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Genting Poker Series Leg 4 - Player Feedback and thoughts

By Gary Oakes, posted September 10, 2012

We’ve now had all of the survey responses in and I thought it would be good to share the results here, this gives players a good opportunity to make comments about the results and give us even more thoughts.

Firstly the prize winner, the randomly selected Main Event survey winner was: Jason Kemp.  Well done Jason, you’ve won a GPS Main Event Seat of your choice.

Before we get stuck into what YOU thought of Leg 4, here’s what we thought….

We were delighted with the turn out, to almost get almost 500 players for the Main Event was, it is fair to say, beyond our wildest expectations.  Especially with the stiff local competition in the guise of DTD’s £100k GTD tournie running the same weekend.  If anything perhaps we actually helped each other, as the timing of the events was such that players could play GPS leg 4, and if they busted go to DTD and play their great tournament, before returning to Stoke on Sunday to play the Anniversary Cup.  Just like an extra long version of the trip from the Rio to the Venetian to toggle between WSOP and Deepstack tournies!  To be fair, it can easily take an hour in a cab in Vegas, so actually it might be a shorter version….

Its always a shade daunting to the team when you move into someone else’s card room for a week, but the existing team in Genting Club Stoke were very accommodating and they clearly know their poker.  Was it the smoothest run GPS event so far?  Yes I think it probably was.

Clearly the added value of the Anniversary Cup helped significantly, many players making a weekend out of it, and we hope to be able to repeat that next year.  It was also really nice of Stoke to ensure that the Anniversary Cup ran for as long as possible, thus meaning Colin, Raf, Kevin, Katy and James had to work for those extra 5 or so killer hours on the Sunday night / Monday morning!  They love it really.

As for the result, seeing Yucel Mad Turk Eminoglu win the biggest tournament of his long and often noisy career was wonderful, and brings an almost Jedi like balance to the winners list.  We’ve had two young online wizards, and two old school champions so far, what will Legs 5 and 6 bring?

Mad Turk’s victory over Simon Deadman and Yiuey Chung came after they agreed a 3 way chop for £30,000 each and played on for the title, trophy and Grand Final Seat.  Yiuey quickly departed once the deal was done, ensuring he got maximum value for money, leaving Simon and Yucel to battle it out.  Interestingly considering the Final Table had two FT players from Leg 1 (Yucel and Neil Ryder), where the post deal play took fooooorrrreeeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrr, this time round it was over quicker than our photographer could change batteries. Meaning I could go home, and the rest of the TD team could focus on the Aniversary Cup…for another 5 hours…

Mad Turk - a great and worthy champion.

So we were happy, were you?  Here are the survey results and following them, some key common things you’ve asked for, and what our response is.

Question 1: Rate the Reg Process

91% Excellent, 9% Good

Question 2: Rate the Tournament Structure

86% Excellent, 14% Good

Question 3: Rate the Dealer Quality

58% Excellent, 39% Good, 3% Acceptable

Question 4: Rate the Surroundings

50% Excellent, 46% Good, 4% Acceptable

Question 5: Rate Leg 4 Overall

81% Excellent, 19% Good

Question 6: How likely are you to play another?

76% Definitely, 18% Probably, 6% Unsure

Common Requests / Comments

Range and availability of food - there was an incident completely outside of our control which the F&B team coped with very well, so they were a tad understaffed in the kitchen, however we take on board the comments and are working to bring a better offering to Sheffield leg.

Temperature in the card room - we agree it was a shade on the warm side, we thought you’d like it considering the rubbish summer we’ve had so far.  There was a challenge with the climate control on Day 1 which we fixed and it was fine on Day 2 and 3.

Cramped nature of the tables on the casino floor - there is little we can do to fix that, the number of players was above expectation, and any casino that is willing to remove a whole gaming pit to accommodate poker should be applauded! We know it was cramped, but then again we had over 1200 poker players in over a weekend!

Lack of Free Buffet - this was raised by several players.  Our budget doesn’t stretch to offering a free buffet on a £30 reg fee.  The reg fee delivers probably the best structured tournament at this level of buy in anywhere in the world, and we are proud to be able to offer 3 days of poker, 1 hour levels and loads of play.  Comparisons with other UK ‘tours’ where buffets are offered, should bear in min that their fee is often more than double ours, and they still play over 3 days….dealers aren’t any cheaper just because the buy in is less!  The Anniversary Cup offered a free Sunday Lunch simply because that is Stoke tradition, just like adding money to the prize pool for it also!

Variety of Side Events - we are exploring testing some different sides for Sheffield.  No promises, but a couple of test events may be added.

Ten Handed Tables - similar comment to the one about the buffet, it is about balancing what is best for the tournament and what is best for the bottom line and long term future for the GPS! We do move to 9 handed tables on Day 2 as soon as we are able, and I think this is currently the best compromise.  Ten Handed tables used to be the standard everyhwhere, not sure it actually makes a whole hill of difference to the tournament to be honest…..

Not Pausing the Clock on the bubble / hand for hand - will be be done from now on.

I didn’t cash - Was easily the most common ‘gripe’, which shows we must be doing something right.  For all those who didn’t cash, we’ve asked the powers that be in the game to flick the doom switch to off, and to sprinkle you with some Run Good dust upon entry to the online leg and Sheffield leg.

There were other comments / suggestions which were less common, we will still look at these and make changes were we can.

There was also much positive feedback, I’m not going to bore you with the details, but amongst the feedback was praise for the Valets, Dealers, Colin and Raf, the structure, the chip stack, the TV table and Media broadcast, Mad Marty Mad Wilson, Paul Zimbler, The Tower and so on.  Even Dave Williams got a mention, I believe it was a sarcastic comment, but at least he was being noticed!

So finally it brings me to unashamedly ask you….if you did enjoy the Genting Poker Series….vote for us here

We are up for 2 awards - Best UK Tournament (Genting Poker Series) and Biggest Contribution to UK Poker (Kevin Proctor and I), so if you haven’t voted yet, please take about 15 seconds out and vote!

Thanks for reading and thanks even more for playing!





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