew is left with about 14k.

00:09: On Table 9 we have a Button raise to 1.2k and calls from the SB and BB (Ethan Brown). On the 6d4d2s Flop Ethan (Seat 1 below in the stylish top) ships all in after the SB checks. Looks like 5 or 6k. Both others fold.

00:00: Double for Rori Tal as he 3-bet ships out of the BB and gets a call from Sean Byrne. Rori’s AQs flops an Ace and holds against Sean’s pocket Eights.

23:57: On Table 3, Karl Stokes makes it 1.5k UTG. The only caller is Mark Physick from the BB. They seem to be discussing a previous hand that Mark lost as he says he’s on tilt. Flop KdKsQs. Mark check/calls 1.8k. Turn Qd. Check/Check. River Ts. Mark leads for 3k. Karl thinks it over but doesn’t call. Mark shows a 6s first then flips the other one. It’s Qc for a Full House.

23:53: Paul Ward wins another one. He raises pre-flop to 1.5k and picks up Ming Ju on the Button and another from the BB. Flop Ad9d2h. Checked to Paul and he puts 3k worth of betting discs over the line. Ming calls, the BB folds. Turn 8c. Both check. River 6d. Paul likes it and bets 6k. Ming mucks.

23:50: Josh Bell gets a double-up from Ali Mallu, Nines holding against T9 for Josh’s 5.5k stack.

23:46: Dropping like flies here as the spin-up or spin-out mentality sets in heading to the end of registration. Joshua Matthewman joins the list.

23:44: Paul Ward with a monster amount of chips, about 160k at an average of about 40k!

23:40: Recent departures include Daniel “Ding” Wilson, Tony Johnston, Nathan Weigh and Mei Kay Cheng.

23:38: Up to 104 now. Late reg will be 12.50am. Free hug from the member of staff of your choice if you enter before then.

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

23:33: John Stirling makes a decision. After an open to 1k from Richard Connolly, John 3-bets to 3,200 from the button and it folds back to Richard. He asks how much John has and weighs it up before going for the All-in option. John goes into the tank before folding AK face up.

23:30: On Table 8, we see a 400 limp then Andy Hills makes it 1.6k to go. From the SB, Lee French 3bets to 4.7k. The limper gets out the way and Andy calls. Flop 8s4h3d. Lee throws in the old one-of-each-colour-chip bet (6.6k). Andy tank/calls. Turn Kh. Both check. River Jc. Lee fires 17k now. Andy tanks for quite a while, giving Lee the stare down but he doesn’t find what he’s looking for and makes the fold.

23:26: Louis Eyles hits the rail as he busts from Table 9.

23:24: Mark Physick makes a big shove. Mark opens to 1,000 and with one caller in between Darren Brown opts to make it 4,000. Mark calls and the passenger gets off. The flop comes down KdJd9h and Darren tanks for a while before c-betting for 6,000, Mark pretty quickly shoves. With Darren covering the shove is for over 30k. Darren folds quite quickly and is shown QT!

23:12: Chee Mok and Liam Hooks hit the rail. We’re up to 102 entries for the day so we’re still 21 entries short of the golden number!! Late reg until 01:00am!!

23:08: Fred Maher gets on the wrond end of things, he raises pre-flop and gets 3-bet by James Hill to 2,500 and he calls. The flop comes down Jd3c8c and James c-bets 3,500. He then makes an easy call as Fred shoves for 14,200. James has Kings to Fred’s QJ and holds.

22:55: Rori Tal continues to get in the mix! He 3-bets Daniel “Ding” Wilson’s open to 2,700 on the button and Daniel calls. The flop is 9s6d2h and Daniel leads out 2,125 and Rori quickly calls. The Turn is the 5s and this time it’s 4,500 from Daniel that Rori calls. The River is the Kc and Daniel bets 6,800 leaving himself with 5,000 behind and Rori tanks and sigh-calls. Daniel announces “Pair” followed by “I’ve got a 6” and tables 67o and it’s good…

22:47: Kumar Sathiyanathan and Chris King also hit the rail. Chris’s earlier double-up not propelling him to Day 2 unfortunately.

22:40: Andre Eleikelia’s early open gets just one caller until it makes it around to Chun Hao Man in the SB who 3-bet’s to 4,200. Andre quickly shoves and it folds back to Chun Hao who after a quick check of the count makes the call with AK. It’s El Classico vs Queens and it’s roller coaster as Chun Hao flops a King, but on a three club board with Andre holding the only club. Andre also turns a straight draw but bricks the world and busts. Andre straight back in to cash in on the probably overlay.

22:27: And we’re back!! Cards in the air and still £10,800 to collect with 2 hours of late reg available!!

22:00: Play will recommence at around 10.35pm. Our current overlay is £12,400.

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

21:57: Here are the top stacks at the dinner break:

Sean Byrne 105k
Paul Ward 80k
Daniel Hodson 75k
Ste Buwley 65k
Darren Brown 64k
Chris Beek 64k
Neil Marshall 63k
Ryan Mandara 60k
Anthony Waring 55k
Callum Denny 53k
Wu Lui 53k
Rosie Barry 50k

21:49: Players on the 45 minute dinner break now. Up to 92 entries now. Still a £12,400 overlay. Late reg open to 12.45am so please don’t be shy if you fancy a game…

21:48: After a quick discussion with the floor of how many entries he’s allowed Rori Tal calls off on the River against Daniel Hodson. His 64dd for bottompair is unfortunately no good as Daniel’s Nines have further improved to a full-house on the River and he sweeps in the chips to chip up to 75k.

21:47: Over on Table 1 Andrei Dobre’s open gets little respect as Daniel “Ding” Wilson calls on the button and Kumar Sathiyanathan and Jakariya Mustafa call in the blinds for 700 each. The flop comes down Tc4h2d and Jakariya leads out for 1,600. Andrei raises to 3,700 and everyone else gets out of the way as it gets back to Jakariya. He 3-bets to 10,000 and Andrei is in a tough spot! Andrei is not happy but calls to a Turn. The 2h rolls off and Jakariya carries on for 8k now. Andrei tanks and folds.

21:45: On Table 5, Mei Kay Cheng doubles up through Terence Owens. She moved all in on the Turn for her last 7.5k with TT on the Jc9s8h-5h board. Terence made the call with KsQs for some overs and a Gutshot. The 5d brick on the River keeps Mei Kay in the tourney.

21:43: Chris King shoves onto Mor Kamber’s CO open and John Roberts and Debra Caine’s calls. Mor and John both tank-fold but it’s not much of a decision for Debra as she snap calls All-in. It’s a day at the races with Debra holdings Tens and Chris with AJcc. The flop is great for Chris with 9c2c6d and a 7c on the Turn seals his double up.

21:30: Daryl Unsworth gets a shove through as Ste Ruwley folds Aces on KhQcQs - Jd.

21:24: Endrit Geci just never got anything moving today and has spent the whole time below starting stack so he’s having another stab with after busting with a re-entry. Paul Finnegan also out at this point.

21:21: An open to 750 from Steven Fitzpatrick gets calls from John Paul Vanermarwe on the Button and Chris Beek in the BB. The flop is KdTc6d and Steven c-bets 1,200 and both call. The 9h turns checks to John Paul who bets 3,200 with 5,200 behind. Chris Beek check-raises to 8,000 and after a quick fold from Steven, John Paul is left with a decision for the rest of his chips. “If you got it, you’ve got it” says John Paul as he calls with T9 for the turned two-pair. He misses his full-house draw and busts to Chris’ turned straight with QJ.

21:20: On Table 3, Mark Physick (pictured below) is back in action, raising it up to 625 in mid-position. He’s called by Darren Brown in the cut-off along with both blinds. 4 ways to the Flop. It is Ks4c2s. Checked to Mark and he bets 1.4k. Darren is the only caller. Turn 4d. Mark now checks but calls when Darren bets 3k. River 9s. Mark takes back the play and leads for 8.5k. Darren looks interested and thinks it over for a minute or so but ends up folding. Mark taps the table and lets him see his monster As4s which hit a big flop, a bigger turn and an even bigger river.

21:02: James Byford hits the rail here, he’s still able to re-enter until approx. 1am.

20:58: John Stirling has recently entered the tournament. He won GPS Mini Newcastle back in February this year.

20:50: Level 4 has entered the door. Up to 88 entries now.

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

20:48: We go 6 ways to a flop on Table 9 but only Chun Hao Man and Joan Hadley showing any interest, Joan calling a 1,300 bet in position on Q6c5h. The Turn 3c checks through and Chun Hao makes a 3,300 stab on the River. Joan calls and is shown a flopped set of Sixes.

20:44: Meanwhile on another table, Ali Mallu gets 10.5k of value on the River vs Josh Bell with a Full House AAAQQ.

20:40: Just arrived at Table 3 on the River to see Mark Physick (left) contemplating a raise of his 2.7k bet to 9.5k by Karl Stokes (right). The board is 9h6c3c-3s-8d. Mark thinks for a few minutes then asks another player to call a clock on him. It’s called and Roy comes over to do the countdown. Mark asks Roy what he’d do with Jacks in this spot which gets a few laughs. Unsurprisingly Roy doesn’t answer that. Mark lets the time run down to a few seconds left then folds.

20:36: On the flop Craig Unsworth checks it to Endrit Geci heads-up and Endrit bets 1,200 into 1,700 and Craig calls. The Turn is QcJdTd - 3d and Endrit shoves his last 3.6k when Craig checks it to him. Criag folds but asks to see the River as he does so, no River is seen and Craig is left wondering…

20:31: Phil Abraham has been eliminated. We are up to 80 entries now. Still another 43 needed to hit the £100,000 guarantee though.

20:30: On Table 9, Peter Hytner limps for 200 then Andre Gleikelia (pictured below) raises to 800. The Button and SB call and Peter is keen too. Flop Qd8s7s. Checked to Andre and he fires 1,750. Peter is the only caller. Heads up. Turn 8h. Check/Check. River 2s. Peter now takes control and bets 2,750. Andre says No.

20:26: Richard Burke and Sean Byrne mix it up. Richard opens early and is the only caller when Sean 3-bets him to 2,000 from the Button. The flop comes down Jc9h3s and Richard check-calls 2,600. The Turn is the 8d and this time Sean fires 5,800 and Richard is left with a pained expression but he makes the call. The River is the 4s and Sean turns up the heat with a 13k bet! Richard pulls his chips apart and has a count through how much he has and tanks for a couple of minutes, he finds a call and is shown Sean’s flopped set of Nines! Sean up to about 86k with the average sitting at about 27k.

20:18: Next hand, Adam Mays opens the Button and calls when Ali Mallu 3bets to 1.2k from the SB. On the KsKc6c Flop Ali bets 1.6k but folds, showing the 9 of Spades, when Adam raises to 4k.

20:16: Looks like a couple of 200 limpers on Table 2 but everyone folds when Ali Mallu makes it 1.2k from the BB.

20:13: A button open from Endrit Geci gets a call from Rosie Barry “I still don’t believe you!”. The flop is Qs6h4c and Endrit c-bets 500, Rosie check-raises to 1,300 and Endrit makes the call. The Turn is the 5c and Rosie checks it to Endrit who bets 2,100 and Rosie calls. The River is the 8c and Rosie again check-calls 2,800, “I had the Queen” she says as Endrit flips over Rockets for the winner.

20:07: Still on Table 2, it looks like a 200 limp for Josh Bell then Michael Sadler makes it 850 to go. Mark Turberfield comes along on the Button and Josh makes up the difference. Flop 9s4d2s. All 3 players check. Turn 7h. Josh leads out for 1,250. Michael folds. Mark calls. River 4h. Check/Check. Josh wins with 9h8h.

20:05: We’ve lost Eloi Mergulhao. Down to 74 still playing out of 86 entries. Current overlay £18,800.

20:02: On Table 2, Anthony Waring (right) makes it 600 UTG+1 and gets calls from Viqar Akram (in position), Michael Sadler (SB) and Adam Mays (BB). Flop As3c2d. Checked to Anthony and he c-bets 1.5k. Adam (left) is the only interested party. Turn 2h. Adam checks, Anthony throws in a 5k chip and declares “Three”. He’s held to the smallest possible bet so it’s 300. We think he meant to bet 3k though. Adam calls the 300. River Tc. Check/Check. Anthony is good with AcQc.

19:55: We come to the action on the River as Val Gray leads out 2,600 on 8d9d4h - Ac - 2d. Lee French makes a raise to 11,500 with 6,500 behind and 8,500 in the middle. Val makes the call and is shown the bad news. Lee has AQdd for the rivered nut-flush. Val down to about 11k.

19:48: As we come back from the break we hit the 200 entries mark! Still 50 more required to make the £100,000 guarantee and with late reg until 01:00am approx. still plenty of time to get here and join in

19:44: No one running away with it too much early on here. Players on a short break before we start Level 3.

Matthew Leech 44k
Richard Burke 43k
Sean Byrne 41k
Mor Kamber 41k
Mark Turberfield 41k
Luke Bayliss 40k
Rosemary Barry 40k
Andy Hills 40k
Andrei Dobre 37k
Mustafasdfasdfasdfa 37k
Nerchabouh Tachajian 35k
Matthew Murphy 35k
Ryan Mandara 35k
Daniel Hodson 35k
Louis Eyles 35k

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

19:32: Rori Tal busts the last hand before the 15 minute break. Chip counts to follow the break.

19:30: After an UTG open from Joshua Matthewman (right), Chris King 3-bets to 1,050 and Joshua calls. The flop is Kh4s3d and Joshua check-calls 850 from Chris. The Turn is the 2s and again check-call from Joshua, 2,200 this time. The River is a 3s and Chris checks-back and mucks as Joshua shows KQcc.

19:22: After a limp from Damian “Yorkshire” Pye, Joan Hadley makes it 400 on the button. Both the blinds, Daniel Hodson in the SB, Louis Eyles in the BB and Damian call. The flop is 8s6h8h and it checks through, the Ac on the Turn getting similar treatment. The River is the 2s and Damian bets 500 and Louis calls quickly when it gets back to him. Three pair no good for Damian with A2dd against Louis’ A9ss “I knew I should’ve check-raised to 1,200 on the River!” a last comment from Louis as Damian gets moved to our newly opened Table 8.

19:17: On Table 2, we have 6 x 150 limps before Ali Mallu makes it 700 from the SB. The BB calls, Val Gray calls, another player calls then Roni Tal shoves his stack all in (9,275). Val Gray has accidentally exposed one of her cards (Jc) so the table gets to see that. Everyone folds with the last player to do so showing the Jack of Hearts for fun.

19:12: Sean Byrne’s ealry open gets 3-bet by Kumar Sathiyanathan to 1,200 in the CO and Jakariya Mustafa cold-calls on the button. When it gets back to Sean he 4-bets to 3,325 and both quite quickly call. The flop comes down 8s8c2c and Sean snap jams for 11k, Kumar snap-folds and Jakariya puts it down as well to bring Sean back to 22k.

19:07: We’ve recently lost Michael Simpson.

19:05: Up to 63 but still a nice £24,000 overlay here in Liverpool. Jump in your car and get down here ASAP to take advantage of it.

19:02: On a Td8d7s flop it checks to Adam Mays (left) on the button, with about 2,100 in the middle he bets 1,025 and Anthony Waring in the BB and Chris Dolan +1 both call. The Turn is another Ten and Adam fires another 2,000 when checked to, only Anthony Waring calling. The River is a three and Anthony checks it over to Adam one final time, he check-calls 2,200 from Adam and Adam’s T9ss is the winning hand.

18:56: On Table 1, Andrei Dobre opens to 400 UTG, called by Kumar Sathiyanathan (left) before Jakariya Mustafa (right, with position on both players) 3bets to 1.4k. The other 2 call. Flop Jh6h6s. Checked to Jakariya and he c-bets 1.2k. Kumar is the only one to keep fighting. Turn 5d. Kumar checks, Jakariya chucks in 2.6k. Too much for Kumar and he declines the offer. Pot to Jakariya.

18:53: An open from Steven Fitzpatrick is called by Callum Denny and Phillip Abraham. On AdJh8h Steven c-bets for 825 and both call. The Turn is a 9c and checks through. The River is the 6d and again checks-through. Steven just mucks at showdown and Callum flips over T9 for the winner.

18:50: Anyone for a bit of dessert? Plenty of options on the Genting menu.

18:48: On Table 2,  Val Gray opens to 400, called by Chris Dolan then Roni Tal 3bets to 1.6k on the Button. Both players call. Flop Jh7d5h. Checked to Roni and he bets 1.7k. Chris is the only caller. Turn Th. Chris check/calls 3,050 from Roni. River 3h. Chris now leads for 4k. Roni gives it up.

18:45: Paul Finnegan opens to 450 on Table 1 and Andrei Dobre is the only caller on the Button. Paul c-bets 650 on Ac6c3h and Andrei calls. They check down the 7c - Js Turn and River and after a declaration of King-high from Paul, Andrei flips over Eights for the winner.

18:33: Up to 59 now as we start Level 2.

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

18:33: Rosie Barry continues to raise and pressure her opponents, she raises Chun Hao Man’s 500 c-bet to 1,300 and he folds. There’s 950 in the middle and she shows AQ on Q85!

18:32: On Table 5, Luke Bayliss opens the betting for 250 and gets both blinds to call (Eloi Mergulhad and Gary Shaw). Flop KsJc4d. Checked to Luke and he fires 300. Both call. Turn Kc. Checked to Luke again and he bets 550 this time. Gary is the only taker. River Tc. Check/Check. Chop it up! Luke has Js9s and Gary Jh7c.

18:30: Mor Kamber under pressure. She 3-bets an Ali Mallu open out of the SB to 1,400 and he calls. The flop comes down the exciting QQQ and she c-bets for 1,300. Ali riases to 5,025 and Mor is not happy, she eventually calls but with just 13,000 behind and 12,950 in the middle the pressure is on. She checks the 4 Turn to Ali who shoves it in her face. After several long minutes in the tank, she calls with Kings. Ali has A4 and doesn’t spike an Ace. Ali down to about 5k and Mor up to about 40k. Ali is knocked out soon after. Looks like he’s at the desk re-entering now though.

18:22: On Table 1, Paul Finnegan opens to 250 UTG and is 3bet to 600 by Fred Maher. Richard Burke comes along on the Button and Paul makes up the extra. 3 ways to the Flop which arrives as KsTs9h. Paul checks, Fred bets 1.1k, Richard folds and now Paul raises to 2.4k. Fred calls. The Turn is Qs which brings in the Spade Flush and makes any Jack a Straight. Both players check. The River is a safer-looking 5c. Paul bets 2.4k and Fred calls it. Paul tables KcTd for 2 Pair and it’s good. Fred shows AsKh for Top Pair with the Nut Flush Draw that missed the River.

18:18: After a limp from the returning Mark Mcmenamin, Louis Eyles opens to 400, Callum Denny defends his BB and Mark folds. The flop is Ks9s6c and Louis c-bets for 625 and Callum calls. The Turn 4s checks through and the River is the 3s, Callum again checks it to Louis who informs the dealer “Terrible run-out lad!”, he checks back shows down AKs for top-top and Callum shows a flopped set of Nines. “I lied, great run-out lad, great run-out! I would’ve raised any other River.”

18:11: Mark McMenamin eliminated but has jumped straight back in with a re-entry. Up to 53 now.

18:08: On Table 3, Andy Hills opens to 300 UTG and picks up 4 callers. Flop Jd7s4c. Checked to Andy and he continues for 750. Paul Smart in the only caller from the SB position. Turn 4s and both players check. River 6d. Now Paul leads for 1.1k. Andy folds. You see a lot of hands following this pattern in the early stages.

18:05: Richard Burke gets clicky! After calling a large bet on the Turn, Mark McMenamin (left) bets out 2,600 on the River with about 7k behind and about 10k in the middle. Richard (right) raises to 6k and after a little tank Mark calls. It’s KJs for Mark against AK and Mark is left with just 2.4k on KcQh3s - 4c - 7s.

17:56: Up to 46 entries here in Liverpool for Day 1C, looks it should be a busy one and still a huge overlay to surmount! Come down and get involved!

17:53: After a limp UTG from Mor Kamber (left), Rosemary Barry opens to 225 +2 and several players call. When it gets back around to Mor though she puts in the limp-3-bet to 1,075, Rosemary calls and so does Michael Simpson in the BB. The flop is AcJc3d and after a short pause Mor continues for 2,600, Rosemary makes it 4,600 to go and is held to the 5,200 raise. Michael gets out of the way and it’s back to Mor. She tanks for a bit and eyeballs Rosemary as she calls the bet. However, she check-folds to Rosemary’s 5,000 Turn continuation on the Kd.

17:36: A few snaps from the early stages:

17:28: That’s more like it. Kicking off with 26 players.

17:23: Slowly climbing. Now 19 entries with 7 mins to go.

17:00: 30 minutes till we start the final Day 1 of GPS Liverpool and we have 5 registered! Current overlay on the £100,000 guarantee is £47,200. 5.30pm start with late reg till about 12:45am.


GPS Main Liverpool Day 1C gets under way at 5.30pm this evening. Here’s the latest:

Day 1A: 14/54 made it
Day 1B: 17/73 made it
Day 1C: Needs 123 entries to hit the £100k guarantee

The current overlay is £49,200.

All Day 1s for this leg are full length with 1 hour levels. Day 2 on Saturday 2nd and Day 3 Sunday 3rd September. Please note that we have no Turbo Day 1 like at some of the other legs. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 00:45am). Today’s Day 1 will finish around 4am. Day 2 on Saturday 2nd starts at 5.30pm, plays another 9 levels, and also finishes at 4am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 3rd from 2pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #GPSLiverpool hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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