Play Super Sic Bo Live

Game play artwork for Super Sic Bo


If you love to roll the dice, you'll love Super Sic Bo. It is a classic, simple dice game made even more exciting by the possibility of random multipliers up to 1,000 times!

One of the most popular Asian games, which originated in China, it is now available to play with Genting.

Sic Bo in Chinese means 'Dice Pair' - and the game could not be simpler. In this incredible version, three dice are rolled and you predict the outcome of the dice roll. If choosing correctly, you win. If not, you lose. It is a simple concept, but the number of bet types that can be made are surprisingly large.

This live edition of Super Sic Bo online is simple for new players and offers total satisfaction for experienced Sic Bo devotees, with incredible levels of excitement in every game round - especially with the random 1,000-times multiplier, which means you have the chance to win big!

The objective when you play Super Sic Bo online is to pick one or more combinations from the betting table that will be the outcome of the shake of the three dice.

Players place their bets on one or more combinations shown on the game's betting table to predict the outcome of the dice shake.

Super Sic Bo offers a wide variety of different bets types and each bet has its own payout rate.

Small/Big is the total of the three dice being Small (4-10) or Big (11-17) and pays 1/1 (or evens).

Odd/Even is the total of the three dice being Odd or Even and pays 1/1 (or evens).

When you play Super Sic Bo, you can also bet on the Total. Simply place your bet on any of the 14 betting areas labelled 4-17 and if successful, the payout is 50/1 to499/1. You win if the total of the three dice adds up to the Total number on which you placed your bet, except for the number 3 and 18.

If you place your bet on a Single - any of the six betting areas labelled One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six which represent the six face values of a dice, and if one of three dice, two of three dice or all three dice show the number you bet on, you will receive respective payouts of 1/1 (or evens), 2/1 to 19/1 (for a Double) or 3/1 to 87/1 (for a Triple). The more dice that show the number you bet on, the higher your payout.

There are also bets available for Double, Triple, Any Triple and Combination bets, all with various winning odds.

It is an easy-to-play, enthralling game and with the added twist of the random multipliers up to 1,000 times, it means Super Sic Bo offers the chance to walk away with a massive haul.

So, if you like dice with spice, we have some great news - you can now play Super Sic Bo on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, anytime, anywhere! That's our kind of shake, rattle and roll.

Game play artwork for Super Sic Bo