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GPS Liverpool - Day 1A

By martinjsmith, posted August 30, 2017

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

04:15: Day 1A is now complete and we have 14/54 advancing to Day 2 on Saturday. Here are the final chip counts:

Robert Molyneux 174,500
Huw Roberts 169,100
David Dempsey 131,000
John Hall 131,000
Daniel Kavanagh 124,200
Paul Neilson 103,200
MS 102,500
Martin McGeough 88,900
Harold Strong 77,100
Mark Bellis 72,600
John Turner 55,900
Adam Tsang 54,100
Jakub Pajunk 41,600
George Kasparis 33,700

04:05: Marcus’ last 4k goes in blind UTG and finds a call from John Hall in the SB. John has A8 against Marcus’ T3 and Ace-high is still good by the river. On to the last 3 hands of the day now with 14 remaining.

04:00: David Dempsey opens to 3k, Marcus Baptista 3bets to 8k. Now John Hall calls from the BB and David shoves all in for about 60k! Marcus snap-calls and John folds. It’s David’s AA vs Marcus’ AK. Not good. David makes a Flush to make it certain and doubles up. Marcus is left with about 4k.

03:53: After a raise to 2.6k and 2 calls, John Turn 3bets to 13.2k from the BB. All 3 opponents fold. He shows Tens.

03:51: David Dempsey opens to 2.6k and Marcus Baptista on the button and Adam Tsang in the BB both call. The flop is Ad6d8s and David c-bets 3k, only Adam calls. The Turn is the Ad6d8s - 5s and David bets again 7k, leaving himself 16k behind and Adam calls. The Queen of Diamonds rolls off on the River and Adam quickly shoves the effective leaving David to tank for his tournament life. David eventually sighs and calls and is correct with AQ “You’re good” from Adam.

03:48: David Lowe (KQ) shoves all in for about 20k over the top of John Hall’s open with AJ. John calls and holds to send David on his way.

03:42: Here are the seating arrangements with 16/54 left and 30 mins left to play. We’ll get the full chip counts once the day is over.

Table 1
John Turner
Robert Molyneux
Jakub Pajunk
Daniel Kavanagh
Mark Bellis
Martin McGeough
Huw Roberts

Table 2
Adam Tsang
George Kasparis
Harold Strong
Paul Neilson
John Hall
David Dempsey
Marcus Baptista
David Lowe

03:39: A monster amount of chips go in pre as a couple of limps see Huw Williams (who just said the name of the longest village name in Wales flawlessly (that’s seriously impressive)) raise to 4,600 from the SB. Darren Brown jams a massive 68k from the BB!! Huw goes into the tank before making the call with red Queens. Darren has black Jacks. “Black flop dealer, black flop!” Red, red, red and 3 diamonds gives Huw an almost lock on the hand… until the Jack of Hearts slides off the deck on the Turn. Gasps from the table and a pause from the dealer… SNAP!... diamond River and Huw makes a flush and wins the 130k pot.

03:34: On Table 2 I think Adam Tsang limps in for 1.2k then Harold Strong raises on the Button. He gets 2 calls from the blinds (Paul Neilson & John Hall) and Adam comes along too. Flop Kh6d4s. Checked to Harold and he fires 6.6k. Paul and John call, Adam folds. Turn Ad. Now first to act Paul just shoves all in for about 56k! John thinks for a good while but ends up folding. Harold also folds, showing AT for turned top pair. Paul is delighted as he shows 96o for 3rd pair! Harold says “That’s the craziest thing you’ll ever see. Crazy bluff.” to the table.

03:20: Conversation strikes up on Table 1 as Jakub Pajunk mucks a chop. He calls a bet on the Turn of AQQ - J after Robert Molyneux limps the button pre and he checks. The River is an Ace and Robert checks back showing J8 for the rivered counterfeit and playing the board and Jakub just mucks face down.

03:12: Clock as we come back to 17 players heading to the end of Day 1A.

03:01: Players on a short break before we begin the last level of the night. Here are the top stacks at the moment with 17 left:

Robert Molyneux 163k
Martin McGeough 135k
MS 120k
Adam Tsang 107k
Huw Roberts 105k

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

02:55: Chung Chan leaves us in the sort of way you’d expect as he shoves the last hand before the break into Quads!

02:53: Trevor Lawson also leaves us, bringing us down to 2 tables and 18 remaining. Break in 2 minutes and chip counts to follow.

02:50: On the Turn of 7d4d4h - 6h Paul Neilson bets 7.5k, Darren Brown folds and Robert Molyneux calls. The River is the 5h and Robert again checks it over to Paul who thinks for a minute or two before betting 10k. Robert is pretty unhappy with the situation but “I’ve got a four lad, ughh, I’ve got to call” and T4s is good as a 7 is shown.

02:43: Keith Cheung (QT) gets his last 15k or so all in pre-flop vs Harold Strong (A9). No help for Keith and he’s heading home. 19/54 remain.

02:38: After a quick quadruple up Cristian Popescu runs A6 into A7 and exits leaving us with 20 remaining.

02:29: Paul Neilson (Seat 5) opens to 2.5k then Adam Tsang (Seat 1) 3bets the Button to 5.9k. John Hall (Seat 2) is keen from the SB and calls it. Back to Paul and he calls too. Flop 8d5h3c. John checks, now Paul fires 11k. Adam is having none of it and makes it 25k. John folds. Paul does too, showing AQ. Adam, feeling generous, also shows. He had a couple of Aces, the old Bullets, the pre-flop nuts, American Airlines.

02:24: Cristian picks his spot. A limp from UTG sees David Turner (centre) limp on the Button. Cristian Popescu (right) sees this as his opportunity to jam about 23k from the SB. Marcus Baptista and UTG fold leaving it up to David with a decision, he’s just covered so he has to call off his tournament life. He does and is shown AK and it’s a race against his sixes. Both the BB and UTG discuss folding QJ “Wouldn’t it be funny if we both won!?” exclaims Marcus and as the board comes down 894 (“Put a Ten down, put a Ten down!”) - T - 3 he’s right as they both would have made the nut-straight. David’s Sixes hold and he doubles leaving Cristian with just a couple of bigs.

02:19: The stack of MS. Looks like about 135k.

02:18: John Hall’s current stack. Approx 125k.

02:17: John Turner limps UTG, Harold Strong completes and Keith Cheung checks his option. The flop is Ad8c5s and checks through bringing the Qs. Harold leads out 1,500 and John calls. The River is the 7c and goes check-check, Harold’s A4o good against John’s Kings.

02:15: Chris King must have lost a chunky pot recently as he’s now out, getting his last 4.5k in pre-flop with K3. He got 2 callers but went down to Adam Tsang’s 4s3s.

02:10: Matt Smith softly into the night. Down to 22 remaining.

02:08: Martin McGeough limps pre and both the blinds call in John Turner and Cristian Popescu. The flop is Ac3c2s and checks through. The Turn is the 2d and it checks to Gareth who bets 3,400 and gets two calls. The River is the Kc and it again checks to Gareth who bets 6k, John calls and is shown the wheel with 45ss which is good.

02:03: On Table 1, Chung Chan (pictured below) open-shoves all in from early position for 19.2k with 99. He’s called by Huw Roberts in the BB holding AK. Chung hits a Full House to double.

01:55: Blinds up! This is the second last level of the night. Now 23/54 left. I wonder how many we’ll finish with…

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

01:54: John Hall limps UTG+1 and Robert Molyneux raises to 2,600, which gets 3 calls including John. The Flop comes down 955rr and John takes the lead for 8.5k and Robert calls. They check down the J - 8 Turn and River but with a lot of tanking from both throughout. Robert shows Tens and wins.

01:48: Another one bites the dust; Oliver Braddock is out.

01:47: On Table 3 there’s an open from an anonymous player and a call before John Hall 3bets to 7k on the Button. Both others call. Flop Th9c8c. 2 checks and John fires 17k. Only the anonymous player calls. Turn 7h. Now the anonymous player jams all in for about 60k! John has a think about it but, in the end, elects to give it up.

01:44: Harold Strong Completes blind-on-blind when it’s folded to him but sighs and folds when Keith Cheung jams about 23k.

01:39: Cristian Popescu folds to Martin McGeough’s 12k River bet. There’s about 17k in the middle and the board is 3c4c6s - Qs - Jh.

01:34: We’ve also lost Warren Aspey. Down to 24/54 now. Average Stack 56,200.

01:33: Harold Strong (7h6h) gets all in on the Ah5h3c Flop vs short stack John Williams. Turn Qc. River 6c. Harold (pictured below) gets there to take John out.

01:32: Nathan Weigh is forced to put it in. He opens pre-flop and gets calls from John Hall and Mark Bellis in the blinds. It comes down Kc4d4c and he continues for 4k out of 15k, John Hall check-raises to 8k and Nathan sigh puts it in tabling KJhh. John looks at it and tables 45o and holds on a dry run-out.

01:26: Marcus Baptista makes the call with ATo against David Jones jam out of his BB pre. Marcus is good against David’s 84o and never even has to sweat.

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01:18: Has anyone lost a pair of trainers? Please let the poker room supervisor know ASAP. Thank you.

01:17: Adam Tsang opens to 2.2k, called by Paul Neilson then George Kasparis shoves all in for about 30k. Both of his opponents fold.

01:16: Daniel Kavanagh grabs some thin-value on the River as his 3.5k bet gets called by Trevor Lawson who shows a King and mucks A2ss good on KcTs6s - Ad - 5c.

01:12: Robin Lea runs into it, he shoves on the button for 8.9k but Chung Chan snaps in the BB with Aces. Robin has Q6cc and by the KdJcJs - 5d Turn Chung has the check-mark.

01:07: Jakub Pajunk (QsTc) limps for 800 UTG and calls when Gareth Carrigan (Ad7d) shoves from the SB for his approx 7k stack. Jakub gets there to send Gareth packing.

01:05: Chung Chan check-calls 4.5k from Daniel Kavanagh on AhJh4s - 4d and open-folds the 3c River, Daniel sweeps in the 20k pot uncontested.

01:02: Didn’t catch the pre-flop action but Philip Browne (JT) and Chris King (99) get the chips all in on this KsQh9h Flop (Nut Straight vs Bottom Set) with Philip at risk. Boom, Queen on the Turn to make Chris’ Full House and leave Philip drawing dead. A meaningless 6c comes on the River. Player down.

01:00: John Williams limps in for 800 in early position with about 14k behind. Cristian Popescu raises to 2.5k but folds when John moves all in.

00:58: Back and moving, final numbers confirmed at 54 entries for Day 1A!!

00:45: Players on a short break. Here are the top stacks at the moment:

Paul Neilson 90k
Robert Molyneux 86k
Darren Brown 86k
Daniel Kavanagh 75k
MS 74k
Mark Bellis 70k
Huw Roberts 65k
John Hall 65k
Chris King 64k
John Turner 63k
Adam Tsang 56k
Cristian Popescu 50k
Martin McGeough 50k

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

00:36: Warren Aspey left on fumes. Matt Smith opens, gets a couple of callers in Warren on the Button and Anon in the BB. It checks to Warren who bets 3,200 into the 6,700 on Kh7c3c. Anon folds and Matt calls. The Turn is a King and Matt checks it over to Warren who ships. Matt snaps him with trips holding K6dd and Warren’s left drawing thin with fives. Brick River sees Matt double.

00:34: BvB on Table 1, Warren Aspey limps the SB for 600 and Chung Chan raises (to I think about 2.3k). Warren calls. Flop 4h3d2s. Both check. Turn Jc. Warren bets 3.5k, Chung calls. River Kh. Check/Check. Chung shows Ah9h for Ace High and it’s good.

00:32: BvB on Table 3, John Turner raises from the SB and Cristian Popesccu mucks the BB showing 42o.

00:30: Position and aggression. Chris King leads 3,300 on T66rr and Adam Tsang raises to 7,500, Chris has a quick think before making it 13,500. Adam sighs and shows AKs. Chris shows AKo and pulls in the chips.

00:27: Angela Laidlaw and Mateusz Aniol have both busted. We are down to 31/54 now for Day 1A. Average Stack is 43,500.

00:25: 12 mins till the next break. We’ll get the chip counts for you then. 3 more 1 hour levels to go after this. We play 9 levels total on all Day 1s.

00:24: Cristian Popesccu raises it up on Table 3. No callers though. He shows AK.

00:23: On Table 1, Warren Aspey (pictured below) opens to 1.6k and gets 3 callers. On the AcTc4d Flop he checks it however and folds, along with the other 2 players, when MS bets 3.2k.

00:22: After a 2k open from Matt Smith, Robin Lea shoves 19,825. Chung Chan seriously thinks about it from the SB but no takers and Robin sweeps it in.

00.020: John Turner continues to bust heads on Table 2 as he check-raises David Jones’ 6.5k Turn bet to 15k on Kd7d2d - 3h and David calls. The River is a King and John fairly quickly shoves about 22k effective and David sighs and folds. To the Victor go the spoils as John shows TsTh and scoops in the huge pot.

00:13: Gareth Carrigan (pictured below) opens to 2.1k and gets calls from both of the blinds, George Kasparis and Chris King. On the Kc4s3d Flop Gareth shoves all in for about 18k after the other 2 check to him. No call and he drags in the chippies.

00:06: Another “Strong” move. Harold Strong raises David Jones’ 4k river bet on A76 - 7 - 5. Harold makes it 10.2k and takes it down.

00:04: My Anonymous limps for 600 and Marcus Baptista (pictured below) makes it 1.5k on the Button. David Dempsey calls from the SB and My Anonymous likes it too althoug he doesn’t have much behind. Flop 9c9s5d and it’s checked to Marcus who bets 1.5k again. David folds and Mr Anonymous shoves for what looks like less than 3k. Marcus doesn’t like it much but calls the rest quickly with Qd7c for Queen High. Amazingly he’s ahead vs 8s7s. The Turn & River do nothing for Mr Anonymous and he’s heading for the exit.

00:02: Nathan Weigh is put to the test, Anon opens the CO to 1,600 and Nathan 3-bets to 4,200. Anon fairly quickly 4-bets to 20.8k (close enough to the effective stack). Nathan goes into the tank, violently eyeballing Anon but no secrets are forthcoming and after a few exchanged words about 3-bet frequency Nathan puts it down.

23:54: Matthew Smith opens to 1.8k but folds when the player known as MS 3bets to 5.9k in position.

23:52: Double misery for Endrit Geci as his second bullet goes the way of the first.

23:50: Mark Bellis’ UTG open doesn’t quite get enough respect as he calls a bet from John Hall on the Turn and checks back the River with Aces. John’s 93o has flopped two-pair and holds, neither Mark nor Oliver Braddock able to do anything about it.

23:47: Ben Lundon is a recent elimination. Everyone still has till the end of this level to enter or re-enter. About 50 mins plus the 15 min break.

23:46: Cristian Popesccu (on the left below) opens to 1.5k from the Hijack and calls when David Dempsey (on the right below) 3bets to 4k on the Button. Flop AcQs5h and Cristian check/calls 4k from David. Turn Js. Both check. River 5d. Now Cristian shoves for his last 9k. David reluctantly calls and doesn’t win vs AQ for 2 Pair.

23:39: Blinds up, pressure up!!

23:37: Are you enjoying the blog? We love it when people talk to us. Please comment at the bottom of the page, tweet us using #GPSLiverpool or give us a shout on our Facebook page. Many thanks!

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

23:35: I have no idea how this happens but Chung Chan gets over 16k in on his BB with Deuces and runs into the Queens of you guessed it; Daniel Kavanagah. He flops a deuce for a monster 33k pot in pre-flop.

23:33: John Williams limps for 400 then Ben Lundon makes it 1.4k to go. Paul Neilson calls from the SB and John comes along too. Flop As8d4d and all check. Turn 4h and all check again. River 7s. Paul checks. John decides that if no one else wants the pot he might as well take a stab and bets 2k. Ben and Paul both fold. Pot to John Williams.

23:31: David Dempsey squeezes the BB into several limpers, making it 2,000 to go and only Francesco Adami calls, the flop is QJ4rr and David continues for 1,500 and Francesco calls. The deuce Turn goes check-check and the River rolls off a 9. David bets 3,000 and Francesco sighs “King-Ten again??” and calls. David shows a set of Jacks and it’s good. Francesco busts just a couple of hands later.

23:20: Harold Strong opens the Button to 1.1k and snap-calls when Mr Anonymous shoves from the SB for 7 or 8k. Harold has AJ and is in bad shape vs Mr Anonymous’ AQ. However the board pairs twice and we see a Split Pot.

23:18: Don’t feel too sorry for him though, with over 90k and an average stack of 34,900, Daniel Kavanagh is still doing pretty well for himself!

23:13: “Vengeance!!” Chung Chan gets his chips back from Daniel Kavanagh as Daniel calls his River shove and is shown the flopped nut straight with 78cc on 4h5c6d - Ad - 3h. The shove is for 11.9k.

23:09: Mei Fat Cheung is out a couple of hands later. Ryan Plant also reporting to the rail.

23:07: Paul Neilson opens to 800 UTG on the Table 3 and picks up a caller before Mei Fat Cheung 3bets the Button to 3.2k. Paul calls and the other player folds so we’re heads up. Flop JcJd7d and both check. Turn 2d. Paul leads for 5k and Mei calls. River 9c. Paul bets 10k and Mei calls again. Paul’s AsJh for Trips takes it.

23:02: After an uphill battle all day, Kyle Davies is out.

22:59: Looks like a 1.1k open from Nathan Weigh, called on the Button then Keith Cheung 3bets from the BB to around 4.1k. Back to Nathan and he jams for his 7.3k total stack. The Button gets out of the way and Keith calls. Bad news for him however as Nathan tables AA against his 88. Keith picks up a Flush Draw on the Turn but doesn’t find the suck out. Double up for Nathan and his chips Weigh a bit more now…

22:57: With 6,300 in the middle Daniel Kavanagh bets the 9d4h3d - 9h board for a total of 2,500 and Chung Chan calls on the Button. The River is the 6d and Daniel bets 6.5k, Chung chucks in 12k and is held to a raise of 13k and Daniel realises after he has flipped his cards but calls quickly with the nut-flush A2dd.

22:51: Alan Ball eliminated.

22:48: Here are a few rules to keep in mind if you are playing this week. I can see a few yellow cards and even 1 red on the tables already.

22:47: On Table 2, we have a 1k open from John Turner which is 3bet to 3k by David Dempsey. David Jones cold calls it on the Button and John makes up the extra. Flop QhJh4d. John checks and David D fires 7k. Both opponents fold.

22:46: Athir Ali makes his exit, Table 5 was not kind to him.

22:45: Action on Table 1 as an A94rr flop checks around to Robin Lea who bets 2k into the 5k in the middle. SB calls and so does Chung Chang. When it makes back to Trevor Lawson he check-raises to 6k and all quickly fold.

22:39: Cards back in the air, 42 players of 53 entries:

22:35: Ok, a bit of research reveals it’s a Superlambanana. I’m just visiting town for the tournament this week so have lots to learn…

22:30: Anyone know why there’s a tiger type thing in a cage just round the corner from the casino? It looks so sad :-(

22:00: Players are on a 45 minute dinner break now. Here are the top stacks out of the remaining 39 players:

Warren Aspey 62k
Darren Brown 61k
John Hall 59k
Huw Roberts 54k
Chris King 52k
Paul Neilson 50k
Robert Molyneux 45k
Oliver Braddock 45k
David Jones 40k
Francesco Adami 40k

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

21:54: GPS Mini Stoke’s winner Endrit Geci fails to get his free seat moving and busts just before the break along with Dermot Fennell.

21:51: Players on the 45 minute dinner break now, chip counts to follow!

21:48: David Jones sighs as he’s shown the chop after he folds to a bet on the River of a 5 spade board. Martin McGeough almost vindictively showing the flopped set come good.

21:42: On Table 1, we have a UTG limper then Daniel Kavanagh (on the left below) makes it 1.2k to go. On his immediate left, in position, Ryan Plant (on the right below) 3bets to 4k. The blinds and the limper fold and Daniel calls to see the Flop. It comes down 9s7d4h. Both check. Turn Qc. Both check again. River Jh. Daniel bets 5.1k. Ryan folds. A fairly uneventful ending to the hand after the pre-flop action.

21:40: Phillip Browne gets a double up as his last 5k goes in against Chris King’s AK. Phillip’s QTs spikes twice to win the hand and a double.

21:30: Warren Aspey and Ryan Plant go to war. Ryan bets 7.2k on the Turn of Tc7c9h - 3h and Warren calls. With 24.6k in the middle Ryan checks the Qh River to Warren who bets 11k. Ryan then tanks for a couple of minutes “Why wouldn’t you shove!? You leave me with like 6k” and folds.

21:23: We’ve just had a Royal Flush on one of our cash games running on the side! The lucky player wins the pot plus around £1,500 extra as part of a Royal Flush Bonus promotion. Not a bad bit of business.

21:15: On Table 1, we have a limper for 300 and Ryan Plant makes it 1.2k on the Button. He gets a caller from the SB and the limper comes along too. On the Ah7s2d Ryan bets 1.5k when checked to and both opponents give it up.

21:14: We have plenty of players following the blog as they play. If you are reading at home and want updates on a particular player just comment at the bottom of the page, get in touch on Facebook or tweet us using the hashtag #GPSLiverpool and we’ll get on the case.

21:10: Kyle Davies takes another blow, this time it’s a 5.5k River bet that he calls with a Turned set of Queens and loses to A6hh for the Rivered flush.

21:03: John Turner given a decision as Warren Aspey bets 5.8k into 8k on the Turn of 9c5h2s - 5c. He eventually folds “You did something like this with Aces before…”

20:52: We’ve just lost Esther Crompton.

20:51: Blinds up! Here’s a clock shot. Up to 50 entries now with 44 still playing.

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

20:52: With about 8k in the middle, Gareth Carrigan bets 7k and Stephen Harris calls with about 2k behind, Nathan Weight tanks for a couple of minutes before putting it down. The River is the AdTd4c - 3s - 9c and Gareth puts Stephen all-in. Stephen calls off his last chips but his J9dd has only caught a pair and loses to Gareth’s flopped set of Tens. Nathan adds that he put down AQ on the Turn.

20:50: On Table 3 after a couple of 200 limpers Danny Buchanan makes it 1.2k from the BB. Newly re-entered Angela Laidlaw and one other player call in position. Flop As6s2s and Danny continues for 2.2k. Angela is the only caller. Heads up to the Turn which is Qc. Danny bets 2.2k again. Angela asks him what he has behind and it’s only 5,050. She calls the 2.2k. River 9c. Danny shoves the rest of it in the middle and Angela calls. Danny shows AK for Top Pair but is no good vs Angela’s 22 Bottom Set.

20:42: Darren Brown and Mark Bellis check it down with 6k in the middle pre-flop. They both table AK at the River and chop it up, Darren correctly guessing that Mark would have a freeroll, Mark holding the Ks.

20:37: David Jones gets a chunky check-raise through as he makes it 10.5k after Anon bets 2.5k and John Turner calls on As9s4d.

20:35: Angela Laidlaw has re-entered the tournament for another shot. Best of luck to her.

20:33: After a couple of limpers Dermot Fennell makes it 500 to go and half of Liverpool calls. Ok, just the 4 callers really. Flop JhTs7s. One of the players leads out for 700 and gets 3 callers including pre-flop raiser Dermot. Turn Ad. Now after 3 checks Dermot bets a relatively small-looking 300. The other 3 call. River Kd. Now a different player (Philip Browne, pictured on his own below) takes the lead and bets 2k. He gets 2 calls including Dermot (who had A7 for 2 Pair) but Philip’s Qd8h for the Nut Straight is good. Unusual hand that with 3 different players taking the lead on different streets. Philip’s 3 opponents in the hand were all seated together and are shown on the picture below him.

20:30: Athir Ali bets the JdTd8s flop and Matt Smith calls for 1,500. The Turn is the action-card 9d and Matt leads out 1,500 and Athir calls. The River is the 4s and Matt bets again for 2,100 and Athir puts it down.

20:20: Angela Laidlaw hits the rail, we didn’t catch her exit, just the lone cry of “Seat open” echoing into the night.

20:17: Kyle Davies makes it 1,700 out of the BB after 3 limps and a complete and takes it down pre to continue the slog back to even.

20:14: Christian Hadjipetrou gets lucky to get unlucky as he gets his remaining chips in with Nines against John Hall’s Kings. He flops a set but is unlucky as John also Rivers a set! He’s out to bring us to 43 players playing at the minute.

20:10: The player known as MS raises to 525 from the Hijack and gets 1 caller on the Button and another (Matthew Smith, another MS) from the BB. Flop Qh9s8h and all 3 players check. Turn 9d. Matthew checks, MS bets 875, the guy in the middle folds and Matthew calls. River Kh. Matthew checks and MS bets 2,625. We then see a check/raise to 7k! MS calls and gets to see Matthew’s Q9 for a Full House.

20:08: Mateusz Anisol limp shoves onto a SB squeeze from Matt Smith. Matt has made it 2,500 into 2 limps and makes a quick call for Mateusz’ 5,025 stack. Matt flops Mateusz thin but an Ace from Space sees Mateusz double up!

20:00: Another big pot for Daniel Kavanagh as he opens to 1,400 out of the SB into 4 limps. Ryan Plant cold-calls from the BB, Robin Lea, Chung Chang and Trevor Lawson all limp-calling, one fold. The flop is QcQd8h and checks through, the Turn brings the 3c and Daniel bets 2,600 and only Robin calls. The River is another three and Daniel checks it to Robin, “What a horrible River” he says as he tables Deuces for the board, Daniel tables Jacks and scoops it in.

19:51: Cards back in the air as Level 3 kicks off:

19:42: First break of the day and here are the top stacks from the remaining 42 players. We’ve had 45 entries total so 3 exits so far. No one has re-entered yet. Late reg is open to about Quarter to 1 in the morning so still loads of time to get down and jump in if you fancy a game…

Robin Lea 58k
Chung Chan 51k
Dermot Fennell 48k
Darren Brown 48k
Francesco Adami 46k
John Hall 42k
John Turner 40k
David Jones 40k
MS 39k
Paul Neilson 37k

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

19:35: Trevor Lawson opens to 400 UTG and Daniel Kavanagh 3-bets to 1,200 UTG+1 ... then Ryan Plant and Robin Lea cold call next to act. It folds around to Trevor who calls and they got to a flop 4-ways with 5k in the middle. It checks through to the River on KcJsTc - 4d - 7h and Daniel bets 1,400 and takes the pot uncontested.

19:32: Break in 2 mins. Chip counts coming soon.

19:30: On Table 4, we have a raise to 400 from Oliver Braddock and many callers. Also, in the BB is David Hedderick who is all in for less than the 400! All players in the side pot check the 7c6s3h Flop and the 5c Turn. The River then brings the 4c to make a Straight on the board. John Hall bets 1.2k but everyone folds in the side pot. The super short David Hedderick shows 74o and is playing the board even though he actually made a Straight on the Turn. The bad news is that John Hall has Kc8c for a Flush and sends him packing :-(

19:22: Dermot Fennel has the best of it against Alan Ball as both flop top-pair and Turn flushes but Dermot with KdTc and Alan with Th6d. Dermot turning the nut-flush as the Ace of Diamonds peels off. Dermot check-raises the River and gets a call for 3,500.

19:18: Kings no good, this time it’s Keith Cheung’s 64s defend from the BB that cracks Stephen Harris’ Kings as Keith turns a straight on 543 - 7 - Q. He gets a pretty chunky River bet off Stephen.

19:13: Darren Brown gets a huge double-up through Kyle Davies as his 56o turns a straight on J54 - 3 - 9, Kyle’s Kings no good. Darren looks to be on about 42k and Kyle on 10k.

19:12: Mark Baxter is next to go as we lose our second player of the day.  We are up to 42 now and have a break in 20 mins when we’ll get the top chip counts from around the room.

19:08: On Table 2, we have an open to around 300 and a couple of callers in position (including Naser Alruwaished) then John Turner 3bets to 1k from the blinds. The original raiser folds and Naser is the only taker. Heads up to the Flop of 9h9c2c and both check. Turn 5s. John bets 1k, Naser calls. River 5c. John (far right in the pic below) bets 1k again, Naser (far left in the pic below) shakes his head and folds this time though.

19:06: Nathan Weight finds a River. He raises to 400 UTG on Table 5 and gets 3 calls. On J72rr it checks to Stephen Harris who bets 600, Nathan and another player call. The J72 - 7 Turn checks through and so does the Ace River, Nathan quickly flipping AQ to claim the pot.

19:00: A huge pot for Ryan Plant, he raises to 400 pre and gets a call from the BB of Chung Chan, Chung leads out 1,200 on the 7c5d4c flop and Ryan calls. The Turn is the 7c5d4c - Ts and Chung fires again for 2,200 and Ryan calls. The River is the 7c5d4c - Ts - As and Chung leads for 2,200, Ryan raises to 12k! Chung makes a hesitant call after a minute and Ryan mucks.

18:57: Limpfest on Table 5 as we go about 6 ways to the Flop of KsTd6s. Checked to Matthew Smith bets 350 and gets one caller who is out of position to him. Turn Kc and both of them check. Matthew’s opponent leads the 5h River for 400 and calls when he raises to 1.2k. Matthew (pictured below on the right) is very good with Kd6d for a Full House which he checked back on the Turn.

18:45: We’ve lost a player now. First to depart is David Slater on Table 2. John Turner drags in his chips.

18:43: Here are a few player photos from around the room:

18:40: Again Angela Laidlaw calls me over, this time it’s because Mateusz Aniol has rivered a straight-flush against Ryan Plant and gets a double-up. Looks like he’s back up to 22k.

18:35: We’re into Level 2 now and up to 35 players. Still no eliminations!

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

18:32: Francesco Adami continues to run amok as he raises David Slater’s 1,100 River bet to 2,300. John Turner tank cold-calls and David calls to let Francesco show them a straight with T9 on J83 - A - Q and it’s good.

18:26: Back on Table 2, David Jones opens to 300 in mid-position and gets calls from 3 players. Flop 7d4c2h. John Turner checks, David continues for 400 then Harold Strong plays it like his name and raises to 1.3k. One other player gets out the way, John cold-calls and David makes up the difference too. Turn 3s. John checks, David checks, Harold fires 2.6k but now John makes his move and min-raises to 5.2k. David folds quickly and Harold… folds slowly. Another pot for John Turner (pictured below).

18:25: Mateusz Aniol is still live as he and Robin Lea get it in on the Turn, it’s a flopped flush against flopped flush with Robin holding AKdd and Mateusz with J9dd. Mateusz doesn’t hit his Straight flush and Robin doubles up 13,200 plus the middle.

18:18: Mei Fat Cheung piles on the pressure! He 3-bets to 625 after a limp and an open to 325, he gets calls from both the blinds and the raiser. David Ball leads the Qh4h2h flop for 1,100 and there’s a call in-between from Paul Neilson but he folds when Mei Fat makes it 2,225 and David calls. The Turn is the Qh4h2h - 9s and David leads for 2,500 and Mei Fat calls. The River goes check-check and David’s flopped 67hh flush is good.

18:14: Francesco Adami continuing to control the action on Table 2. He’s just won the last 2 pots and raises it up to 300 again now. This time he gets 4 callers and the Flop is Qh9s4s. He checks it and folds however, when Warren Aspey throws in 500 last to act. John Turner and one other anonymous player keep him honest though. Turn Kh and all 3 players check. River 7c. First to act, John Turner, bets 3k and gets 2 calls from Warren and Mr Anonymous! John is good with the Nuts (JT for the Straight) and drags in the nice pot.

18:10: Up to 29 entries here in Liverpool and no bust-outs despite the furious pace of play!

18:05: That’s a nasty River. Angela Laidlaw finds a Jack to River Jacks full but again Ryan Plant has the best of it after flopping Quad Kings!

17:55: On Table 2, Francesco Adami (pictured below) has made it 4.6k pre-flop. I think it was a 4bet vs David Hedderick. He makes the call, out of position. The Flop comes down Ks6d3d. David checks and Francesco moves all in for about 18k. David has a think about it but gets away from his hand in the end.

17:52: On Table 1, we have 3 limpers for 100 before Mateusz Aniol makes it 700 on the Button. 2 of the limpers call to see the Flop. It comes down Ks8c4c. Angela Laidlaw, first to act, bets 1k. Mateusz and the other limper decide it’s not for them and Angela drags in the pot.

17:50: Robin Lea opens to 700 and finds a call from Chung Chan in the SB. The flop is Kh9d5d and goes check-check. The Turn is the Kh9d5d - 6d and Chung leads out for 1,200 and Robin folds showing Fours.

17:45: We come to the action of presumably a 3-bet pot as Ryan Plant calls an 1,100 continuation bet from Jakub Pajunk on KsJh6d. Jakub checks the KsJh6d - Qs Turn and Ryan bets 2,800, which Jaukb calls. The River is the KsJh6d - Qs - Qd and Jakub takes back the lead with a 3,000 bet. Ryan raises to 7,500 and Jakub quickly calls, Runner-runner trip-Queens is no good for Jakub with AQ against Ryan’s Jacks full!

17:35: We have started here in Liverpool with 19 players:

17:10: With about 130 players already qualified through Satellites and only 250 players needed to make the £100,000 guarantee it looks like we could have a huge prizepool here in Liverpool. Send us your guesses for total prizepool on Twitter with the hashtag #GPSLiverpool!!

16:50: Still about 40 minutes to go till we start here in Liverpool. Here’s a reminder of the chip values. They may be different from the ones you are used to normally so please be careful when making your bets in the early levels.


GPS Main Liverpool Day 1A gets under way at 5.30pm this evening.

We are running 3 x full length Day 1s on 30th August, 31st August and 1st September with Day 2 on Saturday 2nd and Day 3 Sunday 3rd September. Please note that we have no Turbo Day 1 like at some of the other legs. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 00:45am). Today’s Day 1 will finish around 4am. Day 2 on Saturday 2nd starts at 5.30pm, plays another 9 levels, and also finishes at 4am. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 3rd from 2pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #GPSLiverpool hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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