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GPS Liverpool Day 1B

By GPS Live, posted June 18, 2015

GPS Liverpool Day 1B


Queen Square


Hello from Liverpool, we are on site, ready and waiting for the second day 1 of the GPS Liverpool.

2 players made it from Day 1A Online how many will make it through to Sunday?

Stay tuned to find out.


Day 1A Results

The current score to beat from the online leg stands at 141,101 and belongs to Richard “BrianPulfofrd” Kellett.

The other man to survive the first day was Stephen “MrFawlty3” Nash who accumulated a respectable 58,899.


Filling Up 18:40

Players are starting to arrive with a buzz starting to fill the air here in Queen Square ready and waiting for the start of the GPS here in Liverpool keeping Roy busy with registration.


Roy Queen Square


Shuffle Up And Deal! -19:00

And we are underway here for Day 1B with 37 players and rising


Cardroom Pan QS Day 1B GPS 2015


Qualify now for the Genting Poker Series in Liverpool


Fancy playing at the ‪#‎GPSeries‬ Liverpool for just £27.50. We have a 2 Seat Guaranteed satellite on starting in 35 mins.


Over 50 Entries -19:35

We have just reach over 50 entries all ready! No real chip leader developed so far are players are just getting a feel on each others styles. 


Player List - 19:55

57 Entries so far, those players are:

Francesco Adami
David Addison
Michael Hugh Ahearne
Nawaz Ahmed
Chris Ambler
Ted Ames
Matthew Archer
Carl Bellis
Martin James Bellis
Philip Brown
Simon Cawley
Pak Ming Cheung
Paul Clarke
Simon David Davies
Darren Delahunty
Peter Vaughan Evans
Paul Henry Gardner
Jason Andrew Goodwin
Darren Grosvenor
Adam Hair
Joshua Hardman
William Charles Hayes
David Hoey
Mark Hughes
Joel Rhodes Huston
Peter Ioannou
Lewis Jaundoo
Justin Jervis
David Kingsley
Andrew Leigh
Peter Leyshon
Alan John Linford
Wu Kun Liu
Wing Hei Lo
Christopher John Lythgoe
Frederick Maher
Neil Maher
James Martin
Terence Mcdonough
Martin Mcgeough
Mark John Mcvey
Michelle Mercer
Robert Parcesepe
Robert Brian Parcesepe
Ryan Plant
Gareth Quarry
Jonathon Daniel Raven
James Thomas Redmond
James Robinson
Gareth Ruckhuss
Anne Scambler
Viacheslav Shost
Carla Marie Smyth
Arthur Stanton
Phil Szeto
Alan Anthony Taddei
Kevin Warrilow
Christopher Whitnall
Neil Wynne


First to Fall 20:10

Gareth Quarry (below) has the dubious honor as the first to fall. It happened early into level 2, his flopped 2 pair failed to hold against the draw.

He is quickly followed by the 2nd man out Nawaz Ahmed who bust within 10 seconds of the first.

Both players have re-entered are back into the fray.

Gareth Quarry Bust 1st


Pics From Around The Room - 20:30

Peter Ioannou

Peter GPS QS

Darren G

Ryan Plant & Joshua Hardman

Half Way Through Registration 20:35

As we pass the half way mark of the registration we also go past 70 entries. With 80 minutes of reg left how many runners do you think we will have for Day 1B?


The Warrior Arrives - 21:05

As we reach 73 entries we see the familiar face of Mike Ahearn who was The Warrior in the original Gladiators.

That’s one stare down that we would rather not face ....




Exits - 21:30

As we approach the end of the registration period we have lost the following players: 

Terry McDonough
Chris Whitnall
Darren Brown
James Robinson
Paul Clarke
Matthew Archer
David Addison

They all have hit the rail and have just 10 minutes to re-enter.

Chips counts to come shortly

Break Time - 21:50

We have reached the first break here, time to stretch the legs and grab a drink.

Chip counts to come shortly.

Chippies - 22:00

Martin McGeough (below) -  85K
Adam Hair - 42K
Ryan Platt - 75K
Martin Bells -60K
Geo Mcsorley - 35K

Going back in to level V - 200/400 - 50

Final Entries - 22:00

Registration has closed here in Liverpool for Day 1B with 82 total entries

Average stack sits on 34,600 with the blinds still at 200/400 - 50 and with 60 players remaining.


Exits - 22:00

The following players have hit the rail:

Justin Jervis
Jimmy Oakes
Gareth Ruckhuss
Francesco Adami (Below)

Cooler for Perry - 22:38

We get to table as we see flop of 3,6,4 with the pot at around 5K

Adam Hair Check
William Berry Bets 3K
Adam Hair Raises to 10k
William Berry moves all in
Adam checks his cards and calls

William shows 6,4 for top 2
Adam shows him the bad news and flips 5,7 for the nuts!

With, J♣ and 10♥ bringing no help for Adam and he hits the rail

Paul Gardner and James Robertson have also been knocked out.

Down to 54 with blinds now have reached level VI - 250/500-50

Can They Catch The Hair - 23:10

Adam Hair held JJ and they were enough to bust the short stacked James Martin who held 77

Hair is now sitting pretty on 95K

Blinds Up - 23:32

Blinds have now gone up to 300/600-50 with the average stack sitting on 44,400

We have also lost Simon Davies (Below), Andrew Leigh, Neil Mamer, Mark McVey and Carlos Wallhead from the field leaving us with 47 runners left.

Chippies and Cold Decks - 23:48

James Redman 125,000
Adam Hair 110,000
Darren G 40,000
Carl Bellis 78,800
Ryan Plant 80,000 (Below)

Ryan has just been on the right side of a cold deck.

We got to the table to see both Ryan and Phil Szeto all in on a flop of A♠Q♣7♦

Ryan A♥A♣
Phil A♦K♠

With no help on the run-out we lose Phil Szeto

More Exits - 23:50

Phil Szeto
Wu Liu
Alan Linford

Leaves us with 43 players left here in Day 1B Liverpool

Right Said Fred - 00:07

Frederick Maher doubles up when his floped set of 55’s hold vs an over after being all in and at risk on a 5♦6♥10♦ flop.

Maher Now sits on 60K

Break Time - 00:12

As we approach we break we have lost 2 more players

Josh Galldgher
Peter Evans

The 41 remaining players now have 15 minutes to take a break.
Blinds will be at level IIX - 400/800 -100 Ante and average stack sits on 50,600

Chip counts to come

Hughes Needs A Hug - 00:45

After a 15 minutes without losing anyone we hear the call seat open from the back of the card room

We go over to find Carla Smyth has knocked out Mark Hughes

Carla now sits on ~75K

Softly Softly - 01:08

Not much going on here at the moment with no cold decks going on.

Simon Cawley is the only runner to fall in the last 20 minutes

Blinds will be going up in 2 minutes to level IX - 500/1,000 - 100

38 Players left with average stack sitting at 54 BB’s

Pictures - 01:15

Wing Hei Lo

Carla Marie Smyth

Josh Hardman


Another Two Bite The Dust - 01:20

Mike “The Warrior” Ahearn and Darren Grosvener have both been eliminated.

We don’t know how Darren left us but The Warrior was all in on the flop with a flush against a flopped straight but the turn and river bricked to eliminate him from Day 1B

That leaves us with 36 runners left on 4 tables.

Darren G

The Warrior

Holmes Goes Home - 01:25

Craig Holmes is the next man to fall.

He can always exercise his option to re-enter on any of the remaining two days

Three Way All In - 01:39

Joel Huston open shoves blind UTG with under 10 BB
Chris Ambler re jams with 16BB on the BTN
Fred Mahar Also calls and covers both players

Joel peels 5♣3♣
Chris 8♠8♥
Fred A♠Q♣

Flop: 10♥6♣9♦
Turn: 7♦ to give Chris the Straight!
River: Q♠ to rub the salt in

Chris Scoops a nice pot to pick up ~75K leaving Fred crippled and Joel to hit the rail

Another Three Way All In - 01:42

Massive pot for Ted Ames when his AA hold vs JJ and 10,10

Ted scoops a massive pot and sends Peter Ioannou home.

Peter GPS QS

More Knock Outs - 01:42

Our quite spell is over and we have also lost Dannis Trspke and Michael Towell

Blinds are about to enter level X with 600/1200-100

31 players left and the average stack is 66,900.

More Exists - 01:42

27 left as we lose:

Philip Brown
Greg Rodger
Asif Raja (below)

Plant Leads The Field - 02:18

Dan Plant is leading the remaining 27 players going into the final hour of play

He’s currently sat on ~180K. Can he hold lead to the end?

Down to 25 - 02:33

We have lost another two players leaving us with 25 here at Day 1B

Blinds are going up to level XI - 800/1,600 - 200

Average stack sits at 83,000 which is just over 50BB

Two More Down 02:39

We just hear shouts of disgust as we see Neil Wynne hit the rail quickly followed by Carl Bellis

23 left here with just over 30 minutes of play left on the clock  

Dropping Fast - 02:44

John Parcesepe hits the rail when his 2 pair runs into a set and fails to improve.

Local dealer Josh Hardman is another player who not be making day 2 tonight.

With that we are on 21 players and the average stack has raised to 98,800


Down To Two Tables - 03:00

20 players left and we are down to the final two tables.

3 more hands until the end of the night

Brutal Knock Out For Kingsley - 03:00

David Kingsley is all in holding JJ on a Jxx board against the AA of Adam Hair

Adam says “There are still two more”

Turn brings a blank

The river is a brutal A sending Kingsley home in brutal fashion

Adam is now sitting on ~200k

Final Chip Counts - 03:30

From the initial 82 entries from Day 1B 18 players have made it through to day 2.

The man at the top of the pile is Ted Ames who won the Genting North West Link Game here not long ago, can he add a GPS title to his resume, tune in with the Tower on Sunday to find out! 

Full list:

Ted Ames (below) 280,900
Kevin Warrilow 214,700
Ryan Plant 206,100
Robert Brian Parcesepe 164,000
Adam Hair 156,500
James Redman 145,100
Darren Delahunty 129,000
Alan Taddel 115,000
Martin McGeough 115,000
Wing Hei Lo 96,600
Carla Smyth 84,400
Chris Lythgoe 78,300
Viacheslau Shost 70,900
Anne Scambler 61,500
Lewis Jaundoo 50,600
Jason Goodwin 39,400
David Hoey 35,000
Will Hayes 34,600

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