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New 13.1 Software version on Genting Poker

By Gary Oakes, posted April 26, 2013

We have just launched our new improved V13.1 software on Genting Poker, it brings some cool changes and some great additions to tournaments.

Configurable Betting Buttons

Players can now create configurable betting buttons, which give them the ability to set their own bespoke multiples of BB pre flop, and of pot size post flop. 

Go into Options, then Table

Genting Poker Configre Betting Buttons Start

Click “Configure Betting Buttons”

You’ll then see an options box as below:

Genting Poker Configure Betting Buttons Choices

So from here you can choose your Pre Flop and Post Flop options, you can see from the images below the various choices available to you.  We’ve set our account up to be as Elky like as possible, we believe in the mantra, go big or go home! (We are often on way home)

Genting Poker Betting Buttons - Choosing your Pre Flop Type

Genting Poker Betting Buttons - Choosing your Pre Flop Multiple

Genting Poker Betting Buttons - Choosing your Post Flop Type

Genting Poker Betting Buttons - Choosing your Post Flop %age

Genting Poker - Elky Style!

So now we have chosen our options, lets see how it looks on an uber high stakes table as below….

Genting Poker Pre Flop Betting Buttons

Genting Poker Post Flop Buttons

So there you have it, create your own tailored buttons!

So what else is new?

I don’t know about you, but I love shoot out tournaments.  You know the format, each table plays to a winner who then progresses to the next round?  Well out new software gives us the ability to launch Sit N Go Shootouts and MTT Shootouts.  They are coming soon and we plan to try out all varieties with some cool Genting Poker Series Satellite shootouts.

You’ll be able to spot Shootouts by the following icon in the lobby, and the fact that they will be called Shootout in their name.  For icon hunters, our software suppliers have created an icon which I personally think looks more like a water lily, but I think they were trying to create an explosion type image….which I am not sure has any relevance to shootouts.  Anyway, if you see the water lily / fruit bowl, its a shootout tournament.

Genting Poker Shootout

Shootouts have been added to filters, so you can filter to show or indeed not show them.

That just about summarises the recent changes, we love software tweaks, and are especially looking forward to trying out our new betting buttons on some Shootout tournaments!



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