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Speed Poker is here!

By Gary Oakes, posted September 10, 2012

Today we launch Speed Poker on Genting Poker, which is a brand new format of the online game from iPoker.  I’ve been testing it all weekend, and can confirm the following…

It is GREAT!

For those familiar with Zoom and Rush poker, you’ll know the format, for those who aren’t, here is a simple run down.

The format of Speed Poker is such that once you have folded, you are immediately moved to another table and dealt another hand.  It’s like multitabling, on one table! So you are dealt 7-2, you fold, and are immediately moved to a new table and dealt 10-5 and fold and are immediately dealt 9-3 (your luck has to change soon!) so you fold and are immediately dealt K-K, which you don’t fold.

It is as fast as you can read that sentence.  Instantly moving the moment you press Fold.

There are two ways to fold.  “Speed Fold” instantly folds you, no matter where the action is on the table and moves you to another seat (don’t worry, you aren’t acting out of turn, you’ll still ‘appear’ at the table to the players who are still playing on it). Checking the “Fold” box waits until the action is on you before you fold and are moved.

The other controls during the game are exactly the same.

As Speed Poker is currently a Beta version (which means extended customer testing) the stakes are low with $0.10/$0.20 being the max stakes, and the game is limited to No Limit Hold Em and Pot Limit Hold Em.  Once we get more players playing it, the blind range wil increase.

We love speed poker, it is great fun and action packed, no more waiting around for premium hands for you nits, and for action junkies, you don’t need to have 10 tables open at once anymore, although it is perfectly possible to multitable Speed Poker! Looking forward to those youtube videos showing people doing just that!

We welcome any feedback on Speed Poker, the best ways to do that are:

On Facebook by telling Gabrielle Genting

On the Gentng Poker Feedback thread on The Hendon Mob Forum

On Poker Discussion forum on A World of Poker

By Live Chat to our UK Live Chat agents!

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