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GPS Westcliff - Day 1B & 1C

By martinjsmith, posted May 18, 2017


00:47: All starting days have now been completed at GPS Main Westcliff and we have a total of 71 players returning Saturday 1pm for Day 2 from the 225 who entered. The prize pool is £100,000 as we ended up with a small overlay.

Day 1A: 21/71
Day 1B: 39/124
Day 1C: 11/30
Total: 71/225
Prize Pool: £100,000

Day 2 Saturday we start at 1pm again and play another 9 levels. That means we should finish up around 11.30pm. All remaining players at that stage then return for Day 3 Sunday 1pm.

Day 1B Chip Counts
Reza Fazeli 202,400
Stewart Kirby 135,600
Ellie Biessek 129,600
Paul Ratford 127,100
Phillip Pearson 119,000
Saket Jaitlyn 117,700
James Mitchell 114,100
Stephen Baxter 107,700
Alison Verity 105,800
Lloyd Eagles 105,500
Lam Van Trinh 100,800
Anonymous 98,900
Peter Hall 94,000
Manh Nguyen 88,600
David Stonehouse 86,600
Jack Nolan 83,600
Daniel Richer 81,200
Nicholas Kennedy 80,800
Bradley Simpson 70,700
William Davies 69,100
Kerryjane Craigie 66,200
David Clark 66,000
Fokrul Islam 65,800
Simeon Sharr 65,100
Nguyen Le 62,500
Scott Fitxpatrick 62,000
Daniel Toffel 59,700
Paul Romain 59,400
Peter Mundy 55,500
Jamie Samuels 51,700
Alex Evans 51,100
Gary McCarthy 44,000
Amber Glasby 41,600
Jack Triggs 37,600
Bradley Davey 31,600
James Plumer 31,000
Claire Tucker 29,900
Raymond Bellante 26,100
Peter Wilkerson 22,300

Day 1C Chip Counts
Andrei Dragnea 159,900
David Greene 120,800
Paul Busby 114,300
Albert Sapiano 93,600
Eddie Sherrock 59,000
Ravi Sharda 52,000
Kevin Houghton 51,000
Charles Akadiri 43,500
Darren Paradise 23,800
Chandra Khajuria 20,900
Ben Redmond 11,700

Here is the seating draw for Day 2 Saturday:

Level 9 - 600/1200/200

23:55: 1B is all over. 1C is currently playing its last level.

23:55: David Blacklock (left) shoves for his remaining 10k and Jack Nolan (right) on the Button makes the call. The BB seems very unhappy to be folding but eventually does. Richard has JTo and Jack has Nines, it runs out dry and Jack sweeps in the chips.

23:52: Alison Verity makes a big-call and receives a big pick-up as she calls 11k on the River with Aces on 8cJd8s - Js - 9s and is right!

23:50: A tough decision for Anthony Kennedy as he faces a River-shove on a double paired board, there’s discussion of “Walking off the pier if he has King-high” but Anthony makes the fold and isn’t shown anything pier-worthy.

23:45: The last 4 hands are now in progress in 1B. Players will be bagging up soon and we’ll get the final chip counts once they’re ready. About 40 remaining it looks like.

23:40: Matthew Church is our most recent victim.

23:35: The Lovely Ladies of Ace Massage are still here providing massage services and tomorrow as well, with a few free minutes on offer!!

23:33: Big hand on Table 2! I didn’t catch the pre-flop action but on the 7d6s5c Flop we have a 6.2k bet and a raise to about 15k from Kerryjane Craigie. Then a third player in the pot, Claire Tucker, shoves for 46k! The original bettor folds and it’s back on Kerryjane. She thinks for a while, even asking Claire if she was playing 89 suited and the old classic “Will you show if I fold?” (Claire nods to indicate she will). Kerryjane does end up folding, and it was a seriously big laydown. 77 for Top Set! Claire shows 65o for Bottom 2 Pair so the 77 would have had her strangled. Lucky escape for Claire.

23:30: Kerryjane Craigie on a roll now as she first gets an almost double up getting in AQ vs AT and despite a major struggle she holds to pick up a fair amount of chips. A few hands later and she rivers a set against flopped top-pair to pull in another pot.

23:18: Registration has now closed for all flights. The final numbers are to be confirmed but here’s what they look like…

Day 1A: 71 entries
Day 1B: 124 entries
Day 1C: 30 entries
Total: 225
Prize Pool: £100,000
Overlay: £10,000

23:15: Our GPS Main Sheffield winner from March, Brandon Sheils, is out so the Back-to-back attempt is off :-(

23:10: We have a 2.6k open and 2 calls on Table 2 then Ellie Biessek 3bets to 11k from the SB. Everyone folds!

23:11: Mark Frith & Steve O’Keeffe both out.

23:05: Reza Fazeli puts Steve O’Keeffe to the test on the River as he lifts a stack of 5k chips over the line, “Don’t show me a bluff, don’t show me a bluff” Steve says as he folds. “I wasn’t bluffing” Reza’s reply, “The Ace might have saved me then” “Might have been, might have been”.

22:59: Justinas Pactavskas out. We’re down to 46/124 in 1B.

Level 8 - 500/1,000/100

22:50: The word is on the grapevine that Phillip Pearson (now one of the chip leaders) got a double up shortly before the break. He raises the Cut-Off and gets 3-bet by Simeon Sharr and he calls. Simeon c-bets a 74x flop and Phillip jams in the money. Simeon snaps him off with Jacks and Phillip has Eights. A runner, runner Straight however takes a chunk off Simeon and doubles Phillip.

22:50: Here are the top stacks right now:

Reza Fazeli 145k
Stewart Kirby 140k
Paul Ratford 112k
Jack Nolan 107k
Phillip Pearson 105k
David Stonehouse 94k
Saket Jaitly 90k

22:41: The latest numbers with 1 more level to register in 1C Turbo:

Day 1A: 71 entries
Day 1B: 124 entries
Day 1C: 28 entries
Total: 223
Overlay: £10,800

22:40: Break time. 1 more level to play in 1B after this. Chip counts coming shortly.

22:38: Double up for Claire Tucker (standing) all in pre-flop with TT vs Kerryjane Craigie’s AsKs. She started the hand with 23.3k so doubled that and got a few thousand from another player in the pot who ended up folding.

22:35: Manh Nguyen opens to 2.2k and gets calls from Gary McCarthy and Stewart Kirby. All 3 players check all 3 streets after that and Gary wins it with 99 in the hole.

22:30: Driton Haxhiaj and Kelly Saxby both bust and immediately head downstairs into the Turbo. Driton shoves on A64rr and gets a call from Manh Nguyen with Kings, Driton has 78 and Manh has Kings, Driton doesn’t hit and Manh turns a set as a bonus.

22:27: Here are the biggest couple of stacks in 1B at the moment:

Stewart Kirby 150k

Reza Fazeli 175k

22:25: Geoff Dartford is out, he puts the squeeze on jamming the turn but David Williams sigh calls for almost all his remaining chips with KQ on a King-High board. Geoff has just Ace-Jack high with no draw and doesn’t River any miracle aces from space.

22:20: Richard Blacklock’s remaining chips go in again next hand, both blinds call. On the flop Bradley Simpson is back for the rest as he bets into the dry side-pot, the BB folds and the hands go face-up. Bradley has top pair with AQ on Ah9h6h and Richard is looking for a Seven to stay alive with 8d6d. BINK. A Seven on the Turn and Bradley is dead and Richard triples.

22:15: A River-shove from Bradley Simpson leaves Richard Blacklock with a grim decision, it’s almost all his stack to call as Bradley shoves for 25,300. Richard eventually makes the call and his Kings have been cracked by the QT Bradley defended his BB with, Bradley flopping trips and rivering a full-house. Richard left with ~3k.

22:00: A lovely collection of player pics:

21:55: Alex Evans sweeps it in as Danny Toffel mucks. Alex c-bets 3,100 on AcKd5c, checks back the 4h and on the 7h he makes a considered call of Danny’s 9,500 bet after checking the size of the pot.

21:45: Here’s a shot of 1C Turbo running downstairs in a separate room. It’s up to 24 entries giving us 219 overall. Overlay at £12,400. About 1 hour left to enter. In the Turbo we have the likes of Albert Sapiano and Ed Overall firing again to try to make Day 2 after busting today from 1B.

21:40: Blinds up and the pressure continues to mount for the shorties, double-up or head home for most!!

Level 7 - 400/800/100

21:40: Charles Akadiri 3-bet shoves ~19k but his KQs runs into AK held by Ray Bellante and he misses the board.

21:38: Zane Collison and Trevor Bulless down.

21:35: Driton Haxhiaj is left only able to fold, he calls about half his remaining stack on the Turn and has to fold to pressure from Mo Kader on the River as his open-ended straight flush draw misses. He’s left with ~5k.

21:25: “Player down!” William Kent leaves us.

21:20: Jeff Kimber gets “Let away with it” as Jamie Samuels bet-folds the River after a few minutes of deliberation.

21:15: Kelly Saxby’s Snowmen hold as she raises and calls off a short-stack shove, they have Fives and it runs out clean.

21:05: Looks like we’ll have an overlay here at GPS Main Westcliff. 1B is now closed and 1C Turbo closes at 10.45pm. Overlay sitting at £16,400 right now. Nearby or know anyone that can get here quickly? Let them know!

20:55: Another two bust-outs in Andy King and Matt Waddilove. Still room for them to re-enter the Turbo flight which is coming into Level 3.

20:45: Havacs Attila recently departed.

20:40: We’ve recently lost Kris Lee and Eddie Sherrock.

20:33:Top stacks with 3 levels of play remaining

Saket Jaitly 102k
Matthew Church 95k
Brandon Sheils 90k
David Clark 89k
Danny Richer 87k
Ed Overall 83k
David Stonehouse 82k
Nick Kennedy 76k
Stephen Baxter 75k
Jack Nolan 70k
Simeon Sharr 66k
Stewart Kirby 65k
Terry Jordon 65k
Matt waddilove 63k
Simeon Sharr 63k
Mark Frith 60k
Ray Bellante 60k

20:30: Players on a break now. Chip counts coming soon.

Level 6 - 300/600/75

20:20: Jamie Samuels gets a double up as his Kings find Mark Frith’s pair of Ladies to dance with. A dry board and a count of ~34k and he’s now sitting with twice average chips.

20:18: Simeon Sharr gets very aggressive against Brandon Shiels, he check-raises Brandon’s flop c-bet making it 4k from 1k and Brandon calls. It’s 6k on the Turn on 6cJs6h - 3c and Brandon again calls. The River is the Five of Spades and Simeon snaps his chips into the middle, as Brandon prepares to call the 26,350 shove Simeon stands up, puts on his coat and takes off his sunglasses. “Unbelievable, I was just about to call him and then this”, Simeon picks his phone up from the table “By the way honey, I’m heading home soon, he’s about to call and I’m about to bust”. Brandon just laughs as he looks down at his chips “How could this be anything but the nuts!?”. He eventually makes the call and is shown 6s7s to double Simeon up.

20:15: Tony Wakeling goes gently into the night.

20:13: James Plumer gets full value from his set as he doubles up with a flopped set of Fives.

20:10: Latest numbers. We have 201 involved but need 250 to hit the guarantee. 1B still open for just over 20 mins. 1C just starting now.

Day 1A: 71 entries
Day 1B: 120 entries
Day 1C: 10 entries
Total: 201

20:05: Our latest FB Live update:

20:00: Zane Collison doubles up his ~4k as he finds Queens the next hand and doubles through K3o from the BB, despite a scary Turn card.

19:58: After a 600 limp on Table 8, David Clark (left) raises to 2.1k. On his immediate left, Zane Collison (right) 3bets to 3.7k. The limper folds and David now 4bets to 10.1k. Zane is still keen and 5bets to 23.7k. David is loving life at this point and 6bet shoves for 46k. Zane is now having second thoughts and thinks for 10 seconds or so before calling with Kings. He gets the bad news as David shows Aces. They hold up and Zane is down to about 4k now :-(

19:50: Alex Evans’ c-bet takes it, he squeezes pre-flop into three limps and only gets one caller for 3,100. His c-bet for 4,300 on KsQh4c is enough to drag in the pot.

19:45: William Davies and Brandon Shiels have a nice chat. William is All-in on the River as the pair start to discuss, well Pairs. “Have you got a Five, I can’t beat a Five” opens Brandon, along with several other clichés, William even calls Brandon’s hand as Pocket Eights as he says that he also has two-pair “If you had Jacks you would’ve paid me by now”. Brandon gets “Talked into” the call and shows his Eights, William has AhQh for top two and doubles up. Don’t feel too sorry for Brandon though as he still has one of the bigger stacks in the room.

19:40: Peter Mundy eliminated. Still about 50 mins left for registration in 1B with 1C Turbo also starting in 20 mins.

19:38: Albert Sapiano opens to 600, called by Kevin Houghton in the SB then Ray Bellante 3bets to 3.1k from the BB. Albert calls, Kevin folds. Flop AsTh5s. Ray continues for 2.5k, Albert calls. Turn 8h. Ray now checks and Albert fires 9k. Ray isn’t backing down and shoves quickly. It’s a total of about 26k. Albert calls and gets the bad news that he’s drawing dead to Ray’s Set.

Albert Ad9c
Ray TcTd

19:33:Table 2 sees two players exit in consecutive hands as Stephen Thompson and James Lee head to the rail.

19:30: Lam Trinh gets put on the clock as he considers Eddie Sherrock’s All-in, it’s less than pot but still a fairly significant portion of his remaining stack and he opts to put it down.

19:25: Mark Frith picks up a pot from Jeff Kimber, he calls a 3k bet on the Turn and sighs as he checks-back the River on the Button and shows down a Flush.

19:22: Ed Overall folds to Matthew Church’s 7k River bet, showing AhJh for a missed Royal Flush draw. Matthew shows him QT for a flopped Full House/Turned Quads meaning Ed only had 1 out.

19:19: Blinds up!

Level 5 - 200/400/50

19:12:Ed Overall picks up another pot as he turns the nut straight vs the flopped straight on 589 - 7 - K, two opponents calling on the River.

19:10: Steven Edmonds picks up a nice 3-way pot as his Eights are good at showdown after the Turn and River check-through, A7 shown from Saket Jaitly and an Ace-High declared as well.

19:06: Ben Boulden and Paul Nugent are out. Simeon Sharr wanted it noted on the blog that it was him who knocked Paul out.

19:00: Ed Overall (recent GPS Luton Final Tablist, 5th for £7,200, on the left) and Stephen Baxter (right) are back at it again, Ed opens and Stephen 3-bets. They check it to the River on QcTc6s - 6c - 4h, Stephen puts out a cheeky thin value bet on the River of 2k with 7k in the middle, gets a call and Jacks are good.

19:00: We have a massage service available for players. Just ask any member of staff and they’ll send them your way if you fancy one.

18:59: The award for best seat cushion goes to…

18:57: Kevin Houghton has the Nuts! No, actual nuts.

18:55: We’ve had a special request from Damien Scott for an update on “local talent” Jack Triggs. Here he is at Table 6, now on about 52.5k.

18:45: Simeon Sharr busts Halil Gecaj out on Table 10.

18:40: Michael Joyce doubles through Stephen Baxter flopping an enormous amount of equity against Stephen’s pocket Threes with Michael holding Qc9c on 5c6d8c. He turns a 7 to make a straight and doubles up to about 27k.

18:37: John Gale has been eliminated. We have 87/114 still playing in 1B at the moment.

18:35: Colin Guthrie busts, he flops a pair and an open-ender but improving to two pair on the Turn gives his opponent a straight with pocket Queens.

18:32: Stephen Baxter (left) opens to 1.2k on Table 1 and Mo Kader (right) 3bets to 3.5k in position. Stephen folds, showing an Ace.

18:30: Another case of a player getting unlucky to chop as Quoc Huy Le gets it in on the turn with KQ on K94 - 4. The rivers a King and he chops it up with KT.

18:17: Break over and we’re back in action. Now up to 113 entries today and 184 overall. Late reg open for 1B till about 8.30pm now due to a slightly extended dinner break. The 1C Turbo still starts at 8pm tonight.

17:32: Top stacks at the diner break. We have 110 entries for 1B so 181 total. Still a £27,600 overlay.

Terry Jordon 80k
Nick Kennedy 76k
Matt Waddilove 71k
Mo Kader 70k
David Stonehouse 70k
Matthew Church 67k
Stephen Baxter 60k
Kerryjane Craigie 57k
Claire Tucker 50k
Jack Nolan 56k
LLoyd Eagles 50k
Alison Verity 50k

Level 4 - 150/300/25

17:21:On the Dinner break now, chip counts to follow.

17:15: On the Turn Jack Nolan bets 6,700 into Gary Smy and Gary calls, Jack opts to check the River to Gary and Gary bets 8k. Gary tanks and calls showing AsJc on QsTs7d - 3h - Ks. “It’s nice to block the nuts” says Gary as Jack pulls in the chips.

17:13: Stephen Baxter deep in the tank with about 31k in the middle and facing a 11,050 bet it’s one of the biggest pots of the tournament so far. The board is a very pretty shade of red as it runs out 2h8h9s - Th - Kh, Stephen makes a pained fold after several minutes and is shown the Eight of Spades.

17:14: Dinner break in 7 minutes. That will last 45 minutes then we come back for another 5 levels tonight in 1B. Late reg about 8.15pm and we’ll finish about 11.30pm. We also have 1C Turbo starting at 8pm which has 9 x 24 minute levels rather than 1 hour ones.

17:10: Zane Collison opens to 850 UTG+1 and gets calls from Kelly Saxby and Amber Glasby (pictured below), both in position. Flop AdAc8c. All check. Turn Tc. Zane bets 1.5k, Kelly calls then Amber raises to 4k. Zane and Kelly call. River 7d. Zane leads again, 5k this time. Kelly folds and Amber calls. She takes the Chippies.

Zane KcJc for the Nut Flush
Amber 88 for a Full House

17:00: Geoff Dartford chips up further getting 3k on the Turn and 5k on the River with his set of Jacks turned Full House. William Davies calling twice with AK after catching a King on the River.

16:55: Justinas Pactauskas and Neal Abhyankar hit the rail, Ellie Biessek for the second time and I believe Chandra Khajuria for the third time. Albert Sapiano busts and is straight back in.

16:50: David Jannis calls All-in for his tournament as he Rivers two-pair, he bets out but gets check raised All-in, he calls and is good with A7. Back up to ~26k.

16:48:We’ve also lost Stewart Kirby. He’s jumped straight back in with a re-entry however.

16:45: Bit of action on Table 1 as Stephen Baxter shoves this QcTc9s Flop with AsKh and gets a call from Jordan Grech with AcJs. The AK High is good at the moment vs Jordan’s Straight Draw. Turn 3s. River 7c. Jordan is eliminated and Stephen drags in a nice pot.

16:35: A double up for Peter Hall, as he calls all-in for his tournament life feeling pretty secure with Queens for Top-set. Less secure when Brad Davey shows Tc9c for a pair, open-ended and a backdoor flush draw on QdJc9s. Brad turns a Ten, a usually great card now vastly reducing his equity. The River is a Jack and Peter doubles up to about 18k.

16:30: Nice double up for William Davies there. He flopped the Nut Straight with AK and got paid by Manh Nguyen’s King High Straight. I didn’t see when all the money went in. William may be up to about 55k now and Manh down to 5k. He’s just tweeted about the hand too.

16:25: Eddie Sherrock gives it up to Kevin Houghton, Kevin bets 3,500 on the River of 8sKc6c - Tc - 4s with 10k in the middle and Eddie folds.

16:20: The clock as head into Level 4:

16:20: Starting Level 4 now. We have a 45 minute dinner break after this one. Latest count is 96 for today and 167 total. We need 250 to hit the £100,000 guarantee remember.

Level 3 - 100/200

16:20: With over 10k in the middle Geoff Dartford has a serious decision to make with Lam Trinh’s last 5.5k over the line. Geoff has a flush but the board has run out, AdJd7d - 7c- Ah, he makes the call and shows 4d3d to take in the pot.

16:15: We have a 200 limp on Table 8 then Zane Collison makes it 500 to go. Kelly Saxby calls on the Button and the limper likes it too. Flop QhJs7s. All check. Turn Qc. All check. River Qd. All check again. Kelly takes it with a Full House (JT in the hole).

16:13: On Table 8 we have an open to 500 and a couple of callers, including Zane Collison in position. On the 8h7s2h Flop the original raiser continues for 500 and gets 2 calls again. Turn 3d. Now Zane bets 500 when checked to. Only 1 caller. River 9h. Check/Check. Zane’s A7 for 3rd Pair is good.

16:11: Ellie Biessek busted a little while ago but has since re-entered.

16:10: After a check from James Lee, Stewart Kirby (centre) puts all of his chips in on Jd9h2c - 2d, Stewart only has 5,875 but James has just 13k and says “If I had 5k more, it’d be in the middle by now” as he folds.

15:59: Ian Clark busted. He went down to Mo Kader’s Pocket Queens. We now have 94 entries for today. Overlay at £34,000. We need another 85 entries to hit the £100,000 guarantee.

15:54: The latest FB Live update from Kevin:


15:52: Manh Nguyen opens to 600 UTG, Geoff Dartford 3bets to 2.6k on the Button (with 11.6k total). Back to Manh and he shoves all in with Geoff covered. Geoff snap-calls with AA and is in great shape vs AK. The Bullets hold and Geoff doubles.

15:50: Kevin Houghton (second right) raises UTG to 550 and 2 players call, David Jannis (second left) sees a great opportunity and shoves for 4,275, Kevin reluctantly folds allowing both Justinas Pactauskas and Eddie Sherrock to call. Kevin’s “Can I have my cards back now??” goes unanswered as the flop comes down Jd9c3s, Justinas checks and Eddie bets 4k into the dry sidepot. Justinas folds and they flip them over. K9s for David but A9s for Eddie and he holds to bust David.

15:45: Neal Abhyankar shoves in his last ~4k with Queens and is super unlucky to run into well Queens, James Lee has the other pair of Queens and no miracles and they chop it up. Neal jams again the next hand and gets it through.

15:34: If you want to check out our full set of photos have a look at our Facebook 1B Album. The ones from yesterday as in the 1A Album.

15:30: Geoff Dartford gets a quadruple up as his last chips go in with T8o but it’s good to crack Nines, Sevens and Threes on JJK - A - T!! Up to about 12k.

15:23: The clock as we come back:

Top stacks at the first break of GPS Main Westcliff 1B. We have 88 entries for this flight and 71 from last night. That means the current overlay is £36,400. Could be some value to be had here in Westcliff…

Top Stacks
Scott Fitzpatrick 66k
Nick Kennedy 60k
Zane Collison 58k
Gary Smy 50k
Kerryjane Craigie 49k
Anon 48k
Jack Triggs 46k
Paul Romain 46k
Claire Tucker 45k
Trevor Bulless 44k
Fokrul Islam 43k
Gary McCarthy 43k
James Mitchell 42k
Matt Waddilove 40k
Ian Clark 40k
Ben Boulden 36k

Level 2 - 75/150

15:04: Players on a 15 minute break. Top chip counts coming soon.

15:02: Lam Trinh 3-bets Jack Triggs’ open to 1,200, Paul Romain cold-calls from the SB and Jack calls as well. On the 6sQc4h flop Lam continues for 1,950, Paul calls and Jack folds. The Ace of Spades on the Turn goes check-check. With 7,650 in the middle it goes check-check on the River Jack of Clubs, much to Paul’s dismay with a set of Queens.

15:02: Brandon Sheils has recently entered. He won the last GPS Main in Sheffield not long ago.

15:00: Recent eliminations include John Vaccarella and Maria Abdul.

15:00: We go 4 ways to the River as Matthew Chruch, Mo Kader and Jordan Grech all call Stephen Baxter’s 550 Turn bet. Matthew leads out for 1,700 as the board completes Jd3cQh - 4s - 7d, Stephen raises to 7,000 and Matthew complains “You must have flopped a set”, he shows Q7 and folds.

14:59: Up to 86 players now. £62,800 contributed to the £100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

14:54: A selection of player pics from around the room:

14:49: On Table 6, William Davies (dark blue hoodie and shades) opens to 550 and is looked up by Geoff Dartford (light blue polo and shades) from the BB. Geoff check/folds to a 1.2k bet on the Th5s3s Flop however.

14:45: Another massive pot where we come to the action on the River. This time it’s Kelly Jane Craigie on the Button betting into Alex Evans, it’s 7,600 into about 17k!! The board is 7h8s9s - Qh - 9d and Alex folds.

14:35: Sebastian Collison bets out on the River for 4,200 against Zane Edmonds, the board is KcJc5s - 2d - Ac and there’s about 8.5k in the middle. Zane makes the call and is shown Qc9c.

14:30: On Table 3, Albert Sapiano limps in for 150 and Mark Saunders (left) joins in on the Button. From the SB Danny Toffel (right) raises to 800. Albert, saying he has his favourite hand, calls and Mark does too. 3-way to the Flop which is QhQcJh. Checked to Mark on the Button and he bets 1.5k. Danny is the only caller. Turn Ah. Check/Check. River 7s. Now Danny leads for 1,750. Mark doesn’t seem to love it but he calls. His reticence is justified as Danny shows KsQs for Trips. Mark showed an Ace as he mucked.

14:25: Amber Glasby finds herself on the wrong end of a River bet with about 4k in the middle and Phillip Pearson having bet out 2,050. The board reads Ad5d5s - 4s - 6d and she lets it go.

14:20: Bradley Simpson has the nuts, he check-calls 350 on the flop with 675 in the middle and leads out 850 on the Turn. It’s enough to win it and he shows AK on TcQhJd - 3d.

14:17: Chris Cooper gets his 4.1k shortie all in pre-flop with KcTc vs Halil Gecaj’s QQ. The Ladies hold and Chris is walking. He picked up a Flush Draw on the Turn but it wasn’t to be.

14:15: Albert Sapiano seems in good form: “If you all played like me, you’d have a lot more fun and a lot less money!”

14:10: Justinas Pactauskas and Danny Richer play out a pot, it goes check-check on the KsQc5c flop with 2,425 in the middle. Justinas bets 1,500 on the Jack of Hearts Turn and Danny calls, the River is the Two of Diamonds and Justinas bets 2,500, Danny Richer doesn’t seem too happy with the situation but makes the call, he’s shown KdJd and it’s good.

14:05: Level 2 has begun. Still 69 entries for today.

Level 1 - 50/100

14:00: We come to the action on the Turn as Chandra Khajuria check-raises to 2,800 from an 800 bet. The player calls and Chandra bets another 3,800 on the River and receives a quick call, he says “You must be good” and quickly mucks when a hand is not forthcoming. He is voluntarily shown QhTh for a rivered Queen on 3sAs6h - 4h - Qd.

13:59: We are up to 69 today and 140 overall. That’s still a £44,000 overlay on the £100,000 guarantee at moment. Late reg for 1B about 8.15pm then 1C Turbo starts tonight 8pm too. Jump in your car/train/bus/helicopter and get to Westcliff as soon as possible!

13:58: Intro video for the day from Kevin:

13:53: William Davies in the house too…

13:49: A sore one for Soheil Khorram! After 4 people limp in he also calls on the button, an anonymous player in the SB makes the squeeze to 550 and 3 players and Soheil make the call. When the player continues for 1,050 on the 7d7c5d flop it’s only Soheil who comes along. The player again fires out, this time 2,050 on the Nine of Spades Turn and Soheil raises to 5,000 and gets a quick call. The river is the Seven of Spades and it goes check-check, “You got lucky there” says Soheil as he flips over 86 and is shown Queens.

13:48: GPS Regular, Albert Sapiano (pictured below), has arrived and taken his seat. As I go over to take his picture he’s involved in a 3-way pot, betting 400 on the Flop and 1.5k on the Turn which both opponents stick around for. Checked around on the River and Albert’s 52o for Bottom Pair is no good. Kerryjane Craigie takes the pot down.

13:41: Small pot on Table 8 with Sebastian Edmonds (left) opening to 250 on the Button and calling when David Clark (right) 3bets to 750 from the SB. On the Kh8c4d flop David bets 1.1k and takes it down.

13:30: Up to 60 players already. Kelly Saxby, a sponsored player for PokerStars Live at the Hippodrome, is one of them. She’s joined by Kerryjane Craigie and Chris Gordon.

13:10: Photos from around the room:

13:05: Up to 43 already. We are looking forward to seeing Kevin Houghton later too…

13:00: Day 1B is just about to kick off with 39 players. Here is the seat draw. Yesterday we have 71 but there should be significantly more today.


Day 1B 19th May starts at 1pm and plays 9 x 1 hour levels. There is also the Turbo Day 1C on 19th starting at 8pm which has 9 x 24 minute levels. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 8.15pm for 1B). 1B will finish around 11.30pm. Day 2 on Saturday 20th starts at 1pm, plays another 9 levels, and also finishes at 11.30pm. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 21st from 1pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

In Day 1A last night 21 made it through from 71 entries. Here are the chip counts. Average stack is 84,500.

Nathan Lee 250,000
Colin Bidwell 161,600
David Laronde 137,500
Anthony Doggett 108,500
Anthony Kelly 101,300
Samuel Goodman 95,300
Paul Bahbout 93,600
Gladys Long 89,200
Dave Abdul 84,800
Jonas Amidu 73,400
Wayne Lee 71,000
Conor Livingstone 69,400
Graham Hardy 69,100
Darren Stribling 59,200
Neil Davidson 57,400
James Parker 53,700
Djemal Omer 47,900
Tom Runnacles 41,700
Nick Zambos 39,100
Scott Wells 38,100
Richard Paul 34,700

Nathan Lee reported 330,000 on his bag but we think he may have miscounted and estimate his stack at around 250,000.

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #gpswestcliff hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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