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GPS Mini Glasgow - Day 1C

By martinjsmith, posted April 29, 2017

LEVEL 11 - 1000/2000/300

01:27: It’s all over! We have 28/92 joining the 40 who already made it so 68 total returning Sunday 2pm for Day 2. Here are the 1C final counts:

Jamie Robinson 219,300
Neil Irving 154,800
Radoslav Lliev 143,400
Lee Hemphill 138,100
Charlie Cheung 122,000
Scott Maxwell 115,800
GK Kamal 111,000
Robert Brownridge 110,500
Campbell Sarrison 108,800
Tracy MacEachen 104,500
Alex Whitenstall 94,000
Roddy Scholes 88,800
Xandra Van Mountfort 88,300
Ryan Straub 79,100
Kingshuk Ghosh 75,000
David Shaw 72,200
John Lowe 56,600
John Meechan 56,000
John McGlynn 53,200
Paulius Plausinaitis 52,600
Taivo Sillaste 45,800
Ross McLeod 42,000
Paul McSherry 39,500
Kevin Harvey 31,900
David Rooney 30,100
Raymond Pacitti 28,800
Bernard McCaffery 28,100
Neil MacLeod 22,900

01:13: Nikhil killed. Nikhil Viswanathan out with 88 vs A9.

01:12: Swan will not glide into Day 2. Ian Swan out. He was short with 18k and shoved all in. Called by KQ and didn’t improve.

01:07: David manages to double up next hand with A6 vs 99 though.

01:06: Last 3 hands in progress. Still 30 remaining.

01:05: Timely AA vs KK cooler for Robert Brownridge. He doubles up his 47k stack through David Rooney. David in the danger zone with about 10k now.

01:03: As always, the clock is stopped with 10 minutes left and we randomly draw for the last 3, 4 or 5 hands.

01:02: You can fee the tension in the air with 30 left and 13 minutes left on the clock…

01:00: Lorne is fried. Lorne MacEachen on his way home too :-(

00:54: Huntly out of the hunt. Gordon Huntly out too :-(

00:53: Finnie is finished. Kevin Finnie out with 21 minutes left to play :-(

00:45: Radoslav Lliev (J9) takes out Dylan McIllvenny (QQ) with a lucky flop. Dylan had about 80k and sent it all to Radoslav after he flopped the Nut Straight and they got it in.

00:40: Play has slowed right down here at GPS Mini Glasgow. The 34 remaining players may be happy to creep into Day 2 with any stack now that there are no more Day 1s.

00:36: Chris Tees out. Down to 34 now.

00:35: The last level of the last Day 1 has begun!

LEVEL 10 - 800/1600/200

00:29: Large pot for Jamie Robinson there. Looks like he has 160k+ now.

00:27: Treble up for Kingshuk Ghosh with AK vs AQ vs AT.

00:20: Some photos of the remaining players:


00:03: Quick exits for Cameron Soane, Angus Johnston and Ronnie Ballantyne after the break. Down to 35 now over 4 tables.

23:55: Final number confirmed at 234. Here are the prizes:

Entries: 234
Prize Pool: £46,800

1st £11,000 + £440 GPS Seat
2nd £7,300 + £440 GPS Seat
3rd £5,000 + £440 GPS Seat
4th £3,400 + £440 GPS Seat
5th £2,500 + £440 GPS Seat
6th £1,900 + £440 GPS Seat
7th £1,450 + £440 GPS Seat
8th £1,100 + £440 GPS Seat
9th £850 + £440 GPS Seat
10th £700
11th £700
12th £590
13th £590
14th £590
15th £590
16th £500
17th £500
18th £500
19th £440
20th £440
21st £440
22nd £440
23rd £440
24th £440
25th £440

23:50: A list of all 38 players remaining with chip counts for the bigger stacks:

Table 1
David Rooney
Ryan Straub
Chris Tees 70k
Bernard McCaffery
Scott Maxwell 150k
Nikhil Viswanathan
Roddy Scholes 75k
Xandra Van Mountfort 95k

Table 2
Kev Finnie 80k
Dylan McIllvenny 85k
Lee Hemphill 120k
Charlie Cheung 110k
Ronnie Ballantyne
GK Kamal
Neil Irving 75k

Table 3
Jamie Robinson 98k
Angus Johnston
Ian Swan
Lorne MacEachen
John Meechan 80k
Tracy MacEachen
Ross McLeod
John McGlynn 70k

Table 4
Raymond Pacitti
Taivo Sillaste 70k
Campbell Sarrison 90k
Alex Whitenstall
Gordon Huntly 70k
Neil MacLeod
Paulius Plausinaitis

Table 5
John Lowe 70k
Cameron Soane
Kevin Harvey
Radoslav Lliev 100k
David Shaw 100k
Robert Brownridge
Paul McSherry
Kingshuk Ghosh

LEVEL 9 - 600/1200/200

23:33: Dean Lyall and Graeme Crozier gone.

23:30: We have an open to 2.8k from Radoslav Lliev then Cameron Soane 3bets to 6k from the BB. Flop Tc8h3c. Cameron check/calls 5.5k. Turn Ks. Now Cameron leads for 11.5k. Radoslav calls. River 7h. Cameron fires 22k. Snap call from Radoslav and Cameron just has Ace High (AQ). He certainly can’t beat the Set of Tens (TT) that he’s against. Cameron short now.

23:18: The last break of the night is in 20 mins. Then we play 2 more 40 min levels. Still 40 left at the moment.

23:14: No luck for Patrick Murphy as he’s now out. Gordon Buchanan also gone a while back.

23:13: Ryan Straub opens to 3k and picks up a call from Scott Maxwell in the SB. Both have big stacks. Flop AsJdTd. Both check. Scott leads the 6c Turn for 3.8k, Ryan calls. River Ts. Scott bets 5.1k. Ryan gives it up.

23:09: After a raise and a call Patrick Murphy shoves all in for about 16k. He gets it through.

23:04: Willie Cheung has dropped in to play some cash. He made Day 2 in 1B last night with a respectable 116,800. He gave Ian Swan a pep talk on his way by.

22:59: Carol Scholes out. She was involved in plenty of pots today and had a decent stack for a while but it wasn’t to be. We have 42 left now and 3 x 40 min levels to go.

22:58: Did you know today was National Scampi Day? Not even joking. If you’re playing and fancy a bit of food why not try Scampi & Chips to honour the day? It’s also International Dance Day so if you make Day 2 feel free to have a wee dance to celebrate. I’m not even bluffing about these 2 days on 29th April; check Wikipedia.

LEVEL 8 - 500/1000/100

22:50: A few of the biggest stacks a little while ago. Ryan Straub (125k), Scott Maxwell (115k) and Campbell Sarrison (90k).

22:47: James Kirkwood, Norbert Bobra, Stephen Fenton & Xian Long Lu all gone.

22:45: Charlie Cheung limps for 1k, and Patrick Murphy follows along. On to Colin Wu in the BB and he shoves for about 15k. Charlie calls it with maybe 25k behind but now Patrick shoves all in with both covered. Charlie calls. He has Tens. Patrick has Aces, Colin KJ. Charlie spikes a Ten to win the big pot and shouts “Lucky B*****d”. Colin is out and Patrick has maybe 25k left.

22:24: Iain Martin, Youness Barakat, Michelle Baldie (shown below) and Norbert Balogh also out. Down to 50 now. So far 40 have made it to Day 2 from the first 2 Day 1s. Should be about 30 tonight.

22:20: Bryan Lao heading for the door too. His 88 all in pre-flop didn’t get there vs 2 players with Aces.

LEVEL 7 - 400/800/100

22:18: We’ve lost Sam Wardlaw, Pamela Cairney, Alan Rowe & Ian Hutcheson out.

22:15: There’s a raise to 1.7k and 3 calls before “Lucky” John McGlynn shoves all in from the blinds for about 18k. The original raiser folds but Carol Scholes decides to look him up. She said she only called because she “thought he was at it” as she tables JT. John is surprised to be ahead with KQ. Flop JhTc2s, Turn 9c, River 7c. John goes behind but comes out good in the end. Double up.

22:04: David Gillies and Val Gray out too. At least Val will have plenty of time to catch up with Master Chef now.

21:58: Shukri Mushahwar, David Docherty & Thomas Ward out. Down to 59/92 for today.

21:53: After a couple of limps from Mark Dolan (TT) and David Docherty (AK), Bryan Lao (Ac7c) shoves all in for 12.4k at 400/800/100. Back to Mark and he shoves for about 26k. David calls! Miraculously, Bryan gets there with 2 Pair earning him a treble up. David takes the side pot and eliminates Mark.

21:45: Ian Swan jams a River for 15.1k after Angus Johnston has bet 10.3k. Angus isn’t keen to call even though it’s not much more. Swanny is already celebrating winning the hand before it’s over. Angus does call in the end and Ian wins with 8c7c for Trips. Board QcTs2c-8s-8d. Ian declares “Swannydog takes it down to China Town. Lovely back door.” then a player from another table says “That’s why they call him Spawny Swanny”.

21:36: Still to be confirmed officially but the final numbers look like this…

Day 1A: 71
Day 1B: 71
Day 1C: 92
Total: 234

Prize Pool: £46,800

21:35: Top stacks at the second break:

Neil Irving 105k
Scott Maxwell 100k
Jamie Robinson 87k
Kingshuk Ghosh 76k
Campbell Sarrison 66k
Ryan Straub 63k
GK Kamal 63k
Xandra Van Mountfort 62k
Gordon Huntly 60k
Radoslav Lliev 60k
Angus Johnston 60k
Carol Scholes 54k
Kev Finnie 54k
Patrick Murphy 49k
Chris Tees 45k
Cameron Soane 43k
Dean Lyall 42k
Youness Barakat 42k
Roddy Scholes 40k
Norbert Bobra 40k

LEVEL 6 - 300/600/75

21:21: Nikhil Viswanathan is out now :-(

21:16: Break time coming up.

21:14: More exits: Neil MacLeod, Alen Wilkie, Gerard Pew & Scott Findlay.

21:10: GK takes out Pamela Venters with TT vs 99 all in pre-flop. She was very short though.

21:06: Double up for short stack Nikhil Viswanathan. His 44 holds up vs Alex Whitenstall’s AK all in pre-flop. Nikhil only about about 10-12k now though.

21:00: Annette Anderson is out. We have 68/87 still involved today. 229 overall. Break time in 20 mins then I’ll get the latest chip counts.

20:58: Nice pot for Carol Scholes (shown below) there with a Flush. Looked like 50k+.

20:53: Steve Martin, David Rooney, Robbie Reekie, Gerry Oliver & Iain Martin are all gone. Iain straight back with a re-entry though (he’s pictured below holding up 1 finger for each entry).

20:47: Glasgow’s answer to… well nothing actually. Robert Brownridge is one of a kind…

20:43: Glasgow’s answer to Charlie Carrel, Cameron Soane…

20:40: With 70 still in the mix we start Level 6.

LEVEL 5 - 200/400/50

20:35: We’ve lost Dylan McIlvenny, Darren Woodruff and Amir Rad recently. 70/84 remaining.

20:30: Ian Swan is on about 17k but he’s still having a good time…

20:23: Interesting one on Table 3. I arrived on the Turn to see Mark Dolan bet 15k out of turn vs Xandra Van Mountfort. Board QdJd7d-Qh. Before that bet the pot was about 9k maybe. Mark already had a Yellow Card for acting out of turn earlier in the day so the Floor is called over and he receives a Red Card meaning he will get a 3 hand penalty after this hand is over.

Back to this hand, it is explained to Xandra that if she checks the 15k bet stands but if she bets Mark has all options open again. She has about 25k total and Mark about 5k behind (20k total) so he’s committed most of his chips. She thinks it over and chooses to shove all in! Mark can do what he likes now but he makes the call and shows Ad9d for a the flopped Nut Flush. However, Xandra has JJ for a Full House and Mark is dead. The meaningless 4h River completes the board and Mark is walking. At least he doesn’t have to serve the 3 hand penalty now I guess.

20:13: Grant Anderson out.

20:10: Cameron Soane has arrived and jumped in the tournament. Now at 80 today, 222 overall.

20:07: Colin Wu opens and gets a caller before Scott Findlay (shown below) shoves for about 8k. Colin reshoves to isolate and gets it heads up. Colin has 66, Scott AT. The Ten hits and Scott gets his double up.

20:00: Say hello to Level 5.

LEVEL 4 - 150/300/25

19:55: Shukri Mushahwar check/raises all in for 8.4k on a Jc8h6d Flop with QJ and gets a call from JT. He holds and doubles.

10:50: Graeme Crozier opens to 850 on another table. On his immediate left Ryan Straub 3bets to 2.6k. Graeme folds.

19:45: GK Kamal opens to 700, Sam Wardlaw and another 2 players call but Dean Lyall is not keen and makes it 4.8k from the BB. Everyone folds.

19:42: On Table 4, Lorne MacEachen opens to 700 UTG+1 and gets a couple of callers. Flop 8c6s5h. Lorne bets 1.2k, gets 1 fold but then Amir Rad makes it 5.2k. Back to Lorne and he gives it up.

19:38: Campbell Sarrison opens to 700 and gets 3 callers. Flop Ts6h6d. All check to Colin Wu on the Button who bets 500. He is called by Shukri Mushahwar and original raiser Campbell. Turn 4c. All 3 players check. River 2h. Checked to Colin and he bets 500 again. Shukri is the only caller and he takes it down with T9. Looked like Colin had 84 suited.

19:32: We also lost Joseph Devine a while back. Current total 75 for today, 217 overall.

19:30: John Canning (below) out. After a 300 open from Ian Swan and a call he moved all in for his last 3,050. Angus Johnson called from the BB, original raiser Ian called too as did the other player. The 3 active players checked the Flop and Turn then Ian Swan bet 2.5k on the River. No one call that but Ian’s AdQc Flush was good to take it down. John had 5c5s. Final board TcTd6c-Ac-8c.

19:15: Top stacks at the first break:

Kingshuk Ghosh 62k
Colin Wu 50k
Chris Tees 50k
Darren Woodruff 48k
Jamie Robinson 45k
Alen Wilkie 42k
Paul McSherry 41k
Carol Scholes 40k
Gordon Buchanan 40k
Norbert Bobro 40k
Raymond Pacitti 39k
Gordon Huntly 36k
Lorne MacEachen 35k

LEVEL 3 - 100/200

19:00: Break time!

18:56: Ian Swan’s free dinner from Mark Dolan is a…. Fish Finger Sandwich. No expense spared.

18:52: First break coming up in 9 mins. Will get the top stacks then.

18:51: We are up to 68 today, 220 overall. Prize pool sitting at £42,000.

18:50: We’ve recently lost Ross McLeod and Douglas Murdoch. I think Ross has re-entered though.

18:46: On Table 7, Colin Wu opens to 400 and gets 4 callers! Flop AhAd6s. Colin continues for 700 and gets 1 caller, Scott Findlay. Turn 7c. Colin bets 1.5k, Scott calls. River 5h. Colin keeps going, 2.5k. Scott quickly makes it 8k. Colin has a short think and opts to call. Scott says “You’re good” and Colin takes it with AsQs for Trips.

18:45: Slight technical issue with my camera so was away for a short while there.

18:25: It’s not all bad news for Mark however as he calls a 650 bet on the River and outkicks Angus Johnston’s A6 to take it down. Mark was given a Yellow Card for acting out of turn earlier in the hand. Here he is posing with it and a packet of Airwaves for some reason.

18:24: Ian Swan running decent so far. He’s just won a flip for dinner vs Mark Dolan.

LEVEL 2 - 75/150

18:20: Jamie Robinson has entered the game…

18:17: Roddy Scholes is out. We have 60 left out of 62 today now. 204 total, prize pool at £40,800. Late registration open till 9.30pm.

18:15: Here are a few more player pics:

18:08: On Table 5, Thomas Ward opens to 400 and is 3bet to 800 by Pamela Venters in position. Back to Thomas and he calls. Flop Qh8c2c. Thomas check/folds to Pamela’s 2k bet. She shows Aces. Thomas said he would have liked a different flop.

17:57: Val Gray been moved to a new table so she no longer has the the stress of being in her husband’s seat from yesterday. She hasn’t been involved too much so far and is using the time to catch up with Master Chef on iPlayer.

17:54: Taivo back in the game with a re-entry. Players are allowed 3 entries total per starting day.

17:50: Taivo Sillaste (pictured below) is our first casualty of the day. He was down to 6k and shoved all in pre-flop over Raymond Pacitti’s 750 open. There had been 2 limps already but they both folded for the 6k. Raymond called with AK and got there vs Taivo’s 55 to take him out.

17:44: We are up to 50 today and 192 overall. Prize pool £38,400 and counting.

17:40: Ian Swan (right) wins one vs Mark Dolan (left) and Angus Johnston (middle) there. He had a Straight but the board had 4 Spades on it so he was happy to check back the River. He cried out “Mon the Swanny Dog” as he dragged in the chips. Mark has his eyes covered as he checked the Turn in the dark.

LEVEL 1 - 50/100

17:32: Raymond Pacitti (right) opens to a 675 UTG at 50/100 and picks up 1 caller, Tracy MacEachen (left) on the Button. Flop Qd9d7s. Raymond chucks in 1k and gets a fold. He shows AsQs for Top/Top.

17:25: Small one on Table 4. Amir Rad opens to 300 early and is called by Campbell Sarrison in position and Gordon Huntly in the SB. Flop Qs5d3s. Gordon checks, Amir continues for 700. Both opponents call. Turn 8h and all check. River Kh. Now Gordon leads for 1,250. It’s good enough as he takes down the pot. Campbell showed As2s for a missing Flush and Gutshot draw as he mucked.

17:15: A few pics from the starting field:

17:12: Val Gray is here today and sitting in the exact same seat as her husband James sat in for most of the day yesterday. It didn’t work out for James but maybe Val can turn that around.

17:10: Angus Johnston happy to be back on the scene. Although the first pot I saw him play so far didn’t go to plan. He bet 2.4k on the Turn but folded when Ian Swan made it 5k.

16:59: Starting now with 36 entries (178 overall). Prize pool at £35,600.

16:58: The seating arrangements:

16:55: Up to 33 players and 175 overall; the £35,000 has been met! Angus Johnston was the magic 175th player overall.

16:50: Up to 24 now. If anyone uses Twitter please tweet any updates or player info requests using #gpsglasgow and I’ll pick them up automatically. It helps to keep the blog interesting so all updates with the hashtag appreciated. Thanks.

16:40: We’re expecting our busiest day today. 1A and 1B both had 71 so 142 total. We have 15 registered so far for 1C with 20 mins to go till we start. Late registration is open today till 9.30pm. We have 157 total now and need 175 to hit the £35,000 guarantee so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Day 1A: 23/71 made it through.
Day 1B: 17/71 made it through.
Day 1C: Sat 5pm, late reg 9.30pm, ends about 1.15am.
Day 2: Sun 2pm. Plays to a finish. Blinds go to 30 mins when 4 handed at FT.

- 40 min levels throughout.
- 25k starting stack.
- 3 entries allowed per day.
- Late Reg till end of Level 6 (4.5 hours in).
- Can surrender starting stack or less at end of a Day 1.
- Last year had 250 entries, £50k prize pool and 1st about £13k.

Day 1 Structure

Day 1A Chip Counts
Dougie Imrie 150,900
Usman Ulhaq 132,400
Tony Chessa 123,700
Grant Smith 119,300
Donald Koh 118,800
Sandy Tong 113,200
James Rice 97,000
Stewart Carnegie 93,800
Derek Leach 87,500
Chris Riggens 86,600
Ronald Dougan 83,200
Kyle Swan 71,300
Kevin Letham 64,000
Dean Huchison 57,600
Paul McTaggart 57,300
Thomas McGarvey 56,100
Stephen Ng 55,000
Janice McLean 49,900
Jason Mannas 43,200
Johny Lemon 36,700
Love Mishra 36,400
Thomas McCloughey 36,200
Qihang Cheung 4,800

Day 1B Chip Counts
David White 293,300
Lorraine McGarry 176,900
Scott Logan 174,600
Brian O’Connor 133,200
Marco Ogan 118,000
Willie Cheung 116,800
Francis Irvine 113,500
Steven McKeown 110,600
Thomas Campbell 107,300
Stuart McNally 100,700
Simonas Griauzde 92,300
Bek Abdurahmanov 55,000
Allan Bird 54,000
Rizwan Ghazanfar 40,300
Indrek Turu 35,800
John Abercrombie 34,100
Lochlin Highet 17,400

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