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Genting Poker Series Leg 3 Survey Results

By Gary Oakes, posted September 10, 2012

The Leg 3 survey closed last week, and we have now compiled the results, which are detailed below. 

Thanks to the 70 players who completed the survey and congratulations to Kevin Wood  who won the prize draw and with it a GPS Main Event Seat!

Survey Results (Vs L2 and L1)

1. Rate the Reg Process
98.5% Rated it Excellent or Good (94% and 86%)

2. Rate the Tournament Structure
98.5% Rated it Excellent or Good (97% and 99%)

3. Rate the Dealer Quality
96% Rated Excellent or Good (85% and 89%)

4. Rate the Surroundings
98.5% Rated Excellent or Good (79% and 83%)

5. Rate Leg 3 Overall
100% Rated Excellent or Good (92% and 86%)

6. How Likely to play another
63% Definitely (61% and 67%)
26% Probably (31% and 25%)

(I guess the last one will diminish as there are fewer events and dates left)

We had a lot of comments about two specific rules and the application of them.

The folding / acting out of turn rule and the instant two hand sit out penalty is now being changed.  We accept that players will make genuine errors, and they shouldn’t be treated like naughty children, so the rule will change to make it fairer, but to still enable us to stop the deliberate acting out of turn.

The mobile phine at tables rule is also being modified, players being away from home for 3 or 4 days are probably already under enough pressure from the ‘other half’ so if they need to make/take a quick call they can do, as long as they are not in a hand and it doesn’t affect the game.  This rule will be modified also.

We want friendly, accessible, tournaments, not uber regulated ones!

Thanks again to the players who gave us feedback, well done to Kev and roll on Leg 4!


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