Street Fighter 2 Review
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Street Fighter 2 Review

NetEnt has always been known to be at the forefront of online gambling technology and has, over the last 20 years, been known to release graphically advanced video slots on a monthly basis. However, they took a nostalgic step into the past to bring you a gambling version of a game that was voted one of the most popular arcade games, released almost 30 years ago. NetEnt's Street Fighter 2 is based on the competitive fighting arcade game that was launched in 1991, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Whereas the game, and some of its elements, has been immortalised in popular culture since then in movies, pop songs and even sampled into music, this is the first time that a concerted effort has been made by a modern casino game provider to relive those nostalgic game arcades in a gambling setting. Many online gamblers today will fondly remember growing up playing this game in arcades and will be delighted to learn that the sights and sounds of this erstwhile classic game can now be enjoyed while spinning slots for real money. This slot review takes a look at some of the features.


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Street Fighter 2 Online Slot Technical Features

The official game title for this NetEnt game is Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot and this part of the review will look at the technical aspects of the game. This should help players to prepare their strategies for when the game is released. 

The plan is to have this modern slot game with its retro-looking graphics officially released to all NetEnt online casinos on 21 May 2020. It features a grid layout of 5 reels over 5 rows and the 25 pay lines are determined with cluster plays. 

Overall the game boasts a medium to high volatility and the main game's return to player (RTP) percentage varies from 96.02% up to 96.08% depending on which character is chosen for gameplay. This results in the game's volatility also varying by the fighter. 

There is also an "insert coin" gamble feature with an RTP of between 98.7% and 100%. In addition to choosing your player, you also need to select the bet size which varies from 0.20 up to 700.00. Just like the many characters, there are also a good amount of game features that we will discuss next.

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Street Fighter 2 Online Slot Bonus Features

The unique Street Fighter 2 in-game features already commence when you select your fighter. Each of the 8 original game characters will affect your game on a sliding volatility scale from 'win often' up to 'win big'. Some examples are Ryu at the bottom, which features an RTP of 96.02% and a win needs 3 wild symbols on a row. The RTP of the characters have Zangief at the top with an RTP of 96.08% and to win needs 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols. 

Rounds are referred to as battles and each has 2 outcomes, either lose or win. If you lose, the "Car Smash Bonus" game is activated where you can either smash a can manually or hit 'quick finish' to win between 5 and 15 times your bet. Once this is done, then you can stick with your previous character or choose a new one for the next battle. 

On the other hand, if you win the battle then the free spins feature 'Beat the Boss' is activated. The rules will be the same as for the main game except that the boss level includes a win multiplier.

Street Fighter 2 Online Slot Theme and Design

NetEnt's Street Fighter 2 slot game's theme and design is based on the original 1991 arcade game. The graphics have the same almost pixelated look of the old era which will normally look dated but because it is a branded game it fits perfectly. 

You will also recognize the sounds and special moves from the arcade game, harking back to how you used to reverse elbow hit your way into Chun-Li's heart. The symbols feature the old 8-bit look of the fighters. 

The old characters are present, especially in the Free Games feature where there are 4 boss levels, each giving a higher multiplier. When you beat a boss, you move to the next level right until you meet the final boss, M. Bison himself! The game is developed in HTML5 so there will be a mobile version of the slot game to play on your phone or tablet too with the same graphics and the same sounds. 

Street Fighter 2 is perfect for retro gaming fans. The busy look, host of characters and their different volatilities might seem complicated at first but you quickly get the hang of it after the first few spins.

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Conclusion and Verdict

NetEnt's Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior online slot game is visually and sonically very appealing because it is basically the same as the original arcade game, with a gambling twist thrown in. All the characters, heroes and villains, that were made popular in the arcade game are back and will remind players of a simpler time in the 90s. 

There are plenty of bonus features which might seem confusing at first but it is recommended that first try out the free version of the game at your NetEnt online casino to get the hang of it. 

Yes, the game might not be everyone's cup of tea, and if you like your gaming uncomplicated and straight up, then this might not be for you. The feature with the biggest potential for payout is the 'Beat the Boss' free spin feature where the multiplier can increase to 10x. 

NetEnt shows that they remain at the forefront of online casino games and is not afraid to take a 30-year step back into the past in order to advance their game catalogue with this iconic brand. This game comes highly recommended. Round 1. Fight!






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