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GPS Westcliff - Day 3

By martinjsmith, posted May 20, 2017

LEVEL 25 - 25000/50000/5000

20:26: Here is our GPS Main Westcliff Champion, Lam Trinh. Full list of prizes underneath too.

1st* £18,000 Lam Trinh
2nd* £22,000 Colin Bidwell
3rd* £17,500 Nathan Lee
4th £8,200 Mo Kader
5th £6,000 Reza Fazeli
6th £4,800 James Mitchell
7th £3,750 Saket Jaitly
8th £2,750 Stewart Kirby
9th £2,000 Jack Triggs
10th £1,750 Peter Hall
11th £1,500 Pete Mundy
12th £1,250 Andrei Dragnea
13th £1,250 David Greene
14th £1,250 Simeon Sharr
15th £1,000 Kerryjane Craigie
16th £1,000 Manh Nguyen
17th £1,000 Gary McCarthy
18th £1,000 Phillip Pearson
19th £800 Antony Kelly
20th £800 Nguyen Le
21st £800 Anonymous
22nd £800 Samuel Goodman
23rd £800 Scott Fitzpatrick

* Deal agreed 3 handed with Colin (£22,000), Nathan (£17,500) & Lam (£17,500) then they played on for £500 and the trophy. Original prizes were 1st £27,500, 2nd £18,000 & 3rd £12,000.

20:15: Colin gets his last 100k in with 56 vs Lam’s 53 but Lam finds a Three to suck out and take the title! The Lam has slaughtered him. Incredible scenes here in Westcliff.

20:09: Colin accidentally limps the Button, Lam makes it 325k. Lam c-bets 300k and Colin calls pretty quickly on AcJd7d. The Six of Hearts comes down on the Turn and Lam snaps-shoves his chips into the middle… Colin snaps him off as Colin has Turned two-pair with As6s! Lam stands up, shows KQ, and quickly shouts “Ten on the River!”. Bang. Ten. A £500 gutshot as Lam rivers broadway, leaving Colin with just 100k chips and 2 big blinds.

20:09: Lam makes it 125k on the Button and Colin calls, c-bet takes it.

20:07: Lam opens, Nathan jams, Lam calls. It’s Lam’s 77 vs Nathan’s 98o. The pair holds and Nathan is out in 3rd for £12,000.

20:06: Nathan open-shoves the Button. No one fancies that either.

20:05: Colin raises to 200k on the Button. No one fancies it.

20:03: Colin limps the SB. Nathan checks. Jd5s4d. Colin check/calls 75k. Turn 8c. Colin check/calls 85k. River 2d. Colin now bets enough to put Nathan all in. He folds it.

20:02: Lam raises to 100k from the SB. Colin calls. Flop Js6cQc. Lam check/raises Colin’s 100k to 300k. Colin calls. Turn 9h. Check/Check. River 3c. Lam shoves. Colin folds.

20:01: Back in action. Walk for Lam.

20:00: The players have agreed a deal at the break. They are taking the following amounts and playing on for £500 and the trophy.

Colin Bidwell £22,000
Lam Trinh £17,500
Nathan Lee £17,500

19:56: Chip counts at the break:

Lam Trinh 1.239 million
Colin Bidwell 3.055 million
Nathan Lee 1.174 million

19:53: Players on a 15 minute break. Still 3 handed.

LEVEL 24 - 20000/40000/5000

19:52: Nathan takes the last small pot of this level. Break time.

19:51: Walk for Colin.

19:50: Nathan makes up the SB. Lam checks. Flop K9Q. Check/Check. Turn K. Check/Check. River 6. Nathan bets 60k. Lam calls. Lam’s J3 for Jack High is good vs Nathan’s Ten High!

19:49: Walk for Nathan.

19:48: Colin wins the next one. Small pot.

19:47: Raise-and-take-it from Nathan.

19:47: Approx counts 3 handed:

Lam Trinh 1.4 million
Colin Bidwell 2.8 million
Nathan Lee 1.2 million

19:41: Limp on the Button from Lam. Colin makes it 220k from the SB. Lam calls. Flop 4c9d8s. Check/Check. Turn 2h. Colin checks, Lam bets 250k. Now Colin makes it 530k. Lam calls. River 6c. Colin moves all in for about 1.6 million! Lam has about 1.4 million behind maybe. He… folds.

19:40: Lam makes it 100k from the SB. Colin 3bets to 440k from the BB. Lam…. folds.

19:39: Walk for Lam again.

19:38: 95k from Lam on the Button. Nathan defends his BB. Flop 6c8s4d. Nathan bets against flow for about 200k. Lam folds.

19:37: Nathan raises the Button to 80k. Wins it.

19:36: Walk for Lam.

19:34: 105k from Lam on the Button and Nathan defends his BB. The Flop is Kd8d4d and goes check-check. The Turn is the Tc and Nathan bets 95k, call from Lam. The board completes with the 9s and Nathan bets 175k and takes it. Looks like a pretty important chip-up for Nathan.

19:33: Nathan makes it 80k on the button and takes it down.

19:32: Colin opens to 125k on the Button and gets it through.

19:31: Complete and check between Colin and Nathan 2s6s7d - 3d, Colin check folds to a bet on the Turn.

19:30: Open to 110k blind-on-blind from Lam, Colin calls and we see 4sJc6c, checked through to see the 2h on the Turn and Lam bets 125k and pulls it in.

19:28: Walk for Lam.

19:28: Walk for Nathan.

19:23: Nathan opens to 110k on the Button and Colin defends his BB, flopping 3c5s2c and Colin check-calls 125k. Turn comes down the 9d and Nathan fires the second barrel for 125k, call from Colin. 5c on the River and Colin bets 500k. After a long time in the tank, Nathan calls with AcAs and is shown Jc8c, Colin pulls in a monster 1.5Mill pot. Nathan down to 750k.

19:20: Complete and check Nathan and Lam, AcAsQs - Jh, they check it to the Turn and Nathan leads 40k, Lam re-pops to 100k and Nathan calls. The River is the 6d and Nathan bets 105k and gets a call. Lam wins with Qc6c.

19:18: Open to 90k from Lam and call from Colin, 6dKd6h. Lam c-bets 100k and Colin quickly check-raises to 600k. Lam shows Deuces and gets rid.

19:17: Nathan opens to 80k and only Colin calls. 9dJcAh and Colin check-calls 60k. The Turn is the As and both check. The River is the Qd and Colin bets 75k, Nathan gives it up.

19:15: Colin limps the Button, Nathan comes along and Lam checks us to a flop. it comes out 3sAh9c and Nathan bets 60k and gets two quick folds.

19:15: Nathan gets a walk… with Ak.

19:13: Complete and check between Lam and Colin, Ad9d8d, lead from Lam and call from Colin, 4h on the Turn bet-call. The 3c goes check-check and Lam’s Q9 is good against T8.

19:12: Walk for Lam, he now picks up 35k whenever that happens!

19:12: Blinds up.

LEVEL 23 - 15000/30000/4000

19:11: 80k on the Button from Lam. Colin calls in the SB. Nathan 3bets to 430k from the BB. Lam gets away quickly. Colin also passes.

19:08: Nathan raises to 80k on the Button. Lam 3bets to 200k from the SB. Nathan calls. Flop JhQc9h. Lam bets 200k. Nathan raises to 400k. Lam tank/folds showing the Queen of Diamonds for Top Pair. He asks Nathan to show him “something big please”. Nathan obliges and shows KT for the Nuts.

19:07: Nathan raises and takes it from the SB. Lam showed 72o.

19:06: 80k from Lam on the Button. Wins it.

19:05: Lam raises from the SB. Colin folds.

19:04: Nathan makes it up from the SB. Lam checks. Flop AT7. Nathan bets 30k and takes it.

19:03: Walk for Nathan.

New development: Nathan limps his Button for 30k. Lam makes it up. Colin now raises to 230k from the BB. Both opponents fold. Colin shows Aces!

19:01: Nathan makes it 80k from the SB. Lam folds.

18:59: Lam makes it 80k on the Button. Nathan 3bets to 180k from the BB. Lam mucks it.

18:58: Nathan folds his Button. Lam raises from the SB. Colin folds.

18:57: Walk for Lam.

18:56: 90k from Colin in the SB. Nathan calls in the BB. Flop T9c9ch. Colin bets 100k, Nathan calls. 9d. Colin checks, Nathan bets 150k. Colin calls it. River Jh. Colin checks, Nathan checks. Colin is good with Ad6h for Ace High.

18:55: Nathan makes it 80k on the Button. No callers.

18:54: Walk for Lam.

18:52: Walk for Nathan.

18:50: Nathan makes it 80k on the Button, Lam calls and Colin folds. 6h2c8d - 7d, check-check and Lam leads the Turn for 125k and Nathan quickly clicks him back to 250k. Lam calls and the River snaps down the Js, Lam checks it to Nathan who… checks it back. Lam wins with 5d6d, a pair and open-ended straight-flush draw, it’s whiffed but the pair is good enough to pull in the huge pot.

18:47: Colin makes it 110k on the Button and both call. Kc9h5d, 125k lead from Lam on the flop, colin folds and Nathan sees a Turn. It’s the 7c and Nathan leads 126k (everyone’s taking a turn). Call from Lam and 4d on the River, check to Lam who makes it 325k and Nathan tank folds.

18:46: Raise and take from Lam on the Button.

18:46: Players are now playing for the remaining £57,500 and are all now almost equal.

18:46: Raise and take for Nathan, firing off the Button.

18:45: Walkies for Lam.

18:45: Walkies for Nathan.

18:44: Raise and take from Lam as he opens the SB to 80k and Colin gives it up.

18:42: Nathan makes it 105k from the SB. Lam calls. Flop AhTs6s. Nathan leads for 101k. Wins it.

18:41: Lam raises the Button to 75k. No takers.

18:40: Lam raises to 80k. No takers.

18:39: Mo open ships again but this time it’s met by a quick re-shove from Colin. Everyone else gets out of the way and they table KhQh for Mo and Eights for Colin. It comes down TT3 with 1 Heart and the rail screams for the Jack of Hearts, it’s a 4 on the Turn and the Jack of Hearts makes a late appearance on the River. Mo is out in 4th for £8,200.

18:37: Mo open shoves about 600k on the Button and gets it throug.

18:35: Nathan opens to 110k CO, folds to Colin, Colin folds showing the Ace of Spades.

18:35: Lam makes it 75k from the SB. Mo calls. Flop Qh4h2s. Lam continues for 75k. Mo folds it.

18:34: Nathan raises to 110k from the SB. Lam folds.

18:33: We have some stylish Light Blue 100k chips in play now.

18:32: Mo raises the Button to 60k. Colin calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop Ks8c5c. Colin checks, Mo bets 45k. Colin makes it 175k. Mo folds.

18:31: First hand back, Lam raises to 75k. No callers.

18:30: Starting back now. Levels switching to 40 minutes now we are down to 4 players.

17:51: Here are the chip counts 4 handed. On dinner break at the moment. Should restart about 6.30pm.

Lam Trinh 1.728 million
Mo Kader 731k
Colin Bidwell 1.041 million
Nathan Lee 2.067 million

LEVEL 22 - 12000/24000/3000

17:46: Dinner break for 45 minutes! Chip counts coming soon.

17:42: Colin raises to 75k UTG. Reza shoves all in. He calls. It’s Colin’s 44 vs Reza’s AK. The small pair holds and Reza is out in 5th for £6,000.

17:41: Nathan raises the Button. 55k. No callers.

17:40: Next pot goes to Lam.

17:37: Lam opens to 52k, called by Colin in the SB. Flop 5h2cKh. Lam c-bets 50k when checked to. Colin folds.

17:35: Reza opens to 55k from the Cut-Off, Lam makes it 150k on the Button, Mo considers as he checks out Reza’s stack “550?” “Yeah”. Mo 4-bet jams and takes it down after 2 quick folds!

13:30: Colin opens for 78k UTG. Nathan calls in position. Heads up. Flop 5dKs8c. Colin checks, Nathan checks. Colin has 276k left. Turn 2s. Colin shoves it in. Nathan says “If you’ve got a King you’re winning”. He calls and shows 99. Colin has 88 for a Set and doubles up.

13:29: Mo raises to 52k UTG. Takes it down.

13:28: Nathan shoves from the SB. Reza folds.

13:27: Walk for Nathan.

13:26: We have a 45 minute dinner break coming up in 15 minutes.

13:25: Reza shoves again. Same result.

17:23: Reza shoves. No callers.

17:21: Colin shoves all in. It’s 316k. No takers.

17:18: Lam tries 52k again. Colin, in the SB, calls. Nathan, in the BB, does too. Flop As8s2d. Colin leads for 100k. Nathan folds, Lam calls. Turn 9d. Colin bets 100k again. Lam raises to 280k. Colin calls! River Tc. Colin checks, Lam shoves. Colin only has about 300k behind so is heavily invested. He’s in the tank now. He folds.

17:17: Lam opens to 52k. Offer declined by all.

17:16: Nathan opens to 60k. No takers.

17:18: A huge rail here to spectate the Final Table:

17:14: Mo opens to 52k UTG and Nathan calls on the Button, Reza folds the SB and Lam calls the BB. The flop comes down Qc2h8s threeways and Nathan bets 80k when checked to, Lam folds and Mo calls. The Turn is the 3s and Mo checks it over to Nathan who bets 130k. Mo calls again and the River is the 3c and Mo checks it to Nathan who opts to showdown KQ and scoop in the pot.

17:13: Lam makes it 52k and Nathan calls from the SB and checks in the dark as Reza folds. A c-bet wins it for Lam.

17:11: Nathan makes it 175k after Mo opens the Button to 52k. “I’ve got a good hand again” but Mo puts this one down.

17:10: Here are pics of the 5 remaining players:

Reza Fazeli

Nathan Lee

Colin Bidwell

Mo Kader

Lam Trinh

17:09: Nathan opens to 60k UTG. Colin showing 32o and giving it up.

17:08: Reza shoves the button for about 520k and Mo thinks about it “400 and change?”, Reza confirms it’s about 500 and change. “Oh, definitely not then” says Mo.

17:07: Lam completes and Mo raises and Lam lets it go.

17:06: Colin makes it 75k on the Button and pulls it in pe-flop.

17:05: Walk for Nathan. Walkies!

17:03: This time it’s Mo and Colin, complete and checking. Mo bets and takes as Colin shows 83s that has totally missed.

17:01: Complete and check between Lam and Mo, 6hQc4h, Lam bets 35k and gets a call. 3d on the turn and Lam’s 60k gets called. Td on the River and the final barrel takes it for Lam.

17:00: Approx chip counts 5 handed:

Lam Trinh 1.15 million
Mo Kader 1 million
Colin Bidwell 800k
Nathan Lee 1.85 million
Reza Fazeli 610k

17:00: Nathan makes it 65k on the Button and only Reza calls. Flop 4c9s5s and Reza checks it over, Nathan bets 80k and pulls it in.

16:59: Raise and take from Mo in the Cut-Off.

16:58: Mo opens the Button to 51k and Colin 3-bets to 308k from the SB and everyone snap-folds. Cards making trails of fire in the air as they streak into the muck. Colin up to about 800k.

16:56: Lam makes it 52k on the Button and both blinds call. The flop comes down 9sQdTd and Colin leads 100k and Lam calls, Mo clearing out. The Turn is the Ac and Colin rips it in for about 370k and Lam makes a slow fold.

16:54: 55k from Nathan in the Cut-off, Lam calls in the SB, heads-up to the flop, “Again?” says Nathan. Flop 4s2s2c and it goes check-check, Kd on the Turn Lam bets and takes.

16:52: Reza limps the SB, Lam checks. Small pot. Reza takes it down.

16:48: Another 52k open from Lam, UTG this time. Nathan calls in the SB. Reza in the BB does too. Flop 6dTsAc. Checked to Lam and he fires 75k. Nathan calls, Reze folds. Heads up. Turn Ks. Check/Check. River Kd. Nathan bets 108k. Lam calls. Nathan takes it with TT for a Full House. Lam had already announced “Ace”.

16:46: Undeterred, Lam makes it 52k from the cut-off. Takes it down. Shows Jacks. Nathan says that’s the hand he had last time.

16:44: Nathan raises to 48k UTG. Lam 3bets to 132k on the Button. Nathan calls. Flop 7cTs7d. Nathan leads for 150k. Lam shakes his head and folds, calling Nathan a Bully jokingly.

16:43: Blinds up!

LEVEL 21 - 10000/20000/3000

16:42: Nathan makes it 40k from the cut-off. Mo defends from his BB. Flop QdTcJs. Both check. Turn Qs. Both check. River Ac. Both check. Nathan takes it with J8.

16:41: 60k from Reza in the SB. Lam calls. Flop Ac8c7s. Check/Check. Turn 6c. Reza check/folds to Lam’s 55k bet.

16:40: Mo raises to 45k. No takers this time.

16:35: Mo makes it 45k on the Button and Colin snaps in the SB, Nathan makes it 150k from the BB and Mo goes into the tank. Mo shoves! Nathan goes deep into the tank as Mo’s 921k is laid out. “You haven’t got AK again!?” he says, he makes a sore fold after a couple of minutes.

16:32: 45k on the Button from Lam. Mo calls in the SB then Colin shoves all in from the BB for 315k. Lam raises again and Mo folds. Heads up. Lam QQ, Colin AJ. Looking good for Lam then an Ace on the River brings life back into Colin and doubles him up.

16:31: Reza opens to 50k on the Button. Wins the blinds and antes.

16:27: Reza makes it 60k BvB. Lam calls. Flop Ts9c7h. Check/Check. Turn 9d. Reza bets 55k. Lam calls. River 6h. Reza check/folds to a 130k bet from Lam.

16:26: Mo opens to 45k in the cut-off. Nathan and Reza call from the blinds. Flop 2s9dKh. Nathan leads for 60k. Both fold.

16:21: Lam makes it 40k in the cut-off. Mo 3bets to 116k on the Button. Lam calls. Flop 3dAs4c. Lam checks, Mo fires 132k. Lam calls. Turn 2c. Lam checks, Mo checks. River 6d. Lam now bets 275k. Mo folds.

16:20: Mo ships from the SB.  Colin folds, showing J8 suited.

16:19: Lam completes the SB. Mo checks. Flop Th3c7c. Checked by both. Jh Turn. Lam bets 25k. Mo folds.

16:17: Lam opens. Called by Colin and Nathan. Flop KhJc8c. Checked around. Turn Jd. Checked around. River 8s. Lam bets 130k and takes it.

16:15: Nathan completes in the SB and Reza checks it to a flop, Nathan checks in the dark. QdThTs and Reza goes for a check. Ace of Diamonds on the Turn and Nathan bets 20k and gets called. The River is the Four of Diamonds and Nathan bets 25k. Reza calls and is shown Q4 which wins.

16:13: Raise and take for Mo on the Button.

16:11: Walk for Colin Bidwell and Colin shows Aces, Mo now slightly happier with his fold!

16:08: Nathan makes it 45k in the Cut-Off, Lam peels out of the SB and Mo calls from the BB. The three-way flop is 8h4h3c and Lam leads out for 60k, Mo gets out of the way and Nathan calls. The Turn is the Two of Spades and Lam makes it 130k and Nathan quickly calls. Nine of Clubs on the River and Lam checks it over to Nathan who puts him to the test to the tune of 230k. Lam makes the fold “I want to call you with King-high, I so want to call you” he says as he lets it go. Nathan shows a King.

16:06: Mo raises UTG to 45k, Nathan calls in position. The Flop is Ac6c5s and Mo leads out 63k, Nathan calls and we get to the Turn card, it’s the Nine of Diamonds. Mo releases the second barrel, betting 112k, Nathan folds showing King-King!

16:02: Raise and take it from Lam, Nathan protests heavily though “Every time, every time!” as he folds, Lam laughs “Everytime I don’t have a hand you call and everytime I do, you fold!”.

16:01: Raise-and-take-it from Nathan.

16:00: Lam makes it 70k blind-on-blind and Mo lets it go still stacing his new chips up.

15:59: Mo makes it 42k. James shoves all in. Mo calls! It’s Mo’s AhKh vs James’ KQ. James flops 2 Pair but Mo backdoors a Flush to take it down. James Mitchell out in 6th for £4,800.

15:58: Walk for Reza.

15:54: Lam opens to 45k from the Lo-Jack and Nathan defends. 4h4sKc - 7d, check-check and Nthan leads the Turn for 40k, Lam calls. Queen of hearts on the river. 65k from Nathan, lam tank-calls KhTh is good for Nathan.

15:51: 45k from Reza. Colin calls from the BB. Flop Qh7d6s. Colin check/shoves for 186k over Reza’s 55k bet. Colin doubles with QJ Top Pair vs A7 Second Pair.

15:49: Nathan opens to 45k UTG. Lam calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop 6d3c2s. Check/Check. Turn 7d. Check/Check. River 4h. Check/Check. Nathan’s AT High is good vs Lam’s A8 High.

15:47: Lam completes the SB. Mo raises to 70k. Lam mucks.

15:46: 45k from James. Wins the blinds and antes.

15:44: From the SB Nathan makes it 45k. Reza bets to 155k. Nathan folds. Reza said he had Queens.

15:43: Reza makes it 46k. No takers.

15:42: Welcome back! First hand James ships from the SB over Lam’s 50k cut-off open. Lam folds.

15:31: Latest counts 6-handed:

Lam Trinh 1.845 million
Nathan Lee 1.21 million
Reza Fazeli 1.125 million
Mo Kader 720k
James Mitchell 385k
Colin Bidwell 260k

LEVEL 20 - 8000/16000/2000

15:27: Break time!

15:25: Last hand before the break. Lam raises the Button. No callers.

15:24: James makes it 35k to play UTG. Colin 3bets to 110k in position. James folds.

15:23: Walkies for Lam.

15:22: Colin raises to 35k on the Button. Nathan calls from the SB and Reza from the BB. Flop QhJs6h. Nathan leads out for 45k. No contest from the other two.

15:21: James opens the Button to 37k. Gets this one through.

15:20: Break time in 5 mins. Chip counts coming soon.

15:18: 40k from Mo on the Button. James 3bets to 120k from the SB. Mo 4bets shoves for about 600k. James folds quickly. James down to about 380k now.

15:17: Raise from Reza. Called by Lam on the Button. Flop KcKdJs. Reza check/folds to a bet from Lam.

15:15: Reza opens the Button and Lam calls in the SB, they check to the river on Jd9d7d - 5c - 8h and Lam’s A4 beats Reza’s KQ.

15:12: James makes it 37k UTG+1. No callers.

15:07: 36k from Lam. Nathan 3bets to 75k from the SB. Lam likes it. Flop 8h6c4c. Nathan bets 80k. Lam calls. Turn 3s. Check/Check. River 3c. Both have over 1 million chips behind. Nathan checks, Lam fires 175k. Nathan tank/folds. Lam shows AdTs for nothing. Nathan says, “You’re too good”.

15:05: An open from Reza sees our first 3-bet non-shove as James Mitchell makes it 105k on the Button. Reza thinks for a little bit and calls. The flop comes down KsQhKc and both players check. Reza takes back the lead as he bets 85k on the Seven of Clubs Turn, James thinks for a bit and calls. The River is the Five of Spades and Reza checks it to James, he has another check of his cards and checks it back, Reza’s Tens win.

15:03: Raise and take for Reza as Colin opts not to defend QJ.

15:00: Mo shoves from the SB for 315k. James snaps with AK. Mo has QT and is at least live. Very live as it turns out as he hits Trips to double up.

14:59: 37k open from James. No interest from the other players.

14:57: Colin (below) open-shoves again. He’s up to 286k. Reza thought it over but ended up folding. 3 in a row for Colin.

14:55: Colins shoves again next hand after Lam’s UTG open, the shove is for 214k and Lam makes the fold.

14:54: Colin shoves blind-on-blind and Nathan snap-folds, Colin seems slightly exasperated by this.

14:51: Lam raises. No callers. He shows Jacks.

14:50: Mo shoves from the SB into James. He folds. Looks like the shove was for about 300k.

14:49: We have a break in 35 mins. Will get the full chips counts then.

14:48: Lam completes the SB this time. Mo checks. Friendly one. Flop Jd7c6c. Lam bets, Mo folds.

14:47: Reza completes from the SB. Lam raises. Reza folds.

14:45: Lam makes it 38k UTG. James calls in the cut-off. Heads up. Flop KsTh4d. Lam continues for 38k. James mucks.

14:43: Mo opens to 36k. James calls in position. Nathan joins the party from the BB. Flop AhJhTc. Nathan checks, Mo checks, James bets 50k. Nathan calls, Mo folds. Turn 4c. Check/Check. River 8d. Nathan leads for 45k. James calls. Nathan is good with Ac9c for Top Pair.

14:35: Reza opens Hi-Jack to 40k, Saket calls Cut-off. On the 8dJdKh Reza checks and it’s 65k from Saket, check-shove from Reza! Reza has put him to the blade as Saket tanks for his tournament life, it’s a really tough one as we find out as Saket makes the call with Tens. Reza has AJ and has to fade just 2 outs for a monster chip-gain and ladder. He does fade and Saket is out in 7th for £3,750.

14:34: Reza and take it again as he makes it 40k and Mo folds his BB showing Q3o.

14:32: Here’s a reminder of the remaining prizes and cashers so far:

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750 Stewart Kirby
9th £2,000 Jack Triggs
10th £1,750 Peter Hall
11th £1,500 Pete Mundy
12th £1,250 Andrei Dragnea
13th £1,250 David Greene
14th £1,250 Simeon Sharr
15th £1,000 Kerryjane Craigie
16th £1,000 Manh Nguyen
17th £1,000 Gary McCarthy
18th £1,000 Phillip Pearson
19th £800 Antony Kelly
20th £800 Nguyen Le
21st £800 Anonymous
22nd £800 Samuel Goodman
23rd £800 Scott Fitzpatrick

14:31: Reza makes it 40k in the cut-off. Stewart shoves for 261k. Back to Reza and he calls with 77. Stewart has KQ. The Sevens hold and Stewart Kirby is out in 8th for £2,750.

14:30: Stewart shoves from the SB into Saket for about 250k. He folds.

14:29: Mo makes it 36k this time. No callers.

14:27: Lam opens to 36k. No callers.

LEVEL 19 - 6000/12000/2000

14:25: James opens the Button to 28k and Colin calls from the SB, Nathan folds the BB. Colin check-calls 32k on Q44 and 48k on the 2 Turn. Check-check on the River 7 as James Mitchell gets there with 97 and sweeps it in vs Colin’s AT.

14:23: Open to 30k gets the job done for Reza as Colin Bidwell folds his BB.

14:20: Nathan opens, Lam calls on the Button, James calls BB. Flop 4s9cQd and Lam calls the 40k continuation, James folds. Nathan fires again on the Eight of Spades Turn, check-check on the River and Nathan’s QJ is good.

14:18: Raise and take for Reza.

14:16: Jack open-shoves the Button for 164k. Lam calls! It’s 7s5s for Jack and Ac4d for Lam. Jack flops a Pair and turns Flush & Gutshot draws but Lam makes a Full House on the River to take him out in 9th for £2,000.

14:13: Reza makes it 27k in the cut-off. No callers. Reza and Take It you might say.

14:11: James opens to 27k. Jack peels from the BB. He has about 180k behind. 7c3h2c. Jack checks, James fires 31k. Jack folds.

14:09: Colin opens to 25k in the cut-off. Nathan calls on the Button. Flopping. Qc9s8d. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Colin checks, Nathan bets 26k. Colin calls. River 8c. Check/Check. Nathan wins with 9h7h for Pair of Nines. Colin had KTo for King High.

14:06: Nathan raises to 25k from the SB. Reza calls. Flop Ac8d3s. Nathan bets 25k, Reza calls. Turn 9c. Nathan checks, Reza bets 60k. Nathan quickly folds.

14:04: Colin raises to 34k from the SB. Nathan calls. Flop 9s5h5d. Colin bets 25k, called. Turn Jh. Colin check, Nathan bets 45k. Colin folds.

14:02: BvB pot James vs Colin there. James takes it.

14:00: Reza (below) open shoves for 249k. Nathan in the tank. He’s counting his own stack to see what kind of dent it would be if he lost. He decides to fold.

13:53: Reza rezas to 27k. Sacket calls on the Button. Mo does too from the BB. Flop QdJc2d. Checked to Sacket and he chucks in 52k. Mo calls. Reza folds. Heads up. Turn 5d. Mo checks, Sacket bets 76k. Mo tank/folds.

13:52: Jack (below) open-shoves the Button for about 175k. No takers.

13:48: Lam opens to 27k. Call from Saket in the BB. Flop KhKdJh. Saket leads for 42k. Lam call. Turn As. Check/Check. River 8h. Saket checks, Lam checks. Lam wins with 66. Looks like 65 suited for Sacket. Think it was Spades so no Flush Draw.

13:46: Jack in the BB here. He has about 200k. James raises to 27k. Call from Jack. Flop JcTc6h. Jack checks, James bets 46k. Jack gives it up.

13:45: Walk for Stewart.

13:40: Lam opens to 26k and Reza defends. Flop Kc8s5h and Reza checks it to Lam who continues for 28k, Reza calls and sees the Two of Hearts on the Turn and again checks it over. 64k from Lam and Reza calls. Ten of Spades on the River and Lam reaches for a chunk of chips, 152k, Reza goes into the tank. Reza calls and is shown KT for rivered two-pair, discussion as to whether or not he was rivered erupts across the table.

13:36: James opens to 27k on the Button, Nathan defends. He check-calls 32k on the As3s7s flop and leads 60k on the Eight of Clubs Turn. James calls and the River is the eight of Hearts. 105k from Nathan on the River “I’ve got massive”. James folds showing the King of Spades, Nathan shows Eights for rivered Quads!

13:33: We have an FB Live stream going on Facebook at the moment. Just a view from beside the table and no hole cards being shown of course but if you’re following you might like to check it out at

13:30: Nathan (far right) raises to 40k UTG. Mo (far left) calls on the Button. Flop Kc6c2h. Nathan bets, Mo calls. Turn Ks. Check/Check. River 4h. Nathan bets 75k. Mo shoves all in! Looks like 245k. Nathan has a good think but ends up folding.

13:29: Reze raises to 27k. No callers.

13:27: First hand at the FT. James opens to 27k. Mo calls from the BB. Flop Jd9s6d. Check/Check. Turn 2s. Check/Check. River 6c. Check/Check. Mo shows TT and they’re good.

13:15: FT starting shortly. Here they are:

Saket Jaitly 355k
Lam Trinh 950k
Mo Kader 315k
James Mitchell 1.2 million
Colin Bidwell 591k
Nathan Lee 1 million
Reza Fazeli 540k
Stewart Kirby 311k
Jack Triggs 257k

13:05: First hand of the day on Table 2 is an exciting one! Mo Kader opens, Pete Mundy shoves, Peter Hall shoves and James Mitchell calls! Mo sensibly gets away from it after all that action.

Pete Mundy JJ
Peter Hall AK
James Mitchell KK

The Kings hold and we lose 2 players. Going straight to the Final Table now. Incredible.

10th £1,750 Peter Hall
11th £1,500 Pete Mundy

13:00: Play has commenced. Reza isn’t here yet. If anyone has his number give him a call!

12:45: 15 mins till we start! 11 left. We go to the Final Table once we get to 9 players. Who are you rooting for? Comment at the bottom of the blog, tweet us using the hashtag #gpswestcliff or get in touch on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.


Day 3 kicks off at 1pm. Here are the chip counts for the remaining 11 players:

Nathan Lee 1 million
Lam Trinh 950k
Colin Bidwell 591k
James Mitchell 575k
Reza Fazeli 540k
Peter Hall 490k
Saket Jaitly 355k
Mo Kader 315k
Stewart Kirby 311k
Jack Triggs 257k
Pete Mundy 121k

Seating Draw:

Here are the remaining payouts and cashers so far:

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750
9th £2,000
10th £1,750
11th £1,500
12th £1,250 Andrei Dragnea
13th £1,250 David Greene
14th £1,250 Simeon Sharr
15th £1,000 Kerryjane Craigie
16th £1,000 Manh Nguyen
17th £1,000 Gary McCarthy
18th £1,000 Phillip Pearson
19th £800 Antony Kelly
20th £800 Nguyen Le
21st £800 Anonymous
22nd £800 Samuel Goodman
23rd £800 Scott Fitzpatrick

Day 3 Structure

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