Instant Baccarat Bonus

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Instant Baccarat Bonus

Instant Baccarat Bonus is a Genting’s exciting new progressive. After several months of development, analysis and simulations by a systems expert from Las Vegas it was launched at Genting Casino Hurst Street Birmingham on Wednesday 12th December.

The mechanic is simple with a bonus paid out when a player reaches a set amount of consecutive banks. The bonus start paying out at 8 consecutive banks which is a set amount of £100, with further levels up to 14 banks, after which it rises to 25% of the jackpot for 15 banks and 100% jackpot for 16 banks.

The bonus is seeded at £10,000 and it was good to see a customer hitting 15 consecutive banks in just 3 days which shows it is very winable.

We look forward to seeing many more players aiming to claim the jackpot in the comings days and weeks.

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