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By James Lowe, posted February 23, 2012

The Genting Poker Series kicked off this week in my beautiful home town Birmingham, the main event is a £400 freezout with a starting stack of 25k and a 1 hour clock so its a fantastic structure with a lot of poker being played and I cant think of anywhere else where you get such a good structure for a £400 comp.

I decided to play day 1B which was friday but decided to go down on thursday meet up with some friends and do a little bit of commentry with Marty Wilson. I got there about 11pm and was happy to see my dad was still in and on the feature table. I then went and spoke to a few friends before I went to see Marty and start the commentry. I sat down and for about the first five minutes I didnt say a word as anyone who knows Marty knows he likes to talk, and talk is what he did !! I did this for a few hours until the comp had finished then had a few drinks with some friends that were playing and then decided to drive home fairly earlyish so I would be able to get up the following day.

The next day I woke up about 12 30 and with the comp starting at 1 I had a funny feeling I wasnt going to make it, I managed to get there for about 2 30 which I thought was fairly good for me and as the structure is so good I only lost a few hundred chips and was at no disadvantage. My starting table was fairly soft apart from one flairy boy who didnt want to fold vs me and was trying to bluff me everytime we was in a pot, I didnt mind this but I would prefer a more passive table which would allow me to just plod for the first few hours, I managed to get my stack to about 35k from the starting 25k and then got moved to the featured table. I never really got going on this table, I had Karl Mahrenholz to my left who kept owning me, I went down to about 15k and eventually got the remaining of my stack in flipping and lost so I went straight to the buyin desk and rebought !!! Fortunatly I had a good start on this table as on my first hand I flopped a set vs a guys flush draw and the board paired and brought the flush which im not going to lie it was a decent turn for me and I doubled up and straight away im up to 50k, about half another later I opened KK and got 3bet by my mate who about 5 minutes ago said to he never thinks I have it so this felt like a nice little spot for me, I 4bet and he shoves AQ, I held and was up to 90k ish with the average at about 45k, there was only a few hours remaining of the day and I got moved to the featured table and again everything went wrong and I eventually blew up and spunked my stack down to 24k with about 20 minutes left of the day, I decided to walk off and not come back until tomorow and hopefully I would feel better and more motivated as otherwise I was going to blow the rest of the stack and not even make day 2. Gary Oakes came and spoke to me and managed to give me some words of wisdom which de-tilted me which was nice of him !

I came back half an hour later and my chips where bagged up and I had about half average, people were already drinking at the bar so I decided to go and join them for 1 or 2 and then come back fresh the next day, that didnt go to plan and I ended up drinking all night and not getting in till about 9am, I met a lot of new people and had a really good night.

I woke up the next day feeling pretty rough but new I had a comp to win!! I quickly jumped in the shower and got to star city about 10 minutes after it had started, and again found myself at the featured table which hadnt gone well for me so far!! Gary looked at me and said 3rd time lucky! So I had to be positive and I decided to was going to old school my way as far as possible, so I ended up participating in 3 hands in the first 2 hours ( one of them I open shoved and everyone folded) so I was pretty bored as you can imagine, but I was still in and fighting so as long as thats the case im happy. Our table then moved from the feature table to a different table, I also had to other Genting pros on my table, Barny Boatman and Joe Beevers, at this point they both had around 200k and were both playing well. I managed to plod my stack up to 70k and then got a gift from someone who raised UTG to 6k ( blinds 1200 2400) I made it 13400 in BB and he jams for 150k with AJ, my aces hold and im up to 150k and feeling great. Unfortunaly everything went wrong from there as I was getting 3bet by some 105 year old everytime I opened and had a few cooler hands, I ended up plodding into the money with 15bb and eventually got it in BvB with KJ against A9 and he held. I then did a bit more commentry with Paul Zimbler who I thought was hilarious and a real nice guy.

I went back on Sunday to watch the final and do a little commentry as I knew a few guys on there, unfortunaly none of them won, but overall it was a great comp with a great set up. So hopefully Ill see you at the next one in london !!!

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