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GPS Edinburgh - Day 1A

By martinjsmith, posted September 28, 2017

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

01:45: It’s all over now. Here are the final chip counts. We have 28/111 making it through to Day 2 on Saturday at 2pm.

Stephen Ng 216,400
Kris Linton 208,500
Lingxu Zhao 185,800
Paul Simmons 181,100
Louis Paxton 137,400
Craig Smith 130,300
Cammy Williamson 126,700
Brian O’Connor 126,100
Maj 119,000
Chun Kit Lee 118,800
Jordi Vizcaino 117,200
Tommy Noble 112,900
Davie Gallagher 108,700
Stuart McNally 92,500
Paddy Doonan 81,900
Paul Singh 80,100
Michael Jack Allison 73,800
Andy Hills 71,700
Christopher Symeonides 71,600
Tommy Le 69,400
Mark Williamson 58,200
Tony Crolla 58,000
Stephen Groom 54,900
Jamie Anderson 50,800
S Zaidi 46,600
Val Gray 29,800
Usman Ulhaq 26,700
Dean Whittaker 20,100

01:39: Multi-way action on Table 4, Kris Linton opens the CO and Dougie Hampton calls from the SB. Colin shoves the BB, Kris calls and Dougie calls off as well. Colin has about 22k and K3s, Dougie has 10k and 75s and Kris has Aces to cover! Kris flops it on A88 and running fives for Dougie can’t save either Dougie or Colin.

Kris picks up Aces two hands later but only wins a small pot this time, poor him!

01:36: Clock paused at ten minutes left of Day 1A and last 3 hands in progress!

01:34: More chips for Stephen Ng. Rizwan Pirmohammed opens to 4k and Stephen Ng 3-bets to 10k. Rizwan 4-bet shoves for about 50k and Stephen snaps with Aces. Rizwan super-dominated with AQ. Rizwan asks Paul and Paul offers the “Give that man a couple of Queens, he deserves it!” but no joy for Rizwan. He Turns a sweat with a gutshot but bricks and Stephen sweeps it in.

01:28: Another double for Chris Symeonides! This time it’s Aces against Dougie Hampton’s Tens.

01:25: Paddy is put to the test as he bets 9k into about 19k and Paul Singh shoves for 72k. The board is As2sJh - Ts and Paddy folds saying he has two-pair with AT. Paddy asks if Paul has KQ and Paul shows KsQd for the straight and nut-flush re-draw.

01:20: Jim McLean is out after getting all in on this flop with the 6s5s Flush Draw vs Stephen Ng’s 9c4s 2-pair. Stephen holds.

01:16: Chris Symeonides gets another double as KQ Turns a Queen against Brian O’Connor and it’s good for the 18k double-up. Brian is left with about 40k.

01:14: Stephen Ng opens, Tommy Noble calls then JJ Divers jams from the blinds for about 20k. Ng folds but Tommy looks him up. It’s JJ’s AJ vs Tommy’s A9. Paul Simmons says “give him two nines on the flop” but then immediately regrets the joke as two nines do in fact arrive on the flop. No help for JJ and he is heading home. Pot to Noble.

01:11: What a run-out! With over 12k in the middle Chun Kit Lee (left) bets 10k from the button and Craig Smith check-raises to 26k and Chun calls on 5d4d3h. The Turn pairs the board with the 3h and Craig bets 25k. Chun thinks before calling with about 36k behind and 112k in the middle… The River runs off the 5h and Craig checks it to Chun who shoves and gets it through.

01:07: Paul Singh raises the Button to 3.5k and takes it down. Paddy Doonan in the BB had a look at his stack before folding and said “Make it 2.5k next time and I’ll give you some action”.

01:05: Stephen Groom opens to 2.6k in late position on Table 2 but folds when Cammy Williamson 3bets to 7.8k from the BB.

01:02: “I’m actually greeting about this call!” says Dean Whittaker as he calls Maj Iqbal’s 37k shove on the River. Maj has a flush with K9cc on 6cJsJc - 3c - Qh and it’s good for the big double-up. Dean down to about 40k.

01:00: Jonny Gray is out. He shoved his last 14k or so all in with A4 over the top of Andy Hills’ raise with KJ. Andy called off the rest and got there.

00:59: A sore one for Paul McTaggart as he opens the button and is priced in to call off as Chris Symeonides shoves the SB for 9k. Paul has 52o vs Eights and players call for a sweat “543 flop!” KT8 is just about the anti-sweat though and Chris Turns Quads to extra hold.

Paul busts the next hand as his last 15k goes in with AK but runs into Queens and loses the flip.

00:55: Jonny Gray bets 14.1k on this Qh River into a pot around 27k but folds, leaving himself 15k behind, when Jordi Vizcaino raises.

00:50: James Kirkwood is first out after the break, he had about 26k that went in pre-flop. His exit brings us to 36 over 4 tables.

00:47: Back in action. 1 hour to go tonight! Average Stack is 75k with 37/111 left.

00:37: Blinds up. Here are the top stacks at this final break:

Paul Simmons 140k
Lingxu Zhao 140k
Craig Smith 135k
Kris Linton 135k
Cammy Williamson 125k
Louis Paxton 115k
Davie Gallagher 106k
Paul Singh 105k
Stuart McNally 100k

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

00:30: Players on a 15 minute break. 1 more 1 hour level to go tonight. Exciting times.

00:29: Lingxu Zhao opens the button and calls off as Adam Buxton shoves the SB. Adam has KQs and Linxu has Eights and Eights hold. Good night Adam!

00:28: Double up for Tommy Noble there, getting the chips all in on the Turn with 66 for a Set vs JJ Divers’ Straight Draw (A8). Tommy housed up on the river to make it certain. He doubled up his 25k plus the 20k already in the middle. Tommy already had the Uber app open to call his ride home in case the draw came in but he was able to close it down for now.

00:26: Usman Ulhaq also finding a double, his AKs goes in pre and flops the nut-flush draw against Rizwan Pirmohammed’s Sixes. “Don’t give it to him, brick it out, he doesn’t even want it!” laughs Rizwan, “No! I do! I do! Yess!” shouts Usman as he turns his flush.

00:22: A double for Jonny Gray, he 3-bet shoves the SB as Cammy Williamson opens the CO and Adam Hills flats the button. Cammy re-shoves and Adam folds. Jonny’s in bad shape with A9 against AQ but a 933 flop is good for the double.

00:21: Number 1 Blog Fan Dennis Shaw following as always…

00:18: Junjie Wang is sent packing holding the dreaded Aces all in on the Td8d3h Flop vs Cammy Williamson’s 33 (Set) and does not improve. Cammy up to 120k+ now.

00:14: Tommy Noble gets a shove through after an Usman Ulhaq open and a Chun Kit Lee flat.

00:10: Paul Simmons is running it up, looks like 165k at average 71k!

00:05: Tommy Noble opens on Table 3 and has a relatively easy call as JJ Divers 3-bet jams 28k. Tommy has AKss and JJ has Q9ss but a Q97 flop and an extra Queen on the Turn ship the pot to JJ. It’s a grim blow for Tommy who’s now down to about 30k.

00:02: Peter King is on the wrong end of another cooler blind-on-blind. Adam Buxton opens the SB and Peter shoves with A9, Adam snaps for his tournament life with Cowboys. Adam flops top-set and Peter is drawing to a gutshot and misses. He busts a few hands later to Louis Paxton, all-in pre-flop.

23:55: Makka Hussain is out, his last chips go in blind-on-blind against Chun Kit Lee, who opens the SB and calls off. Chun’s chips go in armed with 85s against Makka’s A2s. Makka flops a deuce but Chun flops an Eight and turns a Five for the win.

23:54: It’s all too easy for Craig Smith, after an impressive run of cashes this year can he break Colin Gillon’s streak!?

23:52: Tommy Noble raises to 2.2k and is 3bet by Maj on the Button to 6.5k. Tommy is having none of it and 4bets to 15.2k though and takes it down right there.

23:48: Brent Burnett gets a double up as his KT catches a Ten against Sayid Zaidi’s Sixes. Unfortunately he can’t make it stick as he shoves a flush-draw into Cammy Williamson’s K8 on 8h7h7s and doesn’t get there.

23:44: We are down to 45/111 now for 1A. Down to 5 x 9 handed tables.

23:42: Phil McGarry is out from Table 5.

23:40: Louis Paxton (left) opens another one, this time to 2.5k on the Button. He’s 3bet to 7.5k from the SB by Dean Whittaker (right). Louis calls it. Flop Qd7h7d and Louis folds to a 6.5k c-bet. While helpfully passing Dean’s winning cards to the dealer Louis accidentally exposes one of them, the King of Diamonds.

23:35: Gary Gracey jams in short but has the worst of it after Anthony Crolla raises. Gary has AT against AK and K44 is not a pretty flop for him. He Turns a gutter but bricks.

23: 26: Ege Tekin goes out as his last 2.4k goes in, Dean Whittaker calls and so does another player. Dean bets the flop and the cards are over, Ege’s AK outflopped by J9 on QJ2. Dean Rivers two-pair but doesn’t need it.

23:22: Tommy Le makes a painful fold. He c-bets on 432 and Paul Simmons calls and Makka Hussain folds. The Turn is a 5 and checks through and Tommy gives it up eventually as Paul bets 12k on the River with about 30k in the middle and Tommy having ~32k behind.

23:30: Blinds up!

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

23:20: Denis Gervais goes out as he c-bet calls off against Jamie Anderson. Jamie has outflopped him though with K9 on KQ9ddd. Denis’ KJ needs a Queen, Jack or Ten but he doesn’t find any of them.

23:18: Interesting one on Table 1. Ege Tekin opens to 2k and is 3bet to 4.5k in position by Louis Paxton. Lingxu Zhao comes along on the Button and Ege makes up the difference. Flop Jd8h7c. Checked to Lingxu and he bets 6k. Ege is the only caller. Turn Ts. Both check. River 8c. Ege checks, Lingxu bets 11.5k. Now Ege moves all in for just over 33k! Back to Lingxu and he tanks for a bit but eventually makes the call. He has the unexpected Aces and is good vs Ege who has turned his 7d6d into a bluff. He’s now down to just a few thousand as Lingxu didn’t quite have him covered.

23:11: Rob Franks is out, his short stack runs into Jacks and not even a Ten-high, 3-spade board with AsTx can save him from elimination!

23:08: Usman Ulhaq and Stephen Ng laugh and shake hands as they chop it up. Stephen opens the button and Usman shoves from the SB. It’s a call from Stephen and they both table AQ, no miracle coolers and they chop the antes and BB.

23:03: Jamie Anderson shoves over a raise and takes it down. He’s up to about 20k now and says he’s spun it up from 5k.

23:01: A few pics:

22:50: S Zaidi limps for 800 UTG but moves all in for about 65k after a 3k raise from Cammy Williamson. Cammy tank/folds. He had Zaidi covered. He is shown Aces. Cammy said he had Jacks.

22:45: Big one on Table 4. Norbert Bobra (QQ) opens UTG and gets 3 callers, including Kris Linton (KK), before Paul McTaggart (AK) shoves from the BB for 16.1k. Norbert and Kris call and the others fold. Flop 7d6d2c. Norbert shoves for about 50k and Kris calls with him covered. It’s AK vs KK vs QQ and Kris looks like he’ll drag in a huge one. However, it comes runner runner Diamond for Paul to make the Nut Flush and take the main pot. Kris takes the decent side pot and still makes a profit though. Norbert is out.

22:38: Emilian Cismas is unlucky, he gets it in dominated with A5 against the A7 of Paul Simmons but flops his kicker and rivers two-pair, unfortunately Paul also flops his kicker and rivers a better two-pair. Down to 60 now after the break.

22:34: Quick exit for Roddy MacNeil after the recommencement.

22:32: Numbers to be confirmed but it looks like it will be a magnificent 111 entries for Day 1A of the GPS Edinburgh Main Event!

22:20: Latest chip counts with 65/111 left:

Chun Kit Lee 148k
Stuart McNally 101k
Paul Donnelly 100k
Craig Smith 105k
Ege Tekin 82k
Cammy Williamson 80k
Colin Gillon 77k
Brian O’Connor 76k
Kris Linton 75k
Dean Whittaker 74k
Peter King 70k
S Zaidi 70k
Paul Simmons 67k
Maj 67k

22:15: Nice pot just at the end of Level 6 there for JJ Divers. All in on the Flop with a Set vs 2 x Flush Draws. He holds to almost treble up. The shortest stack, Mick Leitch, is eliminated. JJ on about 50k now maybe.

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

22:06: Shaun Bennett gets his last few chips in with 43s but doesn’t find a fun flop against Tommy Noble’s AK after Colin Gillon gets out of the way. Tommy flops a King and holds and Shaun is out.

22:01: Craig Dawson shoves 18k into a limp and Davey Gallagher makes a quick re-shove for about 25k. Everyone gets out of the way and it’s Sevens for Craig and QTo for Davey. T66 and it’s curtains for Craig.

21:58: Next break in 8 mins and it will last for 15 mins. Registration will close as soon as that break ends too. Currently at 110 entries.

21:55: Table 6 is a huge fan of big messy pots. This time it goes in 4-ways on the flop! Top-pair second kicker, top-pair top kicker, a set and a flush-draw walk into a bar…

Delier Sharief has AK, Davey Gallagher has AQ, Chun Kit Lee has Sevens and Jonny Gray has QTdd on Ac3d7d.

The Turn is the Jc, Davey and Delier are drawing dead, Jonny picks up a gutshot.

The River is the 3s and Chun Kit Lee boats and scoops in the pot. His stack is 55,900 and he doubles through Davey as well as picking up Delier and Jonny’s stacks.

21:50: Louis Paxton shoves for about 15k on this Jh9c5h Turn with the KhQh monster draw. He’s called by Jd8d Top Pair but The Paxton gets there with Ks on the Turn and 2h on the River. Double up. Maybe on about 40-45k now.

21:45: After an open to 1.6k and a call, John Angus shoves for 8.6k. Everyone folds. Pot to to John.

21:43: Here’s our reigning two-time, back to back GPS Edinburgh Champion, Colin Gillon.

21:40: Jim McLean’s spin up continues. Sounds like he got lucky on Jonny Gray with KQ vs QQ. Jim has about 40k now and Jonny is out but has re-entered on a new table. Jim thinks he playing a cash game as he’s topped up with some £50 notes behind…

21:35: Another crazy hand on Table 6 as Paolo Bronzina and Ashwini Joshi are all-in and two calls over the top from Paul Donnelly and Davey Gallagher. They check it down and Paul tables AK almost in shock as he has checked down the Ace-high dry board… Davey is equally suprised and states as much, Paul complains that he can’t believe he didn’t bet. Ashwini and Paolo hit the rail.

21:32: Honestly I’m not quite sure how this all happened Deryck Barnes, Delier Sharief and Paolo Bronzina have 1,250 in, Davey Gallagher has made it 3,650 and Ashwini Joshi is All-in for 1,250. Only Deryck folds and the flop comes down A42 with the action on the side. Davey bets 7,500 and Delier calls. The Turn brings another Ace and Davey bets again and Delier folds. Davey has 42 for counterfeited two-pair and a five on the River gives Ashwini’s 95o the win for the main pot.

21:30: Jack Allison doesn’t look happy about it but after his check on the River of 2c4cJs - 8d - 6s Jack calls Usman Ulhaq’s All-in and Jack’s AJ is good.

21:28: David Vamplew, Scotland’s all time #1 tournament money winner, has been eliminated. He’s cashed for $3,871,601 live in total according to the Hendon Mob website.

21:26: Jim McLean (pictured below) gets his last 9.3k all in pre-flop with 55 vs Tony Crolla’s AK. Jim hits a Full House to double. There’s some dispute when counting the stack and Jim tells him to “just make it ten”.

21:20: Players reading the blog at the table, always nice to see your name up in lights!

21:18: S Zaidi takes out Markus Kornfeld. They got the chips all in on the Turn with KsQs for the Flush (Zaidi) vs Top Set (AcAd). The Tc river changed nothing and Markus is walking.

21:13: Anthony Gilchrist busts to Tommy Le.

21:10: Another open from Dougie Hampton and cold-call from Stuart McNally, this time it’s Teddy Lee as the 3-bettor in the middle. However both fold as Dougie 4-bets to 15,200!

21:07: Blinds up!

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

21:06: Paddy Doonan gets his stack in from the BB and Jim Mclean calls last to act on the button with the old 45s, he outflops AKs but Paddy rivers a King to stay alive. Jim laughs “Justice River!” as Paddy sits back Doon.

21:05: Jarowicz Wolny gets his 4,500 into but flat from Junjie Wang and a re-shove from Anthony Mullen don’t look promising. Junjie eventually puts it down and Jarowicz is in bad shape with Sevens against Queens. Anthony’s Queens hold and he scoops in the pot.

21:04: Robbie Bull gets his 25k or so all in pre-flop with QQ vs Peter King’s AA. The Bullets hold and Robbie is heading for the door. Louis Paxton consoles him as he is standing up by letting him know that he “would have played it the same way”.

20:59: Norbert Bobra is here representing Hussars Poker Team. He’s been on good form recently including an event win for £8,500 and a FT at Fountain Park’s recent Titan. He’s on about 40k at the moment.

20:56 Nick Crozer has been eliminated.

20:55: Jack Allison opens pre-flop and gets calls from Craig Smith on the Button and Usman Ulhaq in the BB. Flop 9h7c5d. All 3 players check. Turn Th. Usman leads for 2k and gets 2 calls. River 6c. All check. Jack wins it with an unexpected AA in the hole.

20:53: On Table 5, after a raise and a call from George Wilson in position, Craig Smith (pictured below) 3bets to 3.2k from the SB. The original raiser folds but George peels. Flop Qd5h3d. Craig bets 4k (I think) and takes it down.

20:51: Abdul runs into it as his AKs 3-bet jams for about 13k into Lingxu Zhao’s open but Lingxu has Aces and snaps. It’s curtains for Abdul as he doesn’t even flop a sweat…

20:48: Stuart McNally gets a call as he shoves the Turn against Vavilou Tiberiou. Dougie Hampton opens and Vavilou 3-bets, Stuart cold-calls in position and Dougie folds. Vavilou c-bets 2,500 into the 8k in the middle and Stuart calls. The Turn is the Jd6d2s - 8s and Vaivlou bets 6,500 and calls off as Stuart shoves. Vavilou has Turned a set of Eights and Stuart has turned an open-ender and a flush-draw but bricks out.

20:43: Markus Kornfeld makes a big River shove but he gets it through uncontested and scoops in the roughly 22k in the middle! Looks like he’s up to about 40k.

20:40: Dougie Hampton makes a boat and a nice payday as his A4 gets paid on the River by Manuel Drjea and he pulls in a chunky pot.

20:38: Brent Burnett has been eliminated. We are now down to 88/102 entries.

20:32: Double up for short stack Peter King. He shoved all in on the Turn for about 8.6k with K7 2-pair vs Abul’s 3.2k bet/call with Q9 1-pair and held up. The main pot was about 8k before the Turn action so Peter should be back up to about starting stack 25k.

20:25: Jonny Gray (4th in GPS Edinburgh 2014), Colin Gillon (GPS Edinburgh Champion twice in 2015 & 2016) and Makka Hussain (GPS Sheffield Champion 2013) have all just arrived together and entered the event!

20:23: Rizwan Pirmohammed gets a fold out of both Andrew Ferguson and Gordon Wood as he bets 8k on the Turn and gets it through. It’s a big pot with 17k in the middle on 745 - 3.

20:17: Chris Symeonides gets a double-up from Shaun Bennett as they both River trip-Queens. Chris pips Shaun with King-kicker to Jack-kicker.

20:10: Anthony Mullen spikes the River as he and Paul Singh get the chips in pre. Paul has Ak and makes the call as Anthony 4-bet shoves his Eights. Paul hits a King on the Turn but a River Eight gives the check-mark to Anthony.

20:05: We’re back in action. Up to 98 entries now.

19:54: If you fancy qualifying to play 1B on the cheap we have a 5 x £440 seat guaranteed satellite starting at 9pm tonight. It’s £40+£5 entry with 1 x £20 top-up. It may have been advertised as 8.30pm elsewhere but we’re going with 9pm start time.

19:45: Stephen Ng still doing alright too…

19:30: Players on dinner break at the moment. Back about 8.05pm. Here are the current top stacks. We have 84/97 still playing. Registration open till 10.15pm.

Brian O’Connor 81k
Craig Smith 80k
Stuart McNally 76k
Maj 71k
Paul Donnelly 70k
Ege Tekin 62k
Paul Singh 62k
Andrew Ferguson 61k
Paul Simmons 60k
S Zaidi 52k
Cammy Williamson 50k

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

19:20: Players now on the 45 minute dinner break. Chip counts coming soon.

19:15: Louis P is telling his table a story about a time he shoved in a satellite on the bubble with Q6 and knocked his dad out. He hadn’t realised his dad was all in before him when he shoved. It got a few laughs.

19:12: Pamela Cairney is out.

19:10: Double up for Jordi Vizcaino with a Full House vs Trips. Could be back up to around starting stack now.

19:06: Andrew Ferguson wins another big pot flopping Quad Jacks on AJJ - T - 8. Darwn Mohammed calls two streets but folds the river as Andrew bets 8k into 8k.

19:03: Louis Paxton concedes that Robbie Bull is probably the best player at his table. “Apart from me obviously” he adds.

19:01: Francis “Fish” Byrne (Q8) gets a lucky river to double up through Paul Patouilliart (QQ). Not sure when exactly they got the chips in.

18:58: Duncan Galloway check-shoves the flop on Kd5d4h. Stephen Ng has c-bet 2,900 into about 5,200 in what looks like a 3-bet pot and Duncan check-shoves 6,175 and Stephen makes the call with AK. Duncan has Jacks and finds no miracle!

18:55: We have 24 minutes left of Level 4 then we go on the 45 minute dinner break. Registration still open til 10.15pm though. We currently have 96 entries which is great for 1A. Generally the second day is much busier.

18:53: Local player Stephen Ng on about 39k at the moment.

18:47: Usman Ulhaq also finishes off Karim Tork as his AJ hits running Jacks against Karim’s Nines.

18:43: Andy Hills and Paul Simmons play a very deliberate hand with tanking on almost every street. Tommy Le opens the CO, Paul calls and calls again as Andy 3-bets from his BB. Tommy gets out of the way. The flop is 994rr and Andy checks and Paul checks back. Andy has just over pot behind so there’s very little room for manouevre in the hand. The Turn is a King and Andy bets pretty small. Paul calls and they see a river. It’s another King and Andy checks it to Paul who bets the effective all-in and Andy folds.

18:40: Ege Tekin takes out Alistair Buxton. They were all in on the Flop with Ege’s Nut Flush vs a Set. No pair up came to save the day and Alastair is heading home.

18:36: Louis gets all in again pre-flop next hand with QQ vs Dean Whittaker’s AA. He shouts “Lady come, Lady come”. The lady comes and he doubles up! He has over 20k now.

18:34: Louis gets in 5.3k pre-flop soon after with T7 vs Roddy MacNeil’s AQ. He spikes a Ten.

18:32: After an open to 900 from Alistair Buxton, Louis P shoves all in about 18k. He is called and shows 66. He’s ahead vs Alistair’s AJ. Alistair just has around 13k so he’s at risk. The Ace comes down for his double up however. Louis in trouble with about 5k left.

18:31: Usman Ulhaq gets a double as his Kings hold this time against Karim Tork’s Nines all-in pre for 6,150.

18:23: Life is a roller-coaster…
Robert Franks and Usman Ulhaq 4-bet get-it-in with Queens vs Kings! It’s one for the cold deck fans as the window card is a Queen! Followed by a King on the flop! Followed by a Queen on the Turn!
Qauds and a double for Rob and a painful hand for Usman’s Kings.

18:17: Blinds up!

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

18:16: Jimmy Page hits and misses. Paolo Bronzina bets the Turn and River and Jimmy calls both streets as he Turns the nut-flush with QJcc on AcKcKd - 9c - 6h. Unfortunately Paolo has Turned a boat with K9 and wins the pot.

18:16: Brent Burnett faces a tough decision. He check-raises AsJcTs as Craig c-bets 600 into 1,000 and Brent makes it 2k. Criag calls and the Turn rolls off the Th. Brent check-calls 3k on the Turn but after a short think folds for his last 5,050 as Craig puts him all-in on the 2h River!

18:14: Louis tries a river bluff next hand but is called by Trips and does not beat it. He raises to 500 next hand and says he dares anyone to re-raise. They all take the warning and fold.

18:13: Louis is the only player in Edinburgh with a fake alter-ego Twitter account. That account actually predicted a GPS win for him yesterday…

18:12: Louis’ favourite hand is well known in town as K8. Amazingly he’s just lost 2 pots in a row vs the same player and he lost to K8 both times. This amused Louis.

18:11: Local legend Louis Paxton (thumbs up below) has entered the tournament and is having a good time so far, raising most pots at Table 1.

18:09: Francis “Fish” Byrne goes for a cheeky river raise but makes a quick fold as Teddy Lee 3-bets the River to 22k. Teddy leads the Kh6hQs - As - Tc board for 2,800 and Francis makes it 8,000 before folding.

18:06: Jim Mclean gets some value as he calls the flop, checks through the Turn and bets 1,500 on the River. His rivered two-pair is good and both players muck face down.

17:59: Lingxu Zhao is heading for the rail. He got it all in pre-flop with AK vs AK but went down to a Flush! It was AcKh vs AhKc and the other players at the table said it was his own fault for calling for Hearts to win before the cards were dealt.

17:56: Shortie Paul Addy is all in for 2.5k with A9 and goes out to Abdul’s AQ. Abdul on a heater as he just took out another player the hand before with QQ all in the Turn vs a big draw that missed.

17:52: That may not technically have been an actual picture of Paddy earlier btw. I just saw it and thought it looked quite like him.

17:51: Tony Mullen doubles up through Kris Linton. Aces go down again, this time to a Turned Straight with 52o.

17:44: Local player Paddy Doonan is in action today. He’s recently back from a wee holiday where he fell asleep on the beach…

17:42: Paul McTaggart opens to 1,500 after Peter King limps UTG and +1 limps as well. He folds Jacks face-up though as Peter King limp-shoves for about 15k!

17:40: Craig Smith wastes no time getting involved…

17:39: George gets swift vengeance though as he opens and peels a 3-bet from Brent Burnett. The flop comes down 567 and they get it in. Brent has Queens and George has flopped it with 89s!

17:37: George Wilson has a chunk ripped out of him as Brent Burnett’s Sixes flop a set vs Aces and Aces does not improve. George limps UTG and makes it 4,100 after someone opens and Brent calls. Brent opts to shove as it gets back to him and George snaps! It’s an 18k double for Brent.

17:33: Brent Burnett opens UTG and Jack Allison 3-bets from +1 and Brent calls but folds to Jack’s 1,800 c-bet on 332rr.

17:30: Still on Table 2, Gary Gracey opens for 500 UTG and gets calls from Gianluigi Floris (SB) and Gordon Wood (BB). Flop Kc8d6s. Gianluigi checks, Gordon (pictured below) leads out for 600. Gary is the only caller. Turn 4s. Gordon bets again, 1.1k this time. Gary calls. River 8c. Gordon puts out 2.6k. Gary calls. Gordon says “Good call” and Gary shows KhJs to take it.

17:28: A few 200 limps on Table 2 then Denis Gervais takes it down pre-flop with a 1.5k raise.

17:22: Cruising into Level 3 with a massive 85 entries so far and 80 people playing!

17:18: Some chip counts from the break:

Brian O’Connor - 61k
Cammy Williamson - 54k
Robert Cummings - 52k
Andrew Ferguson - 49k
Francis Byrne - 46k
Paul McTaggart -  44k
Ege Tekin - 41.5k
Anthony Crolla - 40.5k
Norbert Bobra - 40k
George Wilson - 40k
Dean Whittaker - 40k

17:11: Late registration specialist Craig Smith has just arrived to take his seat for Level 3. He won the PokerStars MegaStack event here at Fountain Park for £9,030 in July.

17:10: We are up to 83 entries so far for Day 1A. Registration still open till 10.15pm so loads of time to get down here and join the action.

17:09: Brian O’Connor off to a decent start:

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

17:00: Players now on a 15 minute break. Chip counts coming soon.

16:58: A spicy spot on Table 2 as Jordi Vizcaino mis-clicks to 4,000 UTG and it looks like it’s going through until Denis Gervais calls from the SB. The flop is AhTc4c and checks through, the Turn is the 7s and Denis bets 2,550 and Jordi calls. The River is the 7c and Denis bets 10k and gets a quick fold.

16:54: Anyone have a seat for James?

16:47: Andrew Ferguson makes the call on the River. The board is Qc4d7c - 2c - Kh and Andy Hills has bet 10k into about 24,500. Andrew tanks for several long minutes and calls. “Ace-Queen is good!” says Andy and Andrew flips over a set of Queens… “That is also good.” understates Andy.

16:40: Anthony Mullen has a grumble to himself as he calls Peter King’s River bet for 2,500. There’s about 6,700 in the middle and Peter has the top-straight with KQ on JhTh9h - 8c - 9s. Anthony has flopped the open-ended straight-flush draw and turned the lower straight with AcQh.

16:38: Some pics from around the room:

16:33: Steven Smart picks up Aces again but this time it’s a disaster for him as he gets his stack all in on the Tc9c6d Flop vs Robert Cummings’ Set of 6s. Steven is now out.

16:32: James Kirkwood bets the river for 1,600 and gets a call from Jack Allison. Jack 3-bets and c-bets half-pot before checking back the Turn. A8 is good for James on AhJd2h - 5c - Ac.

16:26: A crushing defeat for Manoj Kumar. George Wilson makes it 325 UTG and Val Gray calls next to act. Manoj 3-bets to 1,500 and both call. The flop comes down Jh8h5c and Manoj just shoves about 8k in after two checks. Val makes the call with 54hh for a pair and a a flush draw and gets there on the River against Manoj’s Queens.

16:19: Tommy Noble makes big value as he flops a set against two-pair. His Threes against A2 on A23. He calls a Turn check-raise and a large river bet from Chris Symeonides.

16:15: Paul Patouilliart (left) takes a sore one as Francis Byrne (right) raises his c-bet multiway and makes a big jam on the Turn. Paul gives it up on 9s8c7s - 4d as Francis shoves about 16k into 9k.

16:03: Steven Smart 3bets to 2k pre-flop and gets a couple of callers, including Paul McTaggart who won this event in 2012. On the AhTs6d Flop both fold to Steven’s 3.5k bet however. He shows the old Aces for Top Set, The Nuts.

16:01: Blinds are up and we’re into Level 2, we’re up to a fantastic 70 entries already!

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

15:59: Junjie Wang contiues to make waves as he check-raises to flop on Th2hJs and both Cammy Williamson and Gordon Wood call. The Turn is the Qc and Junjie continues for 600, Gordon calls and Cammy raises to 2,650 in position. Junjie folds and Gordon calls. The River pairs the board with the Ts and Gordon thinks about it before checking and Cammy quickly checks-back. Gordon flips 89 for the straight and Cammy says he turned two-pair but didn’t boat-up on the River.

15:53: Norbert Bobra is I believe the first person in the tournament to be All-in, it gets a fold though as Queens belonging to Grant Smith fold face-up. Norbert shows Aces on Ts2h6h - 4s with what looks like 10-12k in the middle!

15:48: Very busy in here as James Mitchell even takes his jacket off and mucks in to open table 8:

15:45: On Table 2, Junjie Wang opens to 300, called by Gordon Wood in position then Lingxu Zhao 3bets to 1.4k from the SB. Original Raiser Junjie folds but Gordon makes the call. Flop AhTd5d. Lingxu continues for 1.4k then Gordon makes it 3.2k. Lingxu gives it up. Gordon says “I thought we were getting it in there” and shows TT for a Set!

15:43: Ashwini Joshi piles on the pressure in another multi-way pot on Table 6. The flop comes down 9h8h4d and Chun Kit Lee (Final Tablist 2015) continues for 6,00, it receives 3 calls before Ashwini makes it 2,600 to go. Deryck Barnes and James Kirkwood call as Chun Kit gives it up. The Turn is the 2c and Ash fires 6k which is good to win it!

15:38: Multi-way fun, Brent Burnett opens to 250 UTG and recieves a huge 5 calls including both blinds. The flop comes down Ks7s9c and Brent bets 600 and recieves 2 calls. The Turn Jd checks through and Brent bets the 2s for 700 and George Wilson calls. George’s K2s good!

15:33: David Vamplew and Jamie Anderson are seated at Table 2. Both final-tabled this event in 2014, David finishing 2nd and Jamie 9th.

15:31: The tournament clock at the half way stage in the first level:

15:30: Peter King makes a crying call as Robert Cummings bets 2,500 on the River. There’s 6,300 in the middle and the board has ran out Kh8h5s - 3d - 7h, Peter has Kings for top set and Robert has AJhh for the rivered nut-flush!

15:23: Up to 59 players now. A great start. If anyone is playing today or following at home please tweet your updates and questions using the hashtag #gpsedinburgh so we can pick them up for the blog. Thanks in advance.

15:16: Junjie Wang continues to pick up chips as he raises a 1,900 bet on the Turn to 5,100 on 8hJsQc - 3h and Denis Gervais calls. The River is the Six of Spades and Junjie bets 5,300 and gets a call. He shows a set of Eights and it’s good for the win.

15:07: Adam Buxton and Junjie Wang get involved in a pot. We come to the flop with 1,050 in the middle and Adam leads 425 out of the SB, Junjie quickly raises to 1,200 and Adam makes the call with a passenger folding out of the middle. The Turn is the 7h3d4d - 4c and Adam check-folds to Junjie’s 3,000 barrel. Junjie shows 56o and picks it up.

15:00: Day 1A kicked off bang on time and we’re up to 40 players already.

14:57: Starting shortly. 34 registered and a nice queue at the desk. Looking good.

14:55: Here are the figures for the last 5 years of GPS Edinburgh events. We’re certainly hoping to smash the £100,000 guarantee with 250+ entries this year.

2016: 221 entries, £100,000 prize pool
2015: 275 entries, £110,000 prize pool
2014: 290 entries, £125,000 prize pool
2013: 352 entries, £140,800 prize pool
2012: 387 entries, £154,800 prize pool

14:50: Can Colin Gillon (below) take down his third GPS Edinburgh in a row? Amazingly he won it back to back in 2015 (£25,270) & 2016 (£28,500).

14:43: All Fountain Park regulars please be aware of the chip colours we’ll be using for the Main Event as they are different from the regular ones used in this casino:

14:42: Up to 22 registered now with 18 minutes to go.

14:20: With 40 minutes left to kick-off we have 8 players registered. First in was Tommy Noble and he declared that he wants to be first in and last out of the tournament. Good luck to this long-time Edinburgh regular.


GPS Main Edinburgh Day 1A gets under way at 3pm Thursday afternoon.

We are running 2 x regular Day 1s on Thursday 28th September @ 3pm and Friday 29th September @ 3pm then a Turbo Day 1 also on Friday 29th September but at 10pm. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 10.15pm). Thursday’s Day 1 will finish around 1.30am. Day 2 on Saturday 30th September starts at 2pm, plays another 9 levels, and finishes around 12.30am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 1st October from 1pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #gpsedinburgh hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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