How To Play Authentic Auto Classic Roulette 2
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How To Play Authentic Auto Classic Roulette 2

Auto Classic Roulette 2 is a game provided by Authentic Gaming. The game was released on 7th July 2016. There are two variants of the game, which include the Auto Classic Roulette 1 and 2. The two were initially released as Authentic Auto Roulette 30 and 60 respectively before being rebranded. This was done after Authentic Gaming expanded its roulette portfolio to allow players to distinguish the games with ease. Although you might come across these games with different names online, be assured that it is the same game altogether. Auto Roulette Classic 1 and 2 are the same as far as the interface and rules are concerned, differing only on the limit of the game round and betting time.


How To Play Authentic Auto Classic Roulette 2 Technical Features

Auto Classic Roulette is controlled by a computer that controls the introduction of the ball and helps to spin the ball. The computer employs the use of a device having compressed air. The game has a betting time of exactly twenty-five seconds. 

There is a laser that reads the position that the ball takes on the wheel to enable visualize the winning number. This game is ideal for you if you enjoy playing real roulette but are into quicker game rounds. 

The good thing about this game is that it makes both the area of the wheel and the win percentages fully visible. You can bet statistics every time you see it. You can make a minimum bet of €0.60 and a maximum bet of €10,000.

How To Play Authentic Auto Classic Roulette 2 Bonus Features

If you are looking for a game that offers a good bonus the Auto Classic Roulette is the game for you. The type of bonus you will get depends on the casino you visit. In most cases, you will get a welcome bonus as a new player when you visit a casino. 

There are additional bonuses depending on the amount of deposit you make. Usually, the higher the deposit the higher the bonus you receive. The game doesn't have a bonus symbol or scatter symbol. 

If you play this game you stand a chance of getting bonus offers that will blow your mind. It is upon you to select a casino that offers the best bonuses and bonus terms.

How To Play Authentic Auto Classic Roulette 2 Theme and Design

Auto Classic Roulette is well designed to provide the best playing experience for every gambler. Both the Auto Classic Roulette 1 and Auto Classic Roulette 2 are automatic roulette versions. This means that the camera is pointed directly to the wheels. 

Therefore there is nothing you are able to see on the background of the games. The playing interface of this game is one of the best you will ever come across. You will have all the options displayed in front of your eyes. 

This will enable you to control and place bets with ease. In this game, you will get the most conceivable game you will ever get. You will find the game easier to interact with due to its design features.

Conclusion and Verdict

If you are looking for a gambling game, look no further than the Auto Classic Roulette. There are two games under this category that differ by a betting time of five seconds. You should choose a game based on your preferred playing speed. 

The good thing about the game is that it offers users one of the best playing interfaces. This will offer you the best bet control and placing process. There are casinos that offer some good bonus offers on the game. 

If you are a gambler that enjoys quick rounds you should give this game a try. However, it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you bet responsibly. We hope that you find what you are looking for.





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