Formula One - French GP Betting Preview

French Grand Prix – Betting Preview

The 88th edition of the French Grand Prix takes place this weekend after a 10-year absence from the championships. Both fans and drivers alike are thrilled to see the return of one of motor sports’ oldest races and with Vettel recently re-gaining control of the driver’s championship in Canada, things have started to heat up nicely.

Ten years ago, it was the Brazilian Felipe Massa who took the spoils and won the most recent edition of the French GP, and unfortunately due to retirement last year he will be unable to defend his title at the legendary Circuit Paul Ricard.

Looking back to the Canadian GP, it was Ferrari who took the initiative. The impact of Vettel’s new engine was clear to see as it left rivals Mercedes and Red Bull chasing shadows throughout the race.

In addition, with Lewis Hamilton only managing a 5th place finish it meant that the German took over pole position in the driver’s championship by one point.

The race in Canada was meant to be one filled with excitement and thrill, but for the second race in a row, it was labelled as boring and uneventful - a run that the French Grand Prix needs to put a stop to.

Heading into the weekend’s action it is Ferrari who are the current favorites to control the race, not only due to their recent good run of form but also due to their history at the event.

Over the years, Ferrari have managed seventeen wins and seventeen poles - making them the most successful team at the Grand Prix, with who else but Michael Schumacher having the most recorded wins (8). Get Vettel to further improve Ferrari’s dominance in France and win here at 6/4.

This time, however, Mercedes will be equipped with a new engine of their own and will not be willing to play second fiddle to anyone.

Can Lewis re-take control?

After consistent struggles in both Canada and Monaco, the Brit seems to be feeling the pressure mounting after losing over twenty points to rival Vettel in just two races.

The good news for Hamilton, though, is that the car at the French GP will be equipped with a new engine, which will not only give the extra power needed to compete with Ferrari and RedBull but also perhaps the confidence needed to get himself back on top. Get Lewis to re-gain control and win the French Grand Prix here at 7/10.

Outside Podium Chances

Out of the current field of drivers there are only four who have had the privilege of racing F1 cars in France previously - two of which managed to get wins under their belt.

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso are the two drivers to do so, making them the most likely to sneak into a podium position. Get Kimi to use his experience and post the fastest lap of the day here at 13/2.

Who wins... Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull?

It has been neck and neck between the three rivals this season with each team managing two wins each so far.

Ferrari currently have the form coming in to the race, with Vettel winning comfortably in Canada.

Bottas and Hamilton now have access to their new engines and if they give the extra power needed, then there is no doubt they will be in contention.

And finally, Red Bull have been there or there about all season, so to see them take another win, would most certainly not be a shock. Get them to win the overall constructors championship here at 22/1.

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