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New GPS Satellite - GPS Seat 7-2 Satellite!

By Gary Oakes, posted May 23, 2012

 GPS Seat 7-2 Satellite £20 + £2 with £10 Rebuys and Add On


Date: Tuesday 29th May at 8pm and then every Tuesday until further notice.

Prize Pool: 2 x Genting Poker Series Main Event Seats  GTD, plus £55 Super Sat Token for qualifying 7-2 hands.

Qualifying 7-2 Hands Rule is as follows:

    Qualifying 7-2 Hands are only eligible AFTER the Rebuy period has closed, 7-2 hands won during the Rebuy period do not count.

    Take a hand to the River and win it with 7-2 as your hole cards

    Doesn’t matter whether you win by having the better hand, or by making your opponents fold

    5 cards must be dealt on the board

    A print screen is needed of the hand (see below for how to do it) which can be taken from the live screen or hand replayer.

    The print screen needs to show the Server Time, Table Number and Current hand number in the top left hand corner (or the hand ID in the bottom right hand corner of the hand replayer), do not obstruct or alter the print screen in anyway please.

    The print screen must be posted up onto Facebook on the The Genting Poker Series page ( )

    Or on Twitter mentioning @GPSeries, with a hash tag #GPSeries on the tweet!
    Once verified we’ll add the £55 GPS Seat Super Sat token into your account
    The offer is ONLY open on GPS Seat 7-2 Satellites, but can be won multiple times in a single satellite by the same player or different players. 

 How to save a print screen:

    Press the PRT SCR or Print Screen button on your keyboard, usually located in the top right.

    Open something like PAINT (usually found in Accessories within Programs)

    On a blank Paint document, right click your mouse and press Paste

    Save the picture.

How to Post on Facebook:

Go to your Facebook page, and search for The Genting Poker Series (

Like the page (you know you are on the right page, if the page has a picture of various players including Paul and Ben Jackson, The Hendon Mob and Daiva on it, along with Ruslan Vlasov and Albert Sapiano at the top)

Click Photo/Video and upload your photo, type us a message stating GPS 7-2 Token claim please! Plus anything else you want to add.

How to Post on Twitter:

Go to your twitter page

Search for @GPSeries and follow us.

Click the compose new tweet option and click the photo (camera) icon, upload your picture and write “I’m claiming my £55 GPS Token from @GPSeries for taking down a hand with 7-2 #GPSeries

Terms and Conditions:

1. This is a fun promotion, and we reserve the right to disqualify players who we feel are acting contrary to the goodwill of the promotion.

2. The £55 GPS Seat Super Sat token will be added within 24 hours, provided your claim is valid.

3. We reserve the right to alter or cancel this promotion as as see fit

4. General terms and conditions apply

4. E&OE

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