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Genting Poker Series 2015 Stoke Results

By James Lowe, posted September 14, 2015

It’s been another great event here on the GPS tour after a long break for the main events, and well attended with 284 entries over the three starting days.

The final day begun today and it had some great names who would be back to battle it out for the £20k first place prize. 21 players making it back, led by the only woman remaining Pia Jeppesen.

Today we had the craziest 30 minutes I’ve ever witnesses losing 7 players! The madness continued through the next level and before we knew it we the final table was set. Those that didn’t make it were..

10th - £1,700 - Richard Wong
11th - £1,420 - Endrit Geci
12th - £1,420 - Brandon Sheils
13th - £1,420 - Mark McVey
14th - £1,140 - Vince Powell
15th - £1,140 - Gary Streetly
16th - £1,140 - Stephen Miles
17th - £1,140 - Anthony Gardner
18th - £1,140 - Craig Dawson
19th - £1,140 - Alex Lindop
20th - £1,140 - Tom Haney
21st - £850 - Joey Townsend

Athir Ali left us from the final first, although he started with only 3 big blinds and quickly bust to Deadman, who had flopped a house. Athir would collect just over £2,000 for his second GPS cash this season.

Next out was Leo McClean who had 1.5 million at his peak, but then ran absolutely awful, losing coolers and flips. His final hand, he shoved the small blind with J-9 and ran into Chris Johnson in the big holding ACES. Leo got a shade over £3,000 for 8th.

7th place would be Chris Johnson, the Birmingham leg winner would eights into Jacks to cripple him before being eliminated by Pia. Another GPS cash for Chris, this time for £3,870.

The local legend Steve Andreou was the next player eliminated, He was a great character bit got coolered, flopping two pair against Rob Boon who flopped the nuts straight. Steve got around of applause for his £4,900 cash for 6th.

Chips would then be passed round for a good few levels as everyone was very even.

Simon Deadman, arguably the best Live MTT player in the UK still doesn’t have a GPS title to his name and that would continue today as he busted in 5th. A sick final hand for Simon as his A-K was beat by the A-K of Rob Boon who rivered the nut flush. Deadman would cash for £6,140.

Cengiz Karasu was very solid and quiet all day as he finished in fourth place. Pia would bust him, her A-7 beating his A-4. A very good cash for Cengiz as he would take home £7,950, which he seemed happy with.

Local curcuit player Rob Boon would take third place for £13,630. Coolered by Gary Payne running Jacks into Garys Kings!

Gary started heads up play with a big chip lead but that was soon gone as Pia doubled up with Queens against the A-4 of Gary. The players continue to do battle and it was very even. The final hand Pia bet every street and Gary didn’t believe her. He got it wrong but left with a £20k score for second place.

Pia Jeppesen becomes the second ever GPS female champion. A great performance from the Dane as she takes home £30,660.

Thank you for following our live coverage over the last four days and I hope you will join us in Edinburgh in three weeks time for our favourite leg, it should be a cracker

Until then, be lucky.

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