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New Genting Poker Series Bounty Satellites!

By Gary Oakes, posted April 23, 2012

We are delighted to announce some new weekly satellites to the rosta for the Genting Poker Series, and these have ADDED value!

NAME: GPS Bounty Sat

Schedules: Sundays at 6pm until further notice, late reg for first hour

Buy In: £20 + £2 with £10 Rebuys and £10 Add On

Chips: 2000 / 4000 (RB) / 6000 (AO)

Prize Pool: 1 x £430 GPS Main Event Seat token Guaranteed, plus 1 x £430 GPS Main Event Seat token Bounty Added.


Each Sunday a top UK poker pro will play as a bounty in the GPS Bounty Sat.  Knock him/her out and you’ll win their seat to a Genting Poker Series Main Event!  You’ll get to play a GPS Main Event as our sponsored player!

The Satellite pays out 1 x £430 Genting Poker SEries Main Event seat Guaranteed out of the prize pool, paying out another £430 GPS Main Event seat for every £430 collected.  The balance of monies collected but below £430 is paid out normally in cash.  It also has the Bounty Seat ADDED.

Note: The bounty seat you are winning is a sponsored seat, therefore you will play as a sponsored player. 50% of any money you win as a sponsored player in that event will be paid back to your sponsor (Genting), but remember the Bounty seat is ADDED value, it is not being deducted from the Satellite prize pool.

The other seats won in the Satellite (as part of the prize pool) are normal seats, not subject to any deduction.

The pro player will use the Rebuys and will take the Add On.

So take on the pro, take their seat and become a sponsored pro!


Day Date Pro Nickname
Sunday 29-Apr Daiva Barauskaite Balticblonde
Sunday 06-May Joe Beevers Joe Beevers
Sunday 13-May Karl Mahrenholz NearesttheP1n
Sunday 20-May Ben Jackson Ben Jackson
Sunday 27-May Barny Boatman Barny Boatman
Sunday 03-Jun Paul Jackson 11BRS11
Sunday 10-Jun Ross Boatman Ross Boatman
Sunday 17-Jun Nick Jenkins Ripple22


Terms & Conditions & Rules:

  1. This promotional satellite runs until further notice
  2. The 1 x £430 GPS Main Event Seat Guaranteed )or indeed more than one if the prize pool allows is a standard seat, issued as a token which the winning player needs to use to register for their chosen day / leg online.
  3. The 1 x £430 GPS Main Event Seat Bounty is awarded as a sponsorship package, the winning player will be contacted within 24 hours of the tournament finishing, will be expected to wear a Genting Poker or alternative brand patch, as required by Genting, and will play their chosen Main Event on the basis that they will return 50% of any monies they win in the Main Event to Genting.
  4. The Bounty Player rota is subject to change, in the event of a late change we will post the change on our blog and on Facebook, Twitter, The Hendon Mob forum, and A World of Poker amongst others.
  5. The Bounty Player will rebuy if available, and will Add On, therefore the player winning the bounty prize will be the player who knocks the Bounty Player out FINALLY from the tournament.
  6. In the event of the Bounty player being knocked out in a 3 or more way pot, the winning player will be determined as the player who wins the main pot.
  7. In the event of the Bounty player being knocked out by more than one player, who split the main pot, the player who finished the hand with most chips will be determined as the winner.
  8. In the exceptionally unlikely event that the Bounty Player is knocked out by two or more players who split the main pot and have exactly the same finishing chips, we will award the bounty prize to the player who is sat closest to the bounty player’s right.
  9. In the event of the Bounty Player winning the tournament, the Bounty seat is kept by the Bounty player, so they are playing seriously! In the event of a player winning a seat in the Satellite AND the Bounty seat, they will have 2 x Main Event seats to use.
  10. The Bounty Prize is not exchangeable for cash or any other prize, but is transferrable to other players.
  11. This is a fun promotion and we reserve the right to exclude players who act contrary to the goodwill of the promotion.
  12. Bounty winning tournament
  13. Our decision is final
  14. The promotion is subject to change, and is subject to general poker terms and conditions
  15. E&OE
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