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GPS Westcliff 2016 - Day 1b

By GPS Live, posted March 17, 2016

End of Day 1b - 00:22


Watto Leads 1B - 00:15

After nine levels of play Day 1B here at Westcliff is now in the books. It’s be a fantastic days poker over looking the Thames Estuary with the sun beaming through the glass into the cardroom. It really is one of the nicest cardrooms in the country on a day like today. We started level one with 30 players, but by the time late registration had finished the number had risen to 91, which is a great turn out for the first live day one.

Ever since busting Alex Bounsall in level four, Steve Watts has held the chip lead. He has finished the day on top of the 25 players who have made it through to Day 2 on Saturday. They are:

Steve Watts 245000
Paul Busby 238700
David L’Honore 206000
Sam Goodman 154200
Vishal Maini 153800
Paul Nugent 108200
David La Ronde 106500
Matt Church 99700
Ben Winsor 88800
Oliver Stannard 86500
Josh Venman 85500
Matt Osborne 79800
Nick Zambas 78800
Mark Shelley 73400
Alex Bounsall 72000
Chris Gordon 62400
Sonia Padovani 60100
Daniel Rohrbasser 57400
Adam Daniel 50800
Tony Wakeling 45200
Fabio Esposito 35100
John Olson 34300
Jean La Ronde 34000
Ed Swales 30900
Peter Hall 18700

We will be back tomorrow for more live coverage where we will be playing another nine levels. 159 players are needed to cover the £100k GTD but that shouldn’t be in any danger.

Join us for coverage from 12:30pm.


Bagging & Tagging - 23:53

The hands have been completely and the 26 remaining are now bagging & tagging.

Full chip counts to follow.

Last Three Hands - 23:46

The clock has been paused with 9 minutes 30 seconds remaining.

The players will now play 3 more hands before bagging up for the night.

Two Exits - 23:41

Two exits from the field as we lose Driton Haxhaij & Keith Ellis.

Goodman Doubles - 23:30

Sam Goodman has just doubled up to 135,000 all in holding pocket kings against the A-K of his opponent.

No ace on the board as it runs out 10—Q—10—Q—4.

Sam now has a healthy stack with 20 minutes to play today.

Three Tables - 23:16

We break another table in the main event which means we are now just left with three tables.


Big Stacks - 23:08

Big stacks from around the room:

Steve Watts - 195,000
Paul Busby - 175,000
David L’Honore - 165,000


Pictures - 23:01



Level 9 - 22:54

The players are back seated as we begin level number nine. The final level of the day.

The blinds are now 600/1200 with a 200 ante.

30 players remaining.

Break Time - 22:37

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Busby Huge Stack - 22:30

Paul Busby has just won a huge pot on our feature table, all in holding top against a flush draw for a 100k pot.

The top pair held and he is now one of the chip leaders in the tournament with three times the average stack.

Four Tables - 22:15

We break a table as we are now down to 36 players playing on four tables.

King Saves KJ - 21:56

KJ Craig five bet shoves her 28,000 stack and is snapped off by four better Oliver Stannard.

KJ tables A-K and is in bad shape against the ACES of Oliver.

The flop comes K—5—9

The turn card comes a Jack.

The river card a KING!!!

KJ makes trips on the river to double up to 60,000!!

Sick for Oliver is now down to around 30,000.


Level 8 - 21:38

The blinds increase as we begin level number eight.

They are now 500/1000 with a 100 ante.

47 players remaining.


Two Exits - 21:35

A couple of exits from the tables as we lose Jason Shellum & Alan Parsons.

Watto Chip Leader - 21:30

Steve Watts is the current chip leader in the tournament and has 180,000, over three times the average of 50,000.



Watts & Shellum - 21:17


More Counts - 21:08

Richard Blacklock - 10,000
Jason Shellum - 32,000
John Venman - 80,000
Alex Bounsall - 55,000
David Lloyd - 55,000

Chip Counts - 21:02

Ben Winsor - 19,000
Driton Haxhiaj - 53,000
David L’Honore - 160,000
Vishal Maini - 100,000
David La Ronde - 19,000

Pictures - 20:52

Some pictures from around the room.

Padovani Exits - 20:47

We get to the table as Kathleen Padovani is all in for her 23k stack on a flop reading 10—7—10 holding pocket fours. Chris Gordon is the other player in the hand holding pocket Queens leaving Kathleen with two outs.

The turn card comes a deuce

The river card a Jack.

Chris takes the pot with two pair and now has around 65,000.

We lose Kathleen Padovani from the field but she can still re-enter if she wishes.



Level 7 - 20:37

The players are back seated as we begin level number seven.

The blinds are now 400/800 with a 100 ante.

50 players remaining from the 90 entries.


Break Time - 20:20

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Satelite Kicks Off - 20:10

The five seats GTD has just started downstairs and currently has just 14 entries.


Cash Games Underway - 19:50

The first cash game of the event has just started with five players.

They’re playing £1/£2 as some tries to win the £10,000 Royal Flush Jackpot prize!!!

More Pics - 19:43

More pictures from around the room:


Bounsall Busts - 19:35

Alex Bounsall has just busted the main event in a big pot to Steve Watts.

Steve is now stacking his new found chips and has 85,000.

Alex heads to the registration desk for a re-entry.


Level 6 - 19:20

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 300/600 with a 75 ante.

59 players remaining.

Blacklock Second Bullet - 19:01

Richard Blacklock exits the tournament quickly takes up his option to re-enter.

His second bullet takes us up to 88 entries in total for Day 1b which is a fantastic turnout so far.

Players can still buy in up until the end of level eight which is around 10:30pm.

Snaps - 18:47



Big Stacks - 18:34

Graham Hardy- 60,000
David La Ronde - 50,000
Oli Stannard - 50,000
David L’Honore - 65,000
Vishal Maini - 65,000
Matt Church - 60,000
Paul Busby - 100,000

Level 5 - 18:22

The players are back seated from dinner as we begin level number 5.

They are now 200/400 with a 50 ante.

84 entries so far today, with 62 players remaining.

Dinner Break - 17:20

Dinner break now for the players as they take 45 minutes.

Follow Us - 17:10

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Just click either text and it will take you to our page.



More Counts - 16:55

More counts from around the room:

Alex Goulder - 22,000
Terry Jordan - 42,000
David La Ronde - 50,000
Ben Winsor - 18,000
Josh Venman - 30,000

Chip Counts - 16:46

A few chip counts from around the room:

Steve Watts - 38,000
Richard Blacklock - 25,000
Jean La Ronde - 55,000
Kathleen Padovani - 40,000
Jason Shellum - 30,000
David Lloyd - 35,000

Defend Champ Is Here - 16:32

Defending champion David L’Honore has just walked through the door and taken his seat in the tournament. He’s also brought Yiannis Liperis down from Birmingham with him, Yiannis cashed at our last main event in Star City finishing 14th for £1,130 and also finaled here last year finished in third place.


Goulder Exits - 16:21

We get to the table as Alex Goulder is all in for his 8,000 stack holding 6♥-7♥ on a 8♥-9♥-J♦ for an open ended straight flush draw, he is called by a player holding A♥-K♥

The queen of hearts comes on the turn giving the other play the nut flush, leaving Alex with just two outs.

The river card comes 4♦

No good for Alex as he takes up his option to re-enter.

Level Four- 16:18

The blinds increase for the players as they begin level number four.

They are now 150/300 with a 25 ante.

Cox Gone - 16:11

Local legend Michael Cox has just been eliminated from the tournament. Cox plays in here regular and finished 17th here last year for just over £1,000. He also finished second in the league that they had running in Westcliff.


Up To 70 - 16:02

More entries still coming through the door as we are now up to 70 entries in total for Day 1a.

Late registration is open until 10:30pm tonight, which is the end of level number eight.

Royal Flush Promo Explained - 15:50


Cardroom Shots - 15:29


Level Three - 15:18

The players are back seated as we begin level number three.

They are now 100/200.

64 entries so far today.


Break Time - 15:02

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Royal Flush Promo - 14:51

This event is a full GPS Main Event so we have the Royal Flush promotion in play. We have slightly tweaked it this leg. Any player to have a Royal Flush on our £1/£2 cash game will win a share of £10,000. If one player gets a Royal they’ll receive the full £10,000, if two people get a Royal Flush the money will be split £5,000 each and so on depending on how many players get a Royal Flush throughout the event.



Luton Champ Here - 14:45

David Lloyd who won the Luton GPS Mini has checked himself in this beautiful casino today and is looking to add to his trophy collection.


Full Player List - 14:33

Nealkantha Abhyankar
David Anderson
Chumantee Awootar
Paul Bahbout
Richard Blacklock
Alex Bounsall
Trevor Bulless
Andrew Christoforou
Robert Church
Michael Cox
Kerry Craigie
Paul Danko
Geoff Dartford
Andrew Ellis
Nae Emil
Glen Gendrot
Chris Gordon
Peter Hall
Thomas Halsey
Raymond Hamblion
Graham Hardy
Terry Jordan
Peter King
Magdalena Kozak
David La Ronde
David Lloyd
Daren Mejias
Paul Nugent
John Olson
Savash Omer
Matt Osbourne
Deniz Ozdemir
Kathleen Padovani
John Parsons
Bruce Paterson
Richard Paul
Daniel Rohbrasser
Mark Shelley
Jason Shellum
Paul Siddle
Oliver Stannard
Hamish Stuart
Ed Swales
Josh Venman
Hilary Vipond
Matt Waddilove
Tony Wakeling
Steve Watts
Gavin Wilby
Ben Winsor

Live Stream - 14:14

Our Genting Poker Series live stream is now up and running.

Tune into all the action HERE!!



Level 2 - 14:02

The blinds increase as we begin the second level of the day. They are now 75/150.

55 entries so far today.

Early Exit - 13:50

An early exit from the field as we lose Geoff Dartford.

Playing Today - 13:45

The technical problems have more or less been fixed and the stream is just about to start.

Here’s a few of the players playing today:

Alex Bounsall
Ben Winsor
Mark Wates
Andrew Christoforou
Steve Watts

Technical Problems - 13:20

We’re having all kinds of technical problems at the minute, but hopefully everyone will be back up working with you as soon as possible.

Welcome To Westcliff - 13:00

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Genting Poker Series tour where we are in beautiful Westcliff for Leg 4.

The casino is on the seafront and we have a gorgeous view of the cardroom that looks out onto the sea.

Westcliff is one of our favourite stops and today is no different.

The event is a £400+£40 NLHE Freezeout with a £100k GTD. Players are allowed one re-entry per day, so four entries in total.

Last year there were 340 entries here with David L’honore taking home the lions share of the prizepool and the trophy. We’ll hopefully see him this week to defend his title.

Play has just begun in the cardroom and we’re looking forward to a great day.

The players will play nine levels of poker today with late reg open for the first six levels.


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