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By James Lowe, posted December 17, 2013

15 December 2013, Sheffield.

Twenty-two year old Richard Milner from Tamworth, East Midlands, showed true Sheffield steel to take down the £200,000 Grand Final of the Genting Poker Series II in Sheffield on Sunday evening. After a five hour heads up tussle, he finally lifted the coveted trophy and pocketed a very useful £40,480 first prize to make sure Christmas has a little extra sparkle this year.

The huge popularity of the Genting Poker Series was borne out yet again when a field size of 262 players, compared to 176 a year ago, shuffled up in the impressive Genting Club, Sheffield. Tournament Director, Raf White, had a smile as big as Santa Clause himself as GPSII succeeded in becoming the only series in the UK to smash its guarantee in every event in 2013.

Starting the final day with 18 17 players in contention, they dropped away very quickly until the dinner break, at which point the final quartet leveled out the prize fund according to their chip count and left £10,000 on the table for the outright winner. Leon Campbell was the next to fall when his KK ran in to Adam Picken’s AA and the bullets held up.

With the remaining three grinding it out, it was another two hours before the most local player of the trio, 22 year old Adam Picken from Doncaster, bowed out in third place. But the Durham University graduate was not too disheartened to be heading up the M18 with his biggest tournament cash to date, £33,845.

The heads-up between Tamworth based Richard Milner and Londoner Rupom Pal looked as if it might come to a speedy conclusion when Milner piled on the pressure with a pair of 8’s, and Pal called with A9. But the board was kind to the capitals’ representative with another A9 helping him to double up and take the chip lead.

Then a five hour war of attrition ensued, with the chip lead swinging back and forth repeatedly. Milner doubled up with AK holding up against Pal’s A5, and a little after midnight Pal pushed again with 22 and caught a call from Milner with 33. There were wry smiles between the pair when nothing came on the board to help either player and Milner doubled up again with another 2.3 million chips to take the advantage back once more.

By 01.30, Pal had ground out another significant advantage and Milner pushed with AJ, immediately called by Pal’s KJ. Nothing came again and Milner doubled up for the fourth time. When the end did come it was Milner who pushed in with 44 to be called by Pal with A10, this time the table helped a little with a pair of nines, giving Milner the title of Genting Poker Series Champion.

Milner may work in the family owned garden centre by day, but his poker future is beginning to look distinctly rosy. “It’s been an incredible tournament for me. I took a year out from poker because Ii was running deep in to a few events but just not getting anywhere. This is the biggest cash I have ever had, by some margin.”

Pal quipped. “That was exhausting. But I am pleased too. It is my first GPS, in fact the first time I have played a UK event outside of London. Richard played great all day and when we got to heads-up it could have gone either way. We both had chances but the extra £10,000 meant neither of us was going to do anything stupid. I just need to see how the trains are…. I have to be back at work in the city in 3 hours!”   

Final table result: GPS II Grand Final, Sheffield,  £800 NLHE,  Entries: 262
1st - £40,480 Richard Milner
2nd - £30,750 Rupon Pal
3rd - £33,190 Adam Picken
4th - £30,740 Leon Campbell
5th - £11,320 Nathan Davies
6th - £9,220 Danny Rawlinson
7th - £7,130 Gabriel Tuna
8th - £5,760 Leo McClean
9th - £4,200 Ben Vinson

Whilst billed as the Grand Final, the curtain isn’t ready to drop on GPS II just yet, with the sponsors recently announcing the addition of an extra leg to this series at the popular Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham from the 8 - 12 January 2014.

DTD owner, Rob YoungYong has been busy touring the midlands poker circuit and promoting the new leg by placing a GPS bounty on his own head in every tournament he plays between now and January 8.

Genting are also giving away an incredible 207 seats worth over £91,000 Guaranteed in the lead up to GPS Leg 8 DTD, whilst GPS III Super Satellite Month (Monday 2nd December to Thursday 9th January) has daily tournaments at 8pm and 10pm with the chance to win a seat into the Main Event. Satellites can be found in the lobby of,, and throughout Genting Casinos across the country.

Kevin Proctor, Poker Manager at Genting UK, “Without sounding like a cliché, I couldn’t be more pleased at the continued popularity of the Series with the countries poker players in this country. Raf and his team have been fantastic again this year and it is no mean feat, when you consider we go from Star City to Edinburgh, Southend to Sheffield that the series is the only major UK event that hasn’t had an overlay this year. I fully expect the addition of Dusk Till Dawn to make GPS III even bigger and better in 2014.”

As always, Genting Poker TV will be streaming all the live action on

The dates for 2014 are:

Date Venue     Buy In Guarantee
12 - 16 Feb 2014 Genting Club Star City, Birmingham £400 + £40 £125,000
12 - 1916 March 2014 Genting Club Sheffield £400 + £40 £125,000
9 -13 April 2014 Genting Club Westcliff. Southend £400 + £40 £125,000
21 – 25 May 2014 Genting Club Stoke £400 + £40 £125,000
6 – 10 August 2014 Genting Casino Newcastle £400 + £40 £125,000
17 – 21 September 2014 DTD, Nottingham £400 + £40 £125,000
29 Oct – 2 Nov 2014 Genting Club Fountainpark, Edinburgh £400 + £40 £125,000
10 – 14 December 2014 Genting Club Sheffield, Grand Final £800 + £80 £200,000

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