How To Play Authentic Auto Roulette
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How To Play Authentic Auto Roulette

Authentic Gaming is a fairly new game provider and they are considered to be a provider to watch closely in the near future, as they are up and coming and doing really great and innovative things with their games. The particular game we are going to be looking at in this review is Auto Roulette, which was released a while ago now, back in May of 2018, making it one of the first in a 2 year plus string of successful titles. What's interesting about Auto Roulette is that it's actually streamed live from real brick and mortar casinos instead of from some sterile studio. This adds immensely to the live experience and also adds a certain degree of credibility to it.


How To Play Authentic Auto Roulette Technical Features 

Auto Roulette actually offers you many different options to play the game, with mostly subtle differences between each one. However, all of them are variations of the same standard European roulette that the majority of roulette players know, love and prefer. 

European roulette also has the best RTP out of all the roulette variations. Our favourite is Blaze roulette, where every round takes exactly 55 seconds, just like clockwork, and can be played for six hours every night, from 7pm CET on. 

There is also, for example, a VIP mode, where you get extra betting time (30 seconds in total) and the rounds last 65 seconds, and various other modes with betting times in between these two extremes. We love all the variety available here.

How To Play Authentic Auto Roulette Bonus Features

In the Auto Roulette Classic 1 and Classic 2 modes, you also have the option of dual play, meaning being able to play on two wheels at the same time. It also should be noted that, although the streams are live, in these particular variations there is actually no live croupier. 

This is how they keep things so consistent and allow you to just play with no needless interruptions. Like other Authentic games, they have an amazing feature where you get access to a history of the game; in this case, the last 250 rounds played, including the last Hot and Cold numbers (5 of them, to be exact). 

You can also save your betting schemes, and program a set number of spins/bets that you want to make in advance.

How To Play Authentic Auto Roulette Theme and Design

Authentic Gaming has chosen its name the way it has for a very good reason! They really go out of their way to immerse you in the gaming experience and make it like you are in a real brick and mortar casino, trying yourself against the house in an elegant setting. 

The best part of this is that you can get that super classy and fun experience while at home in your pyjamas looking at a tablet or phone. Headphones are highly recommended with any Authentic Gaming game if you want the full immersive experience that really transports you to the casino floor. 

Also, play on the best screen you possibly can so you can see for yourself how authentic Authentic Gaming is.

Conclusion and Verdict

Auto Roulette is a perfect solution for those who prefer smooth and uninterrupted roulette sessions, without any side distractions such as talkative dealers or other human factors that will inevitably slow down the session. 

This is another great innovation by Authentic Gaming, where they have found the best of both worlds in a brand new combination. You get the convenience and speed of an online experience with the full audio and visual of a brick and mortar experience. 

We are personally blown away by the quality of the audio and video, combined with the smoothness of the gameplay. Try this one out if you like roulette, because this may just end up being the absolute perfect experience for you.




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