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Genting Team Pro at Genting Club Star City

By James Lowe, posted May 19, 2015

Tournament Players

Genting TEAM PRO pounds to be won every day at Genting Club Star City

How do I qualify?
Each day the guaranteed prize pools of £1,000 will include £100 in Genting Team Pro pounds. Where the guarantee is £2,000 then this would include 2 x £100 prizes on Team pro pounds.

How do I win them?
The prize pool will be distributed as normal minus the £100 (or whichever advertised for that competition) as normal with the £100 Team pro pounds going to the winner. If a deal is negotiated this can be awarded to another player during the deal making process. If not, the winner will receive the token.

Where can you spend the pounds?
Players will be able to use the points to enter any Genting Poker Series events including main event and side events. Players will also be able to book their accommodation through our official travel partner “Main Event Travel”

When do I have to spend the TEAM PRO pounds?
The TEAM PRO pounds won will be held on deposit at Genting Club Star City. Once you have earned enough to play the event of your choice, or more, and wishes to use the TEAM PRO pounds, all they have to do is contact the poker manager (at least 7 days before the event) to enter your chosen events. Once this is done and email will be required to officially confirm the entry which will be then forwarded to the Genting Poker Series support team. TEAM PRO pounds won will have no expiry date and can be used or rolled over to any GPS events throughout the year. If need be they can also be rolled over to the following year.

What if I don’t have enough?
Players are able to add their own cash to any amount of team pro pounds won to play any genting Poker Series event.

Do I have to use them as Team pro pounds?
Players who do not wish to take part in the genting Poker Series can use their Team Pro pound to play any featured event at their local club. Players will need to enquire what events are available and give 7 days’ notice to the poker manager if they are planning on playing the event.
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