How to Play Blackjack
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How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that involves players and a dealer. The player or players in the table competes with the dealer and not against each other. The game involves a 52 cards deck (in some cases the cards might be as high as 416). Blackjack has an American origin. However, as per the story written before the 17th century, the game has a precursor version known as twenty-one which traces its origin either in France or Italy. The game outcome relies heavily on probability, that why different people have put effort to come up with different strategies to beat the game.


Blackjack Technical Features

The game involves a player being dealt with two cards to start the game (with one face down and the other face-up). Blackjack pay line (also known as the betting lines or wining lines) is simply the symbols or combination of symbols. For you to win, you must produce a card combination with a value that is higher than that of the dealer. 

You must also not bust before the dealer and you, as you'll receive a double amount of cash you wagered at the start. When the value of the dealers' card equals that of the players, a push is inevitable.

Blackjack Bonus Features

Different gambling houses have different bonus features to attract players. The most common bonus was known as a ten-to-one payout. It was achieved when a player produced a hand containing blackjack and an ace of cards. However, this bonus type is not available in today's casinos. Morden casinos have a special bonus bet called a bonus bet or side-bet. 

The side bet is played at the same time as your regular bet. However, you will receive the bonus pay regardless of whether you win the regular bet or not. Bonus bets bring more fun to the game, but the house edge is always higher than of normal bet.

Blackjack Theme and Design

The theme of the old blackjack game entails a table with green colour. It has a semi-circle shape where the dealer sits in the centre. Players' seats surrounding the table. Players can interact and socialize. Now, we have live blackjack casinos designed with HD graphics to mimic the brick and mortar casinos. 

You can see and feel a live dealer dealing with the cards in a real-time. Another version is an online casino where you can download the game (or play it on a website) on your phone and play at your comfort. Regardless of where you play, the game has a similar game-play.

Conclusion and Verdict

Since its invention, Blackjack game has gained a lot of popularity. The outcome of the game purely relies on probability. For a new player, you need to master different strategies available to enable you to have an edge. 

The game gives you different options to play such as, physical brick and mortar casinos, online casinos and online live casinos (all maintaining a similar gameplay). As a player, you can access a bonus bet "side bet" which brings more entertainment to your game. However, the house edge of this side bet is always high and thus you should use it sparingly.


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