Slingo Shark Week Review
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Slingo Shark Week Review

Slingo Shark Week is largely based on the TV show. Our fascination with these creatures make for a great show and apparently a great slot machine. It uses a classic 5x5 grid from Slingo that combines bingo and slots. It uses Free Spins, Wilds, Super Wilds, and Blockers which will find out more about later. Join us as we deep dive and learn more about the game, its features, and bonuses of Slingo Shark Week slot review.


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Slingo Shark Week Technical Features

As a traditional Slingo game this game uses the usual gameplay mechanics. Slingo Shark Week has a 5x5 grid for its field. Each round consists of ten spins, but you can optionally pay for more spins after the first ten. The game is played by marking numbers on the sling grid, with 5 digits horizontally, vertically, and/or diagonally corresponding to a sling. Each loop advances you up the pricing steps shown on the left, and here is a list of symbols that appear on the 5x1 slot beneath the grid:

  • Number - denotes the appropriate grid number.
  • Wild - choose any number in the same column.
  • Super Wild - choose any number on the entire grid.
  • Free Spins - adds an additional spin to your total.
  • Blockers do nothing but sit down.

The RTP for Slingo Shark Week is 95.68% and playable between 0.2 to 25 which allows more players to go for the max win of 790x your stake.


Slingo Shark Week Bonus Features

The first four steps of the slingo prize step pay nothing, but the fifth step pays 5 times your stake. The subsequent six phases above all have different features, and here's a rundown of what to expect:

Shark Slot (6 slingos) - a 3x3 slot with 32 paylines that awards 7 spins. It has a wild symbol and symbol values ranging from 0.2x to 5x your bet.

Break the cage (7 slingos) - by clicking on the shark cage, sharks will assault it. This results in a total price of 6x to 49x your bet, and the diver inside becomes terrified.

Fish Grab (8 slingos) - capture fish to win a total payout ranging from 20x to 41x your wager.

What about sharks? (9 slingos) - choose items to win prizes ranging from 20x to 40x your bet. If you predict correctly, you will receive an x3 multiplier, giving you a total prize of 60x to 120x your stake.

Shark Wheel (10 slingos) - win up to 360x your bet or a multiplier-enhanced version of one of the three lower bonus games.

Shark Award - Sharks swim about randomly picking up money bags for you, resulting in a total price ranging from 150x to 790x your bet.

Slingo Shark Week Theme and Design

As you would expect from a game with this title, one of the seasons will be part of the game and it is the first one. The first season of Shark Week was titled 'Caged in Fear,' and it is featured in Slingo Shark Week as well. The sling net is positioned underwater, with fish and sharks swimming around in the backdrop. The soundtrack creates a terrifying and claustrophobic environment when you feel like you're in a shark cage while playing. This time, the Slingo prize ladder has only a small cash prize, but it is packed with 6 distinct bonus games that all revolve on sharks in different ways. The game successfully brings the suspense and realism of the show into the slots

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Conclusion and Verdict

Fans of Slingo games can easily enjoy this game and the theme behind it makes it a wonderful experience whether you are a fan of the show or not. New players can also enjoy this game as the betting range is friendly. Slingo Shark Week is loaded with bonuses and references to the show that makes it exciting and the max win of 790x your stake can be very inviting. If you are looking for a game that is not your usual slot and graphics that add to the games excitement then this slot is for you. 






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