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Roulette Live From Birmingham

Dealt Live from the gaming floor at Genting International Casino, 'Roulette Live' allows you to experience the unique atmosphere of playing in Europe's first Resort Casino on your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop!

There's a special thrill to a live Roulette game. Eyeing up the other players around the table, watching the croupier spin the wheel and waiting to see where the ball lands. There's a cornucopia of electronic gambling games online, from Roulette to Slot Machines and beyond, but nothing quite beats a proper game of Roulette in a real casino.

Genting has found the solution for a world where it's difficult to indulge in a trip to a casino for a proper game of roulette: friends can be hard to make plans with, and in a busy life sometimes the only time you have free is the peak of a casino's busy hours, when there's no guarantee you can get around a table when you want to. Those crowds are part of the joyous live experience, but not necessarily what you want when time is limited.

The spin on Roulette Live is that this table is set up in Genting's International Casino, captured by live cameras and beamed to your computer or device, wherever you are! You can bet anonymously from within the Casino, and watch the results play out in front of your eyes, or you can play Roulette Live at your computer on your lunch break, on your phone on the train to work or if you dare to risk it, on your iPad in the bath!

Wherever the internet is accessible you can play Roulette Live online, and get the real casino experience downloaded straight to you. If you can't corral your friends into a casino trip, you can host your own party, and use the Roulette Live game at Genting Casino to get the maximum thrill of betting for real money in an excited crowd.

If you're in the casino yourself, time isn't always on your side. If you're on a winning streak but your watch is calling you home, you can seamlessly switch from betting in person at the Casino to betting at the Live table through a mobile device, and keep chasing that big jackpot while your luck is in.

The Roulette table is captured with at least five expertly chosen camera angles, so you not only have the best view of what's happening at the table and can make the best bets you can, but you also feel like you're right there with the other players. When you play Roulette Live online, you get the best of the Casino experience whenever you want it!

Roulette Live From Birmingham

Select your chip value by clicking on the relevant chip. You will then be able place your selected bets on the table layout during the game round. As betting is drawing to an end, the 'Bets Closing' message will appear at which point you should finish placing your bets. The table minimum bet and maximum bet can be seen in the top left of the game window - you are unable to place bets outside these limits. If you have a winning bet, your balance will update, straight away, before the next game round commences.

There are several features to help make bet placement very easy - the racetrack to the right hand side will assist you to place neighbours bets, section bets and special bets easily. You can also save some of your favourite bets so you can place them again in a later game round in just one click. Game statistics and winning number history are shown so that you can see the hot and cold numbers and bet with just one click. The game statistics will show you results for the last 500 rounds and shortcuts allow you to bet quickly simply by clicking on the display.

Game play artwork for Roulette Live Birmingham