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GPS Edinburgh - Day 1B & 1C

By martinjsmith, posted September 29, 2017

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

02:15: Here are the 1C Turbo final chip counts. 11/24 made it through there.

Colin Wu 103,500
Andrew Abernathy 82,400
Tiziano Floris 70,600
Garry Smith 62,600
Sebastian Mikolazcyk 58,000
David Gillies 50,000
Conghai Wang 46,700
Greg McCreadie 43,300
Paul McTaggart 41,600
Garry Wilson 30,000
Jonathan Lemon 16,900

02:08: 1C Turbo still going. Just a few minutes left!

02:05: 1B Chip Counts. 53/156 made it to Day 2.

William McClure 165,300
Gary Bertram 163,300
Paul Green 151,800
Radoslav Iliev 150,100
Ricky Yuill 134,600
Rokas Asipauskas 131,300
Denis Gervais 123,000
Robin Richmond 110,700
William Stirling 110,300
Barry Chalmers 110,100
Michael Dyer 109,600
Josh Barnham 108,900
Craig Dawson 108,600
Liam Hooks 106,400
Andy Thomson 98,500
John Stirling 97,500
Peter Hoyer 96,700
Neil Irving 96,100
Phil Jenkins 90,800
Nicholas Crisp 89,300
Ashley Dakin 84,700
Kingshuk Ghosh 83,600
Ross Whitelaw 77,700
Christopher Cooper 75,900
David Weeks 74,500
Tony Galloway 72,300
Marc Sloan 66,200
Ross Clark 63,500
James McNinch 60,100
Bryan Lao 58,900
Grant Anderson 58,100
Robbie Bull 57,600
John Lennon 55,700
Aaron Spence 53,800
Mark Logan 52,200
Blyth Paterson 51,200
Steven Kerr 50,500
James McAulay 50,400
Roddy MacNeil 45,500
Nita Valentin 41,100
Hakan Duman 39,700
Jeff Kimber 38,500
Hassam Hassan 36,600
Ross McLeod 35,900
Marius Varanavicious 35,500
Emilian Cismas 35,200
Luke Yerby 32,100
Jaymie Kelshaw 25,800
Chris Craig 21,300
Richard Williams 18,500
James Kirkwood 16,000
David White 16,000
Tom Gill 12,800

01:50: 1B all finished and bagged, counts to follow!

01:30: 1B players on Last 3 hands now! 1C still has one and a half levels to play.

01:24: The Triple Crown is no longer possible, Colin Gillon busts his Sevens losing a flip against the AQ of William McClure and bringing us to 53 remaining!

01:17: We’re down to 54/156 in 1B now with 21 mins left on the clock. Anyone remaining will join the 28 already through from 1A and those that make it from 1C Turbo.

01:14: Good spot for Josh Barnham there. Steve McCrea (42o) shoved, Shane Ross (88) 3bet then Josh woke up in the BB with Aces. He 4bet and Shane got it the rest of his stack in pre-flop. No drama for Josh and he takes both players out.

01:12: It goes in three ways… somehow. Ross opens early and Stephen McCrea flats. James McAulay 3-bet rips out of the BB and Ross re-shoves… Stephen calls off… with 78o. James has AJ and Ross has Aces!

It runs out pretty cleanly with both James and Stephen turning gutshots but Ross triples, James makes a reasonable side-pot and Stephen is left with not too much.

01:11: Rado Iliev sweeps in a monster as both James Kirkwood and William McClure fold the Td8d3c - 9c Turn to him as he bets 24k into a gigantic 65k+ pot!

01:08: Neil Feenan down, he 3-bet shoves and gets a call from Neil Irving, A7 doesn’t get there against Fours as the flop comes down 888 (no advertisement, honest) and Neil doesn’t spike a bigger boat.

01:06: Peter Hoyer takes David Shaw out, David 3-bet shoves after Peter opens and someone calls. Peter makes a quick 4-bet iso and his AQo is against David’s KJs, Ace-high and dry…

01:03: Ricky Yiull (44) raises to 2.5k, called by Jaymie Kelshaw (7d6d) then James Gray (AQ) shoves all in for about 15k. Ricky folds but Jaymie makes the call. A decent flop for Jaymie as it comes 3c4d5c for the Nuts! He has James dead on the 3d Turn. Ricky would have made a Full House and won if he had called. James wrote “Sign!!!” on his name card at the start of the day. I think he had a feeling this was how it was going to end. His wife Val is at least already though to Day 2 from 1A last night.

00:58: Three is a magic number, unless you’re Jeff Kimber and looking for a double up at which points Threes are only good for a double-up against threes!

00:52: Marc Sloan takes Dean Kay out with a Nut Flush. Not sure if the money went in on the Flop or Turn.

00:50: Colin Wu is now involved in the 1C Turbo. He busted a while back in 1B.

00:48: Latest counts:

1A: 111
1B: 156
1C: 24
Total: 291
Prize Pool: £116,400

00:45: Cards are back in the air for the last level of Day 1B! Day 1C just onto the break at the end of registration.

00:45: Perennial shortie James Gray doing a bit better; he’s now on about 19k.

00:43: Latest 1B top stacks at the final break. Just 1 hour to go in this flight.

Denis Gervais 180k
Neil Irving 156k
William McClure 120k
Ricky Yuill 117k
Rokas Asipauskas 112k
Robin Richmond 110k
Barry Chalmers 100k
Craig Dawson 105k
John Stirling 105k
Michael Dyer 102k
Rado Iliev 100k
Gary Bertram 88k
Hassam Hassan 80k
Ashley Dakin 75k

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

00:21: Scott Finlayson runs out of lives as his Fives bust to Jacks.

00:21: Rizwan Pirmohammed check-raises as Michael Dyer bets 2k and Craig Dawson calls. Rizwan makes it 9k and calls off as Michael shoves. Craig reluctantly folding in-btween. Rizwan has AJ for top-top but Michael has J7o and has flopped two-pair on JcTc7h. Rizwan doesn’t improve and is left with just 400 and is out the next hand. Craig’s hand gets flashed at the end as his KQ turns the straight with the 9.

00:20: Alan Chrzaszcz goes out as his KQ fails to crack Jacks.

00:19: John Aitken all in and behind with AT vs TT pre-flop and is almost dead when the flop comes Ten High. He picks up a back-door flush draw but it doesn’t come in and he’s heading for the exit.

00:15: Reigning two-time Champ Colin Gillon moving in the right direction again; he’s up to about 60k now.

00:12: Paul McTaggart out and into the 1C Turbo as his QJs out-flops AK but fails to hold as the River falls an Ace. Nick Crisp sweeps in the chips.

00:08: Gary Wilson and Andy Thomson get the money in pre. It looks like an open that Andy calls in the SB and then calls off Gary’s shove when it folds back to him, his KJs failing to crack Gary’s ATo.

00:06: Andrius Janca busts, blind-on-blind he shoves over James McNinch’s complete and James calls it off. James’ K5 flopping a Five and rivering a King against J3.

00:05: Latest counts. 1C Turbo is still open for registration till about 1am now.

1A: 111
1B: 156
1C: 20
Total: 287
Prize Pool: £114,800

00:01: Hassan Hussain makes a move on Josh Barnham as he 4-bet shoves 40k over Josh’s 4k 3-bet. Josh tanks for a while and folds Eights. Hassan shows Eights!

23:57: Barry Chalmers takes out Callum Richardson. Callum shoves UTG and Barry calls from his BB. Barry has A6 against AT but flops a six and dodges a gutter to sweep it in.

23:55: Garry Smith oot.

23:55: Ricky Yuill takes out Makka Hussain as Makka shoves the button with A9 and Ricky wakes up with AQ in the SB and holds.

23:52: A player falls to William McClure, Callum 3-bet shoves his BB and William calls it off with JTs and finds a Jack.

23:49: Not enough people get freerolled. Kingshuk Ghosh calls it off as Rokas Asipauskas rips it in, it’s AK vs AK on a King-high Turn but with King holding the Ad on a 3-diamond board it’s a rough spot for Rokas. Nothing brutal though and the board bricks out and they chop it up.

23:47: David Weeks takes out Thomas Bernhardt, David wakes up with ATs in the SB as Thomas shoves the button. That’s the last thing Thomas wants to see with T8o and he doesn’t get there.

23:46: Gary Bertram takes a decent pot with a river shove that gets through.

23:41: James Gray has been short all day. Still hanging around with about 10k. Will he double or bust? Only time will tell.

23:36: Richard Williams is all in for his last 14k or so pre-flop with AK vs Denis Gervais’ 55. The board runs out and he stands up, puts his jacket on before realising it’s double paired and Denis has been counterfeited. Richard survives.

23:33: Paul McTaggart all in pre-flop with A2 for his last 11k vs Jacks but he rivers a Wheel to survive.

23:29: Short Stack Sandy Tong has shoved a couple of the last few hands but no takers and he adds a few extra chips to his modest collection.

23:25: Blinds up in 1B…

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

23:24: Andrius Janca gets put in a spot. He opens the Button and Ben Johnson 3-bets from the BB. Andrius opts for the shove with AJs but Ben snaps with Aces and get’s an easy double. Andrius left on life support with less than 10k.

23:21: Marc Sloan takes out a player as AJ falls to AKs all-in pre.

23:19: Robbie Bull gives Mark Hutchison something to think about. Mark bets 10k on the Turn of Js5h7s - 4h and Robbie has a good long tank before calling. With 30k in the middle, Mark checks the 9s over to Robbie who tanks for a minute or so before shoving for 15.9k. Mark thinks for several minutes before folding.

23:16: A proud David Weeks gets a double up from Paolo Bronzina “What did you think I had AJ!?” his Kings failing to be cracked by Paolo’s AQs on a Queen-high flop.

23:13: Gus Watt is out.

23:12: Old pals Neil Feenan and James McAulay have a wee chat from one table to another. James has been moved into Neil’s seat from earlier in the day. Neil recommends that James “doesn’t win a hand against Seat 2 as he will moan about it”.

23:11: Ross Clark tries a 3bet to 7k from the BB vs Robin Richmond’s button raise but Robin ain’t having it and 4bets to 18k. Ross laughs and quickly folds. Meanwhile, Seat 8 blasts out a tune on his harmonica.

23:10: Kevin Letham hits the rail as we steadily head towards nine tables remaining.

23:07: Andrew Abernathy’s tournament life is looking unhealthy as his 6k stack goes in pre with QTs and Paolo Bronzina calls with Jacks from the BB. He flops a flush though, nae sweat, nae problem.

23:05: Stephen McCrea’s Jacks River an unnecessary Jack but he’s already ahead against 89 all-in on the turn of 875rr - 2. Stephen pulling in a big pot!

23:02: “Come on pretty lady!” “There you go darling!” John Stirling runs his AQ into AKs but a little bit of speechplay coaxes a couple of Queens out of the deck to give him the win on the Turn. He doubles up and Dean Kay throws his head into his hands.

22:59: Denis Gervais was moved to his current table not long ago with 8k and is now sitting with about 170k. A big chunk of that came from a BvB battle just there against Lisa Ferris. From what the table tells me Denis made it 2k from the SB, Lisa 3bet to 7k in the BB, Dennis 4bet to 20k, Lisa 5bet shoved for 70-80k and Dennis made the easy call with Aces, holding up vs Lisa’s Queens. We still have about 90/155 left in 1B and 15/15 in 1C. Packed poker room here.

22:57: Friend-on-friend. Dundee’s own Barry Chalmers and Colin Wu get it in pre with a classic flip, Barry has Jacks and Colin has AK. The Wuster misses and Barry picks up his chips sadly.

22:54: Josh just can’t catch a break as his last chips go in with AQ but Juan Bolivara has Queens and him covered. Again no ace from space and Josh is out.

22:53: Josh Jones hits an abysmal run as he opens and calls off running into Marc Sloan’s Aces with Josh holding Nines. No cloud nine for Josh as it runs out dry and he loses the roughly 40k pot.

22:51: Craig Dawson making the right calls as he calls the River with bottom-boat against Jay Yerby and is right. Scooping in a 35k pot.

22:50: Here the latest. 1B on top and 1C below. For 1C Level 32 just means Level 2 as it started at Level 31 due to a system quirk.

22:47: A quick spin! A new player to the tournament 3-bet calls off the old A2s and doesn’t get there against William McClure’s Kings. Short and sweet.

22:43: I thought for a second there Scottish legend Ian Swan was in the game but then I remembered he couldn’t make it this weekend.

22:34: Chip Leader Peter Hoyer takes a hit with KK vs AA all in pre-flop against Neil Irving. Neil had 30.1k and doubled up.

22:25: We’re back in action now with registration closed in 1B but 1C is open till 12.50am. Here are the latest numbers:

1A: 111
1B: 155
1C: 11
Total: 277
Prize Pool: £110,800

22:20: Top stacks at the break plus a few local notables:

Peter Hoyer 100k
Ashley Dakin 94k
Emilian Cismas 93k
Ross Clark 90k
Lisa Ferris 83k
Nadeem Abbas 83k
Neil Feenan 80k
James Kirkwood 79k
Kingshuk Ghosh 74k
James McAulay 59k
Hakan Duman 54k
Scott Finlayson 46k
John Stirling 37k
Colin Gillon 34k
Colin Wu 31k
Paul McTaggart 21k
James Gray 6k

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

22:07: Players on 15 minute break now and chip counts to follow. This is the last break for registration for Day 1B!

22:06: Steve Kerr gets a call for his All-in from Josh Jones, Josh has AK but Steve has Kings and holds for a 50k pot!

22:03: An arctic chill blows through the cardroom as Jesus Diaz-Diaz gets cold-decked as his JT flops trips and loses to Jaymie Kelshaw’s flopped trips better kicker with AJ. All the money goes in on the flop and Jesus fails to find a Ten. Jesus will need to resurrect himself pretty quickly if he wants to make it back into Day 1B although there are several hours of reg for the 1C Turbo.

22:01: Thomas Bernhardt wins a flip in spectacular fashion as his AK flops trip and turns a boat against Sevens to eliminate a short-stack.

22:00: Day 1C Turbo kicking off with 8 players right now. Come on down and join the action.

21:56: We are up to 274 entries total now and £109,600 prize pool.

21:55: Day 1C Turbo is about to start in 5 mins. Late reg on that will be to about 12.50am so plenty of time still to get involved. Day 1B reg will be closing in 27 mins from now.

21:54: Tommy looking for some local celebrity chip counts. We’ll be doing the counts in about 15 mins at the next break. Will make sure we include a few of the local favourites along with the usual bigger stacks.

21:53: Scott Finlayson has nine lives! This time he gets called off by AK holding A5s but turns a flush draw and rivers a five to stay in with about 21k.

21:51: Alan Brown hits the rail, the field thininng slightly now with only 109 players still playing. The Turbo kicks off in about 15 minutes so people are heavily considering their options now.

21:49: James Gray celebrates just a bit too hard, his all-in gets called twice and it gets checked to the River as the board double-pairs. James’ AJo chops it up but’s he not too unhappy as Stuart Matthews deuces are counterfeited on the River to keep James in. James laughing as Stuart pretends to be furious and laughs himself! James up to about 8k.

Whilst “Sigh!!!” has been the story of James’ tournament it’s Stuart’s turn.

21:46: Ricky Yuill picks off another player, this time only AK required to get the job done as Bernie McGinlay hits the rail.

21:45: Scott Logan’s Th9h all in pre-flop goes down to Josh Jones’ QQ.

21:44: Stephen McCrea takes 2 players out with Aces all in pre-flop vs 44 and 7h6h. Not a bad bit of business.

21:40: Marc Sloan trebles up his shortie 7k stack with AA all in pre-flop. He was against Liam Hooks’ AK and held up. Liam helpfully reshoves to get Juan Mora Bolivar out of the way with TT as he would have hit the River to win the lot.

21:35: Jeff Kimber’s last 11bs jam in from the button and he gets a call from Chris Craig’s Tens. Jeff has 56s but never gets much going, flopping a pair but Chris also flopping a set, dead on the Turn.

21:33: Robin Richmond finds a great spot as blind-on-blind his middle-set finds a call from BB William Stafford’s top-pair. It all goes in on the flop and whilst the Turn gets very sweaty for Robin he doubles through.

21:31: Anthony Gilchrist is all in pre-flop with JJ vs Campbell Sarrison’s AA. No dramas as the Bullets hold and Anthony is reporting to the rail.

21:28: James McAulay gets a little bit of revenge against Colin Wu as he takes down one pot vs him with an 8k river bet. The pot was already about 22k. Colin claims he folded AdKd and James said he had his favourite hand. Some players may be aware that James does like the old K9 which would have made 2-pair if he was telling the truth.

21:26: Steven Smart is all in pre-flop with 88 vs Lisa Ferris’ QQ. The lady’s ladies hold and Steven is out.

21:24: Alan Brown is short again on his second entry and shoves in pre-flop over the top of a raise for about 5.4k with ATo. He gets a call from 6c4c and manages to hold vs it to double.

21:23: Glasgow’s James Rice is out, he came 3rd in this year’s Blackpool GPS Mini but he’ll have to fire again if he wants more GPS success!

21:19: Gary Wilson finally finds joy in Aces as he gets about 10k in pre with them and Juan Bolivara’s Q9o gives him no trouble and a double-up!

21:15: Aleem Kanji rips it in! Unfortunately he rips it straight into Aces as he 3-bet shoves his BB into the UTG open of Ricky Yuill, he finds almost no sweat and heads off to rest before the turbo.

21:13: Three ways to a flop, three stacks over the line…
All the money goes in on 633 with Ross Whitelaw and Dean Kay all-in and Lisa Ferris calling both. It’s AK for Lisa… Sixes full for Ross… and Quads and a triple-up for Dean! Ross takes a side-pot to come out roughly net-even.

21:07: James McAulay reckons this dealer (Peter) and Callum Richardson (Seat 1) are doppelgangers. Thought this was definitely an important thing to add to the blog.

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

21:05: Denis Gervais and James McNinch get all of the chips in pre-flop for 21,025 effective. James is at risk but isn’t too worried with Aces against Fours. He holds for a big double-up! Denis makes an 8k double-up a couple of hands later as his Sixes hold against John Stirling’s A2s, Denis shoving his BB into John’s open.

21:02: What has Neil Feenan walked into!? He bets in postion on Tc7s6s for 1,500 and Shane Ross check-raises to 3,500 from the BB and Blyth Paterson check-3-bet-shoves for 14,425! Neil considers it and folds, it’s an easier decision for Shane who snaps with the nuts! Blyth is still live with AJss and rivers a flush to crack Shane’s straight.

20:59: Thomas Bernhardt gets out of jail free. He 3-bet ships over Neil Irving’s UTG open and gets call, his A5cc is in terrible shape against Neil’s AQ but a 5d4c2c flop sees him miles ahead and a 5 on the river seals the deal!

20:56: James McAulay (KK) limps for 400 under the old gun. Gary Bertram and another player come along in position and both blinds do as well, including Colin Wu in the BB with Q5o. The Flop comes down 9c5c4h. The SB leads for 650, Colin calls then James makes it 2.2k. All fold for this extra raise apart from Colin. Heads up now. Turn Qd. Colin checks to James who keeps going. 4.5k this time. Colin has a wee think then shoves his remaining 18.7k all in. James shakes his head and asks “Hit 2 pair on the turn did you?” and calls. It’s a good read as Colin tables his Q5. Another Queen on the River makes the win even more emphatic and Colin gets his double up.

20:46: Kingshuk gets a River bet out of Gordon Huntly, Kingshuk having flopped top set with Queens. The pot looks to be about 30k. Gordon complains that Queens has flopped a set against him several times today.

20:40: Lisa Ferris gets her value. Lisa shoves the Turn of Qh6c9s - 6h and gets an eventual call from Paul Green with another player folding inbetween. Lisa has QJ and Paul has called with Tens. Nae miracles and a double for Lisa.

20:37: A double for Stephen McCrea as his Kings hold against AQ!

20:35: Robbie Bull takes out Gordon Paterson with 55 (flopped Full House) vs Th8h (rivered Flush). The worst Flush Gordon ever hit! Slightly blurry picture, sorry.

20:29: Alan Carlyle is out. We have 145 for 1B now, 256 total.

20:20: 3-way All-in on Table 5 as Scott Finlayson shoves for about 5.6k, Paul McTaggart min-clicks and Rado Iliev calls all-in. After everyone gets out of the way Scott has ATo, Paul has AKs and Rado has Nines. A Ten on the River gives the triple up to Scott and Rado collects a small side-pot to stay in.

20:10: We’ve smashed through the £100k mark now as James McNinch is the 250th player to enter!

20:07: We’re back in action after the dinner break. 5 more 1 hour levels (including this one) in 1B. Here’s a reminder of the timings for everything:

Day 1B: Fri 29th Sep @ 3pm (late reg 10.15pm, ends 1.30am)
Day 1C Turbo: Fri 29th Sep @ 10pm (late reg 12.50am, ends 2.20am)
Day 2: Sat 30th Sep @ 2pm (ends 12.30am)
Day 3: Sun 1st Oct @ 1pm (plays to a finish)

19:55: John Stirling is our 248th player. 2 more to go. Play resumes in 10 mins.

19:40: Here’s the latest from Andrew Abernathy too:

19:38: Latest chip counts. We have 136 entries for 1B and 247 total. 3 more for the £100k.

Ashley Dakin 88k
Gary Young 81k
Jaymie Kelshaw 73k
Hakam Duman 70k
James Kirkwood 70k
Ross Whitelaw 70k
John Barnham 70k
Nick Crisp 65k
Ross Clark 64k
Craig Dawson 64k
William Stafford 62k
Andy Thomson 60k
Neil Feenan 60k

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

19:23: Players now on their dinner break, chip counts to follow.

19:21: Everybody loves a freeroll… apart from the player whose AK lost to AK and hits the rail.

19:21: Gary Wilson runs Kings into Aces. Matthew Archer opens UTG and after a flat call, Gary 3-bets on the button. Juan Bolivara cold 4-bets out the BB and Matthew Archer 5-bet shoves! The passenger snap-folds, his cards leaving a flaming streak across the felt… and Gary 6-bet re-shoves. Juan spends a loooonnggg time in the tank before giving up “Queens”. It’s Aces for Matthew and Kings for Gary and the board runs out dry.

19:20: Denis Gervais isolates. After William Stafford calls an All-in, Denis makes a quick re-shove from the SB and makes a jab “Sorry, I can’t let Seven-Two suited get there!”. William makes a fold and Denis’ Queens hold against JT to scoop it in.

19:18: After Delier Sharief opens UTG and +2 Paolo Bronzina shoves for just less than 5k. Jaymie Kelshaw in the BB calls and so does Delier. The flop comes down AhThQc and Jamie bets 5k and Delier quickly calls. The Turn is the 9s and Jamie bets 11k with about 9k behind and Delier calls after some thought on the matter. The River is the 7h and Jamie bets 7k out of his remaining ~9.2k. Delier tanks and calls with KT but is not good against Jamie’s set of Tens. Paolo’s J9s whiffs to bust.

19:13: Any tweets about? Stick up a wee tweet with #gpsedinburgh during the dinner break with your latest status and we’ll include it in the blog. We love a good player tweet. Thanks in advance.

19:09: Money collected now £98,400. Just 4 more to go for the £100k. The 45 min Dinner Break starts in 10 mins too. We might hit it before or, most likely, during that break when people come in.

19:06: James Gray wins his first pot of the day as he gets a ~5.8k shove through. Stuart Matthews open not good enough to call it off.

19:02: Dean Kay finds a call as Steven Swift shoves pre-flop. Dean has Fives and Steven has K8s. The flop is the ever pretty AAA and Dean boats up, unfortunately an Eight on the Turn leave him drawing dead and Steven doubles.

19:00: Fortunato Crolla gets a double-up! His two-pair goes in on the Turn against Innes Wilson’s straight draw and Innes whiffs.

18:59: Dave Stone a recent elimination.

18:55: Mark Hutchison (leftmost) opens it up to 625, James McAulay calls then Grant Anderson (rightmost) 3bets on the Button to 2.5k. Mark calls then action back on James. He says that he should call “for the value” but that he has “seven gappers” so opts for a fold. Flop 9h4d3s. Mark check/calls 3.7k from Grant. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 7s. Check/Angry Check. Mark shows 55 and it’s good.

James says he had Jc3c and asks Gary Bertram and Alan Brown if he should have called. “Well”, Gary explains, “You should have folded to the first raise but called once you were closing the action so you make 2 mistakes really”. Everyone at the table enjoyed that one.

18:44: Ben Burnhill is eliminated.

18:42: Nice double for Paul Green with KK all in pre-flop vs Steven Smart’s JJ. No danger on the board for Green and he doubles his 16k stack.

18:40: 4-way action on Table 6 as Lee Hemphill shoves, gets a call from Bogdan Paduraru and Markus Kornfeld and a call-all-in from an unkown soldier. The flop comes down 8h2h6s and Bogdan bets into the empty third-pot and Markus folds. Bogdan has Jacks but is behind to Lee’s Queens. It runs out dry and Lee gets a quadruple up as the unknown soldier’s ATo also bricks out.

18:37: Neil Irving finds a double-up as Gary Young’s flopped flush-draw, turned gut-shot brick and his rivered pair isn’t good enough. Neil’s suited Paxton (K8) makes top-pair and holds for a ~30k pot.

18:35: Alan Brown gets his last 5k or so in with 44 vs AQ but can’t manage to hold and is out. He’s straight back in with re-entry however.

18:30: Lisa Ferris has arrived and entered the tournament Now up to 131 today and 242 total. Just 8 to go for £100k.

18:29: Our 6pm turbo satellite is up and running with 15 players. Come on down and see if you can win a £440 seat to jump in to the 1C Turbo Main Event Flight which starts at 10pm with late reg till about 12.50am.

18:28: Stephen Hogg gets it in blind and makes trips! He shoves the flop after defending his BB against Kingshuk Ghosh. The flop is KhQd8d and Kingshuk snaps with KQ. Stephen has Q9hh and despite turning a Queen is out.

18:25: Gary Smith opens to 500 in the CO, Bernie McGinlay flats the SB and Aleem Kanji shoves the BB. Gary flat calls and Bernie snap re-shoves the SB. Gary sighs and folds after some deliberation. Bernie has Jacks but a 5 on the flop and River seal a triple for Aleem with A5o.

18:23: Some other player pics:

Rob Franks

Alan Carlyle

Marius Varanavicious

Neil Feenan

Colin Wu & James McAulay

18:22: Greg McCreadie is out. Here’s a pic of a him a little earlier:

18:20: Blinds up. We now have 126 entries for 1B and 237 overall.

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

18:10: After a tough run, Gianluigi Floris hits the rail.

18:07: Big moves and big results. It checks to Ben Rickard on the button on AcJd9d and he bets 2,500 into the ~4k in the middle. Andrew Salami calls from the BB and it’s over to Emilian Cismas, who check-raises to 9.5k! Ben makes an agonised fold and it’s back to Andrew who calls and makes a big show of checking in the dark. The Turn rolls off the Qc and Emilian shoves for about 19k. Andrew shows AJ and folds after a minute or so.

18:02: Ricky Yuill has a stylish pineapple polo on today:

18:00: Gary Betram, crusher of souls. Gary opens +1 and most of the table comes along for the ride. The flop comes down Qc6h5c and Gary continues for 1,550 into about 3,500, Gabriel Lewis calls next to act and Barry Chalmers raises to 4,500. Both players call. The turn brings the 8h and it checks to Barry who puts all of his chips in for 8,625. After a brief pause Gary re-shoves and Gabriel folds out of the way. It’s Sixes for Barry… and Queens for Gary. Ah on the River and Barry is out. Barry back in pretty quickly though, his first bullet was from the Pokerstars freeroll.

17:52: We’ve recently lost Darwn Mohamad. We have 123 entries for 1B with late reg open till 10.15pm and 234 overall. Just 16 more bodies for the £100k. Come on now, don’t be shy…

17:50: Phil Jenkins (Jd9d) opens pre-flop and gets calls from Shane Ross (TT) and Alan Chrzaszcz (Js9s). On the 8d7s4s flop, Phil follows up with a bet and both opponents call. The Turn is the somewhat interesting Tc to make 2 of them the Nuts Straight and the other a Set. Phil bets again and again gets 2 calls. On the 5h River Phil bets, Shane raises, Alan shoves (maybe 23k), Phil calls (looks like slightly less) and Shane reluctantly puts his few remaining chips in (similar total amount to the others). Phil and Alan chop it up and Shane is heading for the exit.

17:48: Continuing on the theme Adam Lamb’s Kings run into Aces and he also hits the rail.

17:45: Michael Dyer comes back for the rest. Michael opens UTG and 4-bets after Marek Olejnik 3-bets the BB. The flop comes down Td5s2d and Michael pots it for 10k when checked to. Marek tanks for quite a while before shoving for about 15k and Michael calls. Marek has Kings but Michael has Aces and not even turning a flush draw can save Marek.

17:38: Unfortunately Ross Whitelaw’s boss does not fair as well, Craig Brown, local Cardroom Supervisor hits the rail as Nita Valentin’s Kings spike a King on the River against Craig’s Aces…

17:34: Super chop. Robbie Bull plays a very tortured hand out as he raises the Turn with Sixes on 7s4s5c - 3h and gets 3-bet. Robbie tanks for several minutes before calling. His opponent shoves the brick River and Robbie tanks for another long few minutes before calling it off. He’s shown pocket Sixes to match his sixes and they chop it up.

17:30: Rizwan Pirmohammed cracks Aces in brutal fashion as he 3-bets out of the SB and sigh-calls as he gets 4-bet shoved on.

17:27: A double up for Ross Whitelaw, not sure how it goes in but for once his opponent flopping his kicker whilst dominated is not the end for Ross as Ross flops a flush!

17:25: We are up to 121 today now and 232 overall.

17:20: Here are the top stacks. Colin Wu chip leader of course.

Colin Wu 61k
Gary Young 59k
Ross Whitelaw 52k
Gordon Huntly 50k
Kingshuk Ghosh 50k
Denis Gervais 47k
Hakan Duman 45k
Richard Gazzard 44k
Delier Shariefi 44k
James Kirkwood 43k
Nick Crisp 40k
Neil Feenan 38k

17:18: Players starting back now. Chip counts coming shortly.

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

17:15: Players on a break.

16:57: A double up for Jeff Kimber as he free-rolls Orlando Spina. They get it in on the Turn with Jeff holding 98dd and Orlando with 84cc on Th9s6d - 7d, both turning the straight but Jeff with the flush re-draw and he does spike his flush and it’s good for a 12.5k double-up. Jeff down to just that 12.5k after Hakan Duman doubled up through him Kings vs AQ on a Queen high board all-in on the Turn.

16:51: Aces shattered as Michael Dyer’s River bet gets called. Blind-vs-blind he calls a raise and flops trips with T5o against Aces and gets a call from a 5.5k River bet!

16:45: Neil Feenan back in!

16:43: After an open from Stephen Hogg, Andrew Abernathy calls on the button and Kingshuk Ghosh 3-bets from the BB. Both players call and we see a KcTd6h flop and Kingshuk’s C-bet gets 2 callers. The Turn brings the 7d and Kingshuk checks it. Stephen bets 2,600, Andrew folds frustratedly (down to about 12k) and Kingshuk calls. The River brings the board changing Ad and Kingshuk checks it to Stephen who snap checks-back. Stephen announces two-pair and Kingshuk instantly flips over AK for top-two. Stephen angrily shows K7s and the chips are swept to Kingshuk.

16:39: Juan Bolivara makes a “Big put down” against Hakan Duman as Hakan shoves the Turn for twice-pot. The board reads Td3d4c - 4d and Hakan has jammed 11,950 into 5,525. Hakan sweeps in the chips with his usual deadpan expression!

16:36: Kingshuk Ghosh doubles up through Gordon Huntly. The last 16.2k from Kingshuk went in on the Turn. Gordon was drawing slim with an overpair (KK) vs a Set of 8s.

16:34: We’re cruising along with 106 entries today and 217 overall. Last year we had 221 total so we’re destroying that this time around for sure.

16:30: Neil “Nellie” Feenan all in on the Turn drawing slim with AJ Top Pair vs 98 Trips and doesn’t not get the miracle Ace. He’s out. We expect that a re-entry will be forthcoming at some point however.

16:26: Jay Yerby puts the pressure on Tiziano Floris. Jay opens UTG and calls Tiziano’s button 3-bet to 1,150 as they go heads up to the flop. It comes down Qc6h2c and Jay check-calls 1,150. The Turn is the rather interesting 6c and Jay watches Tiziano continue for 2,150, he check raises to 6,200 and pulls it in. Tiziano left with about 10k.

16:22: Paul Green (centre) pulls it in. He calls Roddy Macneill’s +1 600 open over a limp and so does another player and the limper. It comes down 966 and Paul bets 1,000 when checked to and picks it up!

16:19: Orlando Spina was down to about 4k but is now up close to starting stack. Nice comeback. Can he build it up to even more?

16:15: The Pizzas are our top recommendation if you’re needing a snack at Fountain Park:

16:11: A monster unfurls on Table 1 as Jeff Kimber and Scott Logan get all the money in on the flop. All the money goes in on the flop as Scott Logan check-raises Jeff Kimber’s c-bet and calls off as Jeff shoves. However Scott seems pretty resigned to the call and is proven right as Scott’s set of Sixes is not so good for him this time with Jeff holding a set of Queens on AQ6. Both make boats with running fives but Scott is “Going to need a bigger boat!”. Scott still with plenty of chips after his earlier double-up.

16:05: We are up to 93 today and 204 total now:

16:00: Blinds up! Here are a few player pics:

Ricky Yuill

Paul Green

Gordon Huntly

Colin Wu

Barry “” Chalmers

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

15:54: Another weird one from Table 3…
It begins with limps UTG and +1 from Stephen Hogg and Darwn Mohammed before Andrew Abernathy opens to 350, Cameron McGregor 3-bets to 1,150 and Gary Young cold-calls. When it makes it back to Stephen he limp-4-bets to 3,200 and both Cameron and Gary call. Stephen c-bets 3,600 on T83rr and Cameron shoves for 7,550. Stephen sigh-calls with Nines after Gary folds but is correct as Cameron has 87o and Nines hold.

15:52: Early double up for Colin Wu. He managed to get his stack in on the Turn with the Nut Straight vs 2-pair and held up. Colin plays very rarely but has an impressive collection of tournament wins. As per Hendon Mob he has over $350,000 of live cashes. See

15:47: Well that was interesting. After Gordon Huntly opens +1, Andrew Abernathy 3-bets to 1,000 and both Cameron McGregor and the SB cold call. When it makes it back to Gordon he opts to place all of the biscuits in the middle as he shoves for 25,050… Andrew tanks for a long time and asks some general questions about players showing cards after the action. After he folds and the other two players snap-fold he shows Kings… Gordon doesn’t show…

15:42: Jeff Kimber is in the building.

15:37: Rob Franks continues to make the biggest of hands as all the money goes in as he Turns a Royal Flush against the flopped straight.

15:33: Bogdan Paduraru calls on the River and the call is good enough as Tiziano Floris mucks face down. A third player folding the Button on the River.

15:30: Local derby as Stuart Matthews wins a pot from James Gray, James checks back the Ah2d6s - 2c Turn and sigh-calls a 2,650 bet on the 8d River. Stuart flips over AQ for the winner.

15:29: Orlando Spina (AK) and Scott Logan (66) involved in a large pot early on. I just arrived on the Ah9s6s Flop to see them both with 25k in each. The pot looked about 2.3k from before the flop. Scott’s Set holds and he takes doubles up his roughly starting stack. Orlando down to about 4k. Scott won GPS Mini Glasgow in April this year for £11,000 so he should be able to make good use of his stack.

15:23: Players still rolling in quickly. 79 now today and 190 total. This guarantee is going to come toppling down.

15:20: On Table 2, Anthony Gilchrist opens it up to 250 and gets calls from Jesus Diaz-Diaz on the Button and both blinds. Flop Ah5d3s. The SB leads for 500. Jesus is the only caller. Heads up. Turn 8d. The SB checks this time and calls 1.5k from Jesus. River 6h. Now the SB takes the play back and bets 2.5k. Jesus calls and the SB says “good call”. Jesus takes it with AsJs for Top Pair. Jesus off to a good start. Will be continue to run like, well, um, himself, all day? Only time will tell. Maybe he’ll perform a few miracles and end up with stacks of chips up to the heavens.

15:16: Up to a monumental 74 entries 15 minutes into Day 1B!

15:15: Gianluigi Floris (second right) looks heavily dissapointed as his 2,000 River bet on KsTsJd - Tc - 7c goes uncalled. John Aitken (left) finding a fold despite the 4,000 in the middle.

15:10: Cameron McGregor gets three streets from Andrew Abernathy. He raises Andrew’s c-bet 4-ways on Ts5s7d, Andrew betting 300 and Cameron makes it 900. Cameron fires the Turn and River for 900 each and is good with a set of Sevens at showdown.

15:00: Starting now with 43 players:

14:40: Looking not bad with 20 minutes to go. We have 27 registered.

14:37: A note of all today’s action:

14:30: Don’t forget the Edinburgh Masters side event on Sunday at 2pm. It’s a 1-day £100+£10 tournament with a whopping £10,000 guaranteed.

14:25: Don’t forget that the chip colours in the main event may be different to what you’re normally used to. Chips below…

14:22: Do you use Twitter? Please tweet some tournament updates using #gpsedinburgh and we’ll add them to the blog. It really helps to add a bit of flavour. Thanks in advance.

14:20: Here are the numbers for the previous GPS Edinburgh events. How many do you think we’ll end up with this time?

2017: 111 entries so far…
2016: 221 entries, £100,000 prize pool
2015: 275 entries, £110,000 prize pool
2014: 290 entries, £125,000 prize pool
2013: 352 entries, £140,800 prize pool
2012: 387 entries, £154,800 prize pool

14:10: Here we go, Yeehaa declared! 50 minutes till Day 1B kicks off. We had an impressive 111 entries yesterday for 1A. Some players are dedicated to the cause, such as Andrew Abernethy who set off at 6am this morning…


Day 1B: Fri 29th Sep @ 3pm (late reg 10.15pm, ends 1.30am)
Day 1C Turbo: Fri 29th Sep @ 10pm (late reg 12.50am, ends 2.20am)
Day 2: Sat 30th Sep @ 2pm (ends 12.30am)
Day 3: Sun 1st Oct @ 1pm (plays to a finish)

Here is the full schedule:

Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #gpsedinburgh hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

For Day 1A we had 28/111 making it through:

Stephen Ng 216,400
Kris Linton 208,500
Lingxu Zhao 185,800
Paul Simmons 181,100
Louis Paxton 137,400
Craig Smith 130,300
Cammy Williamson 126,700
Brian O’Connor 126,100
Maj 119,000
Chun Kit Lee 118,800
Jordi Vizcaino 117,200
Tommy Noble 112,900
Davie Gallagher 108,700
Stuart McNally 92,500
Paddy Doonan 81,900
Paul Singh 80,100
Michael Jack Allison 73,800
Andy Hills 71,700
Christopher Symeonides 71,600
Tommy Le 69,400
Mark Williamson 58,200
Tony Crolla 58,000
Stephen Groom 54,900
Jamie Anderson 50,800
S Zaidi 46,600
Val Gray 29,800
Usman Ulhaq 26,700
Dean Whittaker 20,100

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