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Genting Poker Series 2014 - Stoke Recap

By James Lowe, posted May 28, 2014

That is it from another leg of the Genting Poker Series. A great turnout here in Stoke as always as we had 360 entries over three day ones.

112 players made it back for Day 2 to play another 10 levels. Led by local Phil Duffey who had a mountain of chips, close to 300,000, which was around four times average.
After two levels of play on Day 2, 30 players were already home as it was fast and furious. We then got to the bubble. Which lasted a good 70 minutes before Nick Hicks brutally got his Aces smashed by the Queens of Paul McTaggart. Nick left as our unfortunate bubble boy.
It all went a little crazy in the last level of play as we lost 5 players in the last 15 minutes. Leaving us with 18 coming back to today.

Jack Allen was the man to watch today holding a slight chip lead over Welshman Iwan Jones.

Today was one of the craziest starts I have ever seen to a final day. All in and calls almost every other hand as the players went to war. Exit after exit until we got down to our final 10 players.

Skullman was the unfortunate one to miss out on a seat on our final table. All in with pocket nines which couldn’t win the coinflip against the K-Q of Iwan who turned a King. He left in 10th for £1,440.

Chen Tam was in seat one on the final. A terrible seat with Alex Spencer on his left. He doubled Alex up quickly when his Kings couldn’t beat the A-7 of the on fire 20 year old. Chen grinded away but eventually got his 5 bigs in with 9-6 against the 10-9 of Matt Simpson. Chen couldn’t improve and would head to the cash desk for £2,880.

Andreas Olympios was next to fall, shoving the button with K-6 for his 11 big blinds, Richard Orton woke up with A-9 in the big and made the easy call. An Ace on the flop was enough to bust Andreas who cashed for £4,175.

Dominic Kay got his first GPS cash by coming 7th. Shoving the big blind with A-2 over an open from Richard who made the call with A-10. No three outer for Dom and he collected £5,475 to spend at the bar.

The ever talkative and entertaining (based on opinion) Will Kassouf grinded and grinded but just couldn’t get back in it after losing a few key pots. He eventually shoved his last 10 bigs in with a gut shot and second pair, but ran into the top pair of Jack Allen who started to take grip of the final. Will finished 6th for £6,880.

Alex Spencer who was my pick to take it down blinded down to 10 bigs before shoving the button with A-2 and ran into Jack in the big blind holding pocket Kings. He couldn’t get there this time and cashed for £8,715 for 5th. I would say it could be part of his Vegas fund but he isn’t old enough to go yet.

Matt Simpson was crippled and had to grind and grind. He got his last lot of chips in live with K-J against the A-6 of Jack. No King or Jack meant that Matt left us in 4th for £12,020.

There was then talk of a deal but they were rejected by Richard who wanted to play on.

Jack Allen got up to 5 million, but a few bluffs that went wrong resulted in him being left with ten bigs. Blind on blind he shipped the small and Richard woke up with Jacks in the big. He would need a miracle to get out of this one as he tabled 10-6. The miracle didn’t happen. Third place would be good to get Jack £18,345. A fantastic performance.

There wasn’t much play left as we got to heads up. Iwan only starting with ten bigs. He got the double up he needed straight away and didn’t look back. He was one card away from winning it when Richard hit a straight.

The key hand in the heads up battle was both players all in on a flop of 10—9—3, Iwan with top pair and Richard with an open ended straight draw. The top pair held and Iwan hand one hand on the trophy.

The final hand was a coinflip Iwan holding 8-10 against the 3-3 of Richard. An eight on the turn meant it was all over!!

Richard cashing for £25,200 while Iwan taking home the trophy, £32,030 and will forever be known as Genting Poker Series Stoke Champion 2014.

Stoke has been a great host yet again. It’s ran like clock work thanks to Raf, Kevin & Pingu, all the dealers, valets and everyone else involved.

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage and you are what makes it special with your interaction.

The Genting Poker Series go on a break now but we will be back in Newcastle from 23rd-27th July. I hope you join us there.

Until next time, be lucky.

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