Dig It Review
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Dig It Review

Dig deep to find the treasures hidden underground. The decision to dig further into the ground to find treasure is important to the game. Larger multiplier awards, or stay with the multiplier reward you've already attained. Compete against other diggers who are willing to take the risk of diving deeper. The deeper you successfully reach, the greater the multiplier, but be careful of the lethal electrical connections. Know more about the game, its features, and bonuses by reading through our Dig it online slot review.


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Dig it Technical Features

This is a digging type of game so there are no reels and paylines. The DIGGER will automatically begin digging to the first multiplier level as the round begins. When the DIG button is active during the round, clicking it causes the digger to go down to the next multiplier level.

If the DIGGER hits a multiplier level and is not destroyed by a power wire, the multiplier attained will replace any prior multipliers. For all diggers and rounds, the multiplier amounts are always the same. The DIG button is only active for a limited time, as indicated by a bar that decreases from right to left.

The RTP for Dig it is 97% which is above the market average. Playable at 0.50 to 100 which means it caters to different limits. The volatility is low to medium so you can expect a frequency of wins on small amounts and some rare high ones. The maximum possible win is 100x your stake.

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Dig it Bonus Features

If a bonus prize is offered but all diggers have been demolished, only the deepest diggers will be eligible. If more than one digger is qualified for the bonus, only one will be chosen at random to receive it. Winnings are calculated depending on the MULTIPLIER that a digger has reached but has not destroyed at the end of the round. The winning bet amount is MULTIPLIER the BET amount. The lowest multiplier to reward in the digging round is 1.5x. The maximum payoff multiplier is 50x. If a digger is destroyed during the digging round, no awards will be paid.

After the digging round and any bonus awarding has concluded, the top three winning players are displayed before proceeding to the next betting round. The HISTORY button displays a history of the last twenty rounds, including the multiplier values attained by the diggers. Only the deepest diggers who are still alive will be eligible for a bonus award if one is available.

Dig it Theme and Design

Everything about this game is unique. If you enjoyed those digging games back in the day then you will find Dig it as much enjoyable and even more rewarding. The game is set underground as you would expect for a game with this name. The main characters are moles who are using mechanical diggers that search for gems that give multipliers which are always good to have on any game. This is a multiplayer game which matches records from many games from many players. You have to avoid the wires when you start digging as they can end your game immediately.

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Conclusion and Verdict

If you are looking for a unique game with a good betting range then Dig it is for you. The game is exciting as you go against other players aside from the wire obstacles. We have found this game very entertaining and competitive too. So if you like a contest with fun then you must try Dig it. The max win is not that high however, since the game is loaded with multipliers there are plenty of chances to win more. It is really a matter of how much you are willing to play this game. Overall, it can be an intro to slots for beginners as it resembles classic slot games and older players can enjoy it if they are looking for something new and unique and we can really say that this game is both.






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