How To Play Authentic Roulette Live Casino Bad Homburg
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How To Play Authentic Roulette Live Casino Bad Homburg

Authentic Roulette is one of the many offerings by the up and coming new game provider Authentic Gaming. They aim to synthesise the best of all the worlds of gambling. In short, their mission is to bring the best of a real-life brick and mortar casino experience to the convenience of your computer, tablet or even phone. By all measures, they appear to have been quite successful in their endeavour. They have built a studio in Malta where they run several of their online games with real tables, real casino equipment and sometimes with live dealers as well. They have also cut several deals with world-famous casinos to stream games live, including now the prestigious German casino Bad Homburg.


How To Play Authentic Roulette Live Casino Bad Homburg Technical Features

Bad Homburg has been around since 1841, when it was founded by Francois Blanc, who is also famous for having purchased the Monte Carlo casino and making it world-famous. Bad Homburg currently does business as Francois-Blank-Spielbank GmbH in Germany. 

This casino, it is felt, is an excellent match for Authentic Gaming's new innovative features, as it has always considered itself to be at the vanguard of new innovations and new technologies in the casino industry, long before things started to go online a short time ago. 

They were, in fact, famous for constantly offering new innovations precisely in the area of roulette since even the days of their inception so long ago. The tradition continues with this fantastic marriage between the casino and Authentic Gaming.

How To Play Authentic Roulette Live Casino Bad Homburg Bonus Features

The gaming floor of the august and prestigious Bad Homburg casino is unique and generally unmatched anywhere in the world. This stunning setting is translated into the highest quality 4K+ video with the best camera hardware available as of this writing. 

This combined with the judicious use of camera angles makes for some of the best roulette you can ever play online. The live dealers are highly paid experts in their chosen fields, and naturally, are decked out in the most elegant manner possible, to combine seamlessly with the room decorations and the general feel of the game. The whole experience with Authentic Gaming really shouts class and elegance. You may feel weird playing it from home in your robe or pyjamas!

How To Play Authentic Roulette Live Casino Bad Homburg Theme and Design

In some cases, they use pre-recorded video of the world's best croupiers. They do this for many reasons. One is that it allows for faster paces games than if there were a live dealer. The second reason is that it allows them to take advantage of the world-class croupiers over multiple games and multiple scenarios. 

You may worry that the footage would look repetitive and fake, but they have done such a good job of recording multiple takes of every movement that it really looks like you are dealing with a live croupier. We would say 90% of us would have no chance of ever telling the difference if we weren't previously told what was going on with the footage.

Conclusion and Verdict

If you've never given yourself the privilege of playing Authentic Roulette, you definitely have to give it a try! It's truly an interesting experience, and we feel like we are walking into the future when we sit down to one of these games. 

The games themselves are not in VR as of yet (although this will probably happen in the not so distant future), but we highly recommend trying them with VR goggles or similar anyway, because the experience becomes just that much more immersive and fun when you do! 

We are excited to see what Authentic Gaming may do in the future and whether they may possibly extend their partnerships with Bad Homburg and other world-class casinos to include further and more comprehensive innovations of the industry.




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