Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Review
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Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Review

The Rick and Morty™ Wuba Luba Dub Dub online game by Blueprint Gaming is based on the animated adaptation Rick and Morty from Adult Swim. It further follows the interdimensional adventures of Rick and Morty. The game integrates the aesthetic of Rick and Morty in a slots game to provide a wholesome gaming experience. Let's begin the slot review. The game is an online slots game with a familiar three reel layouts. Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub slot review depicts the game primarily as an adventure. The main gameplay is to help Rick skip across the multiverse having fun interacting with new worlds. The game includes an entertaining gameplay for the fans who can't get enough of Rick.


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Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Technical Features

The Blueprint Gaming review of the Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub slots game shows that it has 5 reels, with 3 rows in the display. These work together to form 20 fixed paylines that increase possible payouts significantly. The game's 96% RTP comes from the possible symbols and payline alignment of three matching symbols or combinations of matching symbols in the paylines. 

Small-time stakes in the game start at £0.10 while maximum stakes are at £100. Rick & Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub online casino RTP is 96.11%, considerably higher than most of its alternatives. Winning in the game comes when one gets simultaneous matching tiles. Higher number matching combinations lead to higher multipliers and more. Winning a bet is simple as placing stakes and rolling the slots. 

  • Pickle Rick x2500 
  • Morty x3240 
  • Rick x1500 
  • A x500 
  • J x40 
  • K x160 
  • Q x25 
  • Wild x2500 
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Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Bonus Features

Free Spins and Mystery Symbols 

While in the gameplay you can get occasional bonus hits that increase points or payouts. The Rick and Morty slots game features numerous examples of bonuses called power spins from bonus blitz, colossal chedda, cosmoss spins, wild stacks, mystery moolah, and victory spins. These power spins usually include power transformations that convert specific tiles for more points in the game. 

Bonus Rounds 

Playing the game gives occasional chances of scoring bonus scores when three or more mystery symbols match. Landing a bonus round will lead to a roll to determine how many free spins get awarded. Bonus rounds include options like anatomy wild monster evolution of the pickle, Mr. Meeseeks free spins, the pilot bonus, rick, rattle and roll bonus chase, and rock n roll mega bucks. 

Rick and Morty™ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Theme and Design

The games theme call back to the cartoon themes. They feature interdimensional aesthetic with an eery background. The game includes five reels with three rows each. Each reel can change to accommodate a single visual for a bonus round. Likewise, visuals change from occasional letters to graphics of Rick or Morty from the animated show on TV. 

The game builds up on the adventure theme by integrating props from the cartoon narrative. The corners get donned with occasional items like Rick's portal gun that fans of the show will love. Likewise, the background is a sci-fi call back to one of Rick's otherworldly adventures the Vindicators. The game also provides a button to increase bets during the gameplay. 

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Conclusion and Verdict

Blueprint went the right way with the design for the Rick and Morty game. Whether a fan or not the game is entertaining and engaging. Likewise, several bonuses and free spins increase possibility for a win with better multipliers upon getting a bonus. Likewise, the game is accessible on the go as it is available both on computers' ad mobile devices. 

The Rick and Morty game is a new entry in the online slot gaming world. While it does have its fanbase to appeal to there is sufficient reasons why the game can become anyone's favourite. Stunning visuals, good returns and a solid gameplay all work in the games favour. The game is a must-play for Rick and Morty fans.






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