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GPS Westcliff - Day 1A

By martinjsmith, posted May 18, 2017

Level 9 - 600/1200/200

23:51: GPS Westcliff Day 1A has finished with 21 players making it through out of 71. Full chip counts below. Average stack is currently 84,500. Day 1B starts Friday afternoon at 1pm with late registration till about 8.15pm. Friday night has the 1C turbo at 8pm. Players can have 3 entries per flight.

Nathan Lee 250,000
Colin Bidwell 161,600
David Laronde 137,500
Anthony Doggett 108,500
Anthony Kelly 101,300
Samuel Goodman 95,300
Paul Bahbout 93,600
Gladys Long 89,200
Dave Abdul 84,800
Jonas Amidu 73,400
Wayne Lee 71,000
Conor Livingstone 69,400
Graham Hardy 69,100
Darren Stribling 59,200
Neil Davidson 57,400
James Parker 53,700
Djemal Omer 47,900
Tom Runnacles 41,700
Nick Zambos 39,100
Scott Wells 38,100
Richard Paul 34,700

Nathan Lee reported 330,000 on his bag but we think he may have miscounted and estimate his stack at around 250,000.

23:40: The last hand of the evening is an explosive one. Paul Bahbout opens to 3.1k UTG+1 and David Laronde calls next to act, Jason Shellum shoves the Button for 29.4k and Paul quickly calls. Jason stands and puts his jacket on with a sense of finality. David eventually calls as well and they check it to the River. Paul announces KQ and both Jason and David declare a Six. “How do you have a Six!?” shouts Paul as David flips over 96o, Jason has 56o for a worse kicker and elimination.

23:35: A “sick spot” for Conor Livingstone, he cold-calls as Samuel Goodman opens UTG+1 and Richard Paul 3-bets to 6,700. Samuel quickly 4-bet ships and Richard even more quickly 5-bet re-jams. A very frustrated Conor wrestles with his cards before announcing fold. Samuel has Kings, Richard has Queens and Conor shows Jacks. It runs out clear and Samuel doubles up for 43k (plus Conor’s 6,700).

23:33: The clock is stopped with 10 minutes to go and we ask a player to randomly select a card for the last 3, 4 or 5 hands. Gladys Long chooses… 3.

23:17: James Parker opens to 3k UTG and gets a call from Dave Abdul in the blinds. Not much excitement however as James takes it down with a c-bet on the Ace High Flop.

23:15: James Williams busts, his 25.1K going in on the flop but he runs Top-pair into a set on As7h8h with Paul Bahbout holding Eights. “Give us a sweat, give us a sweat!” he proclaims with plenty of runner-runner outs but a 2s on the Turn and he’s dead.

23:00: It’s a monster pot on Table 1 as we watch the flop get checked through. On the Turn of 6sKd9d - Qs Gladys Long (on the left) bets 11.5k into 13k, both Jonas Amidu and Tom Runnacles call in the blinds. The River is the Ace of Spades and Tom leads out 18.8k and Gladys goes deep into the Hoodie.

After several long minutes she calls and Jonas makes a quick fold. It’s 8-High in Diamonds for Tom with a missed combo draw and a set of Queens for Gladys, she apologises for taking so long but Tom feels it’s fair “Even the dealer thought I had the best hand, JT and Spades both get there!”

23:00: Limp UTG from Anthony Doggett and he calls a 3.9k raise from Colin Bidwell. Flop As3c3d. Anthony check/calls 4k. Turn Qc. Anthony checks again, Colin bets 6k. No call from Anthony this time though as he makes it 16.7k to go. Colin immediately shoves all in however. He has about 130k behind and Anthony only 80k including his Turn bet. Anthony has a bit of a think, saying “We could have the same hand”, then calls. He shows AQ for Top 2 Pair. Colin shows… AQ for Top 2 Pair. Good read. Chop it up.

22:50 We catch the action on the river as Colin Bidwell leads out 4k into JsQs3s - 6d - 4c. Nick Zambos raises him on the button to 12k and Colin makes a quick call. “You flopped the flush then?” asks Nick and is quickly proven right as Colin flips over 8s5s, Nick shows a rivered set of 4s.

22:45: Nathan Lee gobbles up another short stack, his Eights turn a set to felt Hoseyin Hasan.

22:40: Wayne Lee opens the button and is immediately 3-bet by Dave Abdul in the SB. Wayne calls and they see a flop with 13k in the middle Qh7s2c, Dave continues for 4k and Wayne raises to 12k. Dave snap-calls and we see a 9c Turn which goes check-check. The River is a 4d and again goes check-check. Wayne flips QJ but is pipped by Dave’s AQ.

22:35: Last break of the night with just this Level 9 to play before we finish. Here are the full counts for all remaining 24 players:

Table 1
Richard Paul 45k
Jonas Amidu 109k
Tom Runnacles 70k
Conor Livingstone 68k
Djemal Omer 34k
Samuel Goodman 80k
Scott Wells 30k
Gladys Long 43k

Table 2
James Parker 30k
Nick Zambos 85k
Colin Bidwell 95k
Darren Stribling 66k
Graham Hardy 58k
Wayne Lee 92k
Dave Abdul 85k
Anthony Doggett 85k

Table 3
David Laronde 98k
James Williams 83k
Hoseyin Hasan 8k
Nathan Lee 210k
Jason Shellum 33k
Neil Davidson 64k
Anthony Kelly 49k
Paul Bahbout 93k

Level 8 - 500/1000/100

22:25: Players now on their last break of the evening before we head into Level 9.

22:15: Nathan Lee continues to wield his big stack, David Laronde opens to 3.5k and James Williams calls before Nathan 3-bets to 10.5k. David Laronde quickly folds and James Williams goes into the tank before making the call. The flop comes down Jh4c2h and James checks it to Nathan who continues for 11k, James again goes into the tank before opting to shove for 45.9k. Nathan thinks about it for a while asking if his Tens are good before making a pained fold.

22:13: Jordan Grech opens to 2.7k UTG and gets calls from Anthony Doggett in position plus Wayne Lee and Dave Abdul from the blinds. Flop 9h8h5c. Wayne leads for 6k, Dave calls then Jordan shoves for 22k. Anthony folds. Back to Wayne and he calls. Dave then shoves all in himself which is also 22k. Cards over…

Wayne Lee 8d7c
Dave Abdul 7s6s
Jordan Grech JhJs

Dave has flopped the a Straight and holds up to treble. Jordan is heading for the exit.

22:05: The Golden Goose lays no eggs. Stephen Goose is now out.

21:55: Gladys Long opens from UTG+1 to 2.5k and Tom Runnacles 3-bets the CO to 5.2k, Gladys carefully counts her stack before making the call. Th6s2c comes the flop and Gladys gives it up after Tom continues for 6.7k. Conor is keen to know what Tom had and the conversation comes up a few hands later, Tom informs the table he had Kings and Gladys says she had Jacks. There are murmurs of dissent but Tom seems to believe her and is mildly horrified.

21:59: Daniel Richer is out. His A7 all in pre-flop vs Nathan Lee’s TT didn’t improve.

21:50: Graham Hardy (in the blue shirt) opens to 3k from mid-position and it folds to Richard Parker in the BB who puts all of his chips in the middle, Graham has a little think and decides to call. Graham has AhQh and Richard has KdJs, the board runs out King-high and Richard makes his double from a 14.5k stack.

21:35: Djemal Omer pots the river. It’s a rare blind-on-blind hand against Conor Livingstone, Conor check-calls a 1k bet on the Turn and is left stumped as Djemal chucks in a 5k on the river with 4.9k in the middle, the board reads KhTs5s - 5c - 3s. “What would you say if I said I had a Ten with a decent kicker?” The question is met by silence from Djemal, Conor folds showing QTo.

21:32: The top 6 stacks with approximate counts. 29 left out of 71 from 1A today. Just this level and Level 9 to go till we bag up for the night.

21:24: The new blinds:

Level 7 - 400/800/100

21:15: Richard Paul shoves in his short stack and John Olson calls with Kings. Richard flops a 5 and doubles, leaving a crippled John to bust shortly afterwards.

21:15: We come to the action on the Turn as Colin Bidwell leads out for 2,000, Wayne Lee calls and Anthony Doggett makes it 7,500 on the Button and only Wayne calls. The River completes the board as JcJd7c - 9h - Td, Anthony bets again for 7,500 and Wayne declares he’s behind, shows QT and folds.

21:15: Mark Shelley out. Gary Streetly also gone. Looks like the latter was dispatched by Nathan Lee.

21:10: Nick Deiath gets unlucky he shoves in short pre-flop with AK and gets a call from KQ, a Queen on the river however and his tournament life is over for this flight.

21:10: Some pics from the remaining 30 competitors here at Day 1A. Average stack now at 59,200.

21:05: Steven Goose gets his patient double-up, he 3-bets David Laronde’s open and gets a call. He shoves just over pot on the Th5c5d flop. David calls with Sixes but Steven has Aces and holds.

21:01: Double up for Jordan Grech all in pre-flop with AJ vs KQ there:

20:55: Scott Wells puts intense pressure on Richard Parker. He limp-calls pre-flop as Richard opens to 1,800 and Jason Shellum calls from the BB. The flop comes down 9s7cQd and Richard continues for 3,000, Jason folds and Scott makes it 6,700. Richard calls and Scott shoves the Jack of Clubs turn for 25,300. Richard looks pained for several minutes before folding and showing a Queen, Scott shows a 9 and stacks up his new chips.

20:45: Samuel Goodman opens to 1.8k UTG and gets 2 callers, including Conor Livingstone in the BB. Flop Ks4s2c. Checked to Samuel and he continues for 3k. Conor is the only caller. Turn Td. Conor check/calls 7.2k this time. River Qh and it goes Check/Check. Conor is good with Kd5d for Top Pair.

20:30: Fabio Esposito, Patrick Fahy, Phillip McGregor and Danny Stevenson all gone. Breaking down to 4 tables.

20:25: Dave Abdul shoves in short, Richard Parker makes the call out of the SB and then Mo Suhail calls All-in from the BB. Dave is in great shape with Kings as Richard and Mo block each other with AJo and AQo respectively. Mo who holds the Ace of hearts starts asking for lots of hearts and gets his wish, with two on the flop and one on the turn but no River heart sees him bust and Dave almost triple-up.

20:21: We are down to 37 out of 71 for 1A today. Registration is just about to close.

20:20: Top stacks at the third break of the day:

David Laronde 120k
Wayne Lee 114k
Nathan Lee 105k
Anthony Doggett 93k
Richard Parker 87k
Nick Zambos 84k
Jonas Amidu 79k
Colin Bidwell 76k
Samuel Goodman 70k
Conor Livingstone 70k
Jason Shellum 69k
Gary Streetly 62k
Darren Stribling 60k
Scott Wells 60k
Djemal Omer 60k
Anthony Kelly 50k

The new blinds:

Level 6 - 300/600/75

20:07: Break time.

20:00: Anthony Doggett opens and Richard Parker calls, Adewale Keshinro shoves from the SB for about 34k, David Laronde 4-bet re-shoves from the BB and everyone VERY quickly gets out of the way. “I knew he was shoving light” David says as he flips over AJo, he doe have Adewale dominated as Adewale holds KJo. The board runs out high and dry and Ace-high takes it.

20:00: Andy King is eliminated by Wayne Lee. Here’s Wayne collecting the spoils:

19:48: One of the players today is reading this. Anyone else have any good recommendations for books for read at the poker table?

19:44: Neil Davidson shoves pre-flop for about 20k vs Nathan Lee. Nathon folds, showing AQ. Neil said he wanted a call.

19:40: Bradley Joyce has the unenviable result of getting all his chips in drawing dead. He has Kh9c on KdTh7d - Qh but Jonas Amidu has AdJd for a total lock on the hand. After the count Bradley is left with just 200 and busts the next hand.

19:39: We have a raise to 1.3k and a couple of callers, including Anthony Kelly from the blinds. All 3 check it all the way and Anthony takes it down with K2 for a Straight. Board was JsTh6d-9c-Qs.

19:30: We’ve lost Stephen Basri. We now have 40/69 players remaining.

19:28: Terry Jordon out for the 3rd time today. I didn’t catch all the action but he was all in on the 574 Flop with AJ vs Adewale Keshinro’s 64 and didn’t get there. We may see Terry again at 1B tomorrow at 1pm. Players are allowed 1 entry and 2 re-entries per flight.

19:21: Anthony Doggett now looks to be up to 105k.

19:20: On the flop James Rice shoves for 8,400 and both Anthony Doggett and Terry Jordon call on Qc8s4c. The turn is the 7h and Anthony bets 13,750 and Terry calls “I guess you’ve got a set, eurgh, you’ve got a set”. The river is the 2s and Anthony bets out again 15,025 this time “Time to put my coat on” from James Rice and “I guess you’ve got a set but I’ve got to call” says Terry as he puts his chips in. James has Kings for third place finish, Terry has turned two pair in 7c4s and Anthony has flopped top set with Queens.

19:13: James Rice doubles up his short stack with 66 vs KJ all in pre-flop. James recently final-tabled a GPS Mini in Blackpool where he took home £7,000 after a 3-way deal.

19:11: The poker room here has a Hall of Fame showing the GPS Main Westcliff Champions from 2014, 2015 & 2016. Who do you think will join them after Sunday’s final? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook on Twitter.

19:10: Blinds up!

Level 5 - 200/400/50

19:00: James Copping next to fall, as he runs Kings into Aces pre-flop against Anthony Kelly. Anthony flops an Ace to leave James very behind and a rivered Ace is an extra nail in the coffin.

19:00: Jordan Grech (left) with a decision as Terry Jordon (you know who he is by now) fires a couple of barrels into him, firing turn and river on Th8c6s - 3s - 2c. “If I had a 3 would it be good!?” Terry asks Jordan. Jordan calls and is shown JhTd and it’s the winner.

18:56: Terry raises blind again. James Rice (AQ) 3bets to 3.5k then James Parker (77) shoves all in for about 7k. Back to Terry and he shoves his 25k in without looking. James Rice makes the call with his AQ. Terry manages to find the best hand (TT) and holds to eliminate James Parker and cripple James Rice!

18:50: Richer gets richer! James Parker (left) makes the call as Daniel Richer (right) shoves all-in on the flop. James has Kd7d on Td8d5s but Daniel has AcAd and the Eight of Hearts and the Ace of Spades to complete, James making top full-house and a double-up to ~20k.

18:51: A few head shots…

18:47: Alan Parsons eliminated.

18:45: Terry Jordon didn’t last too long at Table 4. He’s been eliminated by Scott Wells, who looks to be up to about 80k now. Terry is back in for his 3rd and final entry today, now joining Table 5.

18:40: A massive decision for Anthony Kelly as he faces an All-in from Wayne Lee. There’s ~19k in the pot and Wayne has shoved for ~27k, which is about Anthony’s stack. The board is AsQhTh and Anthony asks the floor if he can re-enter and is informed that he can, a short discussion ensues and Wayne declares that he’s desperate for a caller and that it’s not a matter of kickers. Anthony calls and flips over AdKd but Wayne has QdTd and Anthony needs to hit. The board provides a couple of bricks and Anthony is left with a few thousand. He busts and re-enters shortly afterwards.

Anthony Kelly (chips in hand), the man with a decision.

Wayne Lee (standing), the man who wants a call.


18:37: Daniel White now reporting to the rail.

18:34: Terry is straight back in with a re-entry. On his first hand at his new table he’s under the old gun and makes it 1.4k before the cards are dealt. Amazingly he gets it through as no one calls or raises.

18:30: Terry Jordon & James Williams out.

18:20: Rob Young shoves in short-stacked and Paul Bahbout calls with As8d, Rob has KdQc and fails to make any impact on the board.

18:20: Terry Jordon’s under-the-guns are always fun as he regularly “straddles”. This time it’s to 1,200, Mo Suhail (in the white) makes it 2,400 claiming that he too is blind. Only Terry calls and the flop is 8c8s6c and Terry checks it over to Mo, “I’m going to look now” Mo says before checking. Terry agrees to look and checks the Turn Three of Diamonds to Mo, Mo says “I have a pair” and checks back. The river is the King of Diamonds and Terry leads out 3,000, Mo calls and Terry flips over Kh9h and pulls the pot in.

18:19: There’s a raise and a call on Table 1 then Daniel White (below) shoves all in for 5.4k. He gets just 1 call, from Alan Parsons with As3s. Daniel has QQ and holds to double up.

18:15: Robert Young has been eliminated. Down to 47/63 today.

18:11: We’ve added all the photos for 1A so far to a Facebook Album if you want to have a look through them.

18:05: Terry Jordan grabs a double-up straight after the break. He shoves the river on 4s7s9s - Ac - 2s. Graham Hardy has a Spade to call and flips over 8s6h, Terry has Ks2s for the bigger flush and is back up to ~18k.

18:05: We’re back in action now.

17:35: Top stacks at the dinner break:

Nathan Lee 80k
Jason Shellum - 69K
David Laronde 68k
Nick Zambos 61k
Mark Shelley 55k
Paul Bahbout 54k
Saket Jaitly 52k
Djemal Omer 51k
Colin Bidwell 50k
Gladys Long 47k
Gary Streetly 47k

Level 4 - 150/300/25

17:20: Dinner break time. We have 63 entries at the moment. Still about 3 hours left to get in. Registration closes about 8.15pm. Latest chip counts coming soon.

17:16: Gary Streetly (right) shoves all in for about 15k over the top of Nathan Lee’s (left) Button raise pre-flop. Nathan thinks for ages but eventually gives it up.

17:12 Shortie David Shonehouse (below) moves all in pre-flop for his last 6,050. No callers. He is eliminated a few minutes later however.

17:06: Terry Jordon and Nathan Lee involved in another bust-up. Terry opens to 900, the SB calls and Nathan 3-bets to 3,200, both call and we see a flop. The flop is 5s6s8d, Nathan continues for 2,500 and only Terry calls. The turn is the Five of Diamonds and both players check. The river the Queen of Hearts and Nathan bets 4,500, Terry makes it 12,500 and Nathan goes into the tank “Do you want a call?” he asks. “Not really, happy to take what’s in the middle if I’m honest” is Terry’s reply. Nathan calls and Terry has Ad9d, Nathan’s AcQd has rivered top-two and he scoops it in.

17:05: We have the 45 minute dinner break in 13 minutes.

17:01: Nice pot for Stephen Basri (pictured below). It was his AQ vs Mark Webb’s 55 and Nick Zambos’ JJ all in pre-flop. The Ace hits for Stephen. What a (Hugo) Boss. Nick’s Jacks take the side pot and Mark is eliminated. We are down to 50 now, out of 62.

16:55: Adewale Keshinro (right) gives it up to Jordan Grech (left). Jordan check-raises to 4,500 after Adewale bets 1,600 on the 6c3c2c flop.

16:45: David Blacklock (right) has an agonising decision on the River, with ~30k in the middle Colin Bidwell has bet 10k and David has just 8k left. David makes the call and is shown Fours for a flopped full house, he shows an 8 for flopped trips and leaves us.

16:45: Here are some more pics from around the room:

16:40: Best Haircut of the day goes to Alan Parsons:

16:30: Terry Jordon continues keeping things exciting on Table 3 as he blind-raises to 1,200 UTG, Steven Goose and Nathan Lee call and the flop is AsAd8h. It gets checked through and Terry puts out a bet on the Ten of Spades turn and Steven calls. The river is the Eight of Spades and Terry check-folds to Steven’s pot-sized River bet.

16:25: Jan Zadeh has been eliminated. A total of 10 players have busted so far today. Average stack is currently 29,800.

16:20: Level 4 has begun. We are up to 62 entries so far today. We have a 45 minute dinner break after this level.

Level 3 - 100/200

16:15:I don’t have a lot now, but I’m definitely going to hit!” Stong words from Nathan Lee as he shoves onto Graham Hardy for ~15k effective. There’s a massive ~25k in the middle on the Turn. The board is Ace-High and double-flushing. Graham folds and Nathan continues to chip-up!

15:58: On Terry Jordon’s table a player suggests they give Terry 1st prize money now so they can play “normal poker” for the rest of the day. Next hand Terry raises to 1,200 from the Button and plays a small pot vs Steven Goose. Terry wins it in the end with AQ, Ace High.

15:50: On Table 6, 5 players make it to the flop in a limp pot Kh6d4d. David Laronde leads out 525 and Jonas Amidu calls on the Button, Wayne Lee check-raises to 2,500 and David calls and Jonas folds. The turn is the Ten of Spades and goes check-check. The river is the 2d and Wayne says “I think I’m still ahead” as he checks, he’s incorrect as David checks back and flips over 5h3c for the rivered straight vs Wayne’s 6h4s for flopped two-pair.

15:45: On Table 5, James Parker opens to 625 and gets a caller before Jordan Grech (Seat 9 in the black cap) 3bets to 1,625. Both opponents call. Flop AdJs5s. Checked to Jordan and he takes it down with a 2,600 bet.

15:40: Mark Webb (in the pink below) 3-bets to 1,750 after Fabio Esposito opens to 450 UTG+1 and Colin Bidwell calls. Fabio opts to lead out when the flop comes down QdJd6d for 2,500, Colin jumps out of the way and Mark calls. The turn is the Jh and Fabio check-calls a 3,700 bet from Mark. The river is the Ten of Spades and Fabio again check-calls, this time 7,200, Fabio has 7d8d for the flopped flush and Mark flashes the Ace of Diamonds.

13:40: Anyone playing today or following from home and use Twitter? It would be great if you could tweet some updates using #gpswestcliff so we can pick them up for the blog. If you would like info on anyone special comment the blog, use Twitter or get in touch on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do.

15:35: Latest Facebook Live update from Kevin:

15:30: On Table 3, Terry Jordon opens to 700 UTG+1 and picks up 2 callers before Gary Streetly 3bets to 2.3k from the BB. All 3 other players call. Flop 7c5h4h and all check. Turn Qc. Now Gary fires 6k. Only 1 caller in Nathan Lee from the SB position. River 6h bringing in Flush & Straight draws. Nathan leads for a relatively small 3.5k. Gary thinks for quite a while. He says “I’m not beating much”. Nathan recommends he “Saves the three and a half thousand then”. Gary doesn’t take the advice and makes the call. Nathan shows 3d2d for a low Straight and it’s good enough.

15:25: Richard Blacklock bets 2,100 into checks from Saket Jaitly and Jonas Amidu on the turn of 4c8c4d - Qd. Both call and the river is the Ace of Diamonds, it checks through and Ac8d takes it for Saket, Richard showing QcJc.

15:15: At the first break of GPS Main Westcliff we have 57 entries, contributing £22,800 to the £100,000 guaranteed prize pool. Late registration is available for another 4 levels. Here are the top stacks at the moment:

David Laronde 51k
Mark Shelley 51k
Djemal Omer 50k
Gary Streetly 48k
Nathan Lee 44k
Paul Bahbout 42k
Neil Davidson 41k
Jason Shellum 41k
Alan Parsons 40k
Colin Bidwell 40k
Terry Jordon 34k
Andy King 33k

Here’s the clock as well for the full picture:

Level 2 - 75/150

15:00: Another massive pot on Table 3 as Nathan Lee jams into Andy King and Terry Jordon. Somehow there is 25.5k in the pot pre-flop and Nathan has shoved for 15k after Terry checks on a board of Jc6s3s. Both give it up and he takes it down.

15:00: Alan Parsons continues to pick up chips as he bets and calls the shove on the turn from Geoff Dartford. Geoff has AK for turned top-pair-top-kicker and Alan has Queens for the turned straight on JT9K. Geoff has just 2 outs on the river with Alan’s Queens blocking him and he fails to hit.

15:00: On Table 6, Lee Hodis (AA) and David Laronde (99) go to war pre-flop. David has a bet of 7,025 in front of him but not sure what the action was before that. Lee then shoves for about 25k. David says he will take a gamble and calls for a bit less. The gamble pays off and he spikes a Nine to double. Lee looks like he has about 8k now.

14:59: Terry Jordan’s image pays off as he takes a player out with a roughly 20k all in on the Turn which is called. Terry had AQ for Top Pair which was good against Pocket Tens. Board Qs4h4d-2d when the chips went in. Terry looks to have about 60k now.

14:50: Patrick Fahy and Colin Bidwell opt to get all the money in before the flop. Patrick has ~10k and is well covered by Colin and well behind; Patrick has Tens and Colin has Aces. Patrick finds no grip on the board and is out.

14:40: Alan Parsons 3-bets to 1,500 after Mark Shelley opens. Mark obliges him and they see 4d5h8c, Alan continues for 1,500 and Mark calls. The turn is a Jc and Mark again check-calls 1,500, the river is the 3c and Mark again checks it to Alan. Alan checks it back and an agonised Mark flips over 9c7c for the runner-runner flush and Alan has Kings.

14:35: Nice pot for Gary Streetly. Looked like a 3-way all in on the 2s6h2h Flop with Ah4h (Terry Jordan), Kh7h (Gary Streetly) and a short-stacked Ionel Serbu (Ad3s). Gary spikes a Seven on the Turn and it holds for him to double through Terry and take Ionel out.

14:30: A short stacked Nathan Lee jams ~2,400 UTG and gets it through. He’s still short with ~17.5bbs. Edit: Nathan busts shortly afterwards.

14:23: Next hand all fold to Andy King (left) in the SB and he makes up the 150. Terry (right) in the BB puts 1k on top. Andy calls. Flop Tc7d5h. Andy check/calls a 1k bet. Turn 6h. Check/Check. River 7h and it’s Check/Check again and Andy is good with JJ in the hole. Terry had 9s5c for just a Pair of Fives.

14:21: Terry Jordon has arrived and jumped onto Table 3. He raises UTG to 550 and gets calls from Ionel Serbu on the Button and Andy King in the BB. Andy leads out on the 9d6c4c Flop and both of the others fold.

14:15: We have our first victim as David Laronde makes a stand with his Sixes and 8k remaining but runs into Mark Shelley’s Kings and busts, all-in pre-flop. He re-enters immediately.

14:10: Alan Parsons mixes it up leading into 2,400 for just 300, Tom Runnacles raises to 1,600 and 4 players including Alan call on 7c8h5d. The turn is the 3h and Alan again leads out 300, this time Tom and 2 others just call, some taking some time and care with the call. The river Qs gets checked through and Alan’s flopped set pulls in a massive pot.

14:05: Did you see our big announcement a couple of days ago? Genting Poker Series (GPS) will be teaming up with PokerStars going forward. This means that online satellites for all live GPS events will soon be available on PokerStars.

We will also adding 4 PokerStars MEGASTACK events to our live schedule. With a £170 entry fee and a guaranteed prize pool of £25,000 each, the PokerStars MEGASTACK events will complement our existing Mini and Main events, with £35,000 and £100,000 guarantees respectively.

Our Poker Operations Manager, Kevin Proctor, said: “We already have a successful poker tournament, but we’re keen to make sure that we keep things fresh and offer a variety of routes to play. The addition of the PokerStars online qualification route and MEGASTACK events will make sure that our players are constantly delighted with what Genting can offer.”

We’ll keep you posted on the exact dates for everything as they are confirmed but we just wanted to let you in on news as soon as we could.

14:02: Start of Level 2 and we’re up to 46 entries and £18,400 collected so far, everyone has made it through Level 1 so here’s the clock:

Level 1 - 50/100

13:58: Facebook Live update from Kevin as we come to the end of the first level:

13:50: We go 4 ways to the turn as Tom Runnacles continues for 800 into 1,500 on As8sJc and Daniel White, David Laronde and Mark Shelley all call. Tom fires out another 2,425 on the 4d Turn and just Daniel calls. The River is the 7d and it goes check-check and AQ is good to take it for Tom Runnacles.

13:45: A selection of pictures from around the room:

13:35: We go 4 ways to a flop as Daniel White opens UTG and David Laronde, David Copping and Alan Parsons all call. The 4hAcKs flop gets checked through before David Laronde takes up the action with a 325 bet on the Ts turn. It goes check-check on 5d and Daniel mucks, letting David pull in the chips with no showdown.

13:25: Jonas Amidu (below in the dark jacket) makes the call as Saket Jaitly bets 2.1K into ~2.9K on 2c2d8d - 3d - 2s. Saket decalares Ace-high and Jonas scoops it in with 4s.

13:20: Alan Parsons on Table 1 with his slightly oversized sunglasses:

13:15: Table 4 seeing plenty of action. James Parker’s Turn lead isn’t enough to get Djemal Omer off his flopped top-pair. Seconds later Phillip McGregor takes it down pre-flop with a 3-bet. Robert Young opens to 300 UTG and the Button and Small-Blind of Scott Wells and Djemal Omer call, Phillip makes it 2,000 and all fold.

13:05: Wayne Lee is immediately in the mix, as he pulls in two of the first pots of the day. First with a rivered straight vs Jonas Amidu and second with a limp re-raise vs Saket Jaitly. He shows Kings after making it 6.4K off Saket’s open to 400, Saket opting to let it go.

13:00: Play has started. We have 35 entries so far.

12:53: Here’s a note of the chip colours for the tournament. Be careful as they may be different from those you are used to in your local poker room.

12:45: Up to 20 entries so far with 15 minutes until kick-off.

12:00: The sun is shining and it’s just 1 hour till we get started here at Genting Westcliff.


Our third GPS Main of 2017 will get under way at 1pm this afternoon!

We are running 2 x regular Day 1s on 18th & 19th May both starting at 1pm and playing 9 x 1 hour levels. There is also a Turbo Day 1 on 19th starting at 8pm which has 9 x 24 minute levels. Here is the full schedule:

Re-entry is allowed until the end of Level 6 (approx 8.15pm). Today’s Day 1 will finish around 11.30pm. Day 2 on Saturday 20th starts at 1pm, plays another 9 levels, and also finishes at 11.30pm. The final Day 3 is on Sunday 21st from 1pm and plays till one player remains. Players can have 1 entry and 2 re-entries per starting day so 9 entries in total.

Here is the full Day 1 structure:
GPS Structure Day 1

If you are playing today or following anyone from home please tweet your updates using the #gpswestcliff hashtag so we can pick them up for the blog. If you’d like updates on a particular player please also don’t hesitate to comment on the blog at the bottom of the page and we’ll get on the case.

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