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GPS Mini Glasgow - Day 2

By martinjsmith, posted April 29, 2017

Level 26 - 50000/100000/10000

01:20: It’s all over! Scott Logan wins GPS Mini Glasgow for £11,000 and a £440 GPS seat.

1st £11,000 + £440 GPS Seat Scott Logan
2nd £7,300 + £440 GPS Seat Roddy Scholes
3rd £5,000 + £440 GPS Seat Steven McKeown
4th £3,400 + £440 GPS Seat David White
5th £2,500 + £440 GPS Seat Derek Leach
6th £1,900 + £440 GPS Seat Donald Koh
7th £1,450 + £440 GPS Seat Taivo Sillaste
8th £1,100 + £440 GPS Seat Neil Irving
9th £850 + £440 GPS Seat Lee Hemphill 362,000
10th £700 James Rice
11th £700 Davie Shaw
12th £590 Dougie Imrie
13th £590 GK Kamal
14th £590 Lorraine McGarry
15th £590 Tonny Chessa
16th £500 Grant Smith
17th £500 Marco Ogan
18th £500 Tracy MacEachen
19th £440 Kingshuk Ghosh
20th £440 Simonas Griauzde
21st £440 Radoslav Lliev
22nd £440 Robert Brownridge
23rd £440 Stuart McNally
24th £440 Jamie Robinson
25th £440 Neil MacLeod

01:08: Scott shoves. Roddy calls. It’s 99 vs 87o. Roddy only has about 300k. Scott holds and wins the title!

01:07: A few small pots going back and forward so far. Here are the boys with the trophy that one of them will be taking home tonight:

01:03: Scott raises, Roddy passes.

00:59: Chip counts for the heads up. They shake hands before battle commences.

Scott Logan 5.2 million
Roddy Scholes 705k

00:56: 250k from Steven on the Button. Scott 3bets to 600k from the BB. Steven shoves. Scott calls. Scott AT vs Steven 77. Scott hits an Ace to take Steven McKeown out in 3rd for £5,000 and a £440 GPS Seat.

00:55: 250k from Steven in the SB. Roddy folds.

00:54: Raise to 225k from Roddy. No interest.

00:53: Walk for Scott.

00:52: Walk for Roddy.

00:49: Roddy raises to 250k from the Button. Steven shoves all in from the BB. Roddy…. folds.

00:48: Roddy makes it 250k from the SB. Scott folds.

00:47: Scott raises the Button to 225k. Both opponents fold.

00:46: Scott wins a medium-sized pot from Steven there.

00:44: Scott gets a Walk.

00:43: Steven gets a Walk.

00:41: Roddy raises to 225k from the SB. Scott raises all in. Roddy folds immediately.

00:40: Scott raises the Button to 225k. Wins it.

00:39: Scott raises to 225k from the SB, Steven folds.

Level 25 - 40000/80000/10000

00:36: Roddy limps the SB. Scott checks. Cheap flop! It’s AdKd2c. Roddy check/calls 125k. Turn 8s. Roddy checks, Scott checks. River 7s. Roddy shoves 435k. Scott calls. Roddy good with A5o. Double up.

00:35: Walk for Roddy.

00:32: Scott makes it 180k from the SB, Steven ships, Scott folds.

00:31: Roddy shoves from the SB for 285k with 75o. Scott snaps with K8o. Roddy makes a Straight to double!

00:30: Steven shoves the SB. Roddy folds.

00:29: Scott raises to 180k from the SB. Steven shoves all in! Looks like 1.15 million. Scott folds.

00:28: Steven raises to 160k on the Button. Scott 3bets to 450k from the BB. Steven mucks it.

00:27 Walk for Roddy.

00:26: Roddy ships the Button. No caller.

00:25: Walk for Scott.

00:24 Steven shoves from the SB. Roddy folds.

00:23: Scott raises, Steve shoves. No call.

00:22: Approx stacks:

Steven McKeown 4.1 million
Roddy Scholes 500k
Scott Logan 1.2 million

00:21: Walk for Scott.

00:20: Scott raises to 180k on the Button. No takers.

00:17: Roddy chucks in 180k on the Button. Scott 3bets to 450k. Roddy has 535k behind. He passes, showing KJ. Scott shows an Ace.

00:16: Scott wins the next one.

00:15: Steven raises from the SB. Roddy folds.

00:13: Roddy makes it 190k on the Button. Wins it.

00:11: Scott wins one vs Steven.

00:10: Scott makes it 180k on the Button. Steven ships. Scott snap-folds.

00:09: Scott makes it 200k from the SB. Steven folds.

Level 24 - 30000/60000/10000

00:07: Steven raises to 130k on the Button. Roddy ships for 665k. Steven passes.

00:05: Scott makes it 130k on the Button. No call.

00:03: Roddy makes it 160k from the SB. Scott folds.

00:02: Scott raises the Button to 130k. Steven 3bets to 300k from the SB, Scott calls. Flop 7s6s6h. Steven checks, Scott checks. Turn 2h. Steven bets 200k, Scott folds.

00:01: Scott raises to 130k from the SB. Steven folds.

00:00: Roddy down to 750k now.

23:58: Steven ships the Button. Roddy re-ships! Scott folds. Steven A3o, Roddy QQ. Ace on the River for Steven to double! He started the hand with 580k.

23:56: Scott makes it 130k on the Button. Roddy calls. Flop JhJs6c. Roddy bets against the flow for 125k. Scott calls. Turn 9c. Roddy checks, Scott bets 150k. Roddy calls. River 8c. Check/Check. Scott is good with TT in the hole.

23:55: Scott raises 130k from the SB. Steven folds.

23:54: Scott wins one BvB vs Roddy.

23:53: Approx stacks 3 handed:

Steven McKeown 700k
Roddy Scholes 1.5 million
Scott Logan 3.5million

23:52: Walk for Roddy.

23:51: Scott raises from the SB. Steven folds.

23:48: David shoves all in for his last 90k. Steven calls. Scott calls. They other 2 check all the way. Steven wins with AK for Ace High. David had K2. David White 4th for £3,400 and a £440 GPS Seat.

23:47: Walk for Roddy.

23:45: David shoves all in from the SB with 75o, Steven calls with AQ. It holds and he doubles. David down to about 100k.

23:37: Scott raises to 130k from the SB into Derek. He calls. Flop QcTh4h. Scott check/calls 120k. Turn Qh. Scott checks, Derek bets 250k. Scott now raises to 500k! Derek calls with about 400k back. River 6d. Scott shoves! Derek in the tank. He calls! Scott had Jh9h for the Flush and Derek KsQs for Trips. Derek Leach is out in 5th for £2,500 and a £440 GPS Seat.

23:36: Derek makes it 130k to go. Wins the blinds and antes which come to a substantial 140k now.

23:35: Steven shoves from the SB with J8. Roddy calls with A3. Steven makes 2 Pair to double.

23:32: Derek’s turn to ship all in. It’s 480k. Steven calls! Derek KcTc, Steven 88. Derek hits a King to double. Steven down to about 150k now.

23:30: Steven moves all in UTG. No one keen.

23:28: Donald (pictured below) shoves all in. Roddy raises! No one else fancies it. Donald JsTs, Roddy 55. Roddy holds and Donald Koh is 6th for £1,900 and £440 GPS Seat.

23:27: Players back from their break.

Level 23 - 20000/40000/5000

23:31: Approx counts 6 handed:

David White 535k
Steven McKeown 530k
Donald Koh 185k
Roddy Scholes 1.86million
Scott Logan 2million
Derek Leach 600k

23:16: Players on a 10 min break.

23:15: Roddy gets a Walk.

23:14: Derek open-shoves for about 500k. No callers.

23:11: Roddy makes it 80k, Scott calls on the Button. David comes along from the BB too. 3 way to the Flop which is KdQcTc. All check. Turn 6c. David checks, Roddy bets 100k, Scott raises to 250k. David folds. Roddy calls! River Kh. Roddy checks, Scott checks. Roddy declares Ace High showing the Ace of Clubs. Scott takes it down with 6d5d for a Pair of Sixes.

23:08: Scott raises to 110k from the SB. Derek shoves for about 450k. Scott folds. Derek shows AQ.

23:07: Raise from David and a call from Scott in the SB. Flop Td7d6s. Scott check/calls 75k. Turn Kd. Check/Check. River Ts. Scott leads for 160k. David calls. Scott shows Ad6d for the Nut Flush. It’s good vs David’s AT.

23:03: David raises to 80k. Taivo shoves for about 430k. David calls with JJ. Taivo has 99. David holds and takes him out in 7th for £1,450 and a £440 GPS Seat.

23:02: Donald shoves from the SB. No call from Roddy.

23:01: Break time in 15 mins. Will get full stack counts for all players then.

23:00: Roddy makes it 90k. No action this time.

22:57: Neil shoves again. Roddy calls with him covered. It’s 44 vs AQ. Roddy hits a Queen on the Riviera and takes Neil out in 8th for £1,100 and a £440 GPS Seat.

22:55: Neil shoves. Everyone folds.

22:53: Roddy makes it 90k on the Button. All fold.

22:50: Derek open-shoves for 423k. No one likes it.

22:48: Steven makes it 85k from the Button. Wins it.

22:46: Neil open-shoves UTG. It’s 246k. No call.

22:45: Roddy tries again with 90k. No action this time. Shows AQ.

22:43: Roddy makes it 90k. Scott 3bets to 200k from the Button. Roddy asks him how much he’s playing and before he finishes saying Roddy has mucked. Everyone has a wee laugh. Scott has maybe 1.5 million.

22:42: Steven raises to 85k. No takers.

22:41: Taivo shoves from the SB. Scott folds quickly.

22:40: Derek open-shoves for about 430k. No call.

Level 22 - 15000/30000/4000

22:35: Neil makes it 65k from the SB. Roddy calls from the BB. Flop 5c3s2h. Neil check/calls 75k. Turn 6d. Neil check/raises Roddy’s 100k bet to 225k. Roddy shoves! Neil has maybe 280k behind which Roddy covers. Neil thinks about it then…. folds.

22:33: Walk for Neil in the BB. He shoves A4.

22:31: 70k from Neil UTG. No interest.

22:30: Scott raises to 70k from the cut-off. Everyone declines the offer.

22:28: 65k from Steven, 3bet to 165k by Neil. Steven folds.

22:25: Raise from Neil , Roddy calls in position. Flop Qc8h3s. Neil continues for 80k. Roddy raises to 200k. Neil gives it up.

22:23: David opens for 65k. No callers.

22:21: Scott makes it 70k UTG. All fold.

22:20: David raises to 60k in the cut-off. No interest.

22:16: Taivo raises to 70k, Donald shoves from the SB for 224k. Taivo calls. Taivo 99, Donald AQ. Donald makes a Full House to double. Taivo on about 600k now.

22:15: Roddy throws in 65k. No callers.

22:12: David limps the SB. Steven checks his option. Flop QcQhJd. David check/raises Steven’s 30k bet to 85k. Steven folds.

22:10: Taivo raises, Lee ships all in, Taivo calls. Taivo A8, Lee Q9. Taivo holds and Lee Hemphill is out in 9th for £850 and a £440 GPS Seat.

22:07: Roddy opens for 70k, Derek calls from the BB. Flop KhTs9c. Derek check/calls 70k. Turn Jh. Check/Check. River 4c. Derek leads for 57k. Roddy makes it 175k. Derek folds.

22:04: Taivo open-shoves the Button, Lee re-shoves for more. Taivo A9, Lee TT. Taivo gets an Ace and doubles up. Lee down to about 200k now.

22:02: Roddy raises the Button to 75k. Lee ships from the BB for 342k. Roddy folds.

22:00: Steven makes it 65k. No action.

21:57: Derek opens to 70k. Roddy calls from the BB. Flop 9h8d6s. Roddy checks, Derek bets 78k. Roddy folds.

21:56: Next hand Scott Logan makes it 70k again. Neil calls from the BB. Flop KhTh7h. Neil checks, Scott bets 75k. Neil declines the offer.

21:55: First hand at the FT. Scott Logan raises and takes down the blinds and antes.

21:54: The FT pic before play recommences:

LEVELS 12-21

21:45: We have a major problem with our website which went offline just before the FT was about to start. Unfortunately we lost the blog content from 2pm to just before the FT started.


Day 1A: 23/71 made it through.
Day 1B: 17/71 made it through.
Day 1C: 28/92 made it through
Total: 68/234

Day 2: Sun 2pm. Plays to a finish. Blinds go to 30 mins when 4 handed at FT.

Day 2 Structure

1st £11,000 + £440 GPS Seat
2nd £7,300 + £440 GPS Seat
3rd £5,000 + £440 GPS Seat
4th £3,400 + £440 GPS Seat
5th £2,500 + £440 GPS Seat
6th £1,900 + £440 GPS Seat
7th £1,450 + £440 GPS Seat
8th £1,100 + £440 GPS Seat
9th £850 + £440 GPS Seat
10th £700
11th £700
12th £590
13th £590
14th £590
15th £590
16th £500
17th £500
18th £500
19th £440
20th £440
21st £440
22nd £440
23rd £440
24th £440
25th £440

Prize Pool: £46,800

Day 1A Chip Counts
Dougie Imrie 150,900
Usman Ulhaq 132,400
Tony Chessa 123,700
Grant Smith 119,300
Donald Koh 118,800
Sandy Tong 113,200
James Rice 97,000
Stewart Carnegie 93,800
Derek Leach 87,500
Chris Riggens 86,600
Ronald Dougan 83,200
Kyle Swan 71,300
Kevin Letham 64,000
Dean Huchison 57,600
Paul McTaggart 57,300
Thomas McGarvey 56,100
Stephen Ng 55,000
Janice McLean 49,900
Jason Mannas 43,200
Johny Lemon 36,700
Love Mishra 36,400
Thomas McCloughey 36,200
Qihang Cheung 4,800

Day 1B Chip Counts
David White 293,300
Lorraine McGarry 176,900
Scott Logan 174,600
Brian O’Connor 133,200
Marco Ogan 118,000
Willie Cheung 116,800
Francis Irvine 113,500
Steven McKeown 110,600
Thomas Campbell 107,300
Stuart McNally 100,700
Simonas Griauzde 92,300
Bek Abdurahmanov 55,000
Allan Bird 54,000
Rizwan Ghazanfar 40,300
Indrek Turu 35,800
John Abercrombie 34,100
Lochlin Highet 17,400

Day 1C Chip Counts
Jamie Robinson 219,300
Neil Irving 154,800
Radoslav Lliev 143,400
Lee Hemphill 138,100
Charlie Cheung 122,000
Scott Maxwell 115,800
GK Kamal 111,000
Robert Brownridge 110,500
Campbell Sarrison 108,800
Tracy MacEachen 104,500
Alex Whitenstall 94,000
Roddy Scholes 88,800
Xandra Van Mountfort 88,300
Ryan Straub 79,100
Kingshuk Ghosh 75,000
David Shaw 72,200
John Lowe 56,600
John Meechan 56,000
John McGlynn 53,200
Paulius Plausinaitis 52,600
Taivo Sillaste 45,800
Ross McLeod 42,000
Paul McSherry 39,500
Kevin Harvey 31,900
David Rooney 30,100
Raymond Pacitti 28,800
Bernard McCaffery 28,100
Neil MacLeod 22,900

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