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By James Lowe, posted January 16, 2014

When Genting Poker partnered with Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club and introduced an extra leg to GPSII, the combined popularity of the series and the venue was always likely to create an enormous tournament.

No one was surprised therefore, when the event became the biggest GPS tournament to date and one of the top three tournaments of all time staged by DTD. Attracting a massive 935 runners, boosted by an incredible 536 Day 1C entries, this GPS leg created a pot of £374,000 and an initial winner’s prize of £80,000.

Such is the popularity of the Genting Poker Series, the sponsors have raised their guarantee for 2014’s GPSIII to more than £1million across the 8 legs. From the massive entry, 40 players returned for Sunday’s final day with Scotland’s Stuart Giulian leading the field courtesy of a 2,276,000 stack and Giulian still held pole position when the final table sat down at 7pm with the rails bracing themselves for a very long night.

First to leave the feature table was two-time bracelet winner JP Kelly, followed soon after by Chris Vernon and the rest knuckled down before Grant Mercado and Asif Raja were shown the door.

After the 11pm break, it was Niels Ladefoged who left next when he ran in to Nottingham’s own Simon Deadman who hit triple 3’s. Deadman pulled the same trick when hitting triple 5’s to knock-out Giulian a little after midnight. The Scotsman’s A-10, failing to topple Deadmans’s 4-5 of Diamonds, when the flop came 2-6-5 and the third 5 came on the river. Still, the consolation of £16,500 more than doubled Stuart’s combined tournament winnings to date.

An hour later, with Deadman a clear chip leader the three protagonists cut a deal which saw the local player lock in £70,000 with Tim Slater and Genting Casino Newcastle qualifier Michael Richardson taking £42,500 and £38,000 respectively with play continuing for the remaining £1,000 and of course, the prized Genting Poker Trophy.

Slater drew some blood from Deadman when his A-4 stood up in a big hand against K-10, and the board came 3-6-5-5-5, but in the next hand passed it along a seat to Richardson, when pushing with K-Q, only to lose out to Q-J, supported by J-6-10-5-5. Soon after Deadman took his revenge when eliminating Slater in third place.

At heads-up, Deadman held a 10-1 advantage with more than 21million chips, but Richardson was happy to grind it out. At such a disadvantage, it must have seemed like pushing water uphill, but the never say die attitude from the man from County Durham, who qualified for the event by winning a £65 in-club qualifier at Genting Casino Newcastle, saw him repeatedly turn the tables, until a pair of 10’s sealed victory against Deadman’s A-8 and it was all over.

Richardson was a little subdued in his victory straight afterwards, “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But I am sure it will in the morning. I’m pretty inexperienced in major tournaments, in fact the only other one I have played was the Genting Poker Series in Newcastle last year and I qualified for this event in a qualifier at that casino this time around. I was always confident about my game though, and I never felt intimidated when Simon and I got to heads-up, even though I was a massive underdog at that stage. I knew I had to pick my shots, and thankfully they all came off.”

Final table result: GPS II Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, £400 NLHE, 935 Entries.
1st - £39,000 & Trophy, Michael Richardson
2nd - £70,000 Simon Deadman
3rd - £42,500 Tim Slater
4th - £16,500 Stuart Giulian
5th - £12,500 Niels Ladefoged
6th - £10,500 Asif Raja
7th - £8,500 Grant mercado
8th - £7,000 Chris Vernon
9th - £5,500 JP Kelly

Whilst DTD brought down the curtain on GPS II, there are less than four weeks before the start of Genting Poker Series III, when the tournament returns to Genting Club Star City, Birmingham from 12 - 16 February 2014.

Kevin Proctor, Head of Poker, Genting UK commented, “Dusk Till Dawn provided a sensational end to GPSII. Rob Yong and his team at DTD have been the perfect tournament partners for Genting and every player I spoke to enjoyed the event immensely. The side tournaments were almost as lively as the main event, the £150 tournament on Sunday attracted over 450 runners alone, which shows the overall attraction of this series as it strengthens year on year.”

Rob Yong, owner of Dusk Till Dawn was equally delighted by the event. “It has been an absolutely amazing effort by all the Gentling card rooms across the country to generate this record field. This is in the top three tournaments we have ever staged at DTD and it was exactly what the club was created for. I am delighted that DTD is now an integral part of the Genting Poker Series and I would be very surprised if we can’t build upon this further for September, when the GPS returns to Nottingham.”

The £1million GPS III dates in 2014 are:
Date Venue     Buy In Guarantee
12 - 16 Feb 2014 Genting Club Star City, Birmingham £400 + £40 £125,000
12 - 19 March 2014 Genting Club Sheffield       £400 + £40 £125,000
9 -13 April 2014 Genting Club Westcliff. Southend £400 + £40 £125,000
21 – 25 May 2014 Genting Club Stoke £400 + £40 £125,000
6 – 10 August 2014 Genting Casino Newcastle £400 + £40 £125,000
17 – 21 September 2014       DTD, Nottingham         £400 + £40 £125,000
29 Oct – 2 Nov 2014 Genting Club Fountainpark, Edinburgh       £400 + £40 £125,000
10 – 14 December 2014       Genting Club Sheffield, Grand Final £800 + £80 £200,000

Genting has raised the guarantee of the prize pool for each regional leg of the series to £125,000 (buy-in £400 + £40) and maintained a sensational £200,000 guarantee (buy-in £800 + £80) for the Grand Final.

Qualification satellites will be running regularly online,, and throughout Genting Casinos across the country. The streaming coverage on Genting Poker TV has been sensational this year for online poker fans watching at Further information on the remainder of this year’s GPS and all the news for 2014 can be found online at

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