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GPS Liverpool - Day 1B

By martinjsmith, posted August 31, 2017

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

04:25: It’s all over and we have 17 progressing to Day 2 out of 73. Here they are:

Chris Cunliffe 232,900
Paul Maguire 210,100
Nick Wilson 206,200
Warren Aspey 177,300
Matthew Archer 143,200
John Williams 119,000
Ray Dykes 105,700
Allan Peers 96,700
Mr Anonymous 84,700
Richard Jennings 84,100
Colin Porter 80,700
James Walsh 75,900
Keith Cheung 69,200
Lee Banks 68,800
Margaret Bird 56,500
Kenneth Roberts 33,900
Andrew Haygarth 31,400

04:10: Our last 3 hands is obviously full of drama… beginning with Jamie King shipping over 50k in cold, Chris Cunliffe asks for a rough count of the dirty stacks but once he realises it’s over 50k he folds and it gets through “I had King-Queen suited” “Really!?” “Yeah, he shoved like 50 bigs!”.
The next hand he shoves again, this time over the top of a limp from Colin Porter. Colin Cunliffe again has a huge decision and gets the clock called after several minutes and an exact count of 65,100. He folds and so does everyone else. As the discussion flares after the hand Colin C says that he folded Nines and said he was worried about Colin P even though Jamie was blind. Colin P says he didn’t realise that Jamie was blind.

The Final hand sees an open from James Walsh and Jamie ships it again, it folds around to Nick Wilson who shoves. James Walsh throws his head into his hands and goes into the tank, after a couple of minutes he makes an agonised fold and shows Jacks. Nick says that he didn’t realise that James was in the hand and tables AJo against Jamie’s 57o. It’s a results-orientated great fold for James as Nick flops the nut-flush draw and rivers an Ace to thoroughly hold. James tweeted about the hand shortly afterwards (see below).

04:00: Clock-stopped with 10 minutes to go, last 3 hands in progress!

03:55: Richard Jennings gets the check-raise through in a 3-bet pot! He opens +1 to 2.5k and James Walsh makes it 8k. Richard calls and the flop is 4s7c8d and he checks it to James who continues for 10.5k. Richard check-raises to 27k and James makes a pained put-down.

03:45: Down to 18/73 now. Here are the current seating arrangements. Only 25 mins to go till the end of the day so we’ll hold off and get the final chip counts then.

Table 1
1 Kenneth Roberts
2 Margaret Bird
3 Paul Maguire
4 Keith Cheung
5 John Williams
6 Lee Banks
7 Allan Peers
8 Ray Dykes
9 Andrew Haygarth

Table 2
1 Mr Anonymous
2 Richard Jennings
3 Chris Cunliffe
4 Matthew Archer
5 Nick Wilson
6 Warren Aspey
7 James Walsh
8 Colin Porter
9 Jamie King

03:40: Liam Duffy’s chips go in pre armed with QJ but Chris Cunliffe has AQs and makes the call. Domination-nation looks like it might not be the end of Liam as he flops the open-ender but he bricks out and Chris pulls in the chips bringing us to 18 players on 2 tables!

03:37: After a limp from Richard Jennings, Jakariya Mustafa jams in 13.6k and it folds to Jamie King in the BB who snap re-jams for 14.1k. Richard is left with a decision and folds after a minute or so “I’m not worried about you *gestures at Jakariya* it’s you I’m worried about *gestures at Jamie*”. Richard makes the fold but his read is incorrect as Jakariya has AT and Jamie has 57o but two sevens on the board and Jamie scoops. Richard saying afterwards that he had A9s and it was a good fold.

03:33: Andrew Haygarth forced to put it down as Allan Peers snap 4-bet jams in his face. Allan opens the CO to 2.5k and Andrew 3-bets to 8.5k with about 33k behind. Allan snap-jams and after some discussion of “I don’t know if I have enough to fold here” “Oh, maybe I do” Andrew lays it down.

03:25: Colin Porter gets a well-needed double up with AQ vs AT all in on the Turn. A Blank River seals the deal.

03:22: James Walsh opens to 3k UTG and only Richard Jennings calls. The flop is 9s6d2h and James checks it over to Richard who bets 4k. James doesn’t look happy but calls. The Turn is the Ks and James checks it to Richard who bets 4k with more hesitation this time. James calls. The River is the Ts and goes quickly check-check. James’ AKcc claims it.

03:20: Fred Maher is gone. Down to 20.

03:19: Kenneth Roberts opens the Button to 5k and Paul Maguire calls from the BB. Flop Jd9c8c. Paul check/calls 6k. Turn 3h. Check/Check. River 4h. Check/Check. Kenneth shows K9 for 2nd Pair but Paul has AJ for Top Pair. Neither one seemingly keen to bloat the pot.

03:13: Cards are in the air for the last level of Day 1B, 21 still in.

03:00: Latest top stacks with 21 left:

Warren Aspey 180k
Chris Cunliffe 160k
Paul Maguire 145k
Ray Dykes 140k
Matthew Archer 130k
Lee Banks 100k

02:54: Players on a 15 minute break then we play the last 1 hour level of the night. It’s almost over.

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

02:49: Coming to the action on the Turn as Richard Jennings bets 10k 3 ways with about 14k in the middle on 9h6hAs - 6c, Jakariya Mustafa quickly calls and Jamie King folds. The River is the Jd and Richard fires again for 16k and Jakariya goes deep into the tank. He eventually finds a call and is shown the chop, Richards A7dd against Jakariya’s A8hh.

02:44: A 5-way limp pot gets checked to the Turn where Margaret Bird bets 5k into the 4.7k in the middle on 974ddd - Kd and Kenneth gives it a tank-call. The River is the 8h and goes quickly check-check. Kenneths JT with the Ten of Diamonds is good.

02:41: A reminder that the lovely ladies of Ace Massage will be around all weekend offering all sorts of massage options at the table!

02:39: Wahid Patel no longer participating in the tournament. Think we’re down to 21/73 now. Last break of the night in 15 mins.

02:38: Liam Duffy makes it 2.5k from the cut-off. On the Button Jakariya Mustafa 3bets to 7.5k. Warren Aspey (pictured below) cold-calls from the BB. Liam decides to take a Flop as well. It comes down AhJhTd. First to act, Warren, leads for 13k. Liam and Jakariya both call. Turn is a Super Brick 3c. Warren keeps at it. Bets 28k this time. Both opponents fold. He asks if they want to see it. They do. He shows TT for a Set.

02:37: Rori Tal also sent packing recently.

02:36: Double elimination from Table 3 as My Anonymous takes out Gary Shaw and Hanran Zhang in the same hand. Mr A had KK and held up vs AK and AJ.

02:35: Marcus Baptista loses a monster pot to Ray Dykes, left with just 6k. I only make it to the pot on the River but looks like Marcus has check-called a massive 30k River bet from Ray into a 47k pot. Ray has Tens for a turned full-house and from the chat it sounds like Marcus had AK or Kings and that Ray called a c-bet on the AA5 flop. Marcus busts a couple of hands later.

02:28: Fred Maher on the wrong end of it as the money goes in on the Turn, John Williams holding Sevens for a flopped set and turned boat. Fred has J6 and has turned trip-Jacks on Js9c7d - Jd but he fails to boat-up or spike Quads and John wins 17k from him plus the middle.

02:22: Chris Lewis leaves us and leaves us with 26 remaining for Day 1B.

02:20: Mr Anon gets a double up from Wahid Patel as he check-shoves a flush draw. Wahid calls with Top-pair but Mr Anon turns the flush and Wahid fails to re-draw. Mr Anon up to about 50k and Wahid down to 30k.

02:18: Marcus Baptista opens to 2.5k and Ray Dykes calls on the Button and Margaret Bird from the BB. Margaret snap leads out for 7k on the 467rr flop and both players quickly fold. “Why don’t you call me now!?” she ask as she shows 67.

02:16 Michael Earley busts, he 3-bet shoves onto a CO open for about 22k but James Walsh has AQ and finds the call, Michael is in bad shape with A8 and doesn’t even find a sweat.

02:15: Lee Millar and Athir Ali out just after too. Breaking down to 3 tables.

02:13: Endrit Geci is out. Down to 28/73 now.

02:12: Chris Cunliffe makes it 2.2k to go and gets a call from Fred Maher (pictured below) in the blinds. Heads up. Fred checks in the dark. Flop Jd5s3s. Chris bets 2.3k then Fred raises to 6k. Chris calls. As soon as the Turn hits Fred bets 10k. Chris concedes.

02:07: In a 5-way limp pot, Andrew Haygarth is the first to make a stab with a 1,500 bet out of the SB on 3cTc3h - 6d and only Paul Maguire calls. The River is the Jd and a 6k bet from Andrew awards him the pot.

02:03: My Anonymous raises to 2.3k on Table 3. Matthew Archer 3bets from the BB. Takes it down right there.

02:01: Michael Earley (shown below) open-shoves for about 20k. No takers this time. He shows J8, probably earning him some callers next time.

01:55 Level 7 is no more. Level 8 has eclipsed it.

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

01:53: Warren Aspey (left) opens to 2,100 from +1 and both Suketu Patel (second right) and Jamie King call. Warren eyes up Jamie’s remaining stack as Jamie has just shy of 11k behind. The blinds fold and we see the flop 3 ways. It comes down Td9d6h and Warren bets 5,600 and Suketu calls. The Turn is the Js and Warren check-calls 12k. Warren checks the 4s River to Suketu who shoves for 27k into the 43,300 in the middle. Warren goes deep into the tank, trying to engage Suketu in conversation “Have you got the straight!?” “King-Queen of Diamonds!?” “I’ve got a big hand!” Silence from Suketu and eventually Warren calls with a set of Sixes and it’s good vs A5dd!!Warren up to about 120k!!

01:50: Darren Nelson mis-times a shove as he check-shoves the flop against Margaret Bird, she has Aces and makes a quick call, he has the nut-flush draw but bricks out and Mragaret doubles to about 50k. Darren is down to about 20k and leaves a short while later.

01:48: Gary Fisher is out.

01:42: Just picked this one up on the Turn with a board reading AsTh7c-4s. Wahid Patel has bet 7k and received calls from John Williams and Chris Cunliffe. River Qc. All 3 of them check for safety reasons. The hands are tabled:

Wahid: 99
John: 88
Chris: KK

All worried about that pesky Ace on the board. Chris takes it down.

01:35: A few of the bigger stacks at the moment:

01:33: Peter Leyshon gone.

01:31: Nick Wilson opens to 1,900 and Michael Earley defends his BB. The Flop is Ad9c7h and goes check-check. The Turn is Ad9c7h - Ah and Michael bets 3,500 which Nick calls. The River is the Td and Michael bets 5,500 but he gives it up when Nick quickly raises to 13,300.

01:25: With the loss of both Minda Burden and John Mooney, we’re down to 36 players over 4 tables.

01:21: Ray Dykes opens to 2,400 UTG +1 and both Warren Aspey and Kumar Sathiyanathan call, Kumar defending his BB. On Js7c4d Kumar leads out 3,000 and Ray quickly raises him to 7,000. Warren eyeballs Ray and his stack before folding and Kumar calls. The Turn is the 6s and Ray fires another barrel 10k this time and Kumar quickly calls. The River is the 5d and Ray checks-back with J4cc, it wins against a bare Jack shown by Kumar. Kumar busts a couple of hands later, his chips going to Chris Cunliffe.

01:15: Tell your friends about Day 1C tomorrow. Could be some value to be had…

01:11: Jason McGuire gives it up, he limps and calls Richard Jenners squeeze, as Richard makes it 3,200 from the BB. Andrew Haygarth folds after his complete and it comes down As3d4h, check-check, Ad, check-check. The River is the 2c and Richard bets 4,000 and takes it down.

01:01: Allan Peers gets milked three streets. Kenneth Roberts limps pre-flop, Marcus Baptista completes and Allan checks his option. The board runs out Ks8h6c - 6d - 9d and Allan check-calls 900, then 1,000, then 900 and is shown Kenneth’s KJ which wins.

00:52: Back in action here for Level 7. This level and 2 more to go before we finish up tonight. That will be about 4am.

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

00:40: Henry Zammit makes his exit just as we reach the break. He and everyone else has just the next 10 minutes to enter Day 1B before entries close up. Chip counts to come after the break.

00:38: Suketu Patel makin’ moooves. An UTG open from Paul Maguire gets 3-bet by Suketu Patel to 2,600 and Paul is the only caller. The flop comes down KdJdJc and Suketu bets 2,200 which Paul check-calls. The Turn is the Ac and Paul again check-calls, this time 3,900. The River completes the board to KdJdJc - Ac - 3s and Suketu bets 7,300 and Paul finally gives it up… and gets shown 84hh.

00:25: Allan Peers opens to 3,200 out of the SB after limps from Kenneth Roberts and Gerald “Skullman” David and both call. Allan tanks before checking over to the others on JhTs8h and they check it round. The Turn is the innocuous 6c and Allan bets 4,200 and they both fold.

00:22: Depsite his early stress-free double Jordan Clay doesn’t continue to build and is out.

00:20: Endrit Geci is all in for his last 5.5k or so pre-flop and behind with 9s7s vs KhTd. No big deal though as he spikes a Seven to double and stay alive. Endrit won a GPS Mini in Stoke last year for £11,000. Would be impressive if he can come back and win this event now.

00:14: Athir Ali gets there on the River vs Chris Cunliffe. Athir bets a relatively small 3k into a 10k+ pot on and gets a call from Chris’ Kings which are no good. Nut Flush for Athir.

00:12: Darren Nelson left with the decision again as Gary Fisher shoves onto his call of Marcus Baptista’s 1,800 open. Marcus folds and Darren eventually makes the call but AT is no good this time with Gary holding AQ and holding.

00:08: It goes three ways to the Turn of As4d8d - 7c but an 8k bet into the ~16.5k in the middle takes it down for Michael Earley as both Jamie King and Lee Duffy reluctantly fold. Michael up to about 75k.

00:00: We’ll be seeing James Round around as he exits from Table 2. All in on the Flop with a big draw (Kc9c). Jakariya Mustafa makes a Straight (KQ) however and takes his chips.

23:58: James Nevin’s whole stack goes in on the flop, Darren Nelson left with the decision. He’s not happy but makes the call with ATcc on Ts4c2h he’s got it right though as James is holding 84hh and a club on the turn leaves James drawing thin and a club on the River seals it.

23:53: On Table 3, Matthew Archer raises to 1.4k with calls from Hanran Zhang, Ali Mallu and both blinds. 5 ways to the Flop which arrives as KhTd7d. Checked to Matthew and he continues for 2.9k. Just one caller on his left: Hanran Zhang. Turn 6c. Matthew ain’t slowing down, bets 5,375. Hanran calls. River 2d. Matthew fires again, 17,575. Hanran calls! It’s Flush over Flush again. AdKd for Matthew and Jd9d for Hanran. At least she didn’t go broke there.

23:50: Recent eliminations include Ryan Mandara and Neil Marshall.

23:48: Jamie King, Jordan Clay, Kumar Sathiyanathan and Liam Hooks all walk into a bar…
Jamie King limps +1 and Liam Hooks opens to 1,300, both the blinds, Jamie in the SB and Kumar in the BB call and so does Jamie. The flop comes down Kc3s4s and Jordan snap open-rips 5,275. It quickly folds to Liam who has a long consider before folding saying he had Jacks.

23:38: Level 6 is now in the mix…

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

23:36: Richard Jennings sighs and calls 6k out of his last 14k as Karol Koper bets the river with about 13.5k in the middle. Richard shows Q9s for the straight but on a paired, flushing board he’s not overly happy.

23:32: Keith Cheung opens the CO to 1,000 and only Lee Duffy in the BB calls. The JdJhTd flop goes check-check and Lee leads the 2c Turn for 1,700 and Keith calls. The River is the Kd and Lee bets 2,900 and gets looked up and his AK is good.

23:30: We’ve added a bunch of photos from 1A yesterday and those so far from 1B tonight to Facebook. Links for both albums below if you want to check them out:

Day 1A

Day 1B so far

23:26: £50,000 collected!! With our 125th entry we’re halfway but that does mean we still need 125 entries to meet the guarantee so some chance of an overlay. Well worth a visit to Liverpool tomorrow evening!

23:16: With sets not holding up and similar shenanigans David Gee GGs the tournament alongside Steven Sampson.

23:13: Michael Earley (right) just knows. He just knows. Our hand starts rather uneventfully, folding around to Minda Burden (left) in the SB who completes. Michael then makes it 3,500. After a minute or so Minda opts to place all of her betting tokens into the middle for a total of 26,800. Michael thinks for a minute or two and makes the call with pocket threes… she has deuces. No miracles and Michael scoops in the huge pot with an underpair to the board.

23:03: Chris Lewis opens UTG to 1,000 and Lee Miller, David Gee on the Button, Athir Ali in the SB and Chris Cunliffe in the BB all call. The flop is QcJc7h and it checks to David Gee who bets 3,100 and only Lee Miller calls. The Turn is the Kc and it goes check-check. Lee Miller bets 5k on the River and gets a quick call for David. Lee shows Td9c for the turned straight and gut-shot straight flush draw. David shows Sevens as they go into the muck.

22:59: On Table 2, it looks like James Walsh opens to 1k UTG+1 and gets calls from Michael Earley and James Round before Jakariya Mustafa pumps it up to 6.2k from the SB. James W folds, Michael E calls and James R folds. Heads up. Flop Kh4s2d. Both check. Turn 4d. Jakariya check/calls 8.5k from Michael. River 8d. Check/Check. Michael wins with Ks6s. Jakariya had JJ.

22:51: Lee Banks puts James Round to the test on the River in a decent-looking pot. Lee shoves the River against James for 15k effective into what looks like a 20k pot. James has a short think but goes for a fold.

22:50: We’ve recently lost John Williams and Kevin Houghton. Looks like another bullet for John as he gets back on the re-entry horse.

22:48: River, river. Lee Duffy (left) check-calls a 2,800 bet on the Turn from Gary Fisher on the Button. The River comes down the KcKs5d - 8c - 4s and Lee again checks it over to Gary who bets 5,500 into the ~13k in the middle. Lee check-raises to 13,900 and Gary quickly calls with Fours for a rivered boat! ...Lee has Fives for the flopped bigger boat. A massive pot swings to Lee Duffy “I hope this goes in the blog” the comment from Gary.

22:42: Back in action, cards in the air!

22:36: We’re back in action. Up to 68 players now.

22:14: We’ve been getting some good feedback on the blog including this mention from Dennis Shaw:

22:00: Players still on dinner break. Here are the top stacks at the moment. We have 53 still playing out of 67 entries today.

Kenneth Roberts 83k
Fred Maher 70k
Matthew Archer 72k
Colin Porter 69k
Lee Banks 63k
Chris Cunliffe 56k
Jason McGuire 57k

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

21:52: Players on dinner break now. Back in 45 mins. Chip counts coming soon.

21:50: On Table 1 we have a limp for 300 and Darren Welson makes it 1.1k to go. Kenneth Roberts calls in position and the BB and original limper join the party. Flop Ts9d8s. 3 checks to Kenneth and he bets 1.8k. A couple of folds and now Darren raises to 3.5k. Kenneth is not backing down and goes up to 8.3k. Now Darren shoves all in for maybe 25k total. Kenneth calls immediately. Guess what they have? It’s QJ vs….. QJ. Both have flopped the Nuts. Darren has a back door Diamond draw freeroll but it doesn’t come despite the sweaty Diamond on the Turn.

21:42: Minda Burden limps UTG, Jakariya Mustafa raises to 900 and both Minda and Harry Zammit call. All it takes though is an 1,800 c-bet on 442 and Jakariya takes it down.

21:38: Sometimes a little can get a lot done. Kenneth Roberts bets 500 into about 16k on the River of JcTd2c - Ad - 2d and both the other players in the hand fold. Marcus Baptista offers to pay 500 “Just to see the guys cards!” but is turned down.

21:36: Matthew Archer raises one up to 750 on Table 3 and is called by Steven Sampson on the Button and Kevin Houghton in the BB. The Floppity Flop comes down Ac6h2d but it’s fairly uneventful as Kevin and Matthew fold to Steven’s 1.5k bet.

21:32: Lee Williams and Lee Miller limp and David Gee opens the button to 900, Athir Ali calls from the SB and both Lees call. The flop is Ad8dQs and it checks to David who c-bets for 2,100 and only Athir calls. The 2d checks through and a 3,500 bet on the 2h river takes the pot for Athir, David giving it up.

21:21: Just because you’re the chip leader, it doesn’t mean that everything goes your way. Matthew Archer bets 2,575 into 9,450 on the river, the board reading Td3d6s - 5d - As. Hanran Zheng raises to 7,600 and after a tank and some quick chat with Hanran, Matthew lays it down. “Show one, go on!” says Matthew but Hanran just smiles as the cards slide into the muck.

21:19: Nerchabouh Tachajian and Lee French are both recent eliminations.

21:15: Kumar Sathiyanathan is all in on a JhTs3h Flop for his last 4k or so with Jd4d Top Pair but is in big trouble vs Bottom Set. He doesn’t find the back door miracle and is eliminated. He has jumped straight back in with a re-entry though.

21:13: Ali Mallu gets unlucky as his last chips go in pre against Keith Cheung, he has Keith dominated with KQs vs KJs. He even flops a Queen but running Ten, King see Keith spike broadway to pull in the chips. Ali straight back in.

21:07: A limp pot on Table 6 has 3 players see the flop of Td9d3c, John Williams leads out 600 from the BB and Fred Maher calls before Athir Ali raises to 1,600 last to act. John folds and Fred calls to give us a 2h Turn. Fred check-calls 2,500 from Athir and the River is a 4c. Fred again check-calls, this time 4k. “A ten?” declares Athir questioningly and Fred flips over KTss and it’s good.

21:00: On Table 2, Harry Zammit limps for 300 then Michael Earley makes it 800 to go on the Button. Jakariya Mustafa calls from the SB and Harry comes along for the ride. Flop 7h7d5s. Checked to Michael and he bets 1.5k. Jakariya folds, Harry calls. Turn 8h. Harry checks, Michael fires 2k then Harry pumps it up to 7k (with less than 8k behind). Michael isn’t keen and declines the offer. Pot to Harry (pictured below).

20:53: It’s always nice to see players keeping an eye on the blog, for specific updates on a player give us a bell in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #GPSLiverpool!

20:50: Level 3 is complete. Level 4 now in progress. We have a 45 minute dinner break after this one remember. The day will end about 4am after the 9th level.

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

20:48: Rob Harrison hits the rail as the level ticks over.

20:45: A monster pot on Table 2! We come to the action on the Turn of Td2d2s - Kc with 10.4k in the middle, David Gee has bet 2.9k and Jakariya Mustafa has shoved for 10,275. Ryan Mandara calls from the SB and action is back to David Gee. With about 16k behind it’s an awkward decision for him. He shoves and Ryan quickly calls “You have Tens then” says David as Ryan tables them. David has A2hh and Jakariya has KQ.

King on the River. Jakariya spikes a 2-outer and runner-runner for a 40k main-pot. David Gee is eliminated as the side-pot is swept to Ryan Mandara.

20:42: Just arrived on the Flop for this one. Ali Mallu bets 625 in position and gets 2 callers, including Gary Fisher. The Flop was 9h9h8h. Turn Ts. All 3 players check. River 6h. Gary leads out for 3.7k. Both fold, Ali showing a Ten as he does. Gary drags the pot and also shows a Ten. Ali gets a lot of Tens!

20:35: On Table 5, Suketu Patel opens to 625 UTG+1. He’s called by Ali Mallu in the cut-off and another player in the SB. Flop Tc9s4c. The SB checks, Suketu c-bets and both others call. Turn 6h. Checked to Suketu again and now he bets 2,675. Only Ali calls this time. River As. Suketu doesn’t slow down and chucks in 4k. Ali gives it up now, showing a Ten. Suketu shows nothing and adds the chips to his stack.

20:30: Paul Maguire gets three streets of value of with a set of Deuces from Kumar Sathiyanathan who says he turned two pair on J72 - 6 - 9. The pot good for about 5.5k.

20:20: Neil Marshall opens to 500 on Table 3 and chip leader Matthew Archer calls from the CO and David Slater defends his BB. The flop is Js6h2h and Neil c-bets 1,100, Matthew raises to 2,800. David cold calls and Neil folds. The Turn is the 5s and David checks it to Matthew who bets 4,700. David has just ~15k and is annoyed with the situation and opts for the shove. The expected snap-call from Matthew doesn’t come but he does sigh and call off. He has QJhh and David has Sevens, leaving David at serious risk with one out and one card to come. Kh, Matthew makes a flush and David busts.

20:02: A small rush after the break brings us up to 60 entries and Table 6 and Table 7 opening.

19:56: As always a shout-out to the excellent dealers we have here in Liverpool!

19:54: GPS regular Ali Mallu in the building.

19:51: Spun back up and we’re steadily getting entries through the door, up to 57 so far today.

19:42: In the last hand before the break there 3 players flopped a Flush on Table 3. Matthew Archer with the Nut Flush, eliminating one player and decimating another. He’s now the chip leader with 77k. Nice bit of business.

19:39: Top stacks at the first break. We are up to 51 entries now.

Matthew Archer 77k
James Walsh 45k
Ryan Mandara 38k
Minda Burden 35k
Gerald “Skullman” David 35k
Karol Koper 35k
Ben Lundon 35k

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

19:30: Lee French puts on the pressure earlier. Lee French opens to 600 after a David Slater limp and the BB and David call. The flop is Q43rr and David leads 1,100 which both opponents call. The Turn is a Nine and David continues for 1,600 but is stopped in his tracks by a quick raise to 3,700 by Lee. Both opponents sigh-fold and Lee pulls in the chips. “I can’t beat this guy on the River, so I have to get him on the Turn!” remarks Lee to the BB Matthew Archer.

19:23: Folded to Minda Burden in the SB and she makes up the 150. New addition to Table 2, Michael Earley, makes it 450 total from the BB. Minda calls. Flop KcQd9h. Minda leads for 200, Michael calls. Turn 6h. Minda bets another 200, Michael raises to 550, Minda calls. River Ks. Minda check/folds to a 750 bet.

19:18: David Slater check-raises the flop and barrels off. David limp calls a Lee French button open but check-raises Lee’s c-bet. On the Turn of QcTh8c - 3c he continues for 2,500 and Lee calls. The River is the QcTh8c - 3c - Tc and David confidently bets 3,800. Lee sigh-calls and is shown Ac9d for the runner-runner nut-flush.

19:17: Up to 48 entries now. First break in 15 mins. We’ll get the top chip counts for you then. Hold tight.

19:15: Ryan Mandara opens to 350 in the cut-off and is called by James Walsh from the SB. Heads up. Flop QhQd3d. James check/calls 300. Turn 2c. James check/calls 900. River 7d. Now James takes the initiative and bets 2.2k. Ryan mucks it.

19:12: Kumar Sathiyanathan tries a cheeky bluff. He limps UTG and calls a 525 open from Lee Duffy as well as Gary Fisher on the Button. The flop comes down T43sss and Lee c-bets 600 and Kumar calls. The Turn 2c checks through and the River brings the shiny 2s. Kumar bets 1,200 but mucks face down after Lee sigh-calls.

19:07: Jakariya Mustafa has a what looks like at least a 20-sided dice. When facing a raise in the BB he rolled it and then folded once it landed on a certain number.

19:04: Back on Table 2, James Walsh opens to 400 and David Gee calls on the Button. Both check the AhTs8c Flop. On the 2d Turn James check/folds to a bet from David. Looked like about 650.

18:58: On Table 2, John Mooney makes it 400 to go and gets calls from James Walsh on the Button plus Harry Zammit and Minda Burden in the blinds. Flop KsJd4h. Checked to John and he continues for 750. James and Minda call. Turn Qh. Now Minda leads out for 1.5k. John calls but James raises to 4k. Minda calls and John folds. Heads up now. River 6s. Minda leads again, this time for a chunky 8k. James thinks for a couple of minutes, trying to engage Minda in a chat about the hand, but he decides to fold in the end.

18:53: Jakariya Mustafa (left) puts on the pressure. Lee Banks (right) opens to 400 UTG and John Mooney on the button, Jakariya in the SB and Ryan Mandara (centre) in the BB call. Jakariya leads the Td6d9h flop for 500, Ryan folds, Lee raises to 1,500 and John gets out of the way bringing the action back to Jakariya. He tanks for a bit before 3-betting to 3,500. Lee tank calls and the Turn is the As and Jakariya bets 5k with some hesitation. Lee folds and Jakariya pulls it in.

18:50: One of us is going to keep an eye on Table 2 for a few hands and see what goes down. Here are the players at this table now:

S1: Empty
S2: David Gee
S3: John Mooney
S4: Jakariya Mustafa
S5: Ryan Mandara
S6: Lee Banks
S7: James Walsh
S8: Harry Zammit
S9: Minda Burden

18:44: On Table 3, David Slater (brown jacket on the left) limps for 150 and Lee French (grey hoodie on the right) makes it 600 to go on the Button. David is the only taker. Flop Kc8d5s. David check/calls 900 from Lee. Turn Jc. David checks again but folds this time when Lee fires 2.7k.

18:42: 4 is a magic number! This time pocket Fours only flop a set but it’s good enough as Keith Cheung shoves the River and is snapped by Gerald “Skullman” David on T84rr - K - 5. Keith straight back in.

18:35: Say Hello to Level 2. We now have 37 entries and only 1 eliminated so far.

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

18:30: Hanran Zhang slow-plays a monster… David Slater opens to 300, Neil Marshall calls on the button and Hanran defends her BB. The flop comes down A72sss and both players call a small bet from David. The turn is the Jd and both players call 750 from David again. The river pairs the board with the 7d and David fires the third barrel for 1,800. Neil tanks and calls. Hanran sigh snap-calls and shows K8ss for the flopped nut-flush and David shows QJss for the flopped second-nut flush. Things could have been significantly messier.

18:28: Here are a few player pics from around the room. We are up to 34 entries now for 1B and 88 total. Remember, we need 250 total to meet the £100,000 guarantee so if you can get down here it may be worth a shot.

18:23: Thought I’d do photos of the best card protectors around the room. The only issue is that there is only one out of the 31 participants. It’s a nice one though…

18:20: On Table 4 we have an open to 250 UTG+1 and 4 callers including Andrew Haygarth (2 hands on chin below) and Gary Shaw (1 hand on chin below) in position. Flop 7s6d5h. After 2 checks, including from the pre-flop raiser, Andrew bets 550. Gary is the only caller. Heads up to the Turn which is 8d. Andrew now check/calls 850 from Gary. River Qh. Both players check. Andrew is good with 44 for the low Straight. Gary had 87 for 2 Pair.

18:18: David Slater continues to pick up chips, he calls on the button after Christopher Calvert opens to 300 and Lee French also calls from the BB. Christopher c-bets 300 and both players call on KT4rr. The 7 Turn checks through and David bets 750 on the 6 river when checked to and it’s good enough to take the pot.

18:10: Limps from David Slater and Chris Lewis see Lee French open to 400 on the button. Margaret Bird calls from the SB and David and Chris don’t get left behind. The flop is QsJc5h and checks through. The turn is the 2d and David Slater takes the lead betting 600 into 1,700 and 3 opponents, only Chris Lewis folds. The River 4h has David betting 800 and quick folds from Lee and Margaret award him the pot.

18:04: Andrew Haygarth straight into the action as he’s moved to the newly opened Table 4. Colin Porter opens UTG to 250 and Andrew 3-bets him to 850 and he’s the only caller. Andrew checks-back Ah5h5d but bets the 9h turn when it’s checked to him. Colin folds showing Eights no heart.

17:57: Ok, time didn’t take very long to tell. Craig Timmis (pictured below on that ill-fated river shove) out and heading for the front door.

17:55: We have a 300 open UTG on Table 1, called by Jason McGuire (pictured below) on the raiser’s immediate left along with another player on the Button and Craig Timmis in the SB. Flop Kh5s4d. Craig checks, the pre-flop raiser checks and Jason bets 500. The Button folds but now Craig raises to 1.9k. All fold apart from Jason. Now heads up. Turn 4h. Craig fires 3.2k. Jason has a little think, looks like he might fold but calls it. River Ts. Craig jams all in for about 19k right away (into a pot of about 11.5k). Jason calls even more quickly.

We see why as he shows 44 for Quads. Craig mucks face down. He is left with about 300. Quick exit and re-entry or miracle spin up? Only time will tell.

17:51: Liam Hooks gets little value with his Queens as he c-bets the Td7c4c flop for 1,100 and Andrew Haygarth calls with 2,000 already in the middle (assuming a 3-bet from Liam pre-flop). A Kc - 2c run-out though sees Liam check-back both streets and showdown Queens vs Andrew’s JTdd.

17:45: Jakriya Mustafa (centre) puts in the river check-raise. He calls a 350 HJ open from Liam Hooks pre-flop and check-calls the flop and turn before check-raising Liam’s 1,700 river bet to 4,500 on 5d6hTs - Qh - 3h.

17:40: Nerchabouh Tachajian takes first blood on Table 1. I just arrived to see him table Kings on the AhJd8h-4c-Kh board. He rivered a Set vs another player’s AJ (2 Pair) to take down the pot. It didn’t look like too much money went in though, perhaps the completed Flush draw scaring both participants.

17:35: Quickly up to 21 players.

17:30: Cards are in the air as we kick off Day 1B. These are the players who have joined us for the start of the days proceedings:


Here’s what this weekend is really all about, big shiny trophies! Both the Main Event and Sunday’s Liverpool Masters come with a gorgeous trophy to the winner!

GPS Main Liverpool Day 1B gets under way at 5.30pm this evening. We had 54 last night for Day 1A and 14 survived to return for Day 2 Saturday. We’re expecting a lot more than 54 tonight and even more again Friday for Day 1C.

All Day 1s for this leg are full length with 1 hour levels. Day 2 on Saturday 2nd and Day 3 Sunday 3rd September. Please note that we have no Turbo Day 1 like at some of the other legs. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 00:45am). Today’s Day 1 will finish around 4am. Day 2 on Saturday 2nd starts at 5.30pm, plays another 9 levels, and also finishes at 4am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 3rd from 2pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #GPSLiverpool hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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