Game play artwork for Roulette Live Edinburgh

Roulette Live Edinburgh

Fountain Park, in the heart of Edinburgh, is one of Genting's premier casinos. With its outstanding Fahrenheit Restaurant and wealth of live gaming and slots, it is one of Scotland's top entertainment destinations. With good reason.

And now Genting Casinos has launched Roulette Live Edinburgh, which offers Scotland's only genuine gaming experience that exists in the online gaming world. For it is the only table streamed online, thus enabling you to playRoulette Live Edinburgh online anywhere you desire.

A dedicated roulette table at Fountain Park brings the feeling of live casino betting direct to your mobile device. What's more, you can also play in the stunning Fountain Park casino itself - and create part of the thrilling, intoxicating atmosphere, which will be picked up and streamed live to all players using their mobile devices around the world.

GentingBet's Head of Casino, Wayne Fisher, said: "Edinburgh is a world-renowned city with an abundance of history, and this ties in with our continued project to offer our loyal players an in-club experience online.

"Edinburgh will join Mayfair, Birmingham and Manchester within our Dual Play offering."

When you play Roulette Live Edinburgh online on your mobile device, you will be able to have the same player limits as in the casino itself. Don't worry about your privacy being invaded - Genting's expertly-positioned cameras will capture every detail of the roulette table, but none of the faces of anyone betting at the table.

You can also play Roulette Live Edinburgh online in the Casino without having to crowd the table. Why not play the same roulette table on your app, placing your bets away from the crowd? It's a great way of having a wager without letting on to everyone else how much or little you are betting. You still get the unique thrill of the live action and the unmistakable atmosphere of this exclusive venue, but also the privacy that goes with it.

So, if you are on a winning streak at the table but time pressures mean you have to be somewhere else, you can seamlessly switch from the real thing to the next-best thing and continue to play at the first Live online table in Scotland through your device. It's a great way to try and chase that big jackpot while you are on a roll.

This is a notable first ever Live table of its kind to launch in Scotland and the fourth Roulette Live offering from Genting, having also launched hugely successful online Live tables in Manchester, at Genting International Casino in Birmingham and from Palm Beach in London's Mayfair.

Of course, nothing quite beats a night out at the casino with friends, particularly at Fountain Park, where the stunning culinary skills at the world-famous Fahrenheit Restaurant are on display - and where the extensive menu provides incredible value for money.

However, a night out is not always easy to organise. The wonderful thing about Fountain Park Roulette Live is that you can play it at home with friends and still have the incredible thrill of playing for real money as part of an excited crowd.

The dualplay Roulette Live Edinburgh product is enhanced by at least five expertly chosen camera angles. Not only does it enable you to have the best views of what's happening at the table and help you make the best bets you can, it also makes you feel like you are right in the thick of the action with the other players. You get the best Casino experience and the thrill of the wheel whenever and wherever you want it!

Game play artwork for Roulette Live Edinburgh