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New Genting Poker software 12.2 now launched

By Gary Oakes, posted May 29, 2012

Version 12.2 of the Genting Poker software has just been released, upon login your software should update automatically.

The highlights are:

1. Fixes: This version is promised to fix many of the tournemnt lobby / payout / crashing issues that have plagued the iPoker network for the last two months.  Here’s hoping!

2. Token Notification in Tournament Lobby: A new small token icon notification is used in the name column in the Poker lobby tournaments grid view. All tournaments that allow registration with tokens are displayed with the token icon. The icon is displayed only to those players who own such tokens.

The icon is displayed only for tournaments in the following statuses:

Late Registration
Gathering - if Late Registration is allowed
Waiting for more players
Upcoming statuses - when the player is not registered yet.

The icon is displayed even when the tournament has restrictions that can affect the registration (restrictions like gender, beginners only, password protected, etc.). The tournament info panel which is displayed on the right in the main lobby contain all available registration options, e.g. Buy-in $11+$1 or PP 11 + PP 1 or Tokens

If there are tournaments in My Favorites > Favorite tournaments section that allow registration with tokens which the player owns, they are also displayed marked with a token icon to this player.

3. One Step Tournament Registration - you can now register from the Lobby, you don’t ned to go into the actual tournament to register / unregister.

4. New Filters - you can now filter many more elements of tables, and actually save your own filter sets. Making it easier to toggle between different filter groups.

5. Find Similar Tables - On cash tables, you’ll see a small icon which enables you to join similar tables.

6. Settings - loads of new settings options are available, with some new features for multitablers allowing you to choose how the software changes focus to active tables.

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