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Ian Taylor helps bring in a monster field

By Gary Oakes, posted January 20, 2012

With only 2 weeks to go until Leg 1 of the Genting Poker Series starts at Genting Club Star City, it was about time to put on a rather special satellite!

77 Players joined Aston Villa legend Ian Taylor last night for what turned out to be a superb Genting Poker Series satellite, which generated a total of 6 seats for Leg 1!

Ian, who by the way has never played a hand of poker in his life before, performed very well, eventually falling in 37th place.  That was a very creditable performance for any bounty player, when you’ve got people calling you with almost anything, let alone one who until yesterday thought poker was something to do with a wood burning stove. Almost too creditable….

The final hand of Ian’s tournament saw Lloyd Lewis calling Ian’s 6-3 suited (low distance connectors, nice shoving hand) with A-3 off suit.  The flop came 3-J-8, giving both players the pair, but putting Lloyd ahead with his kicker. The turn paired the board with an 8, so left Ian drawing dead, and the 2 was useless to anyone.

Well played Ian, well played Lloyd!

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