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Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II Preview And Betting Tips

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II Preview And Betting Tips

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are readying themselves for one of the most appealing heavyweight rematches in history. The sequel, which will take place on February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, is designed to set the record straight following their tense and exciting opener in December 2018. Back then, in Los Angeles, Fury dominated for long periods but was floored twice in the closing four rounds to allow Wilder – the WBC heavyweight champion – to snatch a draw. One of the most credible voices in the sport, Boxing News, get ringside for one of the most eagerly anticipated rematches in the division with their preview and betting tips, and if you are a new customer then why not get behind your fighter with our welcome offer below!





Who Comes Out On Top?

There are compelling cases for victory from both sides in the return.

Wilder cites the two knockdowns he scored in Los Angeles as evidence that he’s already broken Fury beyond repair.

More unconscious than hurt, Fury miraculously found his feet but there may yet be truth in Wilder’s claim that Tyson hasn’t been the same since he was cannonballed in that stunning final round.

Wilder – who floored his rival in two of the last four sessions – insists it will merely be case of picking up where he left off.

The counter arguments are easy to construct. Fury went down twice but got up twice. In truth, though he lost the ninth and 12th rounds, he’d regained control by the end of them.




The lapses in concentration fixed, Fury simply went back to work. Nobody else has taken those punches from Wilder and heard the final bell, let alone regained their faculties and fought back.

Luis Ortiz may argue otherwise, but no fighter came closer to defeating Wilder or outfoxed him so effectively.

Throw in the fact that Tyson was having his first fight at world class in over three years (the pitter-patter warm-ups against Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta don’t count), and still came so close to winning, then the evidence really starts to build in the Briton’s favour.

Indeed, if part one is all the evidence you’re using to formulate your opinion on who wins part two, watching Fury bamboozle Wilder for long periods will form a very strong case. A popular train of thought, with very good reason, is that if Fury stays active and switched on for 36 minutes then he will win the fight.



How Does Fury Win?

Technically, Fury is better than any heavyweight. Expect him to again jab high to nullify the threat of his rival’s right. Tyson’s left arm is just as effective when outstretched and artfully blocking Wilder’s view of the target.

Rolling the shoulder is another skill he’s mastered, doing it to keep his chin out of danger, Fury is very hard to hit cleanly when he’s on his game. Logic dictates that Fury should again look to control the distance and pace, move away at angles or smother in close so not to allow Wilder to set himself or load up.

But logic, at least Tyson Fury logic, also tells us to expect the unexpected. He insists he’s going for the knockout this time. And though it’s tempting to write that off as mind games, such an approach from the Englishman shouldn’t be discounted completely.

He felt he was robbed last time. He will also remember moments when he wobbled Wilder and how cheated he felt by the judges at the end. But for Fury to win, be it by KO or on the cards, he cannot allow his concentration to lapse for even a second.



How Does Wilder Win?

Asking anyone to fight a perfect fight is a huge ask, particularly when bogged down with the pressure of facing the Alabama bomber. Fury made only three obvious mistakes in the first fight.

He stood too long in the pocket early on and took a right hand that bruised his face. A further two errors left him on the deck. Wilder, of course, doesn’t have that pressure. He’s expected to be imperfect and predatory.

Though he orchestrated the most memorable moments of their first scrap, he must do more to be sure of victory.

If Fury’s key to victory is to remain switched on then Wilder’s is to snap that concentration. Tyson is hard to hit to the head but leaves his body open; this is where the American can have success.

Lost in the overused spin that Wilder is a one-dimensional slugger is the truth that a 95 per cent KO ratio from 43 bouts is a heck of a feat.

Okay, he has a habit of overreaching with his right hand and is off target more frequently than on, but, for evidence of his quality, watch how he sets up his slugs.

A master of cutting off the ring, Wilder is intelligent and unlike so many others who are reliant on their power, he never loses heart if things are not going his way.

Wilder stalks and watches and learns. He will exhibit such patience on Saturday night, too. One mistake from Fury and it could be game over.



Wilder v Fury II Betting Tips

The most popular outcome among boxing experts is Tyson Fury on points and with good reason. He created the blueprint on how to beat Wilder last time and that seems the most sensible bet.

However, Fury’s form since the first fight has been erratic, he was cut badly in his last fight and his training team has changed.

It’s true that Tyson thrives in chaos but the feeling here is that Wilder will again make Fury pay for mistakes. Only this time, Fury won’t get up before the count of 10. The champion to retain his belt via KO in the second half is our pick.

However, if the first fight taught us only one thing it was always cover the draw. With the odds long on history repeating itself, it’s worth a punt, particularly between two well-matched fighters.








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