The Poker Novice - Undercover - Part One

The Poker Novice – Undercover – Part One

I have for many years had a burning desire to get to grips with ‘real poker’ but not being one for showing myself up, I shied away from the tables on previous visits to casinos through fear of embarrassing myself. Playing casually with friends in the past, I knew the hands (more or less), and how the game unfolds, but wasn’t up on all the terminology, the tactics and some of the finer points of the game.

At 6pm I began a two hour crash course to get prepared for my first ever poker competition. The tournament was staring at 8pm, my stomach was already churning with some initial nerves. Two members of Genting’s poker team at Star City, Birmingham talked me through as much as they could, exciting me with the potential prize pot, striking fear into me by showing me just how much I didn’t know, and opening my eyes to the value players get from a well-run poker tournament in a great casino setting

It was Monday, so the tournament was a low buy in, which meant no risk, but still a very healthy potential windfall. It was a £15 + £5 entry (which means £20 to enter, £15 goes to the prize pot, £5 is the admin fee), with a guaranteed prize pool of £1,000! I was surprised to learn that for such a small entry fee most players would get up to seven hours of play.

So after getting my head around the difference between a raise and a bet, knowing when the board is wet or dry and deciding whether my strategy should be loose or tight or somewhere in between, it was time to play!

If you want to see how I fared in my first ever poker tournament, come back soon for part two of the Poker Novice undercover.

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