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GPS Westcliff - Day 2

By martinjsmith, posted May 19, 2017

LEVEL 18 - 5000/10000/1000

23:45: Day 2 is all over! We have 11 players returning Sunday 1pm to play to a Champion. Here are the chip counts plus a reminder of the payouts and cashers so far:

Nathan Lee 1 million
Lam Trinh 950k
Colin Bidwell 591k
James Mitchell 575k
Reza Fazeli 540k
Peter Hall 490k
Saket Jaitlyn 355k
Mo Kader 315k
Stewart Kirby 311k
Jack Triggs 257k
Pete Mundy 121k

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750
9th £2,000
10th £1,750
11th £1,500
12th £1,250 Andrei Dragnea
13th £1,250 David Greene
14th £1,250 Simeon Sharr
15th £1,000 Kerryjane Craigie
16th £1,000 Manh Nguyen
17th £1,000 Gary McCarthy
18th £1,000 Phillip Pearson
19th £800 Antony Kelly
20th £800 Nguyen Le
21st £800 Anonymous
22nd £800 Samuel Goodman
23rd £800 Scott Fitzpatrick

23:40: A fantastic last 10 minutes for Peter hall as he almost Quadruples up!! First he shoves blind-on-blind after Nathan Lee raises to 40k from the SB, Nathan snaps his 130k off with Nines but Peter’s A7s turns an Ace to double up. A few hands later and he again 3-bet jams, this time onto Andrei Dragnea’s 32k open. Andrei calls off his tournament life with Eights and it’s a day at the races with Peter holding AK. Ace-High flop and it’s curtains for Andrei. 12th for £1,250.

22:34: David Greene 13th for £1,250. He raises to 23k pre-flop and is 3bet by Lam Trinh in position to 60k. David calls. Flop JcTc8s. David open-shoves 170k in Lam’s face and he calls after a short deliberation. David has Ts9s for Middle Pair and and Open-ended Straight Draw vs Lam’s QQ Overpair and Gutshot. The 9c Turn and 6s River send the money to Lam and David is out.

22:33: Simeon Sharr down and out as he re-shoves his BB against Peter Mundy’s UTG shove. Peter’s A6 hold’s out against Simeon’s 78s and Peter doubles to 154k and Simeon left with 18k. This goes in the next hand as Reza makes it 22k on the Button, Simeon calls All-in on the SB and Peter Mundy calls. It’s checked to the River and Reza’s Jacks hold even on an A4K - Q - K board. Simeon Sharr 14th for £1,250.

23:26: We have 15 mins left. Still 14 players involved.

23:25: James Mitchell wins a 3bet pot vs David Greene. Looks like James is up to about almost 700k now.

23:20: A dirty double for Reza Fazeli, he shoves the Button for 236k and Simeon Sharr re-shoves from the SB. Peter Mundy snap-folds and the hands are face-up, Sevens for Simeon and 9c7c for Reza. It comes down 9hQcKd - 5h - Kc. Simeon is left with just 42k but doubles the next hand through Nathan Lee, A7 vs KQ.

23:10: Colin Bidwell raises to 30k and is called by Stewart Kirby in position. Flop Kd9d4d. Colin check/calls 35k. Turn 6c. Colin checks again, Stewart fires 80k. Colin has a think then chucks in 175k. Stewart snap-folds.

23:02: Double up for Jack Trigg all in pre-flop with A4o vs QQ. He spiked an Ace. Had 141k before the hand. Simeon Sharr was the victim but he’s still in.

23:00: Peter Hall gets looked up as he shoves the Button for 68k and Jack Triggs re-shoves with AT from the SB. Peter has K5 but rivers a King for the double.

22:57: Andrei Dragnea limps the Cut-Off and then fires a bet in on JcTc6c and shows 7s4h as he pulls the pot in.

22:56: Next hand Andrei Dragnea raises to 30k on the Button. Nathan Lee calls from the SB for heads up. Nathan checks in the dark. Flop 8d6c3s. Andrei bets 35k. Nathan immediately shoves all in. He has 1 million and Andrei about 170k behind, 205k total. Andrei tanks for a couple of minutes but ends up folding, showing As6s. Nathan shows TT for the best hand. A nice pic of them staring each other down below…

22:55: Pete Mundy limps for 10k on the Button, Andrei Dragnea makes up the SB but then Nathan Lee brings the hammer down with a 50k raise. Both fold.

22:50: Lam Trinh defends his BB against a Stewart Kirby open, the Qc5s3c flop goes check-check and Lam leads out 25k on the Three of Hearts Turn. Stewart calls and we see a River, it’s the Ten of hearts and Lam bets 50k, it’s a sigh-call for Stewart and he sees the bad news, Lam has rivered a pair with Td8d.

22:47: Peter Mundy gets a shove through, shoving 125k UTG first hand back.

22:44: Back in action for the last level of the night. How many do you think we’ll end with?

22:32: Full chip counts with 14 left:

Table 2
Peter Hall 85k
Jack Trigg 215k
Reza Fazeli 240k
Simeon Sharr 470k
Pete Mundy 125k
Andrei Dragnea 235k
Nathan Lee 1.06m

Table 3
Stewart Kirby 590k
Mo Kader 460k
Saket Jaitlyn 200k
David Greene 410k
James Mitchell 420k
Lam Trinh 200k
Colin Bidwell 520k

LEVEL 17 - 4000/8000/1000

22:27: Break time.

22:25: Nathan Lee continues to wield his big stack. He check-calls 30k on the Turn from Simeon Sharr and leads River for 75k. The board reads Qd3s4c - 7c - As and as Simeon makes the call he’s shown a set of Threes which is good for the ~260k pot.

22:22: Jack Trigg doubles up with 77 all in pre-flop vs Andrei Dragnea’s AQ. He started with about 120k.

22:20: James Mitchell (left) raises to 19k on the Button. Colin Bidwell (right) defends from the BB. Flop Ac4d2c. Colin check/calls 21k. Turn 5h. Check/Check. River 9s. Colin leads for 45k. James calls. Colin tables 3c2d for a Straight and takes it.

22:15: Mo Kader doesn’t pull the trigger. Mo Kader raises the Cut-Off to 17k and both the blinds David Greene and James Mitchell call. Mo continues for 26k on AdJcTc, David quickly calls and James quickly folds. The Turn is the Four of Hearts and Mo fires again for 47k and David very quickly calls. Mo considers it on the River and checks-back and David’s QdTd wins.

22:12: Kerryjane Craigie gets her last 100k or so all in pre-flop with AT vs Reza Fazeli’s AK. No suckout forthcoming and she’s out in 15th for £1,000.

22:07: We have a 15 minute break in 18 minutes then we play 1 more 1 hour level tonight before bagging up for Day 3 Sunday which starts at 1pm.

22:00: Simeon Sharr gets 55k of value on the River with a Flush vs Andrei Dragnea. Andrei down to about 250k now.

21:57: James Mitchell makes it 19k to go again. Lam Trinh 3bets in position to 45k. James folds.

21:56: James Mitchell makes it 19k to go. All fold.

21:53: Looks like a double up for Kerryjane Craigie soon after. Maybe on 110k now.

21:51: Colin Bidwell, currently getting a massage, raises to 20k. No takers.

21:48: Simeon Sharr raises one and Kerryjane Craigie calls. She folds to his Flop bet however. Kerryjane down to less than 60k now. In the danger zone.

21:38: Manh Nguyen 16th for £1,000. I arrived on the Flop to see him all in ahead with JJ (overpair) vs Stewart Kirby T9 (top pair). Stewart spiked a Nine on the Turn for 2 Pair to take it down.

21:35: Lam Trinh opens to 17k, gets a caller then Saket Jaitlyn ships for 121k. Lam re-ships and gets it heads up. Lam has AQ vs Saket’s 77. The pair holds for Sacket to double.

21:30: David Greene pulls one in as Samuel Goodman defends his BB and calls a c-bet and loses to David’s Kd9d.

21:26: Blinds up. This level and 1 more afterwards will be played tonight. 2 more hours.

LEVEL 16 - 3000/6000/1000

21:25: Gary McCarthy out in 17th for £1,000. He shoved AK and was called by James Mitchell’s AQ which looked great for Gary until James made a Broadway Straight to send him packing.

21:23: Manh Nguyen making more moves as he bets 50k on the Turn of KsTd8c - 9d, Mo Kader reluctantly calls. Mo raised the button and c-bet the flop leaving 81k in the middle. Mo calls and eventually the two check the river. Mo has the best of it with AK against Manh’s turned nut-flush draw.

21:20: Phillip Pearson out in 18th for £1,000. He called a 25k raise from Nathan Lee. They both checked the AQ9 Flop. With a Queen on the Turn Phillip check/raised all in with AT for Top Pair but got the bad news when Nathan called and showed QJ for Trips. No miracle river and Phillip is gone.

21:14: Here are the seating arrangements with 18 left:

Table 2
Kerryjane Craigie
Peter Hall
Phillip Pearson
Jack Trigg
Reza Fazeli
Simeon Sharr
Pete Mundy
Andrei Dragnea
Nathan Lee

Table 3
Stewart Kirby
Mo Kader
Saket Jaitlyn
Manh Nguyen
Gary McCarthy
David Greene
James Mitchell
Lam Trinh
Colin Bidwell

21:13: Phillip Pearson down to less than 100k. Andrei Dragnea just took a decent pot from him.

21:10: Manh Nguyen piling the pressure on as he shoves 123k on the Turn against David Greene. David folds and Manh chips up quite a bit.

21:05: Reminder of the cashers so far. Still 18 left.

19th £800 Antony Kelly
20th £800 Nguyen Le
21st £800 Anonymous
22nd £800 Samuel Goodman
23rd £800 Scott Fitzpatrick

21:00: Antony Kelly out in 19th for £800. Down to 2 tables. He runs A3 from the Cut-Off into the AT of Reza Fazeli in the SB, AT holds and Reza gets an almost double-up.

20:58: Nguyen Le out in 20th for £800. His 99 all in pre-flop vs Stewart Kirby’s QQ and didn’t get any help.

20:55: Ellie Biessek back in action just a couple of hands later as she shoves 10k in mid-position. Mo Kader calls and Phillip Pearson (sleeping on the sofa) calls. They check it to the River where Phillip launches out 30k, Mo tanks and sigh calls with 97 on T95 - 3 - 5 but Phillip has K5 to take it. Ellie has Sevens and busts in 21st for £800.

20:50: Crazy action on Table 1 with a 3-way all in pre-flop!

Samuel Goodman AsQd
Ellie Biessek AA
Mo Kader KK

Amazingly, Samuel flops a Flush draw but doesn’t get there and Mo rivers a King to win the lot! Samuel Goodman out in 22nd for £800. Ellie down to less than 20k.

20:41: Nguyen Le shoves all in and gets it through. All fold and he shows J8 suited.

20:40: Samuel Goodman jams from the SB and gets it through.

20:39: Scott Fitzpatrick out in 23rd for £800. He was very short so was probably happy to creep into the money.

20:38: Reza Fazeli (99) opens UTG for 17k, Ellie Biessek calls in position then short stack Jamie Samuels (KdQd) shoves from the BB for 30k total. Both of the others call. Flop 9s5s5d. Reza & Ellie check on the side. Turn 8h. Reza bets 18k. He tries to talk Ellie into a call but she doesn’t go for it and folds. Reza has the Full House and Jamie is drawning dead. He’s out on the Bubble in 24th place.

20:30: Ellie Biessek raises. No callers. She shows Aces!

20:27: Nathan Lee raises the Button. No callers.

20:25: Back in action: Peter Hall shoves UTG. No callers.

20:18: Players on a break. Here are the full, but approximate, chip counts with 24 left on the Bubble:

Table 1
Antony Kelly 140k
Jamie Samuels 34k
Reza Fazeli 125k
James Mitchell 400k
Samuel Goodman 80k
Ellie Biessek 290k
Saket Jaitlyn 180k
Mo Kader 215k

Table 2
Kerryjane Craigie 212k
Peter Hall 80k
Jack Trigg 86k
Phillip Pearson 145k
Simeon Sharr 410k
Pete Mundy 85k
Andrei Dragnea 320k
Nathan Lee 700k

Table 3
Stewart Kirby 260k
Nguyen Le 78k
Manh Nguyen 180k
Gary McCarthy 143k
David Greene 353k
Scott Fitzpatrick 37k
Lam Trinh 421k
Colin Bidwell 395k

LEVEL 15 - 2500/5000/500

20:08: Break time. Still 24 left. We will resume play on the Bubble when we come back. Chip counts coming soon.

20:07: Another pot for Nathan Lee back to back. He raises the Cut-Off to 13k and Kerry Jane Craigie calls on the Button. He continues for 17k and she calls on Kc8h7h. She has a huge deliberation before calling 23.5k on the 3h Turn. The river is the Four of Clubs and it goes check-check. KhTd is enough to pull it in for Nathan Lee, Kerry says she has the Queen of Hearts in her hand and that a River heart would be a disaster!

20:06: Jamie Samuels in the danger zone with 34k.

20:05: Last few hands just raise-and-take-its or small pots played cautiously.

20:04: Some players try to organise a deal to pay the Bubble but doesn’t sound like there’s any chance of that being agreed.

20:00: Phillip Pearson opens to 12k and goes for a call when Nathan Lee makes it 24k on the Button, it comes down Ace-High and he gives it up.

19:50: Pot for Ellie Biessek there as she raises the button and Mo Kader defends but folds to her c-bet on Ad4d3s.

19:48: Saket Jaitlyn takes a decent pot from Jamie Samuels there. Jamie down to about 75k now.

19:41: Alison Verity out in 25th. We are Hand for Hand now on the Bubble. She gets Jacks in pre-flop against Aces and doesn’t catch a Jack. A huge 130k gain for Simeon Sharr who sweeps it in from the SB.

19:38: Andrei Dragnea (below) opens to 15k but folds when Pete Hall ships all in for 68k.

19:35: Triggs pulls the trigger as Jack Triggs fires in the money pre-flop. He’s holding Kings and Phillip Pearson’s (8th on the All-Time money list) AQ doesn’t even scratch them. Jack up to ~180k.

Every All-in is super important now one-off the bubble! Even the bloggers are paying attention wink

19:31: We have 25 left now. 2 off the money and 1 off the Hand for Hand Bubble. Here’s a reminder of the prizes:

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750
9th £2,000
10th £1,750
11th £1,500
12th £1,250
13th £1,250
14th £1,250
15th £1,000
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800

19:30: Limpfest on Table 3 started by Colin Bidwell UTG. 2 others come along for 5k and the blinds too. Colin bets the 5k min on the AsJc9c Flop but folds, along with everyone else, when Nguyen Le makes it 20k.

19:29: Jack Trigg shoves. No callers.

19:28: Pete Hall shoves. No callers.

19:25: El Classico on Table 3 and for richer or poorer Danny Richer is out. He shoves his Queens in on the Button and Andrei makes the call with AK, Ace on the river. A 100k increase for Andrei!

19:15: James Parker jams his last 25k in onto Lam trinh’s open and Lam snaps him off with AQ, James has A3s but doesn’t connect.

19:11: Say Hello to Level 15! We are down to 27 players now over 3 tables. 4 away from the money. Exciting.

LEVEL 14 - 2000/4000/500

19:10: Samuel Goodman makes a pained put-down as he folds a set on the Turn to Phillip Pearson’s (2x WSOP Main Event Winner) Turn-shove. Phillip somehow has KhTh on Qh5h3h - 4d (claiming not to raise KTo pre-flop) and shows his Ten of Hearts, Samuel holding Fives.

19:10: Mo Kader opens to 9k, called by Jamie Samuels but both fold when Saket Jaitlyn 3bets to 30k from the BB. Jamie showed 55.

19:09: Stephen Baxter is our next victim as we head towards the bubble, we’re down to 27 now. He shoves Kings from the BB onto a Button open and somehow runs into Kings held by David Greene!

19:05: Saket Jaitlyn opens to 12k and gets a call from Reza Fazeli in position. Flop 9h3s2s. Saket continues for 16k and Reza calls. Turn 4h. Saket checks and Reza moves all in. Sacket has about 150k which Reza covers. Sacket sacks it and folds.

19:00:Lloyd Eagles runs into it for the last time as he gets his last chips in with Sixes and loses to J8.

19:00 Same table, Stewart Kirby opens to 9k again. Called this time by Ellie Biessek and Saket Jaitlyn before Jamie Samuels 3bets to 22k from the BB. All 3 call! Flop Qh8c3c. Jamie open-ships all in for about 120k. His 3 opponents run away.

18:58: On Table 1, Stewart Kirby opens for 9k and gets a call from Saket Jaitlyn in the BB. Saket check/folds the Ace High Flop however.

18:57: Nick Kennedy now out. Nick flops a King on AK5 but Phillip Pearson has a set of Fives and turns Quads…

18:55: Nick Kennedy back in the dumps as he gets AK in pre-flop vs Queens, he catches an Ace but a rivered Queen and he’s down to fumes. Also more blind-on-blind on that table as James Parker makes it 9.5k out of 50k and folds to Phillip Pearson’s shove, Phillip showing Kings.

18:50: Llloyd Eagles gets lucky to get away from Queens on a King-High board as he’s shown Aces in a huge 3-bet pot “If it comes Jack-high it all goes in!”

18:48: Got to win your flips. Graham Hardy goes all-in from the SB after Simeon opens the Button to 14k, Simeon makes the call and walks away from the table as they flip over The Classic race. Simeon doesn’t need to worry though as his AKs flops an Ace to crack Graham’s Queens and bust him.

18:45: We have an open on Table 3 then Samuel Goodman shoves all in for about 73k. Lloyd Eagles likes it and re-shoves for 93k. The original raiser folds and we see AA (Samuel) vs AK (Lloyd). Nothing weird comes on the Board and Samuel doubles, leaving Lloyd with about 20k.

18:35: Amber Glasby leaves, she gets unlucky 3-bet shoving it in ahead with A8 against the A6 of Nathan Lee and fails to hit any of her straight outs after he flops a six.

18:30: Nick Kennedy puts James Parker to the test as he bets the river on 4h6h8c - 7c - 5c. James thinks for quite a while before making the laydown with a set of Fours.

18:27: Anthony Doggett also busts, his chips go to Jack Triggs. Down to 33.

18:25: Blind-on-blind carnage on Table 2 as Eddie Sherrock rips his stack in from the SB but runs into Simeon Sharr’s AT in the BB, Eddie has A2 and fails to find a deuce.

18:20: And after all it’s a gutter-ball! Jamie Samuels finds a double belly-buster to double-up, he 3-bet shoves onto Amber Glasby’s open and James Mitchell cold-calls. Amber gets out of the way and Jamie has A4 and James AK but on a flop of 753, Jamie has plenty of get-out of jail free cards and turns a Deuce. Back up over 100k.

18:19: Latest FB LIVE update:

18:15: Ellie Biessek watches on as her AQ holds against the AT of Jonas Amidu to eliminate him, it’s most of her chips to call so a serious sweat. As she shouts over to Phillip Pearson that she’s All-in he replies with “So am I!”. We come across to find he’s 3-bet shoved on Samuel Goodman and they’re having an adorable chat about it, “Will you show!?” “I’ll shows one and then depending show the other one, nahh I’m kidding, I’ll show both!”, Samuel folds showing AQ and Phillip has AK.

18:15: Back in action. We’ve lost William Davies quickly.

17:45: Dinner break at the moment. Here are full stacks for all remaining 37 players:

Table 1
Amber Glasby 65k
Jamie Samuels 60k
Jonas Amidu 65k
James Mitchell 350k
Nathan Lee 325k
Ellie Biessek 105k
Saket Jaitlyn 250k
Mo Kader 295k

Table 2
Kerryjane Craigie 256k
Peter Hall 100k
William Davies 65k
Jack Trigg 60k
Eddie Sherrock 75k
Simeon Sharr 100k
Unknown 60k
Alison Verity 145k

Table 3
Nguyen Le 105k
LLoyd Eagles 140k
Gary McCarthy 95k
David Greene 300k
Scott Fitzpatrick 110k
Unknown 75k
Colin Bidwell 245k

Table 4
Andrei Dragnea 225k
Manh Nguyen 105k
James Parker 140k
Ray Bellante 50k
Antony Kelly 120k
Anthony Doggett 56k
Nick Kennedy 75k

Table 5
Reza Fazeli 270k
Danny Richer 105k
Stewart Kirby 285k
Graham Hardy 110k
Samuel Goodman 75k
Phillip Pearson 100k
Lam Trinh 275k

LEVEL 13 - 1500/3000/400

17:20: Dinner break time. Back at 6.05pm.

17:17: “The worst possible hand” for Paul Bahbout. He jams the flop on 8h2s7h and Andrei Dragnea (in the hoodie, with his face covered) re-shoves for 120k!! Manh Nguyen (centre) looks down at Jacks and has no clue what to do, he eventually finds a fold and Paul flips over 6h5d and Andrei Dragnea has him in the worst shape with JhTh. The turn is the 5h, giving Andrei a flush but giving Paul the open-ended straight-flush draw… which still isn’t live as the Nine of hearts gives both players a straight flush!!

17:15: We’ll get chips counts at the break shortly but here are a few players with nice stacks at the moment. Nathan Lee, Lam Van Trinh & Stewart Kirby.

17:15: It’s always a sweat, Nick Kennedy (stood) jams 34k onto Ray Bellante’s 6k open and Anthony Doggett’s flat. Ray gets out of the way but Anthony (left) is somewhat more stubborn and after several minutes and a clock he makes the call with JTs. Nick has Kings but has to dodge some equity as Anthony flops a Jack.

17:11: Stewart Kirby makes a huge call as reza Fazeli puts a large amount of 25,000 chips into the middle on the River, Stewart tanks before calling off for all his chips. It’s a monster as Reza has KT for two-pair and Stewart has the nut-straight with AJ but on a flushing board Kc8h2c - Qh - Tc. A huge double up for Stewart sees him with 240k!! Whilst a massive loss for Reza he makes a chunk of it back the next hand against Lam Trinh with top-pair.

17:10: Danny Toffel busts as his kicker is no good against Lam Trinh’s (centre) AK, Danny holding KQ on the King-high and dry board.

17:09: We’ve lost Dave Abdul. Down to 39 now. Dinner break in 10 mins. That lasts 45 mins then we come back to play another 5 levels tonight.

17:07: Recent shoves from Peter Hall (top) and Eddie Sherrock (bottom) in different hands. No callers either time and they survive to fight on.

17:05: Phillip Pearson wins his “first hand in 48” as his c-bet takes it against Danny Richer.

16:50: William Davies in a bind as Jack Triggs 3-bet jams onto his open, as I take a picture William says the immortal words “Oh, it’s on the blog now as well, so I’ll look even worse if I’m wrong”. He has another check of stack sizes and folds showing Nines, Jack commiserates with him on the grim decision.

16:48: Kerryjane Craigie (below) opens the Button and picks up Jack Triggs from the BB. She takes it down with a Flop c-bet however.

16:40: Jamie Samuels raises to 30k on the Turn after Ellie Biessek bets 6k. The Board was AsAc5d-3d. Ellie then shoved for about 140k total. Jamie stood up and tanked for a minute but eventually gave it up.

16:28: James Mitchell takes out Darren Stribling on Table 1.

16:21: Blinds up!

LEVEL 12 - 1200/2400/300

16:20: James Mitchell makes a big 50k call in the River with Bottom Pair vs Jamie Samuels and it’s good! Didn’t catch the lead up but a nice pot going in James’ direction there. Jamie down to about 130k.

16:18: The 4 Musketeers, easily the most active corner of the room goes at it again, Jamie Samuels opening the Cut-Off to 6.5k, Kevin Houghton shoves the button for 23.4k, James Mitchell 4-bet shoves the SB for 97.8k and Darren Stribling actually has a decision in the BB!! He thinks for a while after getting both the counts and lays down “Jacks”, Jamie folds and we head to showdown. Kevin Houghton has A7o and James has Queens, Queens hold to bust Kevin.

16:15: Jamie Samuels and Kevin Houghton go to speechplay war as Jamie bets 15k on the Turn of 5sTcKd - 7d. Kevin has just 19k left and essentially a decision for his tournament life. Jamie calls a 3-bet pre and check raises Kevin’s flop c-bet. Jamie begins to use the same lines that we’ve heard earlier in the tournament “If you’ve got a better hand then I’ll buy the table a drink”, “You should’ve folded 20 minutes ago”, “You’ve just got to put Jacks down” and Kevin points this out and how Jamie is repeating himself. Kevin eventually folds, very reluctantly and is shown 9c7c!!

16:10: Danny Richer opens to 5.5k, called by Lam Trinh in the SB then David Clark ships his 9.2k shortie all in from the BB. Danny calls as does Lam. Flop Ks9d2c. Lam check/folds to Danny’s 11k bet and the cards are turned over. 44 for Danny and As3s for David. No help on the Turn or River for David and he’s heading for the door.

16:05: James Mitchell cals Darren Striblings 3-bet and the pair check it to the River where James goes for a bet of 8.5k into the pot of 30k on JcTc8c - Ah - Qc. Darren makes the call and they chop it up both having a King for the straight and no clubs, Darren holding AK and James K9s.

16:03: Paul Ratford finishes a rough couple of levels by busting as he runs Kings into the Aces of Nathan Lee, it’s a 100k pot and Paul turns a gut-shot and whiffs. Nathan up to about 400k.

16:02: Lloyd Eagles opens the Button and calls with AQ when Ellie Biessek shoves all in for 59k with AK. Ellie holds to double up.

15:53: Some support for Paul Ratford on Twitter:

15:52: Down to 45 now!!

15:50: Albert Sapiano busts, left crippled by Jonas Amidu, he hits the rail. He 3-bet shoved for a huge amount onto Eddie Sherrock’s open and Jonas called All-in. Eddie folds “Jacks” and Albert flips over Sevens and Jonas has Kings. The board runs out 4 diamonds but both Jonas and Albert have a Diamond for Kings to hold.

15:47: Nicholas Kennedy (below) open-shoves all in. No callers.

15:46: Chip leader Reza Fazeli has just had a banana. Let’s hope he doesn’t slip up today and makes the FT at least.

15:45: Looks like a 2.4k limp from Anthony Doggett with KK, followed by Manh Nguyen on the Button then Jack Nolan jams all in on the steal for about 40k with Jh8h. Dogget re-ships for more, Manh folds. Nolan does not get there and is eliminated.

15:40: Jamie Samuels continues to talk a fantastic game as he bets 25k on the River into Andrei Dragnea, he explains that he has “Ten-high, mate, but I’ve overbet so you’ve got to fold your Jack”. After several minutes of exciting chat Andrei gives it up. Shortly afterwards Jamie gets a huge almost double up from Paul Ratford as he rivers a straight in a ~170k pot, sitting with over 200k now!!

15:30: Amber Glasby gets moved to Table 1 and Floor is called as it’s unsure if she can join the table on the button, she can and uses said option to shove from the Button. Kevin Houghton invoking “Unbelievable Jeff!!” as he is forced to fold his small blind to the shove.

15:30: Eddie Sherrock min-raises to 4.8k and gets a call from Jonas Amidu. Eddie takes it down with a 4.5k c-bet on the A65 Flop however.

15:28: Chandra Khajuria out.

15:27: Our latest FB Live update:

15:25: Some of the players now starting to sneakily glance at push-fold charts on their phones resigned to a long grind. Jack Nolan getting a shove through with about 15k to the consternation of Nick Kennedy.

15:20: Back in action now. Gladys Long exited just before the break.

15:13: Top stacks at the first break of the day:

Reza Fezali 443k
David Greene 260k
Paul Ratford 230k
Saket Jaitlyn 190k
Nathan Lee 190k
Alison Verity 163k
James Mitchell 155k
Anthony Doggett 150k

LEVEL 11 - 1000/2000/200

15:03: David Laronde gone. Break time now. Chip counts coming soon.

15:00: Ellie Biessek piling on the pressure as she raises Nguyen Le’s flop lead 5 ways!! She makes it 30k and everyone quickly gets out of dodge.

14:58: Ray Bellante (Right) cool as a cucumber as he continues by shoving the flop four ways, William Davies considers looking him up but all fold.

14:56: Paul Romain out. Break in 7 mins.

14:55: Nicholas Kennedy (55) doubles up James Parker (88) after they get the money all in on the Qc8h5c Flop, Set over Set. No miracle Quads forthcoming. The pot looks like about 120k.

14:50: Djemal Omer also exits as he shoves AT, gets a call from Ray Bellante’s A8 and the standard 8 on the river.

14:45: Lloyd Eagles 3-bet jams on Conor Livingstone’s open and “It’s such a sick spot!”, when asked why he’s so keen for a call Lloyd replies with “Well, because I’ve got a good hand!”, he does indeed flipping Tens over as Conor makes the call with AsQs. It’s a dry flop for Lloyd on 9s3h6d, no spade he calls. He doesn’t get his wish as the Turn is a Spade but the Ten of Spades isn’t so bad, brick River and he doubles up. Crippled Conor Livingstone busting shortly afterwards.

14:44: We have the first break of the day coming up in 20 mins. Will get the top chip counts for you then.

14:40: Selection of player pics from around the room with 53 left:

14:32: Ravi Sharda not so lucky as he busts to bring us to 54 on 6 Tables.

14:30: Nguyen Le gets a double-up as he flops a set of Eights.

14:25: Jack Triggs cashes in his one-time as he re-shoves with Kings against the Nines of Richard Paul “No Nine, one time!” and receives no Nine to eliminate Richard.

14:20: Reza Fazeli looks to be doing well. Appears to have about 390k.

14:15: A big clash between Stephen Baxter and Kevin Houghton, it looks like Stephen opens pre-flop, Kevin 3-bets on the button and Stephen calls. On the flop Stephen leads out 15k and Kevin has to thik about it before calling, call he does and the turn comes down 7s4hJc - Qc. Stephen pretty quickly checks it to him and Kevin tanks for a little bit and checks back. The River is the Five of Spades and Stephen bets 20k, Kevin counts his stack and folds. Kevin’s thoughts on how fun the table still is are unknown.

14:14: Double up for short stack Raymond Bellante with A8 all in pre-flop vs AK. He hit a miracle Eight on the River to survive.

14:10: Scott Wells out too.

14:07: Paul Ratford (left) takes Tom Runnacles (right) out. I arrived on the J84 Flop to see Tom shove all in with KK. Paul called with 88 for a Set and it held up.

14:02: Blinds up! Down to 57 players now. We’ve lost 14 in the first hour of play.

LEVEL 10 - 800/1600/200

14:00: Jack Triggs (right) finds himself a perfect little spot on his BB as 2 people call the raise and he puts his 24k stack in the middle. Paul Ratford (centre) finds a call with Deuces in the SB and Jack hops to his feet as he flips over KQ . . .

... drums the table and plops into his chair as he turns a Queen.

15:58: James Plumer shoves 17k, Claire Tucker calls off her last 14k and Mo Kader calls! Mo is in good shape with both dominated. He holds and both others are eliminated.

James AT
Claire KQ

13:57: Also on Table 7 previous WSOP bracelet winners Kevin Houghton and Phillip Pearson Would like everyone to know what a Mushroom table they have as “everyone is a fungi!”.

13:55: Nick Kennedy looks down with purest disgust as Jonas Amidu bets the River into him, it’s 11.5k out of 30k and the flush has hit on the River on 6sAc4s - 7c - 9s. Nick folds and Jonas pulls in a chunk of chips.

13:51: Down to 63 players from 71 as we break a table. Still a long way to the money which starts at 23rd. Here’s a reminder of the payouts:

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750
9th £2,000
10th £1,750
11th £1,500
12th £1,250
13th £1,250
14th £1,250
15th £1,000
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800

13:47: Wayne Lee heading for the exit after a bad beat. He shoved about 45k in with AA over the top of an open from Alison Verity. She made the call with QQ and spiked a Flush to take take the pot down.

13:45: A sore one for Bradley Simpson as he calls Graham Hardy’s River bet with Aces and is shown the bad news as JTs has rivered a straight.

13:40: Lloyd Eagles makes a fashionably late entrance just now, David Nolan turned up shortly after the picture of his chips.

13:38: Alex Evans 4-bet shoves onto David Greene’s 8k 3-bet, Alex has 37.8k in front of him as he stares down David. David doesn’t seem happy with the situation as he makes the call and he’s right with Alex’s AK dominating his AQ but a Queen-high flop and Alex exits.

13:35: Conor Livingstone opens to 3.5k then Brad Davey shoves all in for about 43k. All fold back to Conor and he goes into the tank. He tries to get Brad talking but he’s impervious and just stares ahead, not saying a word. Conor makes the call in the end with JJ and he has Brad covered by a little. Brad has KK and is in great shape. That is until a Jack hits the fold to send him for an early bath :-(

13:30: James Parker (right) considers his options as William Davies checks back the Turn of this 3-bet pot. James has check-called the flop and opts to bet the River for 11.5k, William Davies calls the bet and shows Jacks for a rivered straight and it’s good.

13:26: Simeon Sharr (right) opens to 4k UTG and is called by Tom Runnacles (left) from the BB. Flop Qd6d5s. Tom check/calls 7k from Simeon. Turn Ts. Check/Check. River Qs. Tom leads for 13.5k. Simeon calls and gets the bad news that his AT 2nd Pair is no good vs AQ Trips.

13:20: Jonas Amidu has a huge river decision to make as Kevin Houghton fires the third barrel. Jonas calls Kevin’s 4k UTG+1 open pre-flop and calls again as Kevin bets 5.5k on the 8hQd8s flop. He has to think about it before calling 18k on the Four of Spades Turn. The River is the King of Clubs and Kevin launches in 25k, Jonas checks his stack and finds he has just 40k remaining as he thinks about it. He tanks and gives up pocket Nines, “You were behind the whole way, I’ll respect your show and show as well” says Kevin flipping over pocket Kings.

13:15: There are always some players running late. Today we have Jack Nolan and Lloyd Eagles:

13:10: Bradley Davey (left) with his tournament life on the line as he 3-bet shoves onto Andrei Dragnea’s open. There’s some discussion of Andrea only having 3 outs and Andrea seems aware of this as he jokes “But mine is suited” before he gives it up.

13:08: Peter Wilkerson gone. Sent home by Reza Fazeli.

13:07: Chandra Khajuria (started the day with 20,900) gets an early double up through chip leader Nathan Lee. Chandra gets his last 12.3k in on the Turn with 2 Pair and Nathan calls drawing dead with Top Pair but a low kicker.

13:03: Day 2 up and running. Quick exit for Darren Paradise. He started short with 23,800.

12:58: Players seated and unbagging their chips now. Starting in 2 minutes!

12:37: If you’re playing today or following someone from home please tweet with #gpswestcliff and we’ll pick it up for the blog. If you have any requests for info on particular players you can tweet us, get in touch on Facebook or just comment here at the bottom of the blog for today.

12:36: Dennis has been following the blog and tweeting the last couple of days…

12:32: Will Davies on his way…

12:30: Here’s a note of the structure for Day 2:


All starting days have now been completed at GPS Main Westcliff and we have a total of 71 players returning Saturday 1pm for Day 2 from the 225 who entered. The prize pool is £100,000 as we ended up with a small overlay.

Day 1A: 21/71
Day 1B: 39/124
Day 1C: 11/30
Total: 71/225
Prize Pool: £100,000

We play another 9 levels in Day 2. That means we should finish up around 11.30pm. All remaining players at that stage then return for Day 3 Sunday 1pm.

Here’s the seating draw and chip counts:

Day 1A
Nathan Lee 250,000
Colin Bidwell 161,600
David Laronde 137,500
Anthony Doggett 108,500
Antony Kelly 101,300
Samuel Goodman 95,300
Paul Bahbout 93,600
Gladys Long 89,200
Dave Abdul 84,800
Jonas Amidu 73,400
Wayne Lee 71,000
Conor Livingstone 69,400
Graham Hardy 69,100
Darren Stribling 59,200
Neil Davidson 57,400
James Parker 53,700
Djemal Omer 47,900
Tom Runnacles 41,700
Nick Zambos 39,100
Scott Wells 38,100
Richard Paul 34,700

Day 1B
Reza Fazeli 202,400
Stewart Kirby 135,600
Ellie Biessek 129,600
Paul Ratford 127,100
Phillip Pearson 119,000
Saket Jaitlyn 117,700
James Mitchell 114,100
Stephen Baxter 107,700
Alison Verity 105,800
Lloyd Eagles 105,500
Lam Van Trinh 100,800
Mo Kader 98,900
Peter Hall 94,000
Manh Nguyen 88,600
David Stonehouse 86,600
Jack Nolan 83,600
Daniel Richer 81,200
Nicholas Kennedy 80,800
Bradley Simpson 70,700
William Davies 69,100
Kerryjane Craigie 66,200
David Clark 66,000
Anonymous 65,800
Simeon Sharr 65,100
Nguyen Le 62,500
Scott Fitxpatrick 62,000
Daniel Toffel 59,700
Paul Romain 59,400
Peter Mundy 55,500
Jamie Samuels 51,700
Alex Evans 51,100
Gary McCarthy 44,000
Amber Glasby 41,600
Jack Triggs 37,600
Bradley Davey 31,600
James Plumer 31,000
Claire Tucker 29,900
Raymond Bellante 26,100
Peter Wilkerson 22,300

Day 1C
Andrei Dragnea 159,900
David Greene 120,800
Paul Busby 114,300
Albert Sapiano 93,600
Eddie Sherrock 59,000
Ravi Sharda 52,000
Kevin Houghton 51,000
Charles Akadiri 43,500
Darren Paradise 23,800
Chandra Khajuria 20,900
Ben Redmond 11,700

1st £27,500
2nd £18,000
3rd £12,000
4th £8,200
5th £6,000
6th £4,800
7th £3,750
8th £2,750
9th £2,000
10th £1,750
11th £1,500
12th £1,250
13th £1,250
14th £1,250
15th £1,000
16th £1,000
17th £1,000
18th £1,000
19th £800
20th £800
21st £800
22nd £800
23rd £800

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