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Ali Ayub is our GPS DTD Champion winning £40,255

By James Lowe, posted September 22, 2014

632 entries in total over the four day ones and now all the chips are owned by one man. That man is Ali Ayub. It’s been another great event from the Genting Poker Series here at the best place to play poker in the whole of Europe, Dustk Till Dawn.
The club have been fabulous hosts yet again, this really is a step up to anywhere else in the whole of the UK, by some distance.

Today there were 30 players coming back and we thought we could be in for a long one, maybe 4/5am was being talked about. Then after just two levels of play we had lost half the field. 90 minutes later we made the final table and that’s where we hit some traffic. There would not be an exit from the final table for exactly three hours!! Then there were two exits in two hands. Losing Eirimas Livonas in 9th for £3,750 & Michael Howard in 8th place for £5,500. Both players were obviously disappointed with their finishing place but could go home happy with their performance for making a major UK final.

Play would definitely start to become more open as the blinds increase. Hamid Rowshanaei who went into the final as the chip leaving in 7th for £7,500 his pocket sixes unable to beat the A-K of Ali.

6th place would go to one of the nicest people there is on the tour Steve Watts, short stacked for most of the day. Running his A-J with ten bigs into the A-Q of Ellie. Stevie would take home £9,500.

The first player to cash for 5 figures was Ziggy Jockus also all in with pocket sixes, but couldn’t beat the A-9 of Chris Sly who flopped an Ace. Ziggy would cash for £12,750.

Local favourite Chris Sly who you could tell this title would mean a lot to would come up short in fourth place. All in with top pair against the flush draw of Ellie for a huge pot! The spade on the turn give Ellie the flush and Chris would head to the cash desk for £17,500.

The three players would then do a deal with Ellie holding over half the chips in play. The deal looked like this…

1st - £40,255 - Ali Ayub***
2nd - £50,680 - Ellie Biessek***
3rd - £35,760 - Mark Elliot***

Three handed play didn’t last too long as the players played on for the trophy. Mark Elliot all in with A-10 and running into the Aces of Ali.

Ali then doubled up first hand against Ellie to take a huge lead, his 13million to her 3 million. Ellie would grind back up to 7 million before getting it all in with A-9 against the K-10 of Ali. The King came on the river and with that we had a champion!! Ellie was very unlucky to not become the first ever double GPS winner, but was happy with taking the most money home.

A great performance from the local lad who had a huge support on the rail

Another great leg of the GPS has now been and gone and I hope you enjoyed our coverage. Join us for the next one in Edinburgh at the end of October.

Thanks for joining us over the last 5 days.

Ali Ayub Takes It Down - 01:44


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